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Nick Patricelli

2 years ago

I have 2 American bulldog/pitbull mixes I took in to get vaccinated. Most places really do not like anything that looks like a bully or pitbull, even tho my two boys are so sweet. Let me tell you...... My Pets Vet is the absolute best! They took great care of my boys and were so helpful. The entire staff was amazing and loving towards my dogs and were so happy to have them. The vet was very helpful and came to talk to us after they had been vaccinated and personally wanted to give them a clean bill of health and tell my wife and I what good dogs we have. I will always bring my dogs here

Kailyn G

2 years ago

Dr. Rafael Cartelli did an amazing job in detecting hookworms in my dog with the help of his amazing vet tech. Very personable and patient as well as I had lots of questions which thank you for listening to my concerns that is one of my biggest concerns when I go into a vets clinic is being listened to. The receptionists were very nice as well and big thank you to them! I have seen my dog start to get better every day and start to act more and more like himself again. All in all I will Recommend my pets vet.

Derek Galveston

2 years ago

Horrible vet, the staff was nice but the vet himself was horrid, a cold hearted individual. He showed no emotion or any heart for my animal, I don’t know how that man is a vet. So terrible. I felt as if I was talking to a stone, I wouldn’t see him again if he was the last vet on earth.

Ron Sposato

2 years ago

Very happy to find Dr. Castelli, we followed him here from Charlotte County. Great vet and Great staff.

Carol Cefaratti

2 years ago

I have to say I'm beyond impressed not only did they put me at ease they handled my ' labeled" hard to deal with girl with ease that impressed me more than I can even say! Dr Cartelli was very awesome. And a really big thank you to Michael and especially Anthony

Brenda Noonan

2 years ago

Loki boy just had his 1st visit since we moved. He saw Vet Ernie. The staff was understanding about Loki's issues with other dogs & took good care of us. ????

Danielle Crocker

2 years ago

I never ever been to vet where the doctor Laura Fourquet and the vet assistants were so inconsiderate of the distress they put on my cat !! To offer anesthesia in order to trim my cat’s nails is just un heard of because they said she was biting them as they supposedly poked her with a needle giving a rabies vaccination??They even had on the big yellow protection gloves and grabbed her completely wrong .. I could go on but I don’t want to get upset again. They had the audacity to charge me for vaccination and best of all the exam? As you know most cats do not like the vet and or other people handling them … I have looked after over 28 cats ( feral as well and even trapping them to take to the vet or to be spayed and neutered the only time they were given anesthesia was to be fixed!! My volunteer trappers even could handle the cats . Atleast Karen the office manager credited my account for the exam even though she was given a completely different story ( was told they offered to give me a sedative to take home ? For what IDK ? Why I would need to give my cat that ? Again they do not know or care about the cats well-being! Do Not Take you cat there if it is the slightest skittish.

Mark Hernandez

2 years ago

Took our German shepherd in to My pets vet to get his ears cleaned. Was told they had to sedate him to flush his ears, was quoted $400+ for the ear flush, visit, and swab. We denied the sedation, so they were supposed to clean the areas of his ears that they could reach. Charged $220, they did not touch his ears, they did absolutely nothing to him and charged us anyways. A few hours later our perfectly healthy dog was unresponsive, we took him to an emergency vet who not only way able to flush his ears without sedating him, but revealed to us nothing was done for him. Our dog wound up passing away from a ruptured tumor in his abdomen, which is believed to have ruptured from a fall. Seeing as we were not allowed into the exam room with our dog at my pets vet there’s no telling what happened to him or when he incurred this fall. Then, after our dog has passed away my pets vet is continuing to call and harass my wife about her dead dog demanding she have the other vet release the medical information about him to them so they can cover their own a**. Most unprofessional place I’ve ever been too. If you value the lives of your pets, find a different vet. It is worth driving into fort Myers to avoid this place. Hands down the worst experience with a vet ever. Customer service is non existent, and they will charge you hundred of dollars for unnecessary services while doing absolutely nothing for your pet.

angela brown

2 years ago

Brought my dog in. He was very sick. They did all the tests needed to find out what was wrong. Helped get him out of the car and back in. They were very friendly. The nurse called the next day to ask how he was doing. Within a few days he was back to his normal self.

Cathy Charneski

2 years ago

They have been our vet for 10 plus years. Dr. Gonzalez is wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. We have Doxies which he has been amazing with. His office staff is great. Highly recommend.

Marilyn Mojica

3 years ago

They are great with my fur babies, I love how quick they can get you in to see the vet. And very reasonable prices. I highly recommended ????????????????

Pat Alderman

3 years ago

I think their great!

Brian Copeland

3 years ago

Dr E and staff are the best.

Chris Whited

3 years ago

Last year as I went to pick up my elderly boston who had to have alot of bad teeth pulled I was in formed she was not recovering well,I was offered the opportunity to go in back to try to calm her down as her heart was racing and she was having a hard time breathing also. For the next 4 hours the Vets tried many remedys sometimes 4 or 5 people were involved but they never stopped doing everything possible to help her. She finally did improve so they even rigged up a cage so she could continue to have oxygen overnite. When we left it was 9 pm,many hours past closing ! I cannot express how impressed and greatful I am that they went the extra mile. They were very professional and I will never forget the compassion and dedication I witnessed. I highly recommend this Vet!

Jamie Davidson

3 years ago

This staff was so helpful and friendly. We are visiting from out of town and they got us in and made us feel like valued customers. The vet and the entire staff are top notch. I’d gladly bring my best friend here again and highly recommend them!


3 years ago

Great staff love how they take such good care of my fur baby

Marsha Adams

3 years ago

Drs & staff are great. Very nice to the animals. All our pets love them.

Raymond Bindas

3 years ago

Ernie is a great get, the office staff could be improved as far as communication goes. First pet was to be done first thing that ended late afternoon, when we called told to pickup at 5 and animal was being kept overnight so with improved communication amongst themselves they would get a 5

Jaymie Arcularius

3 years ago

Friendly staff. My boy was comfortable and happy upon my return.

Chrissie Jones

3 years ago

We love My Pet's Vet!!!!

Erika Quatsch

3 years ago

I am disappointed with MyPetsVet. It's the shortest car ride for my pets to a Vet, but I decided it's not worth it. I do not have confidence in them after some misfortunes. I find the clinical staff incompetent related to a medication error a few months ago for which I have not received an apology. The clerical staff also falls short for me. I have had the same rude treatment from the reception staff as so many other commenters here (I recommend "Jo" consider enrolling in customer service education). After many, many phone calls over months of time, when my dog was still alive, I never received results for blood tests nor an apology. Even the manager I find unethical as she stated to me a mistruth regarding OSHA. As a former Infection Control RN I am familiar with OSHA regulations regarding biohazardous waste. I am disheartened that I never was able to achieve a rapport with the Vet. It's important to me to be able to entrust my pets' care to a practice with integrity. I have been disappointed too often. I have left this practice.

James Simonson

3 years ago

They take really good care of my GSD and let me know everything he needs.

Yakira Marrero

3 years ago

I love the way they talk and treat my baby Layla. STAFF is very professional and friendly. The a doctors are amazing ???? ????

Bob Gordon

3 years ago

Front staff and Saul are very rude...we just tried to call to speak with a doctor there, and the girl who answered hung up on us twice for no reason, We tried again a third time to call, and after waiting for doctor to pick up, the phone was disconnected from their end! When we finally got connected again and told her what happened; she said that was your problem, not mine! Don’t go to have your pet treated at this place, if that is how they treat customers.


3 years ago

Saved my cat Ginger's life, friendly and very knowledgeable. Helped with payment plan as well. Always will be greatful of staff and DR.

Annabella Setteducati

3 years ago

Doctor is great, but front staff very rude! Will never go back because of incompetent Front Staff! Sad because the doctor is great.

Sharon Carmody

3 years ago

This is the 3rd vet in Lehigh I have taken my dog too for the same issue and this is the ONLY Vet that has helped my Troopers issue. The office staff was super friendly, the office is clean, Starting from my phone call with Tammy to the Vet tech Mr. Fernandez to The Dr himself. I as a dog mom was scared nervous but the team was so understanding and comforting. It's been only 1 day after our appointment and my dog with the proper treatment is showing improvements. I will be taking my other 3 dogs to this office. I walked out content, something rare when it comes to my furbabies. I am greatful, to hear the Doctor say "we are going to get trioper feelong better" were the best words. THANK YOU TO ALL!

Traci Knowles

3 years ago

This place is very good.They take very well care of your fur baby.My Duke had a allergic reaction to one of his shots and they took him in and gave him medicine to reverse it so he was ok after 2 hours.

Zachary Welsh

3 years ago

Great staff been going for years now and feel as they have my pets best health in mind!

Bree MacConnell

3 years ago

UPDATE 2020 they are now using my dogs photo as their main picture after killing him! Audacity of these people! No compassion or care in the world. I lost my best friend and this is how they treat his memory! My dog went there for his nails trimmed and flea medicine. 10 days later he died yesterday, I am waiting for the office manager Tammy to call me for over a week. They murdered my dog. Now I am waiting for his ashes to be returned to me, which they made ME PAY FOR! I would never bring another animal here!! Please think twice before coming here with your loved ones!

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