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D Punches

a year ago

The staff was cordial my appointment was at 11:00 I waited 45 minutes to be seen as there was an emergency that came in the office is easy to find it is on a dirt road. Would give 3 1/2 stars.. kinda in the middle .

Cristina Gouin

a year ago

Dr. Clubb and her team are efficient and competent. The clinic is off the beaten path, actually a sand road along a steeply dug canal so be careful driving in. Garmin says you can exit to the north but the road is closed. A long drive from Ft. Pierce but well worth it! Thanks to Birds on Safari in Stuart for the recommendation!

Joseph Maurelli

a year ago

They were quick and efficient and most importantly took good care of my bird.

Michael Lebrun

a year ago

Dr CLUBB is one of the BEST a true animal LOVER of all types. very knowledgeable and a rockin person to deal with!

Gabriella Batista

a year ago

Blessed if you are able to come here.

nicole thomas

2 years ago

Dr. Clubb and her whole team are amazing! From the first phone call to the visit today the process was seamless. I'm 45 minutes away and they took Jason as a new patient and made time for his surgery same day! They got him in and amputated his tail quickly and safely. They made us feel very confident. I knew by her years in the field she would be great. My bearded dragon best friend will be back here shall anything arise in the future with his health needs. They explained how to administer the meds and gave me instructions on some home care with his eating. Most importantly they allowed me back for everything! 10 stars

Laura Spinelli

2 years ago

Dr. Clubb and Carrie are always amazing.

peggy thompson

2 years ago

Loved it. Glad I found this place. Dr. Wad so nice and so was the office help

Zephania Vatuonè

2 years ago

I couldn't have asked for more support, Dr Clubb is phenomenal & the staff as well. It was a difficult time since losing one of my birds and they were caring and really consoled me with Love & understanding. Plus treated with upmost sensitivity. We're grateful to Dr. Clubb and their amazing staff. Update: Reasonable pricing, and All the staff ; including Dr Clubb are extremely patient and kind. They're all informative and helpful with various needs during appointments. Outstanding Team Indeed!

Ron Hoehmann

2 years ago

Had a minor emergency with our young bird and they took us in right away. They took care of the problem immediately and the bird is doing better than ever. Thank you so much for your loving compassion for birds.

The Recalcitrant1

2 years ago

Wow- a whole different experience than that of the 'local' vet in Jupiter Farms that sees chickens. Dr. Clubb actually has a ???? and will take care of your chickens best interest... Even if your feathered friend weighs almost 18lbs. Wish there were more places that truly cared like Rainforest does

John Connolly

2 years ago

Great customer service.dr Susan is awesome. Also very friendly staff!

Melissa Knight - Watt

2 years ago

Susan is the best in the state of Florida!

Claudia Bermudez

2 years ago

I wish I could give this place a 5 star...because I actually felt that Sid (my 6 month white faced cockatiel) was in good hands, they gave meds and did blood work... everything came back fine, except my cockatiel was having major issues breathing...and they still decided it was ok for me to bring him back home, called at 9 02 am this morning to ask more questions regarding his condition and his issue breathing, a gray tongue...and certain indicators that something it's not right...and the nurse said to me don't worry , keep giving the meds this and hour later or so I get a call from the actual doctor , explained her my concerns again and she advice to bring him back to the clinic for oxygen...well guess what? Way too late...

Dawn Gonzalez

2 years ago

Dr. Clubb and her staff are very caring. They took such great care of our beloved Duke (Surenam iguana) who sadly passed away at 15 years old. I would highly recommend them!

Debbie Q.

2 years ago

The team was so awesome and helped sace my bunny.

Laur Bois

2 years ago

Dr Susan Clubb is so helpful. She is always ready to greet your Birds and give them the best care possible. My Yellow Nape is 32 and he's doing very good after all these long years together. He has a bit of respiratory issues as he has a slight wheeze, perhaps it stems from my homes with total electric. He just had his nares flushed yesterday and a bit later he had a warm steam shower. I know he's feeling better! Thank you Dr Clubb

Greg Welch

2 years ago

Super professional and experienced yet extremely personable and compassionate! Dr. Clubb and her five-star staff epitomize Excellence! ... for Real!


2 years ago

I initially took my 9 year old Savannah monitor here for a swollen limb issue. The staff was nice and I know Dr. Clubb tried her best, but shes primarily a bird vet and I highly doubt they see many Savs there. I called ahead and asked if they took savannah monitors because they arent very common. They told me yes, so I made an appointment. I came in, and even with an appointment it was almost a 2 hour wait (understandable, they were busy). There was bird poop on the floor in the waiting room and I let the receptionist know so no one stepped in it (because I almost did). It sat there for 30 mins (in the middle of a busy lobby) before another lady came by noticed it, and finally cleaned it. Once in the exam room the vet asked to see my "Southern Macaw" that I had called for. The vet seemed to have no interest in asking about his husbandry aside from what he was fed (big red flag to me, even though I know hes kept correctly, most reptile issues stem from their husbandry and its always good to know that everything is optimal incase Ive missed something) and didnt seem to be confident in her diagnosis or how to treat him, even his bloodwork results were interpreted wrong when they called me and there were too many "maybes" for comfort. Ended up seeing Dr. Navarro at Broward Avian and Exotics for a second opinion and they were much more thorough. If I had a bird Id probably be much happier with the care here but I can't recommend for reptiles.

Hollie Randall

2 years ago

Dedicated staff and clean, beautiful surroundings have been my experience each time we visit. Dr. Clubb is always kind, personable, and thorough. She even stocks lots of toys for our fibs! I feel blessed to have her facility close by and recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome Avian and Exotic Vet!

Lynne Singerman

2 years ago

Today I was reminded why I drive 1 1/2 hours for an appointment with Dr Susan Clubb... because she is ( in my experience) “Practically Perfect”. She is calm, clear, constantly thinking of what is best for her patients and offering a variety of support. It may seem very small in comparison to the knowledgeable care she supplies , but it is so thoughtful of her to also have great bird toys for sale and all the medicine I need in stock and well priced.

Seachell2 (Seachell)

3 years ago

This is one of the greatest vets in the country!! They absolutely go the next step in animal care. A wealth of knowledge and hearts overflowing with compassion and love!!

jim moye

3 years ago

They are so kind to help with my pigeons ,and friends birds !! Thanks!

Reg Dunlop

3 years ago

Dr Clubb is the best!!!! Wouldn't take our bird anywhere else!!!

Rampertap Ramdass

3 years ago

They took great care of my parrot if anyone have a bird in distress I highly recommend them

Michael Keenan

3 years ago

Best Avian Vet. in South Florida.

Matthew Larsen

3 years ago

The best and most patient and educational vet I've ever been to as far as birds.

Cheryl Aguilar

3 years ago

DR. Susan Clubb is the only one I'd trust my Cherry bird with, she removed a large tumor from her chest and Cherry is healing well ♡

Anibal Amaral

3 years ago

Very nice place they save my birds life thank you very much

Antonio Smart

3 years ago

Took my Eastern Gray Squirrel second visit today. Dr. S. Clubb is very knowledgeable & very passionate with birds & exotic animals.

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