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Jennifer gant

2 years ago

Dr. Frost is very kind hearted and has the best level of compassion a person could possibly have. Her staff is of the best your pet could ever hope for. Thanks for all you did for Peanut three years ago and for Lil Bit most recently.. I highly recommended Pottsburg Creek Animal Clinic for you furry family member.

Peggy Scitticatt

2 years ago

New vet. I really like Dr Frost. She is really great with my baby and takes time to talk to me about any questions. It’s been tough since the COVID-19 started but she and the staff go out of their way to come out to me in my car. They do all the running. All I do is sit in my car and wait. Dr Frost calls me on my phone to speak. These guys are fantastic!

Margaret Taylor

2 years ago

I've had a consistently great experience here. They bent over backwards for one of my rescues in need and take great care of my many pets.

paula willoughby

2 years ago

Has always been honest and a real person

Christy Sikes

2 years ago

Im giving 3 stars only because they saw my cat right away. They did seem very concerned about her, but all in all Im very unhappy. My cat hurt her back leg somehow, we figured from jumping as she does so much. She was limping and it was swolen. After a couple weeks I decided to take her in. They exrayed her leg and couldnt determine what was wrong. Said they'ed have another Dr. Look at the exray and call me. After 5 days went by with no phone call i called them. Because at this point my cat was picking soo bad at her paw and dew claw that it was bleeding. Of course they wanted me to bring her back in, still no word on the exray. They shaved part of her foot, found a blood blister, popped it, and sent her home with a "C" collar. That collar didnt prevent my cat from messing with her injured leg, so i called them again and they suggested a bigger collar, which my cat eventually got out of. I the meantime she bled all over my whole house, ruined 2 comforters, got blood on the couch, carpet...etc. I had to wrap her foot, because they never did and they made it worse when they shaved her leg. She still hasnt stopped bleeding. And i spent close to $400 on 2 visits and got no where.

Robin Henderson

2 years ago

Great vet for your pets! Dr. Frost and team are top-notch, patient, caring and loving. I have trusted them with my pups for years. Highly recommended!!!

Christina Marie

3 years ago

Major lack in communication when it came to my dog and they wasted my money for the blood work. 1. 5.3.2021 I brought my dog in around 7:45am and he didn't get to leave till around 5:30pm. When I tried calling the 1st time to check on him @12:54 pm everyone was at lunch and the person that answered the phone said someone would call me back. They never did. I called again at 4:11pm and they at least then started to see him at that time. I get emergencies but at least give the pet owner a call to let them know what's going on. 2. I explained that the dog will not let me put drops in his ear. So what am I handed past office closing hours with the dog? $55 worth of Otic medication. I tried the pump one and he literally about took my face off even with my mom distracting the dog with ice cream. The rinse well I've wasted so far almost half the bottle all over the floor. I knew from speaking to the vet about the foam for his skin. But no one mentioned ear solution and by that time what can I do but comply. 3. 5.7.2021 @ 4:43 pm called regarding Gizmos lab results. Tech told me that the vet had already called and LVM. I didn't get a single phone call all day prior to that. Was then told the vet would call me back in about 45 minutes. No phone call yet again. 4. Finally get a call from the vet 5.8.2021 for most of his results. At which time 2 levels were elevated with what she claims is due to stress. Yeah he was stressed out you left him locked up all day when I brought him in before 8am on the 3rd. And you didn't even start to evaluate him till near your closing time. 5. 6.7.2021 I had to call for results for the final tests that they claimed would take a few weeks to get. They DID NOT AGAIN CALL ME!! Overall, I get you being busy but I spent $659 for either to determine a cause of his behaviors or at least a base line for future blood work. And when you put the dog in a situation where it alters the results then you should at least offer to repeat those specific tests. I did not get what I paid for. If you had that many emergencies then you could've called and I would've picked up the dog and brought him back later that day when you could actually see him. Don't get me wrong most of the staff were nice except one older lady. She seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. But nice was not what I was looking for. I was looking for a dx or at least a baseline to compare to when/if his symptoms and behaviors progressed. And of course they have so now I basically have to take him to another vet and have some of the same exact tests run.

Lindsay Johnson

3 years ago

So nice and down to earth. I really liked them so we have a new vet! My family used to go there 35 years ago and even before that so now that we're back in the area it was meant to be.

Aida Podhumljak

3 years ago

All the best Wonderful experience


3 years ago

Great with All My Family Members!!!! Fully Trusted Care at Very Fair Price. I Highly Recommend them????

Matt Dagenais

3 years ago

DR. Frost is the best both our dogs love her

Tracey Collier

3 years ago

This veterinary clinic is a breath of fresh air! They stick to what YOU actually want and what NEEDS to be done, no b.s., and fair prices. The staff never disappoints - they’re all so kind and knowledgable. I’m very grateful to have found them.

Amy Disney

3 years ago

Very kind staff, answered all of my questions with patience. Could not ask for a better experience. I felt very comfortable with my animals in their care. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cameron Priddy

3 years ago

Amazing staff! They are really caring when it comes to the animals.

Stephanie Sunshine

3 years ago

I loved it here. I'm from out of town and my dog was vomiting and having diarrhea and I was super nervous that something was really wrong. They fit our appointment in with an hour and got my dog out fairly quickly as well. Also some vets just immediately give the most expensive treatment but the vet here gave us all the options (diagnostic tests or just treating the symptoms) I thought that was really nice if you're really struggling with fitting a vet bill in the budget!

tahya gordon

3 years ago

My dog was constantly at Pottsburg for heart worm treatment and every single time wagged her tail going in to the vet and coming out, I think that explains itself.

Ana Ballantine

3 years ago

We love Dr. Spotts and Nurse Brenda! They always take care of our pup and are great at explaining what's going on to us.

Sheri Wike

3 years ago

Nice staff. Good Dr. Nice place for your pets needs.

sarah francyne enriquez-rutland

3 years ago

Very friendly staff, you can see that they love their clients.

Patricia Marcus

3 years ago

Great staff great customer service ????????????

Pablo Olivera

3 years ago

First visit with our dog was a success! Looking forward to choosing them again for our pets care.

noneyo klotzner

3 years ago

The staff are great, and professional. I have been very satisfied with every visit. Thank you for taking care of my fur babies while they are at your office. keep up the great work y'all do


3 years ago

Excellent staff! They have taken care of my parents dogs for as long as I can remember.

Liesl Groesbeck

3 years ago

They were exceptionally kind in helping our beloved 18 year old kitty over the rainbow bridge. Even sending this lovely memory paw print

Jon Yost

3 years ago

Such wonderful staff and doctor. Seriously, best place in town. They actually care about the pets and the people that love them.

Gwen Fowler

3 years ago

They are the only vet I've been to in the past 5 yrs with my am. Blue pit to his skin condition under control with out trying steroids and antibiotics!!! Love this place!! Btenda is a great big help too!!

Gerald Roper

3 years ago

Very confident, professional and personable doctor and staff. They took good care of Reggie, helped me know what he needed for his health care. He was smiling ???? when he got back in the car.

Ava Grace

3 years ago

They are very kind and take great care of our puppy. They also pick up the phone very quickly and are efficient.

Ashlie Leirer

3 years ago

Love Dr. Frost and all the staff here. They have done a wonderful job taking care of all of my animals!

Melody Alder

3 years ago

I couldn’t be more pleased with the care from the doc and staff at Pottsburg. My precious 7lb chihuahua, Apple Joe Jackson, was stung by yellow jackets on Aug 1. AJ went to Blue Pearl for the anaphylaxis twice over the weekend.. and AJ has always been healthy so I’ve taken him to be fixed at First Coast NMHP and for his yearly shots to the mobile vet.. just because of my crazy pre-COVID life.. but AJ needed a great full time vet. A dear friend recommended Pottsburg because AJ caught a secondary infection from the bites or maybe a food allergy - we aren’t sure.. but he needed some good care and he received EXCELLENT care. He had to do a week’s worth of antibiotics that really rocked his little digestive system and already being so little.. I was worried sick. This past Monday I called Brenda in the office and she took the time to really calm me down, give me suggestions on how to get his belly feeling better, as well as made me feel confident that I could get him feeling better - and he REALLY is so much better!! I was making a mistake with him dietarily even before the bites, that Brenda helped me realize and my little guy has gone from ZERO energy, total water coming out of the back end and skinny as a rail to probably a good 2 pounds heavier and not slowing down for a second!!! My little guy is actually healthier than he was before all of this and I truly thank this entire staff for making him part of the family!! ♥️♥️

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