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Nunya Bidnis

2 years ago

This place is garbage. They'll just charge you hundreds of dollars for a 15min exam that diagnosis nothing, AND it takes them FIVE HOURS to do it.

Thad Stevens

2 years ago

I've been a customer here for YEARS, and ever since Banfield took over the place is completely unusable. All the vets that used to work here quit. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have an elderly dog, to make an appointment SUPER EARLY on Banfield's own advice (so she spends as little time in the vet as possible) only to be told the wait will be FOUR HOURS to have her blood drawn. MULTIPLE TIMES this has happened. TMULTIPLE TIMES they made me wake up at 6am to drop my pet off only to tell me the wait is HOURS LONGER than they thought because they overbooked AGAIN. These people aren't even competent enough to schedule an appointment correctly.

Thaddeus Stevens

2 years ago

They have ZERO respect for your time and you will be waiting for HOURS for event he simplest task.

MariSol Brig

3 years ago

I agree with Wifey! Since Benfield took over this vet service went down the drain! I can say one good thing about it any more! Before, it was great! I’m going someplace else!

Mina Ansari

3 years ago

They really care about my pets and I trust them completely.

Mika Sun

3 years ago

Great place for anything your pet needs! Every time I come, I have my requests attended. I am writing this because I’m grateful for the great service this place always provide me and wanted to show my appreciation

La Wifey

3 years ago

This hospital WAS great until it became Banfield. Since then, the service and quality has gradually went to mediocre. How is it possible that you drop off your dog at 8am and the dog doesn't see a doctor until 5pm? What's the point of keeping a dog in cage all day as if this was a shelter? Why not booking appointments where the doctor sees the pet while the owner is outside (due to covid) and the doctor can discuss with the owner and vice versa? We have gotten to a point where we don't get results on time, calls are not returned and we're clueless about our dogs' health. The excellent customer service that we once received went literally to the drain. We have been as understanding as possible, but the staff as well as the doctors seem so overworked that we feel and know our dogs would be better some place else. We have decided to quit Banfield and take our dogs where they can be treated with a little more respect. What a shame.!

Aniela Miguel

3 years ago

This place is the most loving place for animal. I have three Persian kitties and the vets here have been their primary care vets since 6 years ago. AMY the office manager is such an animal lover and takes care of my kitties personally, she is always watching them in her office. Every time I take my babies in for check ups or grooms, I can hear the staff baby talking to all the pets that are in there and being boarded. The staff here truly loves animals! I think they offer pet day care services too. Reina and Laura are long term staff members there and they are always so accommodating. I live alone, and when emergencies arise, I am so grateful that I have the team at South Beach Animal hospital to rely on!

Andre Charriere

4 years ago

Laura is the best! Great customer service! Awesome doctor. Will definitely return!

Elisa Bitton

4 years ago

What a fabulous experience! I was visiting the area for the weekend and my little dog got sick vomiting and lethargy. I called and got an appointment right away. The staff was so pleasant and the Doctor was very attentive and kind. My little dog can be a bit fearful and feisty. The doctor got on the floor and reassured him! Turns out it was just a stomach virus and he’s doing much better. Eventually we will be moving to the area and I’m happy I found such a nice facility!

JC Rodriguez

4 years ago

This is where I've taken my dog Lucas for the past 6 years. They are the absolute best hospital. The staff is friendly and love their patients. Doctors are knowledgeable and caring. This is the pet hospital to use if you are in the area. :)

Carla D. Arrieta

5 years ago

I Love South Beach Animal Hospital! the whole team is amazing, I Have a French Bulldog, Benoit, he is 2 years old, since his first day at home (2months old) for his first check up we take him with them, Everybody is always nice and with tons of patience to explain, to take care, even by phone (specially Laura), I have no complains or negative comments at all. About pricing I don't think is expensive or overpriced, I could go to a cheaper hospital (there's always a "cheaper than the cheapest" for everything) but truth is prices are totally fair and according with the QUALITY of their service and attention, besides they offer different plans and choices to meet everyone's needs French Bulldogs are a very special and delicate breed, Benoit keeps growing very happy, playful and healthy with them, therefore as an "overprotective" mother, I am very happy and satisfied with them as well. I totally recommend South Beach Animal Hospital, and hope they keep up the amazing job they do. UPDATE: Benoit is 5 years old and he is still a loyal patient of South Beach Animal Hospital!

Michaela Maria Schindler

5 years ago

VIP Service the team is always there for you

Busy Bee Car Wash

6 years ago

I'm so appreciative of Dr. Balsano and the entire staff for taking such good care of my pup, Annie when she had a pancreatitis attack. It was a scary, bloody, messy situation; that met them as they opened their office. They handled me and Annie quickly and with such compassion, knowing how scared we were. Thanks again for getting her back to health!

Elodie Hintermann

6 years ago

I just moved from NYC to Miami with my cat and my dog. Was time for the cat yearly visit my neighbors Bill and Catherine recommanded me South beach animal hospital. I brought my Gaspard yesterday and was very happy with the professionalism of Doctor Laura Szeremi she took time for his check up and then time to explain me the results of his analysis. I am very happy I finally found the perfect Vet here in the US. The whole team is nice and friendly. I highly recommand South Beach Animal Hospital

Elan Azrad

7 years ago

I am so happy a friend of mine got me to switch to south beach animal hospital. Dr. Tenzer is amazing. This is the only vet on miami beach that is not a rip off. I just recently had an issue with my Dogo Argentino and i called the vet to tell them about what was happening. After consulting with Dr. Tenzer they called me back with a complete course of action for my dog. They didnt try to force me to come in to their location and charge me for a visit. They gave bypassed all the extra charges and had me come in only to pick up the medication my dog needed. Needless to say 24 hours later my Dogo is doing a lot better. On a side note, my dog doesn't like being at the vet and can start to growl when being touched by vet techs and the vet. To make my dog comfortable and less stressed out, Dr.Tenzer goes above and beyond. Instead of bringing my dog into a room where he is ion a confined space, Dr. Tenzer made sure that the first time my dog (Kilo) met him, it would be a fun and nice experience. We did our entire vet visit in the waiting room and every visit since has been the same. Kilo is a lot more comfortable at South Beach Animal Hospital then he has been at any of the other countless vets i have been to.

Sandy Ruiz

7 years ago

Princess and I were referred to South Beach Animal Hospital by a friends neighbor, when i shared with him that my 16 y.o. kitty had unusual grooming neglect and difficulty eating. My kitty, a young 16 y.o. tabby who was full of life and …

Eric Selby

7 years ago

This is a truly wonderful place to bring your pets although one of my two King Charles Spaniels doesn't think so! Both of the vets are wonderful. Very kind. Mostly my husband and I have dealt with Dr. Tenzer who is very skilled. And the staff are cordial and very helpful.

Catherine Demarchelier

8 years ago

I have been to the clinic for over a year I love it everyone is great even my dogs do not mind to go to the vet anymore lol.thank you .you can see the dogs who stay there ,they are having a ball .party time

Dennis Clonney

8 years ago

Excellent hospital and I recommend patient owners to access the classy facility

Alejandro Fernandez

8 years ago

Great service. Professionals and human there not there to do a job only, they care about you and your love pet Laura walk me thru during the process she make e fell part of the family

Emilyn P

10 years ago

We just moved to Miami and can't live in our home bec. construction repairs not finished. So we kenneled our 73 lb. dog for what we thought would be a week and is turning into 1 month. He loves the place. When we come to visit he is in the front office with the staff and jumps up on the counter to greet us and everyone else who comes to pick up their dog! It puts a smile on everyone's face to be greeted by a dog instead of a person at an Animal hospital--common sense. The staff is fantastic and the doctors r tops. This is all in comparison to our former Vet. in California who came from UC Davis (he was also excellent). The staff also noted my dog was drinking a lot so the doctor ran some tests for safety sake and got back to me quickly. Fortunately, it's just new climate. P,S, I just came down with something flu like and went to an urgent care. I would say Butters is in better hands.

J. J.

10 years ago

My dogs was scheduled for having two teeth pulled out. They tried to overcharge me for 690$! When I caught the terrible scam from the doctor, he got mean and told me he refuses to work on my dog and asked me to leave! …

Jeannette Moreno

11 years ago

I am new to Miami Beach, coming from another state. I took my dog to south beach animal hospital after checking out some reviews for the area's veterinarians, and it was nothing short of wonderful. I am a very fussy pet owner, and think of my pets as my children. Usually when i take my dog in he needs to be muzzled. The vet tech came in and explained everything to me first, and then Dr. Walter came in and looked at my dog. I was amazed at the fact that the two of them were able to get a scope down my dogs ears without being muzzled. He sat there and let them do whatever they needed to do without giving them any trouble. I couldn't believe he was this good on the first visit. My dog absolutely loved both of them. These people clearly love animals, and the animals know it. I was given all the information i needed and more, and would highly recommend this vet to anyone. Great vet care is not cheap, but i didn't find it to be any higher than any of the vets we've visited in the past. If you love your animals take them here. The care is stellar, and the atmosphere is wonderful. You can trust your fur babies are under good care here. LOVE this vet clinic!

Kori Bazal

13 years ago

I wholeheartedly disagree with the last post. It was harsh and I can't help but think the person who wrote it is referring to a different place. I have 6 pets (1 dog and 5 cats) and drive 45 minutes to this vet because the care, service, and value are second to none. The facility looks small from the outside, but after receiving a tour it is an impressive, truely state of the art hospital-a must see for anyone interested in animal care. Dr. Tenzer donates his time for free neutering of stray animals and does other non-profit animal welfare activities. This tells me he is a true animal advocate, motivated by an authentic desire to help animals, not just make a profit as I've experienced with other vets in the past. His integrity as a professional,his sound expertise in diagnosis, treatment and preventative medicine has always made me confident that my pets are in good hands...which it what it's all about.

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