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Luis Romero

2 years ago

doctor Martinez is very professional & the staff is attentive to detail

Rita Corraliza

2 years ago

Professional, courteous, friendly staff. The place its clean and organized. Our doggy Browny is a happy camper getting his yearly check up and vaccination. Keep up the good work.

Dina Morales

2 years ago

Brought my dog on a Friday night around 8 pm. The staff was friendly and helpful. Every pet owner who shows up for an emergency visit knows the anguish of not knowing what's going on with your baby essentially but the environment was pretty calm. We left feeling so much more at ease. The medications we were prescribed helped a ton as well and I would recommend to a friend if needed.

Alonso Menendez

2 years ago

Love the hours, so much more convenient than regular day time hours. The staff is friendly, the place is clean, they are reasonably priced and they care about the animals.

Kathleen Pooran

2 years ago

They treated my pet with great care

Mileidys Puentes

2 years ago

Excellent place. Friendly service. Staffing is the best.

Rop Beauchamp

2 years ago

We love Dr. Martinez! She is so sweet with animals and very professional with the owners. She is the vet for all of our pets.

aoo olll

3 years ago

Happy with their services, took a bit but really satisfied overall.

Courtney Martin

3 years ago

Night staff is horrible, took my cat because she had worms, we waited forever. Was never really welcomed and seemed like the entire night staff were just goofing around. Even the lady at the desk was face timing someone while I was trying to ask her questions. Also the pricing is COMPLETELY over priced, its insane.

Larissa Garcia

3 years ago

Not to good on 03/24 I brough my dog with diarrhea and thowing Dr did some test and diagnose as gastrointestinal infection.Was treated with infusion but symptoms never improved. On 03/25 I brough to Panda Clinic and the first test that she did was parvovirus test and was positive.Now she os admitted for that reason.There is no profesionalism.Never again go there and never recommended.I spent $632 witbout any results.

Natalie R

3 years ago

Saved my dog's life over 1 year ago. Great Vet. Doesn't try to rip people off!

Carmen Guelmes

3 years ago

Amazing staff and a great vet!

Jodjany Ferrer

3 years ago

There are nice people,.. But the price for an XRay is too expensive there.


3 years ago

Lady over the phone was so nice, but pricing is out of control. I understand prices may vary but for a C-Section of a small dog, 5 pounds that has only one baby I believe $1,500-$1,700 is way out of control even more expensive than Women C-Section. I went to another clinic, they were very nice too, the one they had at 47 and 7 ave that currently has a new owner and doctor and C-Section was half their price. Hope someone can review their pricing schedules

Madelyn Lopez

3 years ago

Expensive...way to expensive but they helped save a rescue Cat that we found with an Electrical Cord tied around her neck. In an emergency they r really the only ones around opened late but on a Day to Day I will not use them...again way to expensive

Victoria Blanco

3 years ago

Great attention fast felt comfortable like family. Thank you for taking care of my rottie Monstruo . He is still taking his antibiotics and other meds but he is eating and I feel soon he will be better . In jesus name Amen. ????????

Anonymous Anonymous

3 years ago

A while back I came here so that a cat with a broken foot would get a viewing. The lady on the phone said it was 25$, we were charged ~600$ for an x-ray, medications, etc. It was a waste since we had to spend 200$ on a euthanization somewhere else. I would really like a partial refund on it, but the website doesn't show an email I can use to get in contact with. Please help us.

Stephanie Schmatz

3 years ago

Never in my life have I had this kind of terrible experience. Took my cat to have a second opinion on her condition. I supposed they were going to wanna do the same tests on her that were done at the first vet I took her, so I requested the results and medical records from the first place, and sent them to the After Hours Vet to Pet’s receptionist. This is also the first thing I told the doctor (that it was not necessary to do the same tests again because their recepcionist had the medical history with the results). She told me they needed to rule out one disease, and told me the test for that was $30 (I thought she was taking about another type of test because I had just specifically told her that the other 2 tests were already done on her and they came out negative). So I agreed to pay $30 for that test. At the end of the check-up, the assistant showed me an estimate charging me for the 2 tests I clearly stated were not needed. On top of that, they were charging me $30 per test, and they did 2, so $60 (this was not what the doctor told me at the beginning). Together with other charges for vaccines my cat needed, the bill totaled around $250. When I complained about the charges for the tests, the assistant told me that if I didn’t want to pay, I could just leave and they wouldn’t give my cat any treatment. I didn’t even have the time to understand how rude she had just been to me before she left the room, only to come in a few seconds later to tell me that they needed the room so it would be better if I would just leave. In my opinion, this shows not only how unprofessional these people can be, but also how little they care about their patients to NOT listen to what they are saying, and only try to get as much money as possible from you.


3 years ago

Poor service, needs better customer service skills when answering phones. Was not very helpful or attentive.

Nelcy Fulton

3 years ago

They are awesome. Love them.

Mil Fern

3 years ago

They don’t care about their animals!!!!!!! It’s just a business to them!!!!! Don’t give them ur money!!!!!!! And super unprofessional. An honest SCAM.

Melissa Romero

3 years ago

Rude staff and they don't care about your animal don't come here if you love your pet!

Madeline Casanova

3 years ago

Love this place. My dog is doing so much better. Service is excellent and the time is perfect. After work hours.

Alberto Garcia

3 years ago

Very professional and friendly, cute vet assistant chicks ????????

Gabriella Montes

3 years ago

Very poor service and no professional. A friend of mine brought her dog her and they did not listen to a thing that she said. Her poor dog is now in a worse state and my friend is struggling to take care of her. I do not recommend this vet to anyone. If you lie your let stay away.

Daymi Blain

3 years ago

Excellent place to take your sick pets .


3 years ago

Didn't even give an actual diagnosis. They just said it was gastritis ,but it turned out to be ivdd ,which can kill the pets and my dog died from it so this place needs to get their act together.

damian rolando

3 years ago

Excelent service for my two pets!!!

Jean Landetta

3 years ago

Hello, I just want to say this is about the NIGHT staff for I can not speak about the day staff. My experience here at first was normal. I called first to check prices on putting my 15 year old dog down, who was suffering from extremely heavy bleeding and temperature and breathing were extremely low. They told me that to put her down would cost 250 plus a consultation fee. Ok great. We went to the office. My mother checked us in and I waited in the car, good for them following COVID protocols. As we walk in we are extremely sad and crying because we know exactly what is about to happen and no longer want to see her suffer. We get into the appointment room a few minutes later a young lady walks in asking us what going on with our pet. We begin to tell her and that is when the vet and vet tech walk in. They asked what’s going on and we tell them everything plus show pictures of how our house looked like there had just been a “massacre.” I knew exactly what it was that she had pyometra. The doctor asked question as in when was her last period we answered a month to a month in a half. She asked what food does she eat and if we have changed it, she has eaten nutro since she was a puppy we answered. The vet took a look at her took her temperature which was if I am not mistaken 99 degrees which is low for a dog, felt her stomach and saw how swollen it was and said exactly what I thought it was, pyometra. This is we’re it gets interesting, she told us that she would need emergency surgery, we stopped her right there and told her our choice is to put her down. If she was young I would have done everything in my power to not have her put down. She is 15 years old barely breathing in pain full of blood and continues to spew blood and blood clots, and low temperature. It is Inhumane to put ANY animals in that state into surgery for your own selfish reasons. All a surgery does to any animal or human is cause extreme stress to the body. We then denied surgery and again said we would like to end her suffering and she said “ I came in here because I thought you wanted to treat it.” We again answer her and said “no she is in extreme pain and extremely old and the surgery is high risk.” The vet then began to belittle us and tell us we with an attitude “maybe next time you will spay your dog.” She begins to walk out of the room and says well I will get them to give you a price and I told her over the phone they told me it was 250 to put her down. She then said “well I don’t set the prices so I will have someone come in with those prices” then I replied that is what the person I talked to over the phone said plus a consultation fee. She continued to walk out. We did not see her again after that. The same young lady that walked in the first time came again and told us that to put her down they would need blood work which would cost an extra 200 dollars and that the decision would be up to the doctor to put her down or not. We denied, paid for the consultation visit and told the young lady when someone calls over the phone to make sure to tell them they need to do blood work before anything. She then Continued to fuss with me and tell me that I was wrong and that was never said to me. I then explained it was told to me there is no reason for me to lie and that next time just to be more thorough when explaining the prices and everything that needs to happen, because in all honesty many people don’t have that kind of money especially now a days with this whole pandemic going on. She continued to argue with me and I told her you know what I am upset and before this gets any uglier I am just going to walk out. That is exactly what I did. I gave myself a couple of days too cool down and now I am writing this with a clear head. I am not her to tell you this place is awful I am sure this place has it good moments as well, I am just here to tell you my experience. I wish their customer service was better and that they would get the correct information across before calling a possibly new client a lier. *****go to Yelp for reply to comment*****

Jey “Demented” Lyn

3 years ago

They love animals they are always attentive and polite. The place is very clean. The vets are the best.

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