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anonymous Reviewer

2 years ago

Terrible service in this business, I have always taken my dog here but ever since a new lady who started working here I’ve had terrible experiences. She has insulted us and called my dog terrible things. Please take your pet elsewhere the behavior of these people worries especially the lady. They don’t know how to groom pets properly.

dianibel albelo

2 years ago

Took my dog for grooming told the guy not to shave her all that we wanted puppy cut. He said he was going to do it after complaining of her hair he always have something to say never can do his job. When we picked up my puppy he shave her all left her with no hair. He’s grooming skills are horrible and very poor. Should get another business.He’s also disrespectful. Never Never taking my dog to that place.


2 years ago

every time I would take my dog he always had a excuse why he couldn’t do the cut. Always arguing to charge me more of how he needs more hours to do the cut. My dog goes to the vet every time she is do. Dog lives inside the house. The only animal abuse I see is having my dog since 11 to just shave her bald after 8 hour.I’m never coming here again. I’ve had dog all my life. I never dealt with someone so irresponsable, telling me he’s going to try and fix her small hair nut tie. Which I’ve done in 30 min, saying he needs 6 hours to so. That’s why you have 1 rating of how you talk to people; someone needs to have a better customer service. I work with customer every day in my job and I don’t tell customer one thing and do another horrible horrible service.

Samantha Tavares

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. Extremely unprofessional and have started arguments for reasons that are unnecessary. They don’t know how to do their job! Do not go here they’re a joke.


2 years ago

extremely unprofessional and rude! take your pets to a different location

Mario Reyes

2 years ago

My sister and I liked this place very much, have very nice customer service. Frank is very professional, has excellent care with all pets. Very nice place. We will recommend this place to our family and friends. Happy customers. ????????????????

Sanson Bushby

3 years ago

great groomers but more important they are super nice and so professional. I continue to be impressed with the employees and how they care for the dogs, etc

Nathalia Padilla

3 years ago

Warning!! I’ve recently purchased a dog from the owner of this grooming place. Alongside the grooming he has a breeding service. When I purchased my puppy all seemed fine. Then she got sick out of the blue. When i took her to the vet they stated that she has been developing this sickness for two weeks prior. She’s been connected to Ivs for the past five days. When i contacted the owner to advise him that my dog is sick and the other were at risk to get sick as well. He was responded rudely and with much attitude. So, please be very careful with the grooming business your dog can be put to risk as well!

Henry Mantilla

3 years ago

If I could rate it a 0 did not like it at all I asked them to cut my dogs hair short because it sheds hair when I got in the car I was full of hair I smelled my dogs seems like they did not shower them that good they still had a smell what a rip spent 100 do not take your dogs here go somewhere else I do not recommend this place bad service

Alberto Garcia

3 years ago

Won't groom "pitbull mixed" dogs or anything resembling, so if you have per say an American bulldog like me or an American bully, they will not accept you without even meeting or knowing if its an "aggressive" dog, and blames "the county" in the middle of a pandemic, to deny service. Because a dog "looks like a dog you don't approve" because American bulldogs are not against miami dade County "law". Complete ignorance.

Peter Garcia

4 years ago

This is the one stop shop for all your dog grooming needs! I love these guys here they keep it real and take care of my poncho everything leaving him handsome and smelling amazing. they now have extended hours all the way til 8:30PM so now I dont even need to worry about picking up my little man as soon as he’s ready. He loves being there and playing and they love having him. I would recommend these guys 100% good service. If I could give then 10 Stars I would!!!

Adonisv Valle

4 years ago

Always leave my Eva looking great!

Carla H

4 years ago

You can tell they are passionate about what they do and that they genuinely care for your dog. 0 complaints. Will return!

Carolyn Rodriguez

4 years ago

Friendly and helpful pet groomers! They always do wonderful work on our little dogs.

Faroud Wong (Faroudy)

4 years ago

We have searched and searched for great groomers. We found a family that shows care in what they do everyday. Frank, wife and his son place 110% into their spot. They made recommendations on products to help our pets with their skin and yes you could buy it from Amazon but remember to support shops like these with excellent service. It helps our community instead of giving it to the giants out there. We will commute the 40 minutes just to go here. We highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you for your humbleness, and service that you provide to us and our pets.


4 years ago

My fur baby had surgery roughly one month ago, but now her nails were too long and we were afraid she would hurt herself with them. Thankfully, the people here are wonderfully skilled and very gentle. They did a perfect job of filing down her nails. Excellent service and kind, understanding people.

Alex Gomez

5 years ago

Me encanta! I can’t even express how much I LOVE this place! They take care of my little Lola like if she was part of their family, I could never trust anyone else but them to take care of her haircut and bath. They are a very busy family owned and operated grooming place that really loves what they do, sure is a little bit of a wait to get my Lola groomed but that is because of how amazing they are! The whole town wants to get their pets groomed by them so it is expected to have to wait for a perfect haircut :) I highly recommend them to everyone. I can’t wait to see my Lola all ready for Christmas!

Worse Place

5 years ago

I have been coming to this grooming place for about 1 year now and have never thought about leaving a review, but i just had to today! Everytime me and chloe my maltese come here I fall in love more and more! They really take care of me and my little baby. She usually has knots and most people want to shave her but here they work on her to keep her fluffy and super cute! Thank you guys always! If I could give you 10 stars I would!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

Sara Armas

5 years ago

Love this place, awesome work, very nice owners, gone to other places but never the same.

Enjoli Lopez

5 years ago

Frank was extremely nice. Unfortunately not a good experience. I told them I needed to handle my dog and the lady who did his nails was extremely rude from the second I walked in the door and didn't even want to do his nails. Lucky for us frank helped us out. She continued to be rude till the end was she told him to tell me not to bring my dog back. He is 17 and a rescue I forwarned them how he needed to be handled and as we all know dogs feed off of energy so her rudness was noticed. I have had my pup for 16 years and NEVER have I been told not to bring him back. Also he pooped cuz he was scared and she wiped it with NEWSPAPER! would you like it if I wiped your butt with newspaper! Again frank was amazing but this lady shouldn't be working with animals if that's how she wants to be. .. Over priced and horrible experience!

I. Grada

6 years ago

We are very please with the Service ,our doggie Too . ????????

Carina Izquierdo

6 years ago

I've been bringing my sweet shi tzu Chloe to them for over 5 years and she's always in good hands. I trust them to do a fabulous job and they never fail, they really take good care of my dear doggie and she looks wonderful every time. Their prices are reasonable considering what a good job they do, and that's really saying something because my poor fur baby is usually in a shambles when I'm able to get her groomed. This is a family run business and I really value their personable service I feel like my beloved pet is well cared for here, I highly recommend them.

LUIS exposito

7 years ago

I dont care how much I need to spend in my dog , all my money is for her , the people that know me for years they know MONEY is not an issue for me ( thanks God) my real concern with you ( the angry lady that work there) is that she lie me , by phone one price and when I got there the price change , all puppies are hyper. Is true that you bath my princess but you dont say that you never dry her. I DONT RECOMMEND THEM.

Maria Acevedo

7 years ago

Best place ever. I have a Maltese and I have been take to this place since he was 4 weeks. Now he is 1 years old and I truly recommend to you. Am so happy for the service and all the good recommendations that they have give to me for my snowball. Thank you so much.


7 years ago

When I saw that a person is more interested in the money that in the pet's love I dont come back anymore. The woman that work there is that kind of person. Good Luck for her !!!

norma ballart

7 years ago

To me this is the best place to take my dog. Great people and very responsible. Highly recommended.

Ely Lopez

8 years ago

Everything it's wonderful in this place, I really recommend you. My pet stay awesome!!!!!!!

jason gonzalez

8 years ago

They do an amazing job.. I been a costumer since 2012, shi tzu and a tea cup Yorkie. Greatly recommended them.

Mia xo

9 years ago

Looooove this place! :) it's the only groomer my dog will ever go to!

clarisa t

10 years ago

The owners are very personable. I'm a new dog owner and advice from professionals are very helpful...they gave me advice on things I could do for in between groomings. What I most liked was that they told me a specific time for pick up and my pet was done prior to the time. It will be my grooming place from now on and for those looking for groomers in Hialeah this is the place.

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