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Denise Holden

2 years ago

They took good care of our dog and he seemed to have a blast while he was there. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Felicia Morival

2 years ago

They really care for your pet like it's their own. Love this place only place for our pet.

Jonathan Powell

2 years ago

Our Molly always leaves happy.

Joti Hahn

2 years ago

My dog loves East Coast Canine Estates! The staff is friendly, beautiful estate and affordable

Rebecca Jones

2 years ago

Just picked up my boxer puppy, Max.after a long weekend we went out of town. I had no worries when I dropped Max off Thursday morning with Tiffany. She was already showing love for Max. He came home pooped out and smelling awesome!!! We already booked them for our next vaca in December. I highly recommend this pet boarding!!!! Thank you East Coast!!!! ????????????

Samantha Mintz

2 years ago

I would absolutely recommend this place to board your dog. My husband and I went on a last minute trip for 3 days and this place was happy to board my dog Akira. I was really nervous about putting her in a boarding place because she's old, deaf and blind but I have no regrets. The staff assured me they had been around special need dogs before and they took such good care of her. She went on a ton of walks and they stuck to her usual home routine. She came out of the facility during pick up looking just as good as she did when we dropped her off and was so happy. I swear she was absolutely spoiled there. The staff had nothing but great things to say about her. Pricing was fantastic and the staff was very friendly but professional. I would happily bring my current dog, and any future dogs, there when I go on vacation!! I can't thank them enough for loving my girl while I was away.

Taylor Garrity

2 years ago

My Dog LOVES this place and they love her! They get their own kennels and runs, PLUS a HUGE yard they can run in with their fellow boarders!!!! They also take each dog for individual walks! My dog comes home from her 'vacation' looking happy, healthy, smelling soooo good, and exhausted from all the busy play! I Will continue to use these wonderful people, I feel so safe leaving my girl there. Their prices are on point too!!!

Ron Barker

2 years ago

2021 Update - I used East Coast Canine Estates over Memorial Day weekend and was extremely pleased. I have used East Coast Canine Estates for nine years to board my puggle, a high energy dog. Susette runs Maggie around the large fenced area every day to exercise her . East Coast Canine Estates is Maggie's home away from home. I hand Susette the leash and Maggie doesn't even look back, because it's happy time. Ron Barker Melbourne, Florida

Luci D'Amico

3 years ago

My dog has not been in a kennel and she’s a biter. They handled her well and took precautions for their employees knowing that my pup can be aggressive. She was happy & healthy upon her return!

Jenny Schoepf

3 years ago

BEWARE!!! I took my rescue dog here over Easter weekend of 2021. It was a last minute trip and we are new to the area so my research time was limited. However, the owner seemed very kind and I told her my dog is a rescue who was badly abused and is VERY afraid of other dogs and people. She said she’s “used to that” and assured me my dog would be well cared for and loved. I dropped him off and Brad was SO nice and sweet and kind. I called and checked on my dog the next day and the owner told me he had adjusted well and was doing “great”. I felt so relieved! So fast forward to Monday when I arrive to pick him up at 9am. Brad again greeted me and was so kind, however when the doors opened I saw where my dog was kept. It’s shelter style. A large cement room with wire fence kennels next to and facing each other. The sound of the dogs barking was enough to make my head hurt much less scare the heck out of my poor pup for 3 nights while I was gone! He was trembling and his whole body shook when I got him to the car. He was filthy as well. I put him immediately into the tub and to my surprise he was COVERED in TICKS and his paws were red and inflamed. He also peed my car on the short ride home. He has NEVER once peed my car. He’s fully potty trained. He continued to shake and cower for 5 days and wouldn’t eat. I had to get a new tick medication from my vet, costly, have him professionally groomed, costly, have the car detailed, costly! He’s just now after a week back to himself and eating. I did call and tell the owner and she acted shocked and said there’s no ticks there and the yard is sprayed. Regardless my dog had over 20 ticks and scared over areas where dead ones fell off and red paws and was obviously traumatized there. He had two pee accidents in the home upon returning too and he never does that. I spent more money getting him and my car “fixed” then I did for the total cost of his stay. On the money note. She only takes cash from new clients so his cost was $102 for Friday through Monday am. I paid $105 and no change was given. His favorite blanket wasn’t returned with his things either. Granted I would’ve pitched it due to the tick infestation, but still how do you not send all a dogs belongings home? I hate to ever leave a negative review, but I just feel this is a MUST because our dogs are our family and my kids and I were crushed that our dog was in pain and covered in ticks so of course he had to be in his crate until I got the ticks killed and him groomed out to be sure none got in our home. What another nightmare that would’ve caused us and another financial mess. So bottom line I paid more to fix all the issues my dog came home with then I paid to “board” him here. The owner never called back to follow up on how he was doing or offer a refund of some sort or even offer to pay for his grooming or the new tick meds he had to take to get the situation caused at her kennel under control or the $240 I had to pay to have someone come detail my car out good in case ticks were in the car from the ride home and the urine since he peed the car on the way home! My dog has been on a monthly flea and tick pill since we got him and I’ve never seen one tick on him. To see over 20 on my poor baby and scars where dead ones fell off and his red inflamed paws devastated me. Not to mention the accidents he had, the shaking and trembling, not eating etc. It’s been a nightmare. I will never again board my dog here obviously and my vet saw and knows what happened and will never refer a client there as well as his groomer. They said they both had heard similar stories out of this kennel. I wish I had more knowledge of the area and time to research before we left so this would’ve never happened to our baby. Be cautious and always tour the facility ahead of time is my lesson learned. Avoid this place for sure!

Reuben Wooten

3 years ago

I love this place! MY DOGS LOVE this place. I have been bringing my dogs here since 2014. My bull mastiff "Sasha" loved the initial owners. They were nice people and strictly business, but these new owners Super special. My new dogs Romeo and Juliet really enjoy there stay. The new owners have a gift for animals and the place is spotless and doesn't smell like a dog warehouse. My dogs groomings are neat and beautiful done with knowledge and care.

Joshua Lugo

3 years ago

great place!!! the owner is amazing!!

Carrie Mcdonald

3 years ago

Great work everyone very friendly.

Susan Brower

3 years ago

I have been taking my sweet dog to East Coast Canine Estates since he was 9 months old he is now 14, he is a special needs dog, needed meds for seizures and had a bad heart, they were so good to him and treated him like he was their own... the owner is an amazing person and truly cares....everyone who works there is great.... if you are looking for a great place to keep your family pet, this is the place. Their home away from home!!

Alycia Pardoe

3 years ago

My dog is always happy to be there. The employees really care about the animals.

Bounce Around Brevard

3 years ago

Been boarding here for a long time! They are always so caring and loving to my fur babies. Like most, it's hard to leave your animals when going away but here it makes it such a relief. They LOVE going to see them! I'm almost jealous!

Dan Stevens

3 years ago

Awesome place! The owner and staff are incredible!!

Dyan Smith

3 years ago

We have boarded our dog at East Coast Canine Estates for several years. We are pleased with the service that is provided.

Holly Paduano

3 years ago

We love this place! Our dog is very strong, huge and crazy. Because of this, she doesn't get off of our property very much. She absolutely LOVES going to see her friends at East Coast Canine. They are always accommodating and able to handle her sudden jerks, pulls, squirrel chasing and shenanigans. Thank you for being awesome!!!!

James Walther

3 years ago

Great deal! They took EXCELLENT care of both my dogs. Professional and responsive. Will be using them from now on.

Brittany Bordwine Riddle

3 years ago

Very clean and friendly place. Would highly recommend taking your fur babies there. They take care of them like they are their own!

Amber Bender

3 years ago

My doggies love going there!

Liz Gruen

3 years ago

This place is beautiful and very very clean. The owner Suset is caring, outgoing and her first priority is the comfort and safety of her 4 legged clients. There is always someone on the property. I have total confidence leaving my dogs there as I have in the past.

Michelle Billings

3 years ago

If you need a groomer that puts passion into his work, this is your place!!!!! Great price and more importantly I found someone that I am happy to leave my fur babies with! Highly recommend ❤️ From a fur mom of 7 ???? Michelle Williams

Nicole Garwood

3 years ago

I've recently had to board my fur baby due to circumstances the people that I encountered at east coast canine estates are kind caring compassionate individuals. They made my heart happy having to leave my baby with them. Very clean establishment well manicured property. High recommend them for your fur babies.

Tiffany Walters

3 years ago

We have used East Coast Canine Estates twice now and have had a great experience both times. The owner and staff are extremely professional, courteous, and amazing with the dogs. It is clear that they truly care about the animals. They are great to work with and have accommodated our schedules for drop off and pick up without any problems. The facility is also extremely clean. We can’t say enough good things about this place. We would highly recommend!

Tricia Rivers

3 years ago

Reliable doggy hotel that gives the best quality care to my fur babies!! They were able to fit me in fast and reasonable price. My whole family using them. You will not be disappointed and most important your babies will be safe.


3 years ago

Great place! Very clean and affordable. The staff is very nice and extremely welcoming!

William Sewell

3 years ago

I have used East Coast Canine Estates for years. I live closer now, but due to the great service and how they took care of my dogs, I drove 45 minutes to board them a few times a year. The owner has so much energy and truly loves the dogs she cares for! The bathing and nail service is so helpful! One of my dogs has a lot of issues getting nails trimmed and having a professional cut and bath makes my life easier! The dog runs are HUGE and there are acres for the dogs to run and play! My German Shepherd and Husky get excited every time they sense that we are getting close. I will always take my dogs to East Coast Canine Estates!

Angie S

3 years ago

Last month I boarded my 11.5-year-old Great Dane with East Coast Canine Estates for the first time. I was so pleased with how well they took care of my girl. If you have ever had a senior dane as one of your family members you know they require a lot of extra TLC. My girl has extreme difficulty getting up and around these days, needs meds, and because of her mobility problems has accidents quite frequently. They made sure she had her meds, clean bedding, and daily outings even though she required a lot of extra work because she cannot get up by herself. I could tell Brad, the gentleman who helped me get Sophie settled in on her first day genuinely cared about her as well as my concerns. He listened intently to my special instructions which I am sure were excessive since I was so nervous leaving my girl at a kennel for the first time in over 5 or 6 years. He allowed me to go back to the kennel with her to help get her settled. He even helped me to get her in and out of the car when she was having difficulty due to her mobility problems. He was patient and kind with her. I also appreciate the transparency. Prior to Sophie’s stay I was invited to tour the facility by the owner. I was able to see all areas of the facility. It was clean and very well maintained. I also like that the individual kennels have an indoor and outdoor area. I highly recommend East Coast Canine Estates and will bring my furry family members here in the future. Thank you all for such a great experience. ????

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