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Katherine Hobbs

2 years ago

We've used St. Francis for years and are always impressed by the care and attention they give our pets. The staff is kind and patiently answered all my questions. I couldn't recommend them more.

Mary Wright

2 years ago

I was referred here by a friend and this is the veterinary office I will use from now on for my animals. The staff were compassionate and knowledgeable. My Nugget had cancer that was fatal and they helped me by making her comfortable and extending her life just a little bit more. Angela was always available to answer my questions even when the clinic was closed. The entire staff also helped to advise me on the best treatment we could receive within our budget. I will refer all my relatives and friends here.

Crystal M (Kikizen)

2 years ago

Have taken my other cats here starting in 2009, 2016 and am taking my 3rd Senior cat here next week. Great customer service, caring and reasonable. I am a low income Senior, need a Vet Clinic close to where I live. Dr Johnson explained and gave me written information to research what is better Nutrition information for my Cat. This is the 1st Vet who "Ever* explained anything when I took my cats to animal clinic. 3 & 4, 2021, teeth cleaning, etc, Very happy. Explained that I have a choice on how much I want to spend when I get my cat's teeth cleaned. $350 to $1200. Really nice to know I can control cost! Called yesterday for appointment for today and Thursday is walk in : 9 am to 1 pm for nails trimmed etc. Very happy ????. Crystal Morabito, 5 *????

Brianna Kugelmann

2 years ago

if i could, i would give this place 0 stars. all they care about is money and not your pets. i brought my dog in last year because he had urinary issues and they gave him medication for it and once we gave it to him, he died. the next day …

Nada You

2 years ago

Idiocy.Laps of love amazing. Ty Laps of ???? . Shelton retire. You alone wanted money. Please trust this is not a reliable place for fur babies We don't post negativism unless we are certain. 4/14/21. RIP JACK. Dr. Shelton should retire. However before doing so, please take a rotation at an Oncology clinic for dogs. The Humain Society of Jax referred me here to remove mass. Dr. Shelton did not trust FNA done which confirmed soft tissue sarcoma. Advised not to try to keep wound bandaged after removal of sutures. What a disaster! Thank you Dr. Johnson for trying to fix your colleague. My dog, after biopsy done by Dr. Shelton, and visiting an Oncology clinic, is now being hospiced at home. I wouldn't bring a pet cockroach here. And, I will contact the Jax Humain Society, advising them to never make a referral to this hospital as you are better off searching the internet. RIP Jack soon

steve martin

2 years ago

I went to this place twice, 1st time for fleas treatment on my dog. Spoke with a vet "same person both times" how gave me a very condescending tone about papers I'd had and the fleas treatment I should have been doing. I took the first visit with a grain of salt. Next I came to get my dogs eyes checked for pink eye and update shots. I gave my papers to an assistant who copied them. In walks vet and begins to tell me these copied papers are pretty much Blank. I say umm i don't know what I'm really looking at but here is the papers I came with. Tell's me that those are pretty much Blank papers as well. I tell him I have her chip info then an he says that's only good if she is dead . After I ask if he is being sarcastic, he then wants to see my papers again. Now he finds shots info that he didn't see???? I confront him about how it's either your being sarcastic to a patient or you seriously didn't even look at my dogs paperwork. Either one is terrible.

Rachel Hunt

2 years ago

I brought my cat here for the first time as a walk in because he was hiding and wasn’t eating for a couple days. He ended up having a urinary blockage and was in really bad shape and had to stay several days to recover. Both vets I interacted with were very clear and forthcoming about his condition, outlook, and what the best course of action was and why. It was all explained to me so I understood what was happening every step, which I really appreciated. I was able to visit with my cat every day he was there and was happy with the care he seemed to be getting. The final bill was very high for me as I don’t make a ton of money, but it was worth it to save my cat and I’m very grateful for the treatment he got.


2 years ago

Quality of this place has sadly gone way downhill while prices have increased.

Jane Rhome

3 years ago

I unfortunately had to have my beloved dog put to sleep. Angela went above and beyond in making this horrible decision the best experience possible. She was professional, caring and extremely patient.


3 years ago

**Do yourself and your beloved pets a favor. Avoid St. Francis Animal Hospital.** I have visited St. Francis Animal Hospital several times over the last couple of years. Never again! This place cares about one thing, MONEY. The more they can milk from you, the happier they are. Regardless of whether your pet gets better or not. One of the receptionists thought it was appropriate to "joke" with me that they have "put down so many animals, the place might be haunted" -- not exactly what you want to hear when you are taking in your pet and worry for their safety. During my last visit another receptionist tied a huge, thick rope around my dog's neck and DRAGGED him across the floor (he is a smaller dog). The rest of the staff acted annoyed with my dog for the rest of the visit because he wasn't cooperative and up to their standards. He already hates the vet, being dragged around by his neck is not going to make him calm down. Dr. Shelton is just catty, no other way to describe it, she acts like you are an idiot and steps into the room for five minutes. Writes a prescription (for something the pet might not even need) then hands you the bill. This place is a total sham and a disgrace to the name of St. Francis -- an actual animal lover. The way I see the staff treat animals when owners are in the room, I could not imagine how they are treated if kept overnight. I called earlier to have some information sent over, the person on the phone (sounded like Shelton, could have been Angela since the email came from her) was incredibly rude. My phone call was an inconvenience and what I was saying was not "understood" by her. Terrible, terrible communication. Very unprofessional. I now go to San Marco Animal Hospital, they are probably trying to rip me off in the long run, too, but nobody there has dragged my dog by his neck, acted like we were an inconvenience or prescribed unnecessary medication and their prices for bloodwork and tests are way cheaper than St. Francis, you'll save $70 in some cases. Their office visit fee is way cheaper too. This place is clearly understaffed as well. They cannot handle more than one customer at a time and the wait times are awful too unless you come first thing, usually.


3 years ago

Staff is extremely rude. Save your animal and your money and go anywhere else but here.

Luisa Cima

3 years ago

I came in as a walk in because my French Bulldog had sneezing/nasal discharge. I was seen immediately and was able to go in with my pup. Dr. Johnson and his staff were very knowledgeable about this breed of dog (which is unusual around Jacksonville). He took his time to explain and gave me information on Frenchies because I’m a first time dog owner. My last vet told me my puppy was aggressive and would have to be sedated to be seen again. Funny because Dr. Johnson and his assistant had no problem drawing blood or examining him. I was not given any unnecessary meds, and the rates were affordable. The receptionist was very helpful and patient too! If you are looking for excellent care for your pet this is definitely the place!

Michelle Redding

3 years ago

I have been bringing my doggies here for quite a while and we always receive the best care! We are educated when there is an issue, such as bone/joint issues, with different options for care. Many times we were able to find a natural or supplement based resolution rather than just popping a medication. We love them!

Bruce Ridenour

3 years ago

Don't do walk in. I was the second one there and people came in behind me and went straight to the back for service. I don't recommend this place to anybody. Myself and my dod will be going to a new vet as of today. Very unprofessional business.

Teresa Robinson

3 years ago

They offer extended hours which is great for those of us who work during the day! :-) The staff has been helpful & responsive. I would recommend them for their overall good value & service.

neal daniel

3 years ago

No one at the front desk. Waited 30 minutes, had to leave because some random cat was wandering back and forth between the lobby area, the door and the window to the back where the rooms are. It made my large dog very anxious and had to leave.

Mark Blowers

3 years ago

Decided to give them a try after years at another vet just because I heard their prices were reasonable. Called a week ahead and made an appointment for 2:00 pm. Showed up at 2:05. No one at the front desk. Another person ahead of me was also waiting to sign in. Finally about 10-15 minutes later, an employee came out and gave me a clipboad with a short questionnaire. Filled that out and then nothing for another 45 minutes. The whole time, my dog is stressed out and shaking like a leaf. Another person comes in with a lab that won't stop barking and crying, making my dog cringe even more.l Finally, at 3:05, I gave up waiting. I got someones attention in the back that I was leaving. What a horrible experience. Won't go back.

Kay Brownlowe

3 years ago

This is a wonderful caring hospital,. Especially for us who love our animals but not much money.They don't turn you away!!! I was in middle of upsetting move when my much loved dog, Yahtzee got sick.I was a mess.Yahtzee went to Heaven by the kind hands of a holistic,caring lady vet.????????.I highly recommend.

Kathleen Radloff

3 years ago

Love the doctors and staff at St. Francis Animal Hospital. This is a very clean establishment. No pet smells at all. Highly recommend!


3 years ago

I called this place to get more information, and the receptionist alone turned me off from ever going here. I understand we all have our bad days; but there really is no excuse to just be plain nasty on the phone. During this day and time we should all be grateful that we have a job.

Jessica Carlos

3 years ago

I have gone here for 10 years, and have always said they were the best, but they have changed, nickle and dime everything now. After spending $500 for test and shots so I can get my 2 dog's trifexis prescription, I am told I must use their website to order it (the most expensive prices I have found even after coupon codes), or pay $40/dog to have a copy of the prescription to use on another website (therefore making it the same price as their website). what a sham, I am switching vets going forward. All this is on top of the fact that the communication has gone way down hill. Expect to wait a couple hours to be seen.

Gail Macomber

3 years ago

Saint Francis Animal Hospital is no longer a non profit clinic, I was told today. Prices have increased tremendously.

Eric Shishefar

3 years ago

Every appointment I have waited 4 extra hours ! Their prices are the same as almost every other vet. Really gone hill from 8 years ago !

Crystal Matthews

3 years ago

Have not been in the last 3-4 years, but they helped me and my cat Max in ways that helped him stay alive and stay comfortable. He has since passed, but while alive he suffered from the slang is “Puffy Paw Disease” at the time he was born an unknown new genetic and non-transferable or life long disease in cats. Causing a club foot inflammation in the paws (usually one at a time), and at times swelling in the jaw, a side part of puffy paw disease). After years of paying anywhere from $180-$250+ an attack, I could no longer afford the treatments after having a baby, and worried that the worst may have come for Max. But with help from St. Francis Animal Hospital, the compassionate care, very professional and knowledgeable and kind staff and vets, and a price that I could actually afford for his treatment, and not have to push a bill back another month to keep Max alive or worse have him suffer or be put to sleep. They helped us for years with their affordable pricing and never had to trade care, effectiveness of the treatments, and their excellent Veterinarians and staff. Thank you for all that you have done. We have recently acquired two new for family members and will definitely be taking them to Saint Francis animal Hospital for their care! As should you all out there!

Caroline Patsy

3 years ago

I have always had a great experience with St. Francis. The techs are AMAZING - super nice and knowledgeable, and Dr. Shelton is great as well. Unfortunately I brought my dog in for anxiety this week and I had a very poor experience with Dr. Johnson. The first thing he did was Google separation anxiety for dogs and print out an article for me to read. But as any good pet parent obviously I have done my fair share of research on anxiety and I had already explained to him that I have tried CBD treats, and an extensive amount of training to cope with my dogs anxiety. He then insulted my trainer and proceeded to be very condescending towards me. I am a young female and I spoke with my sister afterwards about it and she has had similar experiences with Dr. Johnson. I adore everyone else that works for St. Francis so I am surprised that his bedside manner does not align with the rest of the employees. I strongly suggest that Dr. Johnson would be better suited for another animal hospital.

Kimberly Whitson

4 years ago

I love St. Francis Animal Hospital, their staff is always so sweet and helpful. Angela is always there for me and Dr. Sheldon is a good doctor. They have taken great care of my girls. Baylee and Emma didn’t like going to the vets but they loved the staff. Baylee passed away last week, but they were so sweet to her. ❤️????❤️ I highly recommended them!

lynda mchone

4 years ago

A caring staff, and affordable pricing make this place a winner. Emergencies are taken before appointments, so sometimes the wait is extended. However, the next emergency could be yours.

laura burgado

4 years ago

Depressing place very dreary and slow. Waited an hour and still had not been refund smelly and horrible rather go to pet smart same price.

Mary Copeland

4 years ago

Everyone there is pleasant, helpful, loving with my little dog, good medicine! AND they charge less than most vets. That's very important to old ladies on Soc. Sec.! I highly recommend St. Francis.

kara reichart

4 years ago

This place is such a waste of my time. I’ve been taking my dogs here for about 2 years now. We usually do a walk in, occasionally have an appointment, to get shot updates or even just hearworm meds. The wait is always incredibly long, their older male doctor is EXTREMELY rude and condescending to women and your time means absolutely nothing. To top it all off they aren’t even much cheaper than other vets in town. Came in today with only one other person waiting, have waited a full hour to even be spoken to. So sick of wasting countless hours here, I would not recommend to anyone, officially finding another vet.

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