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Hazel Greene

2 years ago

After our previous vet did a fnb without giving any antihistamine, our dog was diagnosed with MCT ,mast cell tumor, we have been to Blue Pearl, oncologist and surgeon. They wanted to amputate our Silkie’s leg do chemo and radiation. We did do CT, X-rays, sonogram, more biopsy etc. We went to the university of Florida for a 2nd opinion; amputation was there first opinion. When I said no after a lot of research, we then went with palladia, kept her on Benadryl and Tagamet and many supplements. She had to come off palladia due to extreme levels of protein in her urine and bladder infection. Tried again and I thought she was dying in my arms she was so sick. The tumor shank to nothing but came back in six months. We decided no more she just couldn’t take all the vet visits and day long stays. We went to Dr Marlene Seigal. She prescribed a raw diet and to do a debrasion of the tumor with application of neoplasene, she did a second application a week later. It has been 6 week since the surgery and her tumor site is healed and no evidence of MCT. A bit of scar tissue and that’s it. I want everyone out there don’t give up. Our dog “Baby” will be on neoplasene for life and it is very affordable. Thank you Dr Seigal and your wonderful staff!! ????????????

Mary Corriveau-Edwards

2 years ago

They took exceptional care of my kitty Camo while I had to go to NY. Love the staff & veterinarian Marlene.

Lil sac Sac

2 years ago

Horrible. Doctor is not honest. Feel bad for the animals that go there and the staff. Staff is nice except for the doctor

Cristina Gonzales

2 years ago

BEWARE!!!! READ ALL REVIEWS FROM REAL PEOPLE ON YELP!!! This practice is not honest and focus on the selling of their own branded products and supplements to heal animals. Their main comcern is to sell you their products instead of taking care of the real issue.My dog was not treated but instead given a diagnosis of inflammation on his system ( which after $1,300 in tests and supplements, we find out his system was perfectly fine). When confronted, this DR will tell you that you are a very challenging individual and dismiss you from her practice. In the meantime, you stuck with a sick dog and a $1,300 bill.

Jennifer Parrish

2 years ago

I had an emergency 4 months ago after calling 4 Popular vets, Cat Hospital, 22nd Emergency, PetPal, Park Animal only 1 would fit my cat in for an appointment...22nd Emergency. Unfortunately by the time I arrived they had received a surgical needs animal and could not get to my cat any time soon. It was already 5 p.m. at this point my cat was dying right beside me. I know Marlene Siegel and her reputation through a friend. So, I called Marlene directly and she was happy to see my cat even though her practice was closing at 6:30, which is an hour drive away. I raced. She went straight to work on my cat Ehle. My cat thrives today thanks to the selfless effort and care Dr. Siegel and her staff gave my cat. She personally called me at 11 p.m. from her hospital to update me on my cat. Now, I take all my pets to PVMC to see Dr. Siegel. Hour drive is worth peace of mind. BTW after I arrived on my emergency day, an emergency puppy and his owners frantically showed up to PVMC, with no appointment and all the Doc. did was smile, reassure the owners, then her staff and she went straight to work!!

Lori Malott

2 years ago

Pasco Vet has been my go to veterinarian for over 20 years now. I myself prefer a holistic approach & preventative care for my whole family, which she provides to all 4 of our fur babies. My little dog was having seizers and it was a simple fix with changing her diet to a higher fat raw diet. She offers all kinds of alternative treatments; salt room therapy, chiro, laser, hyperbaric chamber, etc. She's very knowledgeable about non invasive treatments & preventive care!

Ronda Jones-Barber

2 years ago

This is such a remarkable place to take the furry member of your family. I have a female American Eskimo that was diagnosed with liver cancer. My vet at the time said that there wasn't much he could do and felt she probably had about 6 months to live. He suggested some Holistic options. I brought my girl here to see Dr Siegal and her amazing staff. They started doing various treatments and put her on some supplements and of course changed her to a raw diet. We saw her improving and now her numbers look better. She is still with us and that was over 2 years ago. We definitely trust Dr. Siegal and the staff at Pasco Veterinary Medical Center and you should too.

Ben Borrello

2 years ago

My boxer mix had the world's largest hematoma and he was very carefully taken care of. All my questions were answered and I was impressed with the entire operation process. Very thankful for the doctor and her amazing team. Chewie is recovering well.

Michael Marez

2 years ago

When you take your pet/family member to a clinic for services you typically would hope for the highest standard of care possible. This place doesn’t feel the same. Unprofessional. Not helpful. A disgrace. If you want a provider who’s going to do the job, I’d steer clear of this practice.

Jessica Borras

3 years ago

We are so incredibly grateful for Dr. Siegel and her team at Pasco Veterinary Medical Center. Our cat was attacked by something late Monday night and we were frantically calling any number listed as a 24hr service... Most went to voice-mail, but Dr. Siegel actually called us back. We were able to send her some photos and she was so super helpful. The office is about 30 minutes away from us but we decided it was the best place to take Amy. They were wonderful. They use homeopathic remedies (which seem to be helping wonderfully), ozone treatments, lasers, silver hydro-something or the other... I don't fully understand these things, but they're helping Amy to heal and that's all that matters to me. We had to leave her overnight and they were great about keeping us updated. We got phone calls, text messages, and not a single complaint when we wanted to come up and visit her (or about my many texts, even though I'm sure it got old after a couple of days). Dr. Siegel explained things in a way that made sense, even without medical or veterinary knowledge (on my part). We still have a bit of a road ahead of us with Amy's healing, but I really think she'll be okay with this team taking care of her. Also, if you see this copy and pasted places, it's because I want to share our experience with as many people possible. <3

Errol Menke

3 years ago

Excellent personalized attention to our beloved gracie

Linda Quinones

3 years ago

Great place ,I take my pet nowhere else. They really know there stuff.

Alex Badell

3 years ago

Fantastic with pet care! Alot of natural medicine and pet therapy! Going to start a monthly treatment to give my girl oxygen therapy and chiropractor aliment for her bad arthritis on her back and hips.

Allie Moosberger

3 years ago

I am not happy I that I have to leave this review but I am extremely disappointed by my recent visit. I have been going to Dr. Siegel since moving to Tampa 6 months ago, I drive about 45 min each way because I truly believe in the more holistic approach and have seen my dogs thrive is that type of setting. Though I do not believe I have high expectations for my vet but I do expect a Veterinarian to at least come talk to me about my animal if I am paying for them to get examined by them. I brought my new puppy by to get his round of shots, and get checked out after having been bit in his mouth (we had to go to the emergency room for this). Our appointment was originally suppose to be at 11 AM but in the morning I got a call to move my appointment back to 1:30 PM, I was flexible and moved the appointment. I arrived a bit early which I did not expect to be seen early but the staff member (Tessa who is absolutely great and extremely communicative) came over to inform me that Dr. Siegel would be 15 min late (so 1:45pm, 15 min after my appointment time). The issue that I had was not that she was late but that she did not even come over to discuss anything about my puppy, in the past Dr. Siegel would come talk to me about my dogs and whats going on and the findings she did not do this yesterday. I only had one interaction with her about my puppy and she just complimented how cute he was from across the parking lot while walking to a patient that came in after me. I just didn't think it was professional at all. The only information or update I got about my pup was from Tessa. After I paid and left, I then realized no one talked to me about the bump in my puppies mouth so I had to call back and ask to get information. Again, extremely unprofessional, unfortunately will be going somewhere else where our business and my animals will be more appreciated moving forward.

Ana Fernandez

3 years ago

Best Vet ever - They saved my dog's life!! We found Dr. Siegel online as a close friend of mine insisted we take Buddy, our Lab Dane mix to a holistic vet. Dr. Siegel saved his life. She examined Buddy thoroughly and was able to amputate a grossly infected toe that had what appeared to be a cancer tumor. She was the only Vet, out of two others we saw that was able to thoroughly examine him and move forward with the surgery. Before surgery, she did an echogram of my dog's heart and referred to a cardiologist for interpretation to make sure that Buddy could go through the surgery. Dr. Siegel did numerous tests, along with specialized treatment prior to the surgery to strengthen my Buddy. She combined traditional medicine with holistic approach. The result? True healing at the core. She's highly intuitive and uses state of the art unique therapies. Prior to Dr. Siegel, I had taken Buddy in the last couple of weeks to 2 different vets, with the last one being the Humane Society Clinic on Armenia. The doctor there told us 'he's ready to go to dog heaven' and insisted three (3) times on putting him down. I was devastated and told this doctor I wasn't doing that. We searched for a holistic Vet and found Dr. Siegel. I cannot say enough GREAT things about Pasco Vet, Dr. Siegel and her staff. They are AMAZING. We are deeply grateful for their service, commitment to excellence, compassion and unique integration of medicine and holistic approach to treat our beloved pets. Pasco Vet is a blessing to our community. This is our Buddy right after surgery. He's a new dog! ????????


3 years ago

UPDATE & RESPONSE TO OWNERS RESPONSE: I'm sorry, but you are mistaken, I am a father not a mother. This is a valid account and honest review. I simply choose privacy. Your reaction/response/personal attack on people is a reflection of your …

Denice McClure

3 years ago

I have taken my dog to Pasco Veterinary Medical Clinic three times in the past two years. Each time has been a great experience. The staff is friendly. The doctor is so knowledgeable and cutting edge on homeopathic treatments for animals. I refer my clients to her as well!


3 years ago

Garbage place. Lady only cares about money. Doesn’t know what she’s doing. Mixes medications that can’t go together. Needs to do some updating on her medical schooling. Isn’t a doctor. Mrs. Siegel

Fidelia Rodriguez

3 years ago

I love Dr. Siegel. She is great.

Kat Cline

3 years ago

Had a poor experience at another vet claiming to be all natural so happy to find someone who's the real deal. Looking forward to future visits with my pup!

Kathy Grant

3 years ago

Very detailed information abouts pets exam

Kimberly Kelly

3 years ago

Dr Siegal is fabulous, kind, gives great advise & options. They have always helped us in emergency situations with care and understanding.

Lisa Y.

3 years ago

We originally went to see Dr. Siegel for my Italian Greyhounds digestive issues. Fantastic outcome, but that is for another review. In speaking to Dr. Siegel, I shared my other IG had severe anxiety issues and very fearful. She suggested her CBD oil product, Paws. What a game changer. In a matter of a couple of days this sweet, shy little girl that spent most of the time tucked away in her crate, was out interacting with family, joining us on the couch, demanding game time and interacting with people we passed on our walks instead of trying to flee. We have started to be able to travel with her and she is enjoying new adventures and our outings. Thank you Dr. Siegel for developing such a wonder product that gave me a confident baby. By the way, I had Mary on other CBD products without seeing any results.

Robin Gucciardo

3 years ago

In response to Mr. Griffith’s review, I was at Dr. Siegel’s office when you walked in today and it was a very busy day (as it usually is at a veterinary hospital on a Saturday morning). If you would have only waited a couple more minutes …

todd Turner

3 years ago

My dog was unable to move from mid body down. Today. He is standing on his own, walking with little difficulty. 100% change. Not full recovery, but so close. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping my little boy Sonny

Tom Pearce

3 years ago

Been going there for 20 years +. Love the vet, she has kept our cockatiel alive after an accident. Everyone said he would never live.

Amanda Kraus

4 years ago

My cat Ezzy and I had our first visit here this week and absolutely loved it! I called the evening before and Dr. Siegel made extra time to see Ezzy the next day! When I got there I was greeted right away. While we were waiting for a room, …

Oliya M

4 years ago

Lucy says thank you for getting her better after her loose tooth incident. Will be in tomorrow or the day after to get more food. We love you, Doc.

Patrick Hedine

4 years ago

We brought our dog Muffin here to put her down, she was very old and had tumors in her mouth effecting her eating. She talked my mother into having Muffin get her tumors removed because "she was still full of life." So we did the surgery because she is the professional, it cost about $400+ for it and Muffin was in more pain than before. We took Muffin home and with less than an hour she ended up passing away. Of course being upset as this dog was with us since birth we demanded to be reimbursed due to a faulty assumption but instead she didn't charge us for the cremation. We wanted Muffin to go out with ease but instead she experienced a much harsher death.. Would not trust her judgement she is out for money not care.

Pamela Prieto

4 years ago

The people at Pasco Veterinary are so friendly and extremely good with my baby. Wouldn't take her anywhere else.

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