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shahrzad b

2 years ago

UPDATE: I wanted to update our experience at VCA Briarcliff We have seen Dr. Ridinger for a few visitations now since the last review. We are very happy and pleased to be her patients. Our dog loves her too. She has totally changed our perception and vindicated everything from the first visitation. Last review: We have just moved to Jacksonville. On Monday, Aug 16th 2021 we had the worst experience ever at a veterinarian's office. We called VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital on Saturday to schedule the appointment and asked the previous VCA hospital to transfer all of our dog’s info to VCA Briarcliff. We had the appointment at 10:30 am. The technician asks few questions about our dog's health condition and diet. Then they took her to the back to measure her weight. My husband and I were waiting in the exam room for more than 40 minutes with no updates and not meeting the doctor in person for even once. After 40 minutes the doctor came to the exam room but still, she did not bring our dog back. She started talking about the concern we had about our dog's paw and anxiety due to moving but she said she does not know what the reason of the redness of her paws is. We asked the doctor's opinion about other health concerns that our dog experienced in the past, but the doctor said she did not review her medical history and she was not aware of them until we asked! We did not feel the veterinarian cares about our dog's condition and unfortunately, we got very disappointed. I was wondering if it is a regular protocol that the general examination is done in the back and not in the presence of the owners? I need to mention that my husband and I are both covid vaccinated and wore masks at the hospital. We did not feel that the veterinarian was knowledgeable about our dog and were very unpleased about the visit. At no point during the visit where we asked to have our dog taken to the back to have her examined there. We felt extremely uncomfortable that she was being held in the back. We are completely new to this area, and it seemed very strange and inappropriate to have us waiting in a cramped room with no idea what is happening to our pet. The lack of communication and reassurance made us feel extremely uneasy and even went out to the waiting room to ask the receptionist what happened to our pet. She made an announcement to the back to have the vet-tech to check in with us, at which point she came in to tell us our dog is in the back still waiting to be examined by the doctor. At this point we had been waiting for over 30 minutes passed out appointment time. This entire visit was a complete waste of time and money as we neither gained nor learned anything new at all. We feel like our concerns about our pet where not taken into consideration. How are we to be certain that the doctor even examined our pet if they don’t perform it in the examine room? What is the point of even having an exam room if they only do it in the back room? The doctor did not make us feel welcome. We asked if there are any places in our area that we can let our dog off leash so she can run around to which the doctors response was a RaceTrac gas station that has an open field. I mean, this is not the type of response to instill any type of reassurance or confidence that our pet is in their best interest. This experience is entirely out of character with the VCA environment we’ve come to know and love. The disparity between our old VCA clinic to this new one is enough to make us consider switching hospitals. We are wanting to get a refund for this major inconvenience and hassle not to mention stress this whole ordeal has caused us.

Janet Highlands

2 years ago

We love Dr. Ridinger! She has been our vet for nearly 14 years. The staff is friendly and helpful. They all love animals and it shows in the care they provide.

Barbara Martin

2 years ago

Vets aren't what they used to be!! My daughter and I took her Pomerain to this office today. I stayed in the waiting room, I wish I had gone to the examination room with them. Forty-five minutes later I learned that someone took the dog to another room to supposedly exam her?? Later the Dr. talked to my daughter and did not bring the dog with her. My daughter was frustrated because they wanted to sell her a lot of things. Finally I saw my daughter at the desk and asked her what was taking so long. She was glad I asked because she felt like they wouldn't let her leave as they continued to try to sell her stuff. I have never heard of any Veterinarian that operates like this. It was a total waste of time and money. I am very angry! Americans are tired of being ripped off and conned. I am more than happy to pay for my pet's care but not happy about being ripped off!!

Elyse H

3 years ago

Love this vet. They’re super professional and compassionate. They really care about my pet’s health as much as I do.

Robert Woods

3 years ago

Like used Car Salesmen We took our newly adopted puppy from Jax Humane here for the Healthy Start Certificate for complementary 14 day follow up care that would cover up to $250 for a list of conditions. We have another adopted dog and have been to Intercoastal West for her, so we thought why not try here and if we like them we'll have both dogs come here. Especially considering they're partnered with Jax Humane. Kathy K was the tech who took our dog inside and took our Healthy Start Certificate. Over the phone (due to covid we waited in the car) she explained the list of treatments they could do for our dog and made recommendations on which are the ones to get. We agreed to the treatments and at no point was it explained none of the things we selected would be covered under the Certificate nor could we crosscheck the list of treatments we were getting with the Certificate because it was taken. Following the treatments the desk called to go through the treatments and bill. I believe it was Vanessa. She was super helpful, patient, and friendly. 10/10 However, when the final cost was stated I asked what of that would be covered by the Healthy Start Certificate and she said none. This was incredibly frustrating. The only reason we came here was this Healthy Start Certificate and the relationship with Jax Humane. And considering we handed the certificate to Kathy at no point did she ever explain any of the treatments she gave us or recommended were covered. Vanessa said she'd put us on hold and see what she could do. To their credit they gave us a discount on the price. Which is very much appreciated. However when our dog was brought back, Kathy made it clear to us she was frustrated with our lack of reading. She said she shouldn't have assumed we read the certificate and fully understood what treatments would and would not be covered. And that she shouldn't have assumed when she read the total cost to us that we would've interpreted that it would not be covered by the 250$. A misunderstanding sure and totally understood but it's an interesting point considering they give you a list of treatments they recommend and everything on that list is not covered and by the fact she took our certificate so we could not cross check the treatments ourselves. I unfortunately I did not take the time to memorize the 9 listed treatments to cross check, on the fly, against a list of medical names and treatments. Kathy, frustratingly, continued to emphasize we she was sorry for assuming that we had properly read the certificate. Honestly got the impression she was baffled we hadn't memorized the list of 9. Kathy at no point offered any instruction in person or on the phone before the treatments were given that what we selected would not be covered by the Certificate. Again we had handed it to her and stated we wished to use. It would have been appreciated that the technician helping us and handling our baby, would have had the consideration to say the things you've chosen are not on the certificate. We obviously would have gladly paid to take care of the initial needs of our new puppy. But that lack of consideration and then Kathy putting the blame upon us for not holding them accountable during the entire process for what is and is not covered on the Certificate is incredibly infuriating. It shows how they operate with customers. I couldn't help but feel I was dealing with used car salesman. Do anything they can to get you in the door with a purported deal, only offer things not covered in the deal, and then accuse you of laziness for not knowing it wasn't in the deal. Like Kathy said, I should've assumed they wouldn't be looking out for us.

Pastorbetty Williams Bowers

3 years ago

My first baby boy first apt was excellent l didn’t know anything they explain it he got food gift bag l went too wrong office by mistake it was banfield the cancel his first apt 2 hours before visit l didn’t check messages and ended up at VCA BRIARCLIFF but I’m glad and my fear what too do was step by step learning LISTEN ITS THE BEST IN THE WORLD THEY TREATED US LIKE FAMILY ❤️????????

Lindsey Allen

3 years ago

Wonderful staff! I feel like they really care about my furbaby! Definitely recommend if you want a very positive environment, And excellent service. I love how they explain everything to me all my options and cost.

Josh Morrill

3 years ago

1st visit with our mew puppy, both dr and staff have been EXTREMELY helpful and very knowledgeable. My 1st puppy and trying to learn and they have really helped educate me! Thanks yall for being great! They even took this adorable picture and sent it to us.

Jessica Day

3 years ago

I came in here with my dog , very respectful . Super clean and safe . The women who work here are smart . The dr really cared about me and my dog . The prices are reasonable so is the medication . I felt safe going there in a pandemic.

Jeniy Gavin

3 years ago

Love them! They have huge hearts and they try to help in any and every way! Awesome vets and staff!!!!!!

Susan Hauth

3 years ago

If you plan to use this vet, be absolutely CERTAIN that you have a clear understanding of what services they will provide and how much they will charge you BEFORE handing over your pet! The health certificate given upon pet adoption from the Jacksonville Humane Society seems to be a nice followup service for the pet owner. However, when my daughter and her roommates-first time pet owners-tried to redeem it they were told they needed to several additional tests, none of which were covered on the certificate. Although the girls did not understand that the services were not covered on the certificate, they were performed and wouldn’t release the pet until payment was made for those services. They took advantage of the girls age and inexperience. After now reading several other negative reviews regarding this exact topic, it seems that they would have improved their process in regards to the Humane Society health certificate!

tammy davis

3 years ago

They are all great over there they take good care of the animals. Office is very clean.

Greg Varner

3 years ago

They take their time and make sure they are doing things right. Doctor I saw was a 20 year veteran and knew her business. Will continue to take all my dogs/cats there. Vet visits can be expensive no matter where you go but they do seem to have expense as a consideration and have finance options available for serious situations. Prices are at least in line with other animal hospital places.

Eric Cavanagh

3 years ago

Caring and considerate staff .

Christopher O'Keefe

3 years ago

This was our first time here. VCA is in a league of its own. From the staff to the DR's. They treat you like family and with the highest respect. Most amazing animal hospital I've ever been to.

Arryn Hablitzel

3 years ago

Love the staff here. Dr. Pallozzi is amazing.

Victoria Rogers

3 years ago

Melina & every one of the team helped my Granddoggie.

Barry Allen

4 years ago

IMO VCA is a rip off! Just to board your dog they require shots I’ve never heard of and charge a fortune for everything then they randomly call me though I’ve told them I hate them. you can do better elsewhere!!! In response to your response, no, I confirmed with the person that called me that they were calling from VCA and I will not remove my review. I am glad I am not in your data base after asking to be removed, glad I was. Please note that I am an attorney and any other untrue statements against me by you will not be tolerated. Thank you for your understanding.

Callie Stewart Smith

4 years ago

We had a great experience! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. My dog gets really anxious when we visit the vet. The vet tech and vet were great with him to make him as comfortable as possible. Very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Eric Udry

4 years ago

Great Animal Hospital. They really helped my family out.

James Stidham

4 years ago

This place is good, kind of pricey though


4 years ago

Pricey but Dr. Ridinger is a very professional, considerate, knowledgeable vet so we hang in there. Front staff is always so nice.

matt minota

4 years ago

I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice of taking my pet here. My cat had gotten bit and his face was swollen and infected. The doctor quickly came up with a treatment plan and the hospital manager took the time to explain to me the recommended services and patiently answered all my questions. While in their care, I felt like they looked after my pet as if it was their own. The knowledgeable staff here did more than just provide exceptional customer service at a very affordable price. They provided an environment that made me feel comforted and confident that my pet was in the right hands! Thank you!

Nancy Critzer

4 years ago

I can not say enough about how professional and courteous the staff are here. I have been seeing Dr. R for over 20 years. Dr. P is also an excellent care provider. These Vets know their medicine and they are very knowledgeable in the disease process. I have always had the best care here and have had to put a few of my very sick pets down a few years ago and got the best treatment and compassion while going through the grieving process. The staff here go above and beyond the services provided and are very honest and extremely compassionate when it comes to the safety and well being of your pets. I have also used them for boarding services and they give my pets the utmost care and compassion while they are there. They are very attentive to my pets needs . The boarding area is extremely clean and the pets get the best care while they are here. They all treat my pets with great respect, care and compassion. It is the extreme best service and in my opinion would be hard to find anywhere else. You get what you pay for and I love the staff and Doctors here for giving my furry babies the best care ever! They always treat them like they are their own and you can’t get any better then this! They are a cut above everyone else and top notch in my opinion. It doesn’t get any better then this! Thank you to all the gals in the front office, techs in the back, and the Doctors for giving us the best care ever! Nancy Critzer Jax Florida.

TunaCat Gaming (LadyLasko)

4 years ago

The vet was very kind and took time to actually talk to me. The staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. They have a very good Care Plan Package to help people who don't have a ton of money up front take care of their babies.

Victoria Allen

4 years ago

My dogs are not easy to deal with. They did a great job with them and when I made a request based off what they were not able to do because my dogs are buttheads, they were nice enough to accommodate me. Its pricey but they are worth it. I highly recommend them.

Lauren Enea

5 years ago

I brought my blind cat for a checkup, and everyone was warm and friendly. Didn't try to persuade me into something I wasn't ready for. Gave very helpful tips for my cats health

Andrea Dorio

5 years ago

I never walk out of there with less than a $200. bill ????

Brenda Cunningham

5 years ago

This is the best animal hospital in the whole state of Florida I would never take my dog nowhere else they are the best

bronwen Hernandez

5 years ago

A little pricey,but very knowledgeable and friendly

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