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jeramiah Ludwick

2 years ago

Everything is some kind of mix with a poodle and way over priced.

Clayton Barone

2 years ago

Never personally shopped here, but definitely stop in every mall visit to see the puppies

Patricia Harmon

2 years ago

Unfriendly staff at different times Last minute shopping ok.

Shenielle Walker

2 years ago

You can anyways count on Puppies Plus to have some is the cutest Puppies ready to go to a family looking for their fur baby. I really wish I can take them all ????????.

Benjiman Green

2 years ago

Professional staff and adorable animals. A unique stop.

Eleanor's Elite Radio

2 years ago

It's a puppy mill... Or they done from mills

Shirley Maysonet

2 years ago

Kim helped me through the process of adding 2 fur babies into the Maysonet household!! She was fantastic, she truly went above and beyond to explain the purchase process and allowed me to spend the time I needed to get to know my new babies. What impressed me the most during my last visit was that by the time I had arrived, she was already clocked out but stayed an additional hour answering my questions and concerns. Kim should be given a reward for willingly volunteering her time this past Saturday to help me understand why I couldn’t take my babies home yet. I cant wait to bring Lola and Pepe home!!! Thank you Kim.


2 years ago

I would like to say that 17 years ago I bought a French Bulldog from this place. He did have some health issues and developed a hernia that eventually had to be surgically taken care of. The Vet at that time, which was the vet they sent us to, did tell us his minor health issues he felt were because the dog had been taken away from his mother to early. Again that’s just what we were told. Everything was covered by their health warranty tho. He ended up living 16 years and gave myself and my daughters great joy during his life. We took great care of him and he never had any other health issues throughout his life. Overall, I was happy with my purchase and that they did back their warranty of the dog.

Brandon Palmer

2 years ago

great place to find a family friend watch the prices though

Chris Jordan

2 years ago

Don't buy your dog here. All inbred puppy mill supplied and for that you pay as much as a car! Our puppy was a year old and had scabies while in their care, thats why they couldn't sell it. We took pity on it and brought it back to health. So buyer beware! The reason why they use puppy mills is pure economics. Cheap dogs so they can mark it up $3000 so they can afford that $10,000 a month rent in the mall. If they bought from private breeders, then no room for profit!

Doretha Smith

2 years ago

Nice place to shop for puppies but it is so expensive

Sherie Harper

2 years ago

They always have the products that I'm looking for for my dog

Bryan Reyes

2 years ago

They have such cute puppies and dogs. ????????????????????????

sophia_ rw

2 years ago

amazing cute puppies! one thing is it can be very infuriating waiting for these puppies to be cleared by the vet, i’ve been waiting for almost a week and we don’t even know how long it will take beyond that, but super great personality’s in all the puppies

Linda Lohsl Blasko

3 years ago

Bought a Boston Terrier 5 months ago, and will be back in the future for my next puppy. I spent a year looking for a rescue, but could not take a large, old, or ill dog, and try to find a puppy as a rescue! After watching the Puppies Plus site I decided to visit the store knowing I would come home with a new furry friend. She is very healthy and loves everyone. Thank you Puppies Plus for having the one I needed!

Luis Roman

3 years ago

Well, I want to say that at the beginning everything was fine and the staff was really friendly and efficient. When we decided to get our dog from them it was because a friend of us got one from this store and everything was smooth and they had an excellent experience. However, since April when I decided to go and get a puppy from them and to this day (May11,2021) and keeps going because their updated was that probably on Friday the dog will be clear from the vet, I still don’t get the puppy. I was able to finance my puppy, but on this month (May) it will be my first payment and I still don’t have my puppy. The problem is that the store said when we bought it that they need to make some test to the puppy so we can take it home and we agree because we wanted the puppy to be safe and healthy. However, at the time of sale the salesperson told us, it will take one to two weeks which we agree. It’s been more than two weeks and every time they call us they say the puppy is still not clear and still comes positive for parasites. I want to say they follow up with us , but two or three times I had to call them because it was already 5 pm and they won’t call me. I’m just a little concern about this because it makes you doubt. I agree that they can take their time to make sure their puppies get out of the store healthy and safe, but I think they may need to arrange the way how they sell this dog because they may need to do all the their follow ups with the vet before putting them available for the costumers and also tell your costumers that it could take a month or more to release the puppies, so the costumer can make a decision of continuing with the purchase or not. I hope I can get my puppy which it is a Golden Retriever this week. My wife and I, even took two weeks off from work so we can adapt him to the house and my other dogs, but our puppy was not able to come home within those weeks. I will give them 2 starts for now, I hope everything gets resolve and the puppy comes safe and healthy.

Briana Aguiar

3 years ago

This place makes me sad like any other pet store. Give the puppied bigger temporary living spaces. Its sad.

Shannon Perez

3 years ago

Very cute puppies. Way too expensive

Tim Zollner

3 years ago

It's in Florida and all the dogs were from my home state of Missouri... guess we know how to breed em... lol. Although only 1 dog wasn't bought yet out of 9... they all were soooo cute.

Kia Rules

3 years ago

I wish I could adopt all of them ????????

linnette jarrell

3 years ago

I have to say that we love our dog mini schnauzer, purchased from this petshop back in June 2020 but she came to us with the parasite giardia ,,even tho she was evaluated a few days before by the vet for health certificate , and for us ending up paying a good amount of money unnecesarry if the test and evaluation were done the right way for the health certificate evaluation. And about the price for the puppy, we got her for a decent price and in a matter of maybe a month went up for a$1,000 more ,,,,just insane...

Mmp 813

3 years ago

The bad reviews are true. The cages are sooo tiny! I felt horrible for these puppies. :( I wasn’t even greeted by anyone when I walked in. Sad. I have photos but I can’t figure out how to post.

Keyla Martinez-Aviles

3 years ago

I purchased a male shihtzu and I visited him for 2 weeks straight as they told me that he was ill and needed to cleared by the vet. I should of known already to run but I fell for this puppy. We named him MILO!! I brought him home to only have him for 2 days. He stopped eating, drinking and playing. We brought him to the Vet only to discover that he was diagnosed with Parvo. WE WERE DEVASTATED!! The Vet then stated that we couldn't take him home since he was contagious to other animals and the cost to make him better would be over 10k. We were refunded our money but the entire experience was horrible. To date I don't know what happened to him and the store refuses to say. These poor puppies!! Don't buy from them!!! Horrible!!!

MonstAr HD

3 years ago

Puppies sit on metal in cages

R AyaGon

3 years ago

They really take good care of the animals and will not release them until they get a clean clean bill of health from their vet. Our puppy will be two in May and she is perfect.

vincent rickard

3 years ago

I saw a doge dog

Philip Mccain

3 years ago

PUPPIES are taken great care of, cages ARE clean . Cant wait to pick up our little girl ,pug

phil Beede

3 years ago

I had a really good time there, but I wish you could play with them in there pen before you take them. Overall I think that it is a good place to visit ???? but I highly recommend

Pats East Coast travels Welsh

3 years ago

When buying dog from pet store . Look at AKC paper work research breeder and or company that had the puppies before store bought them . This way you will know if they are puppy mill dogs . Buy from a breeder . Google the breed puppy that you want . See parents of the puppy and know that you were getting a healthy dog . Prices will be cheaper too .

oh hey reagan

3 years ago

The dogs have no toys, look depressed the entire time, and have no comfortable bedding. Every time I pass by this store in the mall I feel sad for those poor puppies. At least it’s comforting to know they get bought quickly. Please adopt don’t shop if you want a new pet.

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