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Veronica P

2 years ago

Dog Bar was a godsend for my little old lady's teeth! My 13 year old chihuahua has had awful breath for the last year and a half, but the vets did not recommend a dental procedure because they worried about the anesthesia's effect on her. I tried everything from brushing her teeth myself, teeth cleaning bones, teeth cleaning toys, special toorhpaste, etc. to no avail. Finally, I learned of the Dog Bar's teeth cleaning procedure where they use calming techniques to be able to conduct thenprocedure with 0 anesthesia! My dog is always nervous when I leave her anywhere with other dogs (groomers, vet, etc.), and I am happy to report she did not come out more nervous than she entered (a big win in our book ????). Thank you so much for offering this service and the care you give the dogs!!

Tati Star

2 years ago

Terrible customer service! The guy Tijey should be fired immediately!

Esther Frances

2 years ago

I’m saddened and disappointed with the customer service from the owner of this establishment. I have been a long time customer of over 15 years. I recently moved back after a few years away and it seems things have changed for the worse. I have bought several high priced items from this store very recently, and one item just didn’t work for my dog. I used it once and went out of town for a few weeks. After returning and trying to exchange the item, not return it, I was told nothing could be done because I was outside of the policy. While I understand why these policies exist, as a small business owner myself, I didn’t expect that type of treatment from what is, in my opinion, a high end boutique. I would advise anyone spending these type of prices on their pet to go elsewhere.

Maria McWilson

2 years ago

OMGEEEEE! This place is wonderful. Went to pick up my gran-doggie for my daughter. I can see why she speaks so highly about it. Steven was an absolute sweetheart. Sorry I missed you Jeremy, however, babygirl is beautiful and was extremely happy. It is definitely doggie Heaven.

Sandra Velez-Felfle

2 years ago

We have been coming here for years and love the place, but today I was very frustrated. I came on a Sunday. The website says it is open until 7 PM but after dealing with roadblocks and paying for parking, when I go to the store, the store hours posted said it closes at 6 on Sunday! Why they didn’t update their website escapes me. So, if you’re coming on a Sunday, please keep this in mind.

UBe Beauty (UBe beauty)

2 years ago

Best high end Grommer in Miami , My most precious possession only deserves the best ! @iamjacov

Elora Roy

2 years ago

I brought my dog here for the first time for a dental cleaning. When I dropped him off I asked how long it should be and I was told 45 minutes but I would receive a call. I came back almost 90 mins later to pick up my dog I was told he was still not ready. The excuse was they were doing something medical and sometimes it takes longer. I am a healthcare professional and I am aware that sometimes procedures take longer than normal, however; whenever something takes longer with one of my patients we notify the family in the waiting room that it is taking a longer. It is not respectful to them in case they need to go somewhere or do something I need to rearrange their schedule. So it is very hard for me to give this place a good review when they cannot take 10 seconds out of their day to call me and tell me my dog is taking longer than expected. The cleaning itself was good and the price was fair, but the store front service was not.

Plur 5D

2 years ago

The best dog grooming in town!

Ricardo Martinez

2 years ago

I’ve been a customer of Dog Bar for about 8 years now. I’ve had two dog in those 8 years and both went to Jeremy who is fantastic at Dog Bar, until one day because of my schedule I had to try Kenya. Needless to say I was terrified and hesitant for my Ella (miniature schnauzer with a a traditional cut) to see someone new, but I had no choice. Kenya is without a doubt the best groomer I have ever had the pleasure of bringing my dogs to. She is kind, warm, and does an impecable job at grooming my pup. I trust Kenya 100% with Ella, and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new groomer. She exceeds my expectations every single time (I’ve brought Ella exclusively for some time now). I must say I am in love with Kenya and her grooming skills, but aside from her everyone at Dog Bar is truly terrific. Steven the owner is so filled with knowledge, and makes everyone feel welcome in his business. The entire staff is great, and I consider Dog Bar to be a Miami Beach institution. If you’re looking for one of a kind leashes, harnesses, toys, treats, and just and overall elevated experience with a hometown feel, check out Dog Bar- you won’t be disappointed.

Dae-z Towers

2 years ago

Everything was over price. Especially dogs strollers.

Elen Carpenter

2 years ago

Love to visit this store when I'm in town. Got my baby a wonderful new summer shirt by Parisian Pet and was a touch small. Exchanged it the next day, no muss no fuss. Great service with a smile and wonderful products.

Hugo Valdivia

2 years ago

Great place to get something for your pets. Good variety and reasonable prices.

Vitoria Machado

2 years ago

I tried many people but KENYA is the only one I trust now!!! Not only does she do an amazing job but she is SOOO patient and caring with our babies (i’ve seen it for myself) and her work also speaks for itself!!! I also recommend the non sedative teeth cleaning services if you’re worried about putting your dog under every time, they are so gentle and did such a great job with my dogs teeth! I always worry because he’s a nervous guy but he walked out with his tail wagging and didn’t seem to be in distress at all! The dog bar has the kindest, gentlest, and most knowledgeable staff around ☺️ You wont regret your baby in their hands!!!! Thanks again guys????????❤️❤️

Lorna Bass

2 years ago

Thank you so much! Your cost-effective and pleasant service comes highly recommended! Here in our town, there is a highly recommended pet store!

Kass Nick

3 years ago

This place is a pet boutique and a heaven for pet owners. I liked the variety of collars and leashes they have, and also there’s lots of different brands pet food, toys, etc. And they have grooming on site! A bit overpriced, probably... but it’s Miami Beach so it’s okay haha

Gloria Barry

3 years ago

This Petshop has unimaginable things for every animal and reasonable expenses also. Also, the staff is a valuable person. For every request I expected to present, they answered unequivocally, so that shows that they comprehend what they are doing. If you haven't been to this pet shop, it's a spot to take a gander at!

Jenn Bynoe

3 years ago

Very engaging staff... good location

Linda Kolko

3 years ago

Great store for your special dog. Friendly staff. Your dog will love it there as they give out treats! Woof, woof!

Richard Strauss

3 years ago

Took my dog here for grooming - the hair cut was great, only problem is that my dog smelled horrible. I asked if they could remediate this: their response was that they could give him a bath 4 days later - The smell is so bad that I can't take 1 hour with this situation at home. I'm doing the bath myself, never coming here again - good luck with your business.

Olivia Dyck

3 years ago

I’m visiting from out of town and of course wanted to bring my pup something from my trip! Dog Bar was so helpful and friendly I couldn’t have asked for more! Take time out of your day to stop by for treats, or even grooming. Every dog that walked out of there looked amazing!

Jael Sec

3 years ago

Great options for organic high quality food for pups. And I love their clothing pieces for my own pups and clients. Highly recommend!

Russian Turkish Baths

3 years ago

Great location! Everyone there is always friendly and helpful!! They have a great selection of doggie accessories. Great leather leashes, high end doggie beds, and furniture. Great groomers! Great selection of good quality dog food. Lots of great bones for my yo-yo to enjoy!! Love it! I recommend this place for all your special doggie needs! Clean and professional! Yo-yo and felony are getting their hair brushed tomorrow afternoon!! Gonna come home all clean, pretty, and poofy!!

David Nascimento

3 years ago

Beware! SLIMY business practices. We have been going to Dog Bar for about a year now since we moved to the area from NY. It is conveniently located, and we prefer to work with local businesses whenever possible. We have even chosen to have them order the dog food for our dog at a premium, which they don’t carry in 22lb bags, to give them the business instead of ordering from Amazon. Every now and then, we have had issues with random price changes on grooming services ($10-30) that are communicated at pickup, even after confirming the price before booking the appointment and at the time of drop off. We attributed this behavior to bad management and typically referencing our purchase history would solve the problem. However, today, the owner and staff lost their marbles. Historically we have paid $120 for a full grooming, and today, upon pickup, we were told with no explanation whatsoever that the new price was $200 for the same exact service we have been purchasing ~monthly for over 12 months. The employee response after trying to make up reasons for the cost increase was “that's what the groomer said so, so that’s it”. In the middle of the ‘argument’ he picks up the phone and proceeds to have a 15-minute discussion with a customer on all the available sizes and colors of a leather leash – completely disrespectful of the situation and of my time as a visibly unhappy customer. I eventually got tired of waiting for him to list all the available leash colors and signaled to him to charge me for the $200 (no tip this time, we usually tip 20%+) and screamed on my way out that he should let the owner know that they lost a customer! A few minutes later we get a call from the owner, who starts the conversation with a lengthy monologue which ends with him accusing us of not paying for the service and storming out of his store (he was not there obviously). After me losing my $hit and making it clear that we did pay for the service, he apologized and told us that his groomers are contractors, that our dog took 2+hrs of grooming by the groomer, and that for him to make a living he takes the grooming price and doubles it and that our dog is the largest dog in the world … blah blah blah – mind you in NY we pay $160 for a boutique grooming place in the heart of Chelsea. Unbeknownst to him, his groomer was 2 hours late to work and was not there when we dropped off our dog, naturally the groomer called us when he placed our dog on the table for grooming to request clarifications and then proceeded to call us 37 minutes later for pick up – as a result, my dog has patches of fur all over his paws and belly. To boot, the owner (Steve/Stephen) decides that a $25 credit towards future purchases was the appropriate remediation after the bad customer service, slimy business practices and false accusations. What a joke! TAKE YOUR $$ ELSEWHERE.


3 years ago

Best place to buy toys for tour doggy

Olivia Silva

3 years ago

Unfortunately I wish this was a positive review. My experience was not the best first time I bought one of the leashes from the dog bar a month later the clip became fairly loose and would actively come off on its own from my dogs collar. Decided to go back to the dog bar thinking since it’s a pet store they might have better return policy and customer service. I ended up speaking to the owner and his response to the leash coming off the collar was a car analogy “ if you cannot show me that it comes off on its own how can I replace it and said to me it’s just like the car dealership you go to the car dealership they tell you we don’t see anything wrong with the car but you tell them there’s something wrong they won’t fix it“ at least from my general experience when you’re dealing with items like this dealing with pets the average expectation would be that they may have a decent return policy or we can replace The clip on the leash. as well from other friends in the area have also had similar experiences with the owner and it’s a bummer reminds me of a dog shop on Newbury Street in Boston however this kind of customer service/return policy would never go down like this welcome to Miami?! :/ the dog bar has such great potential cool items etc. but terribly poor customer service. You guys can do better!!!!!!! You are capable of it

Richard Simring

3 years ago

June Carter Cash said, “Every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.” The Dog Bar is a local institution and not for the thrifty or frugal-minded consumer. After all, it’s on Lincoln Road. Give me a break. So what do you get for paying full retail? Quality supplies that are fashionable and don’t break. A knowledgeable and menschy proprietor who makes you and your pets feel welcome and who provides helpful advice on collars, leashes, nose balm, and CBD treats. If you want to save money go to Chewy. If you want something special for your pet and a relationship with a local merchant then go to the Dog Bar. Tell them Darwin sent you. He is pictured below wearing the Bonefly collar purchased two years ago and still going strong

Sharon Slickis

3 years ago

Perfect harness lightweight not bulky perfect for my Daisy girl! Super friendly owner helped me find the right size! Store has all the trendy looks for your precious pups! Urban camo harnesses, Gucci harness, luxury bedding, fun designer dog wear and so many cool collars and long lightweight leashes! Colorful selection. Plus they have a great dog groomer!

Simone Anderson

3 years ago

I went to buy kitten replacement milk today. I asked the store associate to check the expiration date to make sure it's still good. He told me 3/22. When I got home I checked myself and it was actually 3/20. So I called and he says to me IT'S STILL OKAY TO USE IT. I went back to return it and he says he spoke to the OWNER OF THE DOG BAR who said:" IF IT SMELLS GOOD IT IS PROBABLY STILL GOOD". Seriously??? Not only did the sales associate lie to me about the expiration date, both him and the OWNER think it is acceptable to sell expired products. I am glad I checked because I am not sure that my neonatal (5 days) old kitten would have survived drinking expired milk. I will have a friend go there tomorrow and check if the bottles are still on the shelf, if they are, I will contact the Health Department. This is unacceptable, especially their attitude!!!!

Vanessa Santos

3 years ago

I did not want to leave! Amazing place! Clean welcoming and the setup is perfect! I will definitely be back to get more treats for my pup!

Natasha Avery

3 years ago

Friendly staff and are always helpful!! Very good with my dog!!

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