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Clarence Jorif

2 years ago

I brought my dog in a little less than a week ago and the Dr who treated him was rude and condescending. I am thankful that the staff did a good job in treating his wounds. …


2 years ago

Professionals without any empathy. I felt like I was talking trough a glass. They didn’t listen to me when I was so worry about my Dog. I was trying to explain the symptoms. Even if you think what I’m saying is not important to you, I think you should listen what I have to say.

Madison Dolin

2 years ago

After getting my dog back after deployment and finding a new vet, I’ve realized this place was HORRIBLE! I paid 40$ a month for a membership that gave me nothing in return and still had to pay around 500$ every visit I made. The vet was extremely rude, calling my dog overweight without giving any actual ideas to help considering his prior owner did not keep him active. One time I came and my dog peed because he was so nervous as they tried to take him away and they didn’t try to comfort him. Instead the vet called him “a chihuahua.” I am happy to be at any other vet honestly, all they care about is money!

Micah Glass

2 years ago

Worth the drive!!! San Marco Animal Hospital Staff is compassionate and well educated. They got us in and out quickly, and most of our time in the office was actually spent with the veterinarian. The receptionist was very empathetic with our concerns and helped make our appointment process as smooth as possible. Halfway through the appointment, my cat was purring in the technicians hands. 5 stars directly from the patient, who's energy levels are back to normal. We are excited to continue working with the care team here, and will be back soon for routine shots and follow-up.

Karen Hiles

2 years ago

First of all, let me stay I never leave reviews however I have felt so strongly about this I felt the need to. I have even waited several weeks hoping that I would not be as angry however that has not changed either. I'm new to the area and San Marcos was recommended to me and I would rather drive 600 miles back home to take her to see our regular vet than to ever visit this veterinarian again. When we got there they took our dog out of the room and left us sitting there. The vet tech came in to tell us since we were new patience they would waive the $40 office visit she later came in and said that they were going to charge us $185 for a senior that visit I'm not really sure what the difference between the senior vet office visit and the regular offices is as it seems everything was charged on top of that. $466 later still not sure. The only time we saw the vet tech was when she came in the room to add items to the computer for our bill. I felt there was a coldness in the staff and the doctor towards my pet and they weren't as concerned about her health as they were about my wallet. Needless to say I would never recommend this Clinic to anyone my experience with them has not left me feeling good about their practice and I am looking for another vet Update. Thank you for the response even though it is inaccurate. First of all as I recall the 185 was explained to us as a blood panel sent out of the office, which we refused and you did the blood panel in house. We were clearly informed by your tech that the 185 was for a senior office visit. In addition my dog had been to her vet just 5 months before coming there and in fact the whole reason she was there was to get a renewal of her prescription which required blood work. Her regular vet who had just seen her 5 months proor to you HAS NEVER said she had a heart mummer yet in those 5 months according to you not only had she developed a heart mummer but according to you on a scale of 1 to 6 she was a 5 or a 6. You certainly have not inspired confidence from your patient.


2 years ago

We've visited San Marco Animal Hospital twice over the past year. This is not our regular vet and both times have been emergency situations on a weekend. The care, attention, and treatment for our dogs on both occasions was excellent. Dr. Raj and staff were clear, concise, and pragmatic with their diagnosis and approach to treatment. Lastly, their communication and concern following up with us in the days after each visit was genuine and greatly appreciated.

Dwayne Brownell

2 years ago

SMAH is epic in my opinion. My 3 year old kitty became very lethargic after receiving a rabies vaccine at another vet. I took him here for the first time and everyone was exceptional in looking after him. His urethra was blocked as a result of stress from a drop off/pickup protocol. He spent four days at SMAH and the staff gave me regular updates and I was allowed to visit. I’d like to add that when I first arrived mid Sunday morning they were extremely busy. The receptionist was cool, calm and collected - running the reception room like an air traffic controller. I have three cats and SMAH will be their new vet!

Kay Rodriguez

2 years ago

We had a great experience taking our dog to San Marco Animal Hospital! I was super grateful that they were open on a Sunday ???????? and although we had to wait for some time, I didn’t mind because a) we were walk-ins, b) we walked in right at the last possible walk-in moment, and c) it was a Sunday, so we weren’t in any rush! The doctor and technician took care of everything for us that day, and he’s been feeling much better since! Plus, they were playing my favorite Disney movie when I walked in, so I’m sold! We’ll be back for sure.

Misty Michelle Dempsey

2 years ago


Rachel Hawkins

2 years ago

Dr.Raj had poor bedside manner… had no interest in answering any questions (necessary questions after a $300 surgery my cat needed) and mocked me to his assistants before he even closed the door. One of the vet techs mocked me as well… they gave my cat a cone that was too small for her and I had to stay up with her all night because by the time I realized this every pet store was closed…. Seemed agitated and demeaning every time I had any questions… go to Kings Trail if you want a vet who is going to take the time to answer any questions you have about your animal… San Marco Animal Clinic disgusts me.

Tashee Smith

2 years ago

I called San Marco Animal Hospital after waking up and finding one of my dogs passed away unexpectedly overnight. When I first called, I was told that they would be able to help me. I was given the price it would cost to cremate my Kota and was told to call before I came in to make sure someone would be able to help me. Around an hour later, I called back to tell them I was heading over after mustering the strength to pack my puppy’s body up into a car. I get there and the woman at the front desk was absolutely HORRIBLE. She was very dismissive, as I’m sitting in front of her with tears streaming down my face she continues to book appointments after telling me she would go “to the back” to see what they wanted to do from there. She never got up to go “to the back” instead continued to book appointments and answer the phone in my face. I turned around and left and she made ZERO effort to even stop me , just continued on the phone. I found another animal hospital called Forever Vets and they were absolutely amazing handling my grief from the first call all the way to taking my payment. Always maintaining respect for my dog and myself. Based on this experience I will not be bringing my surviving dog to this vets office. Forever Vets gained a returning customer off this “animal hospitals” blatant disregard for their customers.

Jeremiah Green

2 years ago

San Marco Animal Hospital always takes excellent care of our Mini Goldendoodle Lola. She is a very high maintenance dog with a visit at least once per month. They are always kind, warm-hearted, and treat Lola with such genuine concern. Highly recommend the San Marco Animal Hospital team!

Jessica Crossley

2 years ago

Dr. Gutta is the primary vet my cats see but we've also seen Dr. Raj and they're both fantastic vets. They take the time to explain everything very well, they're thorough, and they genuinely care for my cats. I've been coming here for a couple years now after I left San Juan Animal Hospital due to the vet there blowing me off and not taking the time to figure out what was wrong with one of my kitties, and I couldn't be happier! I even told my mother to come here and she loves this vet clinic as well! Prices may be a little steep but you're also paying for the genuine care and attention to details that other vets haven't done for my pets so it makes up for it.

Micayla Posivio

3 years ago

They will definitely nickel and dime you if you let them. Once my puppy plan is over, I won’t be returning.

Robert Jadwin

3 years ago

You guys are the best, my main concern was price but not only is the entire staff amazing, you’re very affordable!! We appreciate you!!

denise howard

3 years ago

They were wonderful!! Great energy, great staff, great pricing..... thank you for getting my baby better!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Edward Vitt

3 years ago

Super nice AND efficient. No surprise pricing too.

Jason Ferreira

3 years ago

Unfortunately I feel an overt obligation to write a review on this clinic both from a personal and professional perspective. Now reflecting back on the current reviews it makes my concerns markedly more transparent. However that being said I have worked in health care for more than 15 years, caring for the most severely ill people. Additionally and proudly I have made a career of caring for indigent populations those that otherwise would not be able to afford my care. Being able to provide this care foundationally relies on a concept of justice, one of the 4 principles of medical ethics. Unfortunately I have to admit that this is not a practice shared by all of those practicing in medicine and have a great disdain for those that take advantage of people at times of their most vulnerable, such as San Marco animal hospital. It will be my opinion that this clinic runs more like a car mechanic than a compassionate health care provider. While I will thank them for allowing us to get timely care, much of our visit was focused on the cost and ensuring we would pay. As I have stated earlier while I am a doctor of humans and do not confess expertise in dogs it took a very short search into the veterinary medicine literature to find that most of the care we received was unwarranted and excessive. Additionally these practices where never discussed as if not necessary or options presented. In fact most therapies if outsourced, or at least given the option to, would provide owners a method to receive this care at a substantially lower cost, I can only speculate a barrier that may prevent many from caring for their pet in this setting. The atmosphere was uniformly presented as an absolute, or a must do, with little to no discussion of risk/benefit, alternative approaches etc… for those owners that continue to patronize this clinic I can only plead with you to be an advocate for your loved one, discuss these therapies and realize most of them may be obtained outside this clinic therapies DO NOT have to be purchased from the office. Our puppy has steadily improved and is hopefully on the path to a full recovery but I would have appreciate more transparency from a health care provider. As a healthcare provider I am greatly pained by my experience and based on this we will no longer return to this clinic. I am very grateful for the appropriate care that was rendered while my puppy was there, but am pained and disheartened by the excessive and money making tactics that are employed under the shroud of medicine.

Lauren Danilchenko

3 years ago

Our golden doodle got a cut and we called. San Marco Animal Hospital saw us and even stayed open late Easter weekend to give our little baby bear stitches.

Lottie Dottie

3 years ago

My experience was great my puppy really liked the staff so did my brothers puppy. We were seen very quickly and the best thing of all was it was a walk in????

M Glover

3 years ago

It’s a bit expensive but I bring both of my cats here, so I trust the team that works here. I appreciate their input and how they handle my babies, and the staff and assistants are so polite. You can tell that they really care about the animals so I don’t mind the cost if it means my animals are properly cared for. It’s just a consideration that needs to be planned for appropriately. Edit: I originally left a 4 star review mainly for cost, but I’ve since decided to bump my rating up to a 5 with explanation. My cats had been suffering a major flea infestation that hit our house somehow- (both cats are indoor cats and neither had fleas but suddenly the whole house was infested) and we’d been treating the cats with frontline while trying to manage the issue in the house. It was to the point I was giving one of the cats baths every week, and combing her daily, and her skin was just so irritated that she wouldn’t let you touch her. We went in the office with our other cat for a separate issue, and noting the fleas (even with both cats being on frontline) the doctor gave us a new flea treatment that could be used WITH the frontline and boy, was it effective. I ended up giving it to the more sensitive cat and for the first time in weeks, she’s been cuddling again and no longer scratching. (The house is getting better, too.) ... I’d also like to mention that the doctor noted my cat that I had brought in (again, for a separate issue) sounded like he had a chest cold and prescribed us antibiotics for him in a paste. .. This cat acted like this medicine was a treat and gleefully lapped it up every time it was time to give it to him, but outside of that, he became so much more energetic and lovey. (We had just adopted him so weren’t fully aware of his usual behavior). My point is, that they’re extremely thorough and I’m so grateful for that. They don’t just do the bare minimum and call it a day, they go above and beyond to make sure your pet is going to be ok. They also go over the cost of everything with you and you can consent to what you’d like and remove whatever you’d prefer from the bill before treatment, so while comprehensive, they also give you a choice in the matter which I think is very helpful, especially if you’re on a budget and can’t tackle everything at once. These guys are just great.

Quin Tutor

3 years ago

Amazing veterinary experience! Our cat was treated as if he was a part of their family and returned to us happier and healthier!

Shantel Reynolds

3 years ago

Amazing service from beginning to end. Took great care of my Metro Boomin’!!!

Iycsis Copeland

3 years ago

They were great...I was worried about my cat Sasha and they took great care of her. I will definitely be taking her and her sister there from now on

Cleaning Lady

3 years ago

I have been using Dr. Gutta for over 15 years. He has the compassion for you and your animal. He use to practice at Bandfield in PetSmart. When he left there I followed.

Regina Hillsberry

3 years ago

We recently moved to Jacksonville, FL and were in the process of finding a new vet. Of course fur babies don't work to our planning schedules. Our pups each had semi-emergency situations. The first had issues with her eye, the other was bitten by another dog and required stitches. Both times we were "new patient/walk-ins". Everyone was so professional and kind. You can tell that the staff and Drs. truly love animals. We have found our new vet! (Prices are also more than reasonable)

Michelle Goodman

3 years ago

I have been coming here for about six months and they have been very helpful, knowledgeable and positive. They have taken good care of my little doggy. :)

Tracy Treadwell

3 years ago

I couldn’t have asked for better Vets and nurses . My dog actually didn’t freak out . They are amazing

Nikole Young

3 years ago

My dog had an abscess in his tooth. I called that morning and they got me quick to have him seen by the vet. He needed it removed and they scheduled surgery and had him all taken care of and better by end of the day. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and professional.

Johni Brown

3 years ago

All the staff that I interacted with were caring and helpful. I had a great experience. They were excellent in caring for my dog. He was in pain and they kept me informed every step of the way. I truly appreciated the information and the caring shown to my family member and to me. He is fine and out of pain! Thank you! Thank you!

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