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Jasmine Ortiz

a year ago

They are amazing our Belgian Melanois has learned so much in our 1st 6 sessions we signed him up for the next more advanced class. He loves going and enjoys the exercises and being around his peers. I recommend them for all pups. ???? and adult dogs as well it's never too late to learn.

David Olsen

a year ago

We were skeptical that any dog training program could help our rescue Boston Terrier or should I say our Boston “terrorist”. He was ruling our home despite us reading, studying and applying techniques from numerous books and YouTube videos. Enter Daryl from Pawfection. His knowledge and techniques have resulted in a new dog. Specifically, there is no longer barking at every stranger or dog that walks by our house. There is no barking at us. And most amazing is that we are now able to take our Boston out in dog crowded situations without leash aggression types of behavior. Thank you Pawfection!

Audrey Goropeuschek

2 years ago

Pawfection serves the community with their therapy dog teams, their training facility is conducive to the combined obedience and agility group classes, and their trainers are professionals. Their techniques are research-based and require the utmost care and respect on both sides of the leash. I am very grateful that their standards are so high. Aggressive dogs may receive in home training and are not permitted in group classes until they are safely ready. I tried several other schools and trainers before thankfully finding Pawfection. There is nothing that approaches their level of safety, organization, ratios of trainers to dogs, and use of effective techniques (no clickers, neck-injuring “halter” collars or excessive use of treats).

Val C

2 years ago

If Pawfection can help me and my dog, they can help anyone. My German Shepherd (retired k9) was a nightmare! He was aggressive toward dogs and people and extremely protective of the house. When I tried to correct him, he would turn around and bite me. The whole neighborhood was terrified of him! When I called Pawfection, Pennie explained to me that my dog thought he was in charge and that he constantly had to protect his "pack". It made a lot of sense because he was always very anxious and could never relax. Darryl came out and worked with him and in just one session, his behavior was vastly improved. I started taking him to Saturday classes, muzzled at first. We have been going to class for 3 years now because he loves it so much. He's a much happier dog now and he can finally relax and just enjoy being a dog. Now when he runs up to people it's not because he wants to bite them, he just wants to be loved on. He even goes to doggy daycare on occasion and plays all day with a bunch of other dogs! Pawfection has helped my dog and my family so much and I am very grateful to have called them. Also, Darryl and Pennie are always doing things for local charities. They are just all-around good people.


2 years ago

Interesting. My bad experience with them two years ago came to mind so I googled the reviews. Notice that the reviews only go back a 7 months. So strange because I know I reviewed them years ago. Somehow they are getting reviews deleted …

Olivia Stultz

2 years ago

While on the search for a dog trainer, I was recommended Pawfection's obedience/agility group classes by a fellow dog owner. So, I decided to give them a try. So far, I (and even friends and family) have seen such a noticeable, positive change in my dog's manners. The classes themselves are a ton of fun and very informative, plus all of the trainers are willing to help answer any questions when needed. Highly recommend!

Michele Molesky

2 years ago

We travel 43 miles every Saturday for training because Pawfection is THAT good! We rescued our German Shepherd almost one year ago. She needed immediate help so we brought her to a local "board and train"( I will not name them). She learned …

Jim Donlin

2 years ago

We brought our Cane Corso Rocco to Pawfection when he was just a puppy. Now at 14 months and 125 pounds he is just a well behaved dog who loves people and other dogs. We attribute this to all the training and work we have put in with the Pawfection Team. It is not easy but well worth it to see the results we have gotten with Rocco.

Hiroko Shimoda

2 years ago

We could not be happier with Pawfection training. When we adopted a puppy 2 year ago, she was a mess. She was aggressive, restless, and scared. My fiance and I have both raised dogs; but with this one, we were completely lost, didn't know what else to do, and exhausted. After 6 months of struggling with no light at the end of the tunnel, we almost gave up when someone told us about Pawfection. We loved her and decided to give it a try. She's been at Pawfection for a year and half. It was a slow walk with her with ups and downs in the beginning, but we were diligent with homework everyday. Today, it is a dream come true. We've built a trusting relationship, and she is a happy dog. She listens well, and she loves her classes (obedience and scent). We continue to work with her on a daily basis. ???? Big thanks to Darryl, Pennie, Nichole, Ellen, David, and the rest of Pawfection family! Highly recommended.

Harley Santiago

2 years ago

Darryl and his team trained my german shepherd Anubis about 2 years ago now. I'm forever grateful for his training because I do believe Anubis wouldn't be 1/2 the balanced dog he is today if it weren't for Pawfection. I work at an animal hospital and many of my coworkers have brought their dogs here, and i've also referred dozens of clients to Darryl and i've only heard great things from everyone which I think speaks louder than anything. I think the prices are beyond fair, they were always flexible with my schedule and the team will go into depth explaining any questions that you have. Any future dogs I own will definitely be trained here.

Brenda Moody

2 years ago

Taking my new puppy to Pawfection puppy group training was invaluable to expose her to other dogs and people, as well as teach her how to behave in public. The agility course the dogs run through just teaches them to be confident and taught me how to handle my dog through all kinds of situations. Pennie and Darryl are so supportive and sure. I also had home training with them and Pennie taught me a lot not only about training but about dogs in general. Highly recommend!

Annmarie Sheppard

2 years ago

Amazing group of trainers! I started in the puppy class and stayed for multiple classes for the next year. They not only focus on training the dogs but the humans as well! My dog loved going every Saturday and would sit by the door until it was time to leave for training. When out on walks/runs she is truly a gem because of what we both learned in training.

Marge Mihalko

2 years ago

I adopted a lab at 1 1/2 that had almost no training. We took her to a petstore training class and what a waste of money. We didn’t even finish all the classes. After hearing Darryl on the radio we enrolled our lab at Pawfection. It was …

Pamela Gaskill

2 years ago

We started with Pawfections in 2019 when Darryl came to our house to help with our Aussie-Doodle's nipping and jumping. He spent a couple of hours working with us, teaching us how to instruct and train the dog - but more importantly he …

Rachel Furtney

2 years ago

I’ve been attending Pawfection’s group training with my 7 month old Golden Retriever since June when he was about 3.5 months old, and it’s been incredible! Not only are Darryl, Pennie, and their trainers experienced and knowledgeable, but it’s been a great bonding experience for myself and my pup! My family and friends have even seen a great improvement in my pup’s confidence and obedience. It’s even fun to socialize my pup with other dogs around his age! I definitely recommend Pawfection to friends and coworkers, and will continue to do so :)

Renee Mckenzie

2 years ago

11 years ago I brought my first puppy to their puppy class. When they were just starting out. I Loved it! Darryl and Penny were wonderful with all the puppies. I learned so much from Darryl at the puppy training class. Not to mention a very …

Robyn Hakker

2 years ago

Pawfection is the BEST. We initially signed up for the 6-week puppy class, which focuses on socialization and confidence-building for the puppy and teaches new puppy parents how to communicate and establish happy and healthy habits with a puppy. We’ve been attending training on Saturday mornings now for 2.5 years with no intentions of stopping. The Pawfection team genuinely cares about your dog’s progress and safety. We plan on continuing classes indefinitely because we see such great progress, and class is the highlight of the week for us and our dog. The trainers are not only are they great in class, but are also excellent for the in-home training. Darryl came to our home and helped us correct some behavioral issues and helped us to understand how to prevent new ones. Over the years small questions have come up and they were great by phone too. Another great thing about Pawfection is that they don't sponsor products or try to sell you any merchandise and are extremely fair with their cost. They are the most affordable, effective training squad in the area and their entire team is friendly, helpful, and LOVE to be involved in your dog's learning. Last thing to note is that Pawfection also is very actively involved in improving the lives of children and animals through constant charity work in our community. It's great to see a family business excel AND give back!

Travis Held

2 years ago

We started bringing our Silver Lab puppy to the group training at 11 weeks old. It’s an hour drive from our house, but it’s 100% worth it. We are going on 5 months now and have moved up in class multiple times. This class is more then just agility, and has 15-20 pieces of equipment on the course. It’s recall, obedience, socialization, and most importantly safety. Our pup loves every second of it, and sleeps the entire afternoon after coming home. Obedience training is the skill we were lacking at home, and made the biggest change in our lives. Something as simple as leash walking, without pulling, and successful recalls make a world of difference. I can’t speak for the other reviewer about their personal experience from years ago. I can only speak from my own. Yes it’s hot, but we live in Florida. Water, shade, and kiddie pools are available. The only way to train your dog effectively, is within these real life elements (rain, heat, cold, and noisy locations). I’ve personally asked Darryl and Penny plenty of questions on corrections for my pup, and they’ve always given me the correct advice. Our goal is to get our pup Therapy Dog Certified, and it will all be through Pawfection.


2 years ago

Don't bother, no way they achieve what they promote in one session especially when they don't stay for the full two hours or show up on time. Save your money.

JoAnne Ferraro

2 years ago

They are supposed to offer lifetime service, but I emailed them last week and haven’t heard back. When they do answer, it’s alway the same response, are you using the can of air!

Brendan McDavitt

2 years ago

They worked some MAGIC on my very energetic lab/golden retriever mix puppy. Well she isn’t quite a puppy at 18months but she had developed bad habits of pulling on the leash when we tried to walk her and jumping up on people when she meets …

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