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Samantha Craig

2 years ago

Forever Vets helped us during a really hard time and at the last minute. They were closing in an hour but made time for us to come in to put our cat down. They treated us with compassion and made the situation as best they could. They also …

Roni Bailey

2 years ago

They staff and doctors are nice, but make no mistake - this place is about what they can do to charge extra money. I have NEVER been to a more expensive vet. The Care Plan is a ridiculous excuse for a minimal discount. I have also never had a vet tell me they couldn't take care of my cats (and I've had cats all my life,and I'm 41) because they were difficult. This is the ONLY place I have ever seen that says they cant so they have the ability to charge you for home AND in office medication. No more, Forever Vets. I'm done.

jennifer foster

2 years ago

Just took my 2 little rescue kittens, Casserole & Cornbread for vaccines, dewormer and various tests. Loved the treatment & professionalism of staff from the receptionists to the techs & vet. They were very patient, sweet and gentle with the kittens during our appointment. I will definitely be back again in the future. Thanks to everyone on staff this evening ????????????


2 years ago

I brought my 1 year (and 7 mos. old) hound/pit mix in for her first visit today at Forever Vets for a sick visit. I was so worried about stressing her out further with a bunch of strangers because it takes her some time to warm up to strangers. Start to finish, our technician (I think it was Tori) was helpful, understanding and kind. The care they put into understanding Alita's anxiousness and being thorough in the testing and care they gave her really put me at ease as her mama. I didnt feel like just a number, rushed or without answers when we left there. Tori spent hours helping us understand what testing was being done, the treatment options and suggested ways for us to save on our final costs while keeping Alita's needs in mind. I believe our vet was Dr. Watson and she too was thorough and compassionate. Thank you Forever Pets for the care you showed my baby and I.

Haley Spinks

2 years ago

I had recently adopted an older dog from a family meme her that hadn’t been taken to the vet in a very long time. All of the staff at Forever Vets made me feel so comfortable and gave me all the information on how to get my dog up to date on his medical care and what to take care of in the future. I had to have a mass checked out and sent to a lab and they got back to me within a few days and even called to check on Bear. Very friendly and professional. Would differently recommend and will be making them my primary.

Holli Blackburn

2 years ago

Every time I come in for a visit, to pick up meds or for a nail trim all the staff are so caring and patient. Really makes me feel good to have such great caregivers for my baby!

Reaper Og

2 years ago

Not a great experience for new clients with a big dog. The front desk & tech was great and professional. Never met the doctor which didnt put my dog at ease which they expected to take in the back without issue without meeting me in front of my dog. They wanted to sedate so I denied to try another place. Went to care pet and completely great experience. No sedation and they met me in front of my dog and set him at ease and everything was taking care of without any issues.

Tiffany Murdzova

2 years ago

Another business all money no empathy apparently the live of sick animals are only saved if you go all the way in and feed off my fear and paranoia.

Jody Beasley

2 years ago

They treat my Sadie and Gracie like they are their own fur babies. They always call the next day to see my girls are doing and are always so sweet and gentle with my babies. I wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else

Kenese Picard

2 years ago

I am extremely grateful for the treatment provided by the staff. Beckett's recovery has been a miracle!!

Maisha Esdaile

2 years ago

It was a pleasant experience from start to finish :) my husband and I were in a bit of a bind and needed to board our cat last minute and they were helpful, kind, and quick! Nobody likes needing to board a pet by surprise, especially if it’s their first time at a facility, but their clear dedication to safety and quality put our minds at ease. Good prices too!

Roberta Paden

2 years ago

Everyone has been excellent for my rascal scooter kitty he loves you all!


2 years ago

Very nice staff, Dr. Star was great.

Jonathon Mlynarczyk

2 years ago

Worst experience I have ever had with a Vet. I brought my Puppy in due to him slowly breathing and not moving to much. They brought him to the back and put me into a room to wait. No one came in or talked to me or let me know what was going on, i had to leave the room multiple times to ask them whats going on and there response was that he is just sitting in a cage. The staff was extremely rude except for Allison who worked the reception desk. As for Dr. Kelly she was absolutely no help at all, you would think her being a vet she would want to save any animals life but her main goal was to try to get as much money from me as possible. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by them. The handed me back the dog the same way I brought him in and charged me an absolute ridiculous price. If you want to get ripped off this is the place to go!


2 years ago

I’ve been going here with one of my dogs for a while, we love it and the people are so nice. I took my new dog here and I guess one of the receptionists entered his vaccine information wrong, so they thought all his vaccines were expired. The treatment in this circumstance was very different. But due to going here for months and every other time it’s been a great experience, it’s ok.

Laurie Davidson

2 years ago

I brought my dog in with a bad lesion on her tail from chewing. They quoted $800 for the services and meds required to sedate her and clip, prep and clean her wound. I went to a different clinic that charged me $163 for all of the above including the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, etc. I did end up paying Forever Vets $82 for an antibiotic that is not as broad spectrum as Cipro, which cost $15 generic at the other vet. Finally, I mentioned to these people that my dog was allergic to chicken. They sent me home with a can of GI food containing chicken which I didn't notice until I got home. Overall, I would strongly recommend against this location because you will be SEVERELY over-charged and I wonder about their attention to detail.

Tiffany H

2 years ago

I was looking for a place to get my 2 year old dog spayed. I landed on Forever Vets because I was drawn to their wellness plan option. I chose to purchase the "Complete" Adult Dog Plan, which covered the spay, blood work, and dental cleaning. Her spay was successful and she healed beautifully. The staff is always SO friendly and eager to answer any questions I have and the facility is clean (it doesn't smell like a stinky vets office). Some people might not be a fan of a wellness plan, but I find it to be the most convenient for the type of care my dog needs. I honestly wish I had known about them when she was a puppy. The puppy plan is well worth it and I would have saved myself a lot of money enrolling!

Vanessa Bridges

2 years ago

Excellent customer service and excellent care of my baby.

Crystal Johnson

2 years ago

The girls behind the desk were very pleasant. They all made you feel very welcome. It's a great place to take your for babies.

Lisa Campeau

2 years ago

The Beaches location is VERY difficult to deal with. I never knew which vet (Kelly Labinsky or Lauren Watson) was seeing my dogs. They always take half your money in advance of kenneling or dental services. I have never had to pay like that before. I have no problems witnessing procedures and they frequently take my animals out of sight for care. One of my dogs has severe separation anxiety, about which I warned them, and this really bothered him. They will not explain their planned billing and are more expensive than others. Most info from vet techs. Really seem in it for the money. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AS YOUR CHOICE FOR VETS.

Pamela K Poehlman

2 years ago

These people are so nice and compassionate, I would recommend them to everyone.

Daniel Guerrero

3 years ago

I called to schedule an apt for a neuter consult. I inquired over the phone what the average cost was for neutering and was told "it's hard to say but between 150-450." Go to my consult and after 5 minutes with the vet in the back got my estimate. $590!!!! for an 8 month old puppy. To be fair it would have been 520$ without their add ons of nail clipping, etc. Not even remotely close to what I was told for a straight forward neuter. Of course I did not schedule it and OF course I had to pay the 44$ exam fee. Do yourself a favor and get your pet neutered with First Coast No More Homeless Pets. They are a non profit here in Jax. I already have an apt for my dog to get neutered there. Its going to cost $88 for the surgery, meds and the e-collar.

Jill Anderson

3 years ago

Our border collie lab mix has Cushings which Forever Vets diagnosed. He's nearing the end of his time with us and they have been so kind and supportive

Karen Stewart

3 years ago

I brought my cat to the vets in an emergency situation. They were very professional, fast, and responsive. I will be back.

Michelle Ruiz

3 years ago

Just AMAZING!!!! It was my first time here with my Boston Terrier puppy today. EVERYONE there is beyond friendly, professional and very informative! I got the wellness plan for my puppy ARLO because I have never been to a vet so good! I completely trust them and their opinions!

Damir Merdzic

3 years ago

Very pushy about the wellness plan. I signed up for both of my dogs. The very first visit, they offered my dog a lepto shot. I declined. Kelly Labinsky got an atittude with me and her and another employee were being very pushy about the lepto shot. I told them I wasn't interested. They asked why. I told them the lepto shot has mixed results and is causing a reaction in a lot of dogs and it isn't proven to work. They continued pushing and after I told them that its MY DOG and MY DECISION, they finally backed off. Few months later, we got another dog. First time I took him in, they asked if I wanted a separate shot which serves as a replacement for the lepto shot. I asked them what happened to the lepto shot and they told me it was GIVING DOGS A REACTION. Next visit I brought him in and signed him up for the wellness plan too. I specifically told them both of our dogs will not be getting the lepto shot or any other ''replacement'' shot ever. Another 3 visits went by and I noticed a lepto charge on my invoice. I asked about it and found out they gave my dog the lepto shot 3 visits in a row. When I asked about it, they kept saying ''you never told us'' and ''manager is on lunch''. They have so many employees and they do not communicate with each other. If you don't want a shot, you have to go out of your way and tell every single one of them not to get it. It isn't enough to say ''please mark in your system my dogs will not be getting the lepto shot''. No, you have to tell everyone there every single time. One of my dogs has 4 months left on his wellness plan and another has 6. I'm cancelling both wellness plans today. There is not point in riding it out. Half the time, they can't even groom the dogs right. I'd rather drive further and pay more money than continue paying a company that IS MAKING DOGS SICK INTENTIONALLY. YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING THAT TO ANIMALS! I'M GONNA TAKE MY DOGS TO A VET THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ANIMALS, NOT JUST THE $$$$$

Tom Fleming

3 years ago

The most professional and compassionate staff I've ever experienced with any pet I've had. I'd highly recommend the Beach Blvd. location to everyone who has a pet in need of care. I'll always be grateful for how they treated Bandit and I. God blessed me with them in these tuff times

Maya Bence

3 years ago

This place is MONEY HUNGRY, avoid coming here with your pets. I signed up for their wellness plan & a few months later brought my DYING dog in. After X-rays & blood work & a bill of $600 (with the wellness plan), I picked him up and he died 10 min later with absolutely no explanation from the vet. I know that sometimes there’s just nothing you can do & even though I was broken hearted I didn’t hold it against them & I cancelled my wellness plan. But about a week later I got a letter from them saying that I still owed a balance on the wellness plan FOR MY DEAD DOG, because I used so many “discounts” from the “care” he received. I spoke with the company many times asking them to forgive the debt because of the circumstances and was never given a solid answer until I got a call from collections today. I truly feel that this company doesn’t care at all for animals and has zero empathy & is only out to make as much money as possible, even if the money come from mourning pet owners. Please take your pets elsewhere.

AsianAssassin 50

3 years ago

Nicest veterinary professionals you will meet. Had my mini schnauzer put down tonight and they were extremely considerate to our needs. I'll be back with Oreo 2.0 as soon as I find him for the babies. Thank you guys alot. Glad I left St Francis to go here. Better expited services and a cheaper cost plus a friendlier staff. Love you O0Oreeeoooooo????

Olauren Reece

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Clean place. Great service. Love this place and so thankful that they opened up new offices so I can pick up prescriptions on the go.

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