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Neva Mcgriff

2 years ago

We absolutely adore Alafia River Animal Hospital!!!! We have used this place as our vet over the last 4 years and we have never had a bad experience yet. The friendly staff really seem to love our animals and they make us feel like family during appointments. All of our appointments have been super easy and relatively fast. I have been told that in comparison this business is a little bit pricier then others but for peace of mind and to feel comfortable I will gladly stick with Alafia River Animal Hospital.

Melissa Moisa

2 years ago

I have a very nervous German Shepherd and they have been wonderful with her care. Thank you

Kar F

2 years ago

My husband stopped at the Alafia Animal Hospital on 7/23/21 because it was the closest animal care place in the middle of an emergency when our dog was having back to back seizures. He told the receptionist our emergency situation and she was very rude/nonprofessional and told him they could not see us because the doctor was with someone else. Our dog passed away shortly after.

David Mcpherson

2 years ago

Went to this veterinarian first with my dogs they told me I should put one of my dogs out cuz she's a big dog Tex are afraid of animals don't recommend this veterinary

April Lang

2 years ago

Helped my Kitty when he got stuck got stuck under the recliner Mechanism. Fast attention after we brought him in.

Shannon Chamberlain

2 years ago

The staf and doctors all truly love animals. My dogs are not afraid to go. (And I have a schitzu that is afraid of everything!) I dont feel that they ask me for unnecessary services for the animals.

Kathy Claxton

2 years ago

I left a message on the phone didn't get a call back. Called 3 Days later back I had asked for a prescription so I could purchase meds online at a less expensive rate. I ended up just purchasing from them for $20 more. They are still blocking anyone from going inside, don't understand this

T Woodster

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Clean and reasonable prices

Michael Gooding

3 years ago

First visit and will continue as my 85 lb baby is timid to new places and he came out wonderful and staff were so kind to both 4 legged as well as 2 legged in making us comfortable even with covid-19

Mel Bynum

3 years ago

To start I’ve been using Alafia River Animal Hospital for several years now. The people there are very nice and accommodating. As of today I will no longer use their services due to overpricing for pet medications and services. Yesterday I …

Julio Alvarez Jr

3 years ago

Always reliable, responsive, professional, courteous and truly caring of all their patients

Jennifer Crow

3 years ago

Only trust these awesome people with my third child!

Brandi Cherry

3 years ago

Great care and treatment for a reasonable price.

Anna Naeko Dmowski

3 years ago

We did not have a good experience with Alafia River Hospital. Our elderly dog has been having issues with allergies every year. We took him to this vet because we heard multiple good reviews about them and their diagnostic skills. Possibly because we went during Covid we never actually got to speak with the vet (and we definitely requested to speak with them). We were only directed to front desk staff or vet techs. Being that both my husband and I are very familiar with the human medicine world we had some very specific questions that would be better addressed by the vet. As with a lot of medical issues there is no clear answer and although that’s not what we like to hear we are accepting of it and decided to try their methods of treatment. As times are tough and we are savers we were a bit surprised by the medical bills, more specifically the prescriptions that were filled. There is a significant up charge to have the clinic fill the prescription. We asked for written scripts because there are much cheaper options to have medications filled even for your pets! Alafia River hospital Charges to write a prescription! And it’s an additional $16.00- and not only that but they charge $16.00 for EVERY script they write!!!! Our dog was prescribed 4 medications!!! Luckily we already had ordered the medicated shampoo from our last vet or it would have been 5! My husband questioned this practice because medical doctors don’t do this…. Many even will electronically send out your script and it’s ready to pick up! We did our research and Apoquel is almost $2.00 per pill, twice a day is $4.00 per day over a month that’s $120! There was a delay in getting meds from the online place we ordered from so we called the practice to get a week’s worth….. and they said the cost is $47.00 so they charged us more for one week than they did for the previous month. We said never mind- and our poor dog will have to take some Benadryl this week. Your animals shouldn’t have to suffer and you shouldn’t have to pay boutique prices to make them well. I have met enough “human” patients to know that many couldn’t afford this treatment for themselves. Many of us value our pets as family members and do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy until the end of their lives. We asked around and found that other vets do not charge per prescription to treat so you have options if you need it. Alafia River hospital has dismissed us from their services- they never tried to work with us, there was never any explanation of their prices, we never even spoke to the vet. They don’t like to questioned- they just want you to pay their prices.


3 years ago

Totally nice employees but, prices are way to high and I get it, because of their location being right next to Fishawk they're able to I get it but I had received a bottle of 100mg gabapentin for my 16yrs ol dog and was charged 5x the amount of ANY other pharmacy and when I tried to ask for the prescription prior to it being filled I was to "sorry were dont do that here, it has to be filled here", really? C'mon man..this is just 1 of many issues I had with them. Why did I stay with them youre probably saying,well I figured they've known my dog for the better part of about 10-11 yrs so why switch..BIG mistake. I shouldve.Since my pup was at a ripened age the vet or vet techs informed me to bring her in ANY TIME when it was time to say goodbye. Well, when my dog Roxie was ready for her final nap on January 1,2021 they were open and I had called about 2-2.5hrs before they closed and was told sorry they couldn't help..I just said ok and hung up but really I was yelling at the top of my lungs like are you freakin kidding me right now my pup couldn't walk she stopped eating for like a day or two I was a nervous wreck (this was my first animal that I've had on my own and had her since she was like 5m young...ohhh I was getting heated just writing about NO I definitely would not recommend this place for vet services.Sorry not sorry. Very nice employees though.

Christopher Roux

4 years ago

Done with this place. Twice as expensive and will take advantage of your wallet. Caused a massive hot spot on my dog, then charged me for the medicine to fix it...which it didn’t fix it (pure vitamin E oil does the job) …

Dusty Vibbert

4 years ago

This place seems ok at first but once you become a regular they lose interest and become very nasty. We had a dog that was having seizures, this vet prescribed a specific med for the dog to take daily to prevent theses terrifying episodes. …

Eric Wenzel

4 years ago

Nice people, nice service, good prices. We're coming back for our pet care needs.

Jason Green

4 years ago

Staff and Doctors are very knowledgable, friendly, and courteous. Will bring my pets here anytime. Kennel staff is fantastic and caring.

Rayne Foust

4 years ago

They took care of my little prince Larry with love and kindness

Rebecca Sherman

4 years ago

They're always friendly and caring towards the animals.

Renee Hill

4 years ago

Staff loved my animals and genuinely cared. Friendly. Clean. Would recommend.

Richard Phillips

4 years ago

These people are true professionals

Robert Ruiz

4 years ago

Great with my 2 rescues Abby + Frankie.

T Casey

4 years ago

"Digger" received his yearly vac. Staff was very supportive as he growled his way thru it!

Carol Baughman

5 years ago

Great People!! Very Caring !!

Karen Dowd

5 years ago

Clean place and friendly staff. They are more expensive than my last vet. That is the only downside for now.

Cyndi B

5 years ago

I just adopted a rescue that needed surgery. Thanks to the Veterinarians and staff.

Jane Wilson

5 years ago

Knowledgeable Veterinarians and wonderful staff! They take great care of our furry children.

Jessa Madosky

5 years ago

They take great care of our 3 dogs and 2 cats. They are usually really tolerant of our large dog who has some fear issues and have worked with me to help him feel more comfortable (lots of treats and praise). I did have one negative experience with one of the vets, but the normal vet we see is fantastic and we have requested her for all our pets.

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