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Brandelyn Beighley

2 years ago

We needed some help with our husky pup who constantly wanted to rip your arm out of you socket on walks, jump all over you and never listen or come when called. We live with an elderly person and have a baby on the way and needed some training for her desperately. Manchini and Shelly are awesome people and you can tell right away how much they love dogs and love what they do. We decided to enroll our pup in their board and train program. While it was hard to be away from our pup we don't regret it. We got a training session with Manchini and Shelly and it really helped boost our confidence with continuous training at home. Mind your Manners does all the hard work for you, but it's up to you as the pet parent to put in the work at home to continue with all the hard work your pup has putin at training.We couldn't be happier with the manners our pups has learned and we highly recommend Mind you Manners!

Macy Mcfinny

2 years ago

Freaking Awesome!!!!!! I love this couple and what they did with BOTH of my stubborn dogs. When I picked my dogs up they were so happy and looked so good! I I had a session with Shelly and Mancini and learned what to do with my dogs and how to keep up with the training. They were totally responsive and seemed like they had fun doing it. I couldn't be more happy than what I am now with my dogs at home, listening to us and being good dogs. Thank you so much guys!!

David R. Jones

2 years ago

Outstanding staff that love on our pups as much as we do.

Luke Rucker

3 years ago

These people LOVE dogs and it shows! They did an excellent job with my Great Pyrenees Snookie. We are done with the puppy head start program and now we will begin her service dog training. My family and I are so excited to have her trained by Mancini.

ani hawkinson

3 years ago

I brought two dogs to MYM whom I had rescued off the streets of Dushanbe in Tajikistan. I had found two families to adopt them in Vermont, but wanted to do as much as I could to ensure their success as pets. They were a little older than other pups I had rescued. They discounted their price for me and we decided for them to have 4 weeks of training since they were difficult for me to handle. They were nice dogs, but I am not a dog person. I rescue and rehab feral cats and expecting a dog to act like a cat doesn't really work. :) So I really didn't know how to discipline or train a dog. After three weeks, I called to confirm their pick-up and Shelley and Mancini (who does the training) asked me if they could keep them two more weeks because they took a long time to trust them. They also said that they would not charge for the extra two weeks! When I picked them up, they said that they would both make very nice service dogs! They offered to finish training them and find good service jobs for them. I felt like a proud mom whose kids had graduated with honors from college. Although I considered their offer at some length, I decided to go ahead and take them to Vermont to the two families that had waited for so long for them to get to the U.S. But I remain pleased to know that, if things don't work out with their new families, someone thinks enough of them to want to help them become service dogs. The dogs are now much calmer and respond well to NO. They now walk like the polite young ladies I had hoped they would become. Once I was trained in how to help them self-correct their behavior, they were heaven to handle. They are still learning and need reminding, but it's now a pleasure to take them on a walk. They have learned automatic sits and the chain collars make it easy to get them to self-correct whenever they get lazy. I also discovered, much to my amazement, that the chain collars, which I previously had not liked at all, force ME the dog owner to be more disciplined and attentive because I don't want to choke them, and this is definitely something that could happen if I didn't use the collar correctly, and pay attention at all times to how they are responding, and stop any undesired behaviors before they actually get under way. I loved the fact that they were trained in a home, and that Mancini and Shelly worked with them to get along with cats, because both homes where they are going have cats. I loved Shelley's and Mancini's enthusiasm and love for the dogs. When I watched them with Mancini, I was impressed at his training skills. Everything they taught them was done without bribing them with treats. Praise praise praise and setting clearly limits and behavioral expectations seems to me to be a more effective way of training than using treats as rewards. If you want your dog to be loved to pieces, and to become a well-mannered dog, and if you are willing to learn how to become a firm and loving dog owner, Mind Your Manners training is perfect. Shelley and Mancini, thank you so much for loving my dogs and turning them into well-mannered young ladies. Their new owners are going to be thrilled.

Debbie Jink

3 years ago

I love these guys. They have worked with me and my family for years now and we just picked up our puppy from them and still very happy with the puppy that we got back. Jack was potty trained and on his best behavior when we picked him up and is still doing great.

Billy Hendrix

3 years ago

My wife and I would not trust anyone but these people with our baby boy. We love what you guys do and can tell that they truly love dogs and what they do. We had our dog trained, boarded and continue to board and get grooming from.

Brenda Barley

3 years ago

Booger the Boxer is now the neighborhood “good boy” thanks to Mancini and Shelly. Their knowledge and ability to train my dog and my family! 100% would recommend this training to anyone with any type of dog. Not only is Booger incredibly obedient now but my relationship with him is at a whole new level. It’s like we have opened up a new line of communication with each other! A few minutes a day of working one on one with your dog after training at Mind Your Manners is all you need. And you don’t need an endless amount of treats in your pocket. Have fun! And do it!! It’s worth it! I would have done it sooner if I had known about it.

Colt Brady

3 years ago

My dog suffered from separation anxiety after a few bad experiences with dog sitters. It got to a point where we were prisoners in our own house; we couldn’t leave anywhere without him barking excessively or getting him someone to watch him. We were desperate. Everything we did was a waste We decided to get a trainer for our 9 month old German Shepard Gumball. One month later Gumball is a changed dog! We can’t believe how quickly their training worked! He is so much more comfortable with us leaving him alone and we’re not prisoners in our own house anymore. I’d highly recommend Mind Your Manners to anyone who needs ANY kind of dog training. He is VERY REASONABLY priced, and, let’s be honest, having a well behaved dog is priceless.

David Boarders

3 years ago

They did an amazing job on my black lab Lucy. Thank you both for all the time that you put into training her stubborn butt. My Wife and I were about ready to give up and then decided we would give it one last shot and put Lucy into training. We were desperate. It's been almost one year since we picked her up and what a good dog we have now. Thank you again.

Sherry Morris

3 years ago

Outstanding what they did with my pooch. I wont say cheap dog training but very reasonably priced when it comes to dog training. I have had my boy home for 2 weeks now and am so happy with the bad behaviors he is not doing anymore. I am so proud to walk my boy down the street in our neighborhood now and show him off.

Debbie Miley

3 years ago

My family and I drove all the way from Miami to get our family dog in training. We past by so many other dog training places to get there. We heard about them from a friend of our that also had their dog trained there and so we took our baby Maxi there to get some manners. Maxi has been home almost a year now and is such a good boy.

Jerry Singleton

3 years ago

Boarded twice recently with them. They took great care of my dog.

Jim Baker

3 years ago

The best of the best. They took excellent care of our Maddie while they had her in for training and we are so happy to have her home. When we picked Maddie up, she was happy to see us and looked like she had a good time there. We had a session with Mancini and his Wife and Maddie did great. We were worried about her acting like she always does once we got home but she didn't. We are going into our 3rd week now and what a transformation our dog has made. Thank you for giving us a happy home back. Before Maddie chewed up everything in sight, didn't listen and didn't come when we called her name. She barked at everything and jumped on anyone even us when we walked in the door. We learned a lot from getting her trained there but she learned the most. Thank you again.

Shandra Bailey

3 years ago

Mancini is an amazing trainer. When I first saw their price I thought it was too good to be true, but for such a reasonable price he is undoubtedly worth it. I've been working with him for two months with my service dog in training and I'm really happy with him as a trainer and my puppy's progress. He is very knowledgeable about training dogs and can answer absolutely any question I have about my puppy, great with temperament, training, etc. Whenever there is a problem with his behavior he finds a personalized method to address it and is always available when I have questions or concerns. You can tell he has a way with dogs and loves what he does. I wouldn't trade for any other trainer in the world. I can tell they both care about how my dogs progress and want them to succeed. He is a fantastic person and an excellent trainer for service dogs; I was so lucky to find him. I couldn't be more satisfied

shaina metz

3 years ago

Great results, great customer service and professionalism!

miranda davis

3 years ago

they saved my pug grace. she was driving me and my family crazy to the point of where it was them or her. grace had severe anxiety, she would nip and growl at my nieces and nephews, bark uncontrollably and I mean there was no stopping her when she would start. i put her in the aggression program which was a little more than 30 days and picked her up almost 3 weeks ago. she is totally different now, we are still working with her so she doesn't' forget all that she learned but my family and I are so happy with the new puppy we got back from them. Cant say thank you enough.

Mike Jordan

3 years ago

Great friendly owners. Have used in the past and will continue to use their services.

michelle boatwright

3 years ago

They are very friendly, helpful and amazing with the my dogs. Didn't mind that I called alot to check on them. Thank you so much Michelle west boatwright

Matt Thompson

3 years ago

we get all of service dogs trained here for our center in atlanta and they work with us so that we can do so. we have been happy with all of dogs that have been trained there and they are happy to help. i know that when we drop our dogs off there they are really loved

Mark Sillin

3 years ago

10 star dog training. They have trained two of my dogs for service dog work now and will continue to only use them for dog training.

Lyla Chaudhry

3 years ago

For training I recommend this place to give you the right tools to fix behaviors. For boarding I don't recommend. When I dropped off my dog the wrong address was on google and I called 4+ times and had to wait 30 minutes to get a response when they know I was coming. My dog developed a bacterial infection, had swelling under his chin and a severe ear infection. He clearly wasn't given enough attention and when I talked to Shelly she said she didn't notice the swelling which was quite obvious. When my sister picked him up she said he was very stinky so she went home to give him a bath. Attached are pictures we took when we picked him up. If you love your fur baby don't board before seeing the facilities and don't expect any pictures either, I received 0 pictures when I left my dog for 2.5 weeks. When I saw my dog after my trip I felt physically sick knowing he was in poor conditions for so long. I had a $300 vet bill after picking him up to diagnose him with the skin conditions he developed there.

Jillian Severide

3 years ago

Very Pleased thank you both from the bottom of my heart

Nerd Meli

4 years ago

My Doberman was had aggressive issues and nothing I did was helping. I took him to Shelly and Mamcini and they worked wonders. My dog is a different animal now, they even taught me training tips. I owe them big time!!!

Kevin White

4 years ago

A++I chose them to train my new puppy on the recommendation of several friends with well-behaved dogs, all of whom trained there. The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, and happy to help. The facility is clean and spacious. I look forward to taking more advanced classes when my puppy is ready for them and having her as my service dog. Thank you again for all your hard work making my pup a good girl.

Kristin Exum

4 years ago

Shelly and Mancini are the best! I have done the 21 day puppy program when I first got my Great Dane Vader! He came home potty trained, crate trained, sitting, more gentle then ever before. He now goes there for boarding when we go on vacations and he has the time of his life and I trust Shelly and Mancini completely! They treat him like one of their own and I could not have picked better trainers!

lillian savanc

4 years ago

Thank you isn't enough. I would give them a 6 start rating but google will only let me give them 5 stars. I had them train a service dog for me and also train myself and it's been 3 years since my dog has been home with me and working and I cant say thank you enough. I couldn't afford what every other trainer wanted me to pay, I called and spoke with Shelly and her and Mancini were able to work with me on and train my dog Sandy. Merry Christmas to you and your pack for making my life easier with my Sandy girl. Thank you again

macy robert

4 years ago

A+++ My Yorkie was fixing to have to find a new home until I found this place to train my puppy. She was unruly as ever, didn't listen, and would run off when we went outside, oh her potty training was non-existent. I found these two and …

Richard Garzon

4 years ago

Do not make the big mistake to bring you Dog or any pet you have to this place, the following happened to me, I saw their reviews on line and I thought they were good, when I dropped off Tickles my Husky 4 and a half months old, Shelly came …

Tracy Moulder

4 years ago

I couldn't say enough great things about Mancini and Shelly when it comes to training dogs. You can tell they love what they do and are very good at it. My German Shepard Rosie was trained there almost 4 years ago to the date and calling them and getting her in there for training was the best thing that I ever did for her and my family. Thank you again for making my brat dog Rosie into a sweet, well behaved dog and making my family comfortable for 4 years now. God Bless you both.

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