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Chris Nurko

2 years ago

Amazing and responsive service by true professionals. Urgent care appointment needed while visiting Islamorada for my Theo. An injured eye. Professional team working together with the best attitude and skilled treatment. ???????????????????????? Five stars. Thank you for the treatment!

neal gill

2 years ago

Really great people, that's would take care of your love ones.

Denise Rathmayr

2 years ago

We would love to continue going but the prices have gotten out of control. I paid $37 for my dogs nail trim. Just too much! Sorry!

Cara Wodka

2 years ago

Very sweet staff who took excellent care of my kitty, Merlin, during his wellness check up. Would recommend and would come back for any of his needs!

Kathleen Pegues

2 years ago

Well....the practice was SOLD...and they no longer will see birds. Went back for care...and was told nope. No referral for another provider, just nope. ???? (Edit: this doesn't affect the quality of care for the animals they do see. It was just an unwelcome surprise that our pet's vets will no longer see her and now we are left scrambling for help.) Past experience: Our parrot required EMERGENCY surgery on a late Saturday afternoon. Thank God they were here for us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Had us rush right over and had extensive knowledge of birds. We were turned away by Key Largo vets BUT staff here said come right over when we called. Jellybean is in recovery today but we only still have her because of their skill and compassion. They have now won my family’s support and admiration for the care and help they gave us in our time of need. Thank you!

Stepanie Couch

2 years ago

I have a 4.5lb..I had to board her. When I came to pick her up; they put me in home 15 minutes.. Which was unnecessary, considering I could see inside the building and there were just walking around.. Literally not doing anything.. Had to hang up and call back. When they brought her; they had to give her a "complimentary" medicated bath. I don't know what happened to her, but the skin on the underneath looks disgusting!! I paid a great deal is money and am NOT HAPPY with this she looks Awful!! Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Jimmy's Wild Adventures

2 years ago

They always take care of baby girl! Aka Parlay

Melinda Hoholik

2 years ago

We love the Upper Keys Vet Hospital! Can’t say enough good things about the service we receive and the friendly members on their team! We have two cats and a new puppy and all 3 fur-babies have been well taken care of each visit. Kari has become an amazing resource for us and has given our pup Scooby above and beyond care as he tackled his first weekend of boarding and a recent injury. Very very thankful!

Carrie Doss

2 years ago

Definitely will be going back here for any of Afina's needs. We had a puppy emergency. They got is in quickly and took amazing care of our girl. Highly recommend! ????

Alicia French

2 years ago

My wife and I were vacationing in the Keys 2 weeks ago with are little Yorkshire (Tiger). We woke up one morning to Tiger having breathing problems, immediately I got on the phone to find a veterinary hospital to take him to. I called several places with not such good news (distance, wait etc) until I got a hold of the Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital. They quickly got information on Tiger"'s history, gave me directions on how to get there and within 30 min from my phone call I was standing in front of Dr.Bartlett. This staff (Dr. Bartlett, Kari, Lovena, Errika and Laura.) is TOP NOTCH! I would highly recommend this veterinary hospital to anyone. Oh yes, Tiger is doing fine and he and his parents want to thank you for an outstanding job.

Kristy Brown

3 years ago

Stormy is going to be 2 in July and from day one I have taken her to Upper Keys Vet. They have always been good to us but this last visit deserves a review (which I never write). Stormy got ahold of one of my prescription meds as I was getting ready for work two days ago. Instant panic set in to me. This girl is my everything. She rescued me 2 years ago and I can't imagine a moment without her. We are almost always together. I called in crying and in panic. Grace talked me through it all! She got me to calm down and give her peroxide and talked to me almost the whole way to the office. I live at MM100 but I drive all the way there for this office bc of the exceptional care they give us. They never hesitated to update me when I called a dozen times through the day and they were very busy. They made me feel like I was the only person that day despite the rush they were in. Stormy came home fine just really mad at Mom (I didn't mean to!) The next day I got a follow up call on how she was (they do this every visit I have rushed her in for) and that means a lot to me. They care about my baby and I trust their care! They also worked with me on that last minute surprise when my wallet was involved. I was upfront and unsure how to pay for the detox care but it was reasonable in the end and from the beginning they said we will figure it out just get her in! Money wasn't what mattered, my baby did. Thank you Grace and everyone involved with this crazy day and making sure my baby came home to me!

Ken Heskett

3 years ago

They are great. The vet takes care of my Yorkie and my Golden Retriever. Thank you.

Matthew Berry

3 years ago

By far the best veterinary care we’ve ever experienced! Such a great place, and very friendly, efficient and responsive staff! I can’t say enough good about Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital!

Joel Angel

3 years ago

The staff is always friendly and down to earth, they always do their best to make sure my “kids”-Ajax and Bianca, are as comfortable as can be. They are never condescending and explain procedures and diagnosis’ in an easy to understand manner. Their prices are always reasonable and I’ve never felt like I’m being given the “hard sale” like some offices I visited in the past. Awesome staff, and Dr. Craney, has made some excellent recommendations on dietary changes for Ajax, that has him behaving like he’s 5 years younger. Keep up the Great work !

Mel g (missy)

3 years ago

I am so sad, I depended on them to take care of my 3 chihuahuas. For 4.5 years I went to them for their care. I just moved recently from the Keys and visited a vet for a routine and I found my one Chi, P. had an enlarged heart and a hugh mass on kidney which they can't biopsy because poss bleeding and feel terminal. The Upper Keys Vet told me my other Chi, W. had serious murmur, took and paid for a cardiologist in Miami to do test and questioned as not needed, so more time passed. Went again concerned with the one Chi, P had some issues which they said poss kidney issues but they said test ok, I thought at that time they did urinalysis as I went out with the ladle and collected urine for them when I walked P. Found out now they never run it. If they did, they would of determined blood in urine which you do not have to see but can test and a specialist and would show an issue. Now Another year My P is terminal, my heart is breaking. They misdiagnosis the wrong dog with the heart issue, and never run test as they said. I contacted them, they said well we don't have those vets anymore, that is a slap in the face. I asked them to call me and told them if you do not call me them I see all about money. They never called. I spent alot with them and never questioned the amount as I loved my 3 babies. I am so sad and crying because my P never had a chance because if them. I was told even a year of correct diagnosis would of helped him. My heart is so broken you just don't know the pain, as I feel I let him down picking them. They proved not to care what so ever, still no call.

Kate Lawry

3 years ago

We came to the keys for 6 weeks and our Husky started itching. Being so far from her normal specialists in Indiana I was panicked but Dr. Crosetto and the staff were amazing! She called after her exam and talked us through everything and answered all our questions before treatment. She was kind, caring, and took the time to talk about how adorable Bella is. Really great place! I would come here all the time if I lived in the keys!

linsey fowler

3 years ago

Thank you so much for taking care of our dog. We were vacationing here with our lab and he was not feeling good. They took him in quickly and got him on the mend. They even called his own vet for background information and followed up with a phone call to check on him. Highly recommend!


3 years ago

Let me start by saying the staff is so friendly, and put my anxious pet at ease. I’d give them more stars if I could. Due to COVID, I found myself unemployed with a dog who desperately needed surgical care. They worked with me on pricing to make sure that I could afford the procedure. I’ll always be grateful to this team. Thank you guys so much.

Donna Mussatto

3 years ago

Awesome Drs.and staff! I would not go anywhere else. We have 2 mini Goldendoodles. We love this place ❤

aileen black

3 years ago

Wonderful service ❣️ Great with the animals.

Amy Godoy

3 years ago

UKVH’s staff is always very helpful and friendly. Their prices are reasonable and they are truly caring. Especially Lorena, that has the ability to calm down my mixed chihuahua, Amapola, who starts her trembling routine as my car approaches the parking lot. Kudos to all of you for a consistent excellent job!!

Benny Cosme

3 years ago

Great people and my pup loves going to her visits. Thank you guys!

Cohean Levi's

3 years ago

Called ahead of time to take my cat in who had blood in his urine. It was a sunday afternoon. I call ahead of time to let them know I was coming in. I ended up paying almost $300 for something that would have cost me $150 in tavernier. Absolutely wonderful staff members though. They were super sweet, walked me through evehthying and were wonderful with my cat. Very difficult to take care of your pet in an emergency when the prices are so high though.

Craig McBay

3 years ago

We've taken our dogs here for decades. They have always been amazing.

david koerperich

3 years ago

Todays appointment was a disaster from the time a very rude front desk person answered the door to the moment I realized that the same vet that almost killed my pet (Bartlett) was going to do the work. This "vet" actually missed a very obvious life threatening infection on our pet and actually lied to our face during the next days visit. Gone are the days when professionals like Doc Foley would care for your pets. Beware and know who is taking care of your pet and don't just rely on a reputation that used to be. We are happy with our new vet clinic for both the solid attitude towards the customer as well as the care for our pets

Steve Welch

3 years ago

Our 12 year old Australian Shepard, Quincy, had a seizure - the most frightening thing we have ever experienced dog-wise - we thought he was dying! I searched on google and found this place - I called and they were extremely reassuring and helpful. The seizure lasted 3-4 minutes and he stabilized within 15 minutes as I was calling them for help. We brought Quincy in immediately (a 20 minute drive for us at the time) and they greeted us with care and immediate assistance, examination, and reassuring words. He was thoroughly examined by Dr. Craney who took blood samples and did an ultrasound and patiently advised us on all the possibilities, prescribed a special 3 day diet, 2 rescue doses in case of another seizure, some anti-nausea meds and left us feeling confident and well-informed about what to expect in the near future and down the road. We could not have asked for better care! Two days later we got a follow-up call to see how Quincy was doing ... our own doctors are not that prompt and attentive! Many Thanks for all your help - Quincy is doing fine now and we know what to look for in the future! The Welchs

Scott Baste

3 years ago

We take our pets there and have always been pleased

Shelby Rein

3 years ago

Came on vacation and my dog need blood work to monitor how he was reactioningnto medication. Got the results the next day. Very happy with our experience.

Sonja Bayer

3 years ago

Clean and well kept. Usually do a good job with my difficult dog who gets extremely anxious when at the vet. Bit of a turnover in the staff, though. Which makes it difficult for him to get more comfortable.

Linda Harrington

3 years ago

Awesome Keep on care in w big hearts????????????????

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