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Elizabeth Burgess

2 years ago

Luba’s Pet Grooming Studio is the best quality grooming studio I’ve used since moving to FL three years ago! The reason…Carson our groomer! She is the most amazingly caring and professional groomer I have ever worked with! Her haircuts are spot on and she truly cares about our puppy’s entire grooming experience while making sure we get the exact haircut we’ve discussed! I couldn’t be happier each time we visit! Thank you Carson for your extraordinary care and talent! You’re the best!❤️❤️❤️

Jessie Ceccorulli

2 years ago

I dropped off my clients 2 dogs for a grooming service. The salon is beautiful and inviting. An adorable white picket fence encloses the front yard and wide steps lead up to the front door. Inside the space is well appointed with pet supplies and cute outfits. When it came time to pick the dogs up the quality of the cut and shaping of their coats was spit on. They looked adorable and had a nice clean fragrance lightly applied. I will bring my dogs to this groomer.

Jennifer X

2 years ago

Edit: Went in for a second grooming session after talking to the owner Justin. He was kind and accommodating. We talked on the phone and he was there to greet me in person. He went over the desired length and cut/style prior to taking my dog to the back. The two groomers I met seemed enthusiastic and happy when they greeted me as well. After the grooming, Justin took time to discuss with me how the session went and was patient in answering my questions. When I called to make the appointment a rude lady picked up the phone and had an attitude ( was not there today). The cut was a bit shorter than I would have liked, and they shaved the hair between his eyes down to his skin again, cut his eyelashes short, and didn't cut 4 of his front paw nails (I called and Justin did say I could bring my dog back for the nail cut which I do appreciate, but it is a bit of a drive so I wished they would have just cut them even if my dog was pulling back a bit). However, overall I was happy with my experience. Would recommend this establishment, just make sure to explain in detail how you would like your dog groomed! I took my dog there for a full haircut for the first time today. He is an 8 month golden doodle about 50ish lbs. The place I went to before was booked so when I called yesterday I was grateful they had a spot open the next day because I was hoping to get him a haircut asap. When I talked to the lady on the phone I told her his age, weight, breed, his coat is straight/ wavy. She quoted a price of around $70ish and I booked the appointment. When I took him today and went to pay it came out to be $85. I asked her why did it increase by so much and she just said "his size." I told her I talked to a lady discussing the quote the day before, and she said it was her that I talked to. I asked her what the price range was for dogs weights but she wouldn't give me a definite answer. I asked if it was because of his temperament but the groomer said my dog was surprisingly well behaved and "did really good" throughout the bath and even blow drying unlike some golden doodles he's groomed. I paid $65 at another groomers and it was a better cut. They trimmed the section of his hair in between his eyes so short you can see his skin. I was hoping to be a recurring customer even making the drive from where I live, but I will never give them business again for their unprofessionalism especially towards a new customer.

bella skies

2 years ago

This was the first time i’ve been to this dog groomer and I have NEVER received such bad service. The lady at the front desk (red hair/ old) had a HORRIBLE attitude as soon as she saw us come inside. She was being rude and annoyed because my dog’s vaccine records were not showing up. I said she should have all her vaccines and decided to call my veterinarian. She then proceeded to make back talk when i said “she should have all her shots”. I then asked her why she was giving me attitude and she got super angry and defensive because she knew she messed up. I’m sure this is a great groomer from the reviews but the FRONT DESK LADY JUST LOST A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER. I’m so glad i didn’t give them a single dime.

delaney models

2 years ago

terrible service, the lady at old woman at the front hates life and my poodle got razorburn

isabella Green

2 years ago

I seriously cannot stand the front desk lady. I’m from california and every time i have taken my pup to a groomer they have a warm smile on their face and talk to my pup and make conversation. the red haired woman didnt even smile or say hi. she just asked what i’m here for. awful awful experience. never coming back.

Zachary Vigil

2 years ago

Terrible experience didn’t get past signup the old lady at the front desk would not stop giving attitude and then proceeded to raise her voice at me over shot records, IF YOU GO HERE BE WARNED the staff will not make you feel valued and they honestly act like they don’t want any buisness seems they’d be happier if they didn’t have dogs to wash

Tiffany Chevez

2 years ago

I'm very picky about my poms hair cut, and they did amazing!!! This was our first visit here and it definitely will NOT be our last!

Servo 1

2 years ago

They love my dog and my dog loves them. Could not ask for better service great price and to be honest I would probably pay more because I've just never been so happy with a grooming service.

Marie Hayes

2 years ago

These guys are amazing and the prices are very reasonable. So I have a disgruntle little dog who hates baths and will NOT let anybody cut her hair. They are willing to work with her to get her used to the grooming process. And I honestly appreciate that more then anything.

Sandra Hernandez

2 years ago

I will never bring my dog here. I have brought my dog here before and had a good experience so I figured let me bring her again. I get there and i tell they guy do not cut her pony tail and i also show I them a picture of the haircut I want, they take a screen shot. I get there and my dog’s topknot is non existent. They cut all her hair short. I don’t say anything and just leave, I am upset but I don’t want to be rude because it is not going to fix her hair. I get home and my dog is just not being herself. I notice she is licking her private parts a lot but, I assume it is because she is not use to having her hair so short. The next day she is not acting like herself so I turn her around and in her private part it looks like they knicked it and she doesn’t even want to pee. I have to put a cone on her so she will stop licking. The haircut was on Saturday and today Monday her bottom part is so bad that I have to take her to the vet. Attached is a photo of how her bottom looks. They could of told me they knicked her. They should of been more responsible. I will never ever take my dog there and will tell everyone I know to stay away from this place. So disappointed.

Eugene McCall

2 years ago

Great place for dog baths and friendly service!

Teresa Eliassen

2 years ago

They never call when our fur baby is ready.

Kevin Menendez

2 years ago

Luba's is the best. The best haircuts our dog has gotten in her 13 years. Not only that, we board her in their suites (read: small room instead of a cage) regularly when we go out of town. Great service and everyone there is friendly. I don't know what they do back there but our dog always gets excited when I'm dropping her off. Thank you Luba and staff!

Makenzi Ison

2 years ago

We’ve been turned away from two other groomers because our beagle has such bad anxiety about having his nails trimmed. Luba’s got it done in less than 10 minutes! We will definitely be back, thank you!

David Retske

2 years ago

Love them. They take great care of my dog and the prices are fair.

Spencer Dickman

3 years ago

Hands down the BEST doggie day care & grooming facility in the Jax area!! As the owner of an Irish Setter, who’s been a ball of energy since Day 1, doggie day care has been a staple in our lives from the beginning to ensure our sweet girl has had a place to productively channel her energy. Fast forward from her puppy years to now as a 4.5 year old, she’s tried out 5 or so different day care providers over her life. While most of those always started off positively, we found that her initial enthusiasm would wear off as the places would take in more and more dogs, to the point of being way over capacity and very stressful on our Setter. That is until we finally landed at Luba’s!! She’s is always beyond excited to go inside, the staff treats her like she’s one of their own and she leaves full of love and always worn out. Couldn’t recommend them more!!

Kay White

3 years ago

Unfortunately, this business has given us our worst experience with groomers in the 23 years that we have owned schnauzers. Our dogs had some mats and while they called us and left a message to discuss, they did not wait for a response. The groomer shaved them down completely against our wishes and without discussing with us beforehand. Our youngest dog’s ear was nicked in the process and has some slight razor burn. While we understand mats can be difficult, the decision to shave without first discussing with us indicates the type of rush they are in while grooming. In hindsight, there are other reviews noting that there have been burns on dogs from grooming and a refusal to discuss options on grooming. Our dogs have had long beards and fur for years and we are devastated at this grooming job. Although the staff took responsibility and didn’t charge us, the damage was done and isn’t easily fixed. We appreciate the gentleman who apologized to us. At the end of the day the owners should have had clear procedures in place to avoid this type of error. We are probably looking at a year plus to regrow the hair back to normal. We absolutely will not return to this business and will be going elsewhere. While we caution others with dogs so that they can be aware of what occurred to us, we hope that the owners address this issue to avoid future issues.

Claudia Levin

3 years ago

Did a wonderful job on my puppy's nails!

Aletha Simmons

3 years ago

Luba's pet studio is the best They are very professional in their grooming profession and customer service skills. Outstanding!!!!!

Rozanne Owens

3 years ago

Always great and our baby dog loves it there

Rachel Brier

3 years ago

Great place for dog grooming, my pup always leaves looking great!

Paulette Wechman

3 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to Luba’s for 5 years since they changed ownership things have not been the same. I made an appointment on Saturday for today to bring in my elderly dog. My dog has anxiety and will usually bark the entire time while she is there. When I spoke to the woman who booked my appointment she gave me a choice of two appointments - 8:00 am 1st appoint or 1:00 pm. They know my situation with my dog lulu so I chose the 8:00 am appointment. Express service so she can get in and out quickly. I called at 9:30 am to see if she was almost finished and they said they haven’t even started her yet. I said I specifically spoke to someone and they assured me she was to be the first appointment at 8:00 am. It turns out the groomers do not even come in until 9:00 am. Needless to say I will never go back there again this is the second time this has happened to me. Plus they cut very close on two spots on her tale that I will have to address with the vet if it doesn’t clear up. I was an excellent customer who would bring my other two big boys in from time to time. No more ... they lost an excellent customer and when I told the girl at the desk I will never be coming back she said “okay” like it didn’t matter.

nick saul

3 years ago

Amazing staff and always great grooming services. Highly reccomend!!

Nelson Ruiz

3 years ago

Love this place. Titan always comes out looking amazing!!!!

Colby Sherman

3 years ago

Great place. Our pets always come home looking fresh!

Julie C.

3 years ago

They did a wonderful job on my cat Daisy! She's a long hair tabby mix and needs regular grooming or she gets matted. She came back looking sleek and purring away. Happy I found our new groomer for her.

Suzanne Church

3 years ago

My Bella is 18 and they were great with her and she looked Beautiful Thanks for caring and going easy with her ❤

Chris Haddon

3 years ago

Very accommodating and friendly staff.

sylvia silva

3 years ago

After going here I will be doing grooming on my golden doodle myself. They cut off way more than necessary on my dog and now her coat won’t be able to grow back properly.she’s is actually irritated from her grooming days later. I could only imagine how her double coat is going to be once it grows out a bit within the next couple really feels like people will do whatever is convenient and easiest for them.there is absolutely no reason I should have to pay $100 for my dog to walk out the way she did. I cried and I can’t stand the thought of anyone else grooming her after that experience.

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