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Ruth Edelstein

a year ago

I have been going there for as long as I can remember maybe 12+years or so. I consider Dr. Barbosa to be up there with some of the greatest men I have had the pleasure of knowing.Not only is he is extremely knowledgeable with a vast array of amazing experiences to draw upon, he also truly loves and cares for all our animals. Dr.Barbosa has committed his entire life to the healing of animals. If loving my Doctor wasn't enough there are so many others in that office that must be mentioned who make Hallandale Veteranary Clinic a wonderful place to go. Illy and Shannon are the first beautiful faces you see when you walk through the door. They are incredibly busy and yet they have the time to genuinely smile at you and efficiently handle all your needs. If you are not impressed by then then wait until you meet the techs. Enrique is wonderful and knowledgeable and has been with these doctors forever (he may have been a vet. In his own country at one time I am not sure). Julia is incredible she is brilliant and knows each and every animal that has been in her care. Julia will make it her business to know their names, your name, how your pet behaves and she will make them and you feel comfortable and safe while you are there. Bottom line is I would not go anywhere else and once you have been you will never want to go anywhere else either.

toni valencia

2 years ago

AMAZING STAFF AND PROVIDERS.... I was tired of being ignored by my LARGE Vet's office in Davie.. never had an appointment available... was always added to a " Cancellation List"... I live in Aventura and thankfully I found Animal Hospital of Hallandale. I switched over 2 Senior cats and 3 Greyhounds. Senior Cat needed surgery and Dr B/Dr C and Staff treated him like a King!. My grumpy old man cat is recovering well and the Greyhounds are healthy. I cannot thank the Staff and Drs. enough for always treating me/my animals with compassion and respect. Do not hesitate- Make an appointment for your Pet and know that you/they will be well taken care of.

Silvi K

2 years ago

I use the Animal Hospital of Hallandale for 10 years and drive all the way from Kendall Miami to Hallandale because I trust their professionalism more than with anybody else. I also like their great care and friendly service. My Maltese doggies will continue using Dr Cepeda and Dr Barbosa

Rita Schneider

2 years ago

Above all, and in addition to his professional knowledge, and experience, Dr. Barbosa is the most compassionate, caring, and ethical veterinarian one could dream of finding for one's beloved pet. He puts the pet's best interest ahead of anything else, and takes the most humane approach in treating his patients. I have been a client for many years now, and the friends who recommended Dr. Barbosa to me had known him, and liked his gentle approach to their four cats' healthcare needs for many years too!

Jaime Guarnizo

2 years ago

I am so Thankful with Dr, Javier Cepeda, my dog Lienzo had an ear infection for almost 1 1/2 year, I spend a lot of money in other clinics and Doctor with out results, but in Animal Hospital of Hallandale Dr Rivera found the problem and the right treatment, I am so happy to see my dog ears clean and healthy. Thanks Dr. Cepeda.


2 years ago

This hospital went above and beyond my expectations to help my lovely cat! The vet is super knowledgeable and nice and I couldn’t imagine a better experience for myself and my pet. The staff was also super friendly and did everything they could to make us comfortable. Special shout out to Jeffrey for being so helpful and calming any of my anxieties about visiting a new vet. I will definitely be returning to this location.

Sylvia D

2 years ago

I have been bringing my fur babies to Dr. Barbosa for the last 20 years. He is excellent. The health and care of my kids are in the best hands with Dr. Barbosa and his team.

Sanford Rich

2 years ago

Good service and responsive to the animals needs

Kevo M

2 years ago

BEWARE: Bait and switch! Came in to have an inspection for dental cleaning on our small dog. The guy quoted us at $250 for the cleaning plus the blood work which was an additional $250 that they went ahead and did without our permission. Asked about extractions at that time of blood work and they said no just the cleaning for $250. Then comes the appointment for the cleaning they now say the cleaning is $375 plus he needs 3 extractions for $120 extra. My wife never agreed to this but they charged her almost $600 more than twice the quote given. Ridiculous and untrustworthy. Will not be returning. Edit: obviously I'm angry when your vet tech tells my wife and I one thing then it's completely different when we go to drop off our dog. There was no misunderstanding between my wife and I. There is a misunderstanding of the prices with your employees. His excuse was he didn't know the correct price. I could have had the same procedure for half the price somewhere trustworthy and transparent. Your pricing is not transparent and your lab tech told us the wrong price. I am angry with the BAIT AND SWITCH that you pulled on my wife. How a $250 quote for a cleaning became $1000 is absurd. The cleaning is actually $375 for anyone interested. And they will try to upsell you on everything. Thanks for the discount ???????? and the apology? Oh wait...

harald niemann

2 years ago

They took since many years always very good care of my pets

Christine Wegener

2 years ago

Dr. Barbosa and his hardworking, professional, friendly team are THE Best.This is the good old fashioned vet clinic - were you still get “one on one” quality care! Even my dog Mocha loves to see the vet there???????? Very happy The Wegener Family


2 years ago

I sure Mr. Dr. Barbosa he sure think would of had a heart. I felt like all that matter at this point was the $. My baby has a mass that could of been taken care of ahead of time. They made me spent $300 worth of xrau and focus on a dental work. Went home and no one even called back to follow up. Terrible. I called back my self to find out about the results and everything was normal no where was there a plan of treatment toake care what I initially came for. Mass grew and grew I called back upset I was schedule to come an. Then said we can discount for $1000 and change and basically take it or leave it and apologizing no heart they wanted $2000 dollar to remove the mass initially. I ran out of thre. If your going thru a hard situation and need v et doctor for your fur baby go to someone athat eart. I sure found someone that's cares and knows my financial situation and worked with me and saved my baby and did everything they wanted to do for not even half the prices they wanted to charge. Too expensive no heart.

Ole Spa

2 years ago

I want to write this review for a long time. since I am extremely grateful to the entire team of this wonderful clinic. I am Coco's mother, a gray Chiuahua who came to the clinic very sick. From the first second that they treated me with all the compassion in the world, I was crying and they also tried to calm me down. They were super attentive and fast. They gave a precise diagnosis to coco since we had to act quickly and they were attending him for 5 days with great affection and constantly in contact with me to inform me of the entire process. Dr joe is super professional and very attentive. 5 stars and I recommend this vet to everyone 100%!


2 years ago

I went to see them with my elderly cat dehydrated and close to the end. They were a godsend. My cat is eating and drinking again and put on almost 2 lbs in 2 days with me following their instruction. They were so kind and loving to my Gracie, from the woman that answered the phone to Dr Barbosa. They are all incredible. I couldn’t ever put her in anyone else’s hands. I’ve been a victim of bad vets in the past and was so leery but when I got there I knew I was where we needed to be. Don’t ever hesitate to go to them and trust them. Signed by a cynic who never thought I’d trust another vet again. My faith is renewed thanks to them ALL.

David Burton

2 years ago

I took my cat Frankie here about 10 times over the past 3 months for a "flea infection" and spent about $1000. for various tests, shots and medicines. Dr. Cepeda and office manager Jeffrey went overboard to provide the best possible treatment and Frankie is (almost) all better and has an ongoing treatment plan. I am writing this review to thank Dr. Cepeda, but also to remark that animals are often hard to treat (they cant talk) and a remedy often takes time and money so please trust the Doctor's advice.

Dee Miller

2 years ago

I've been taking my dogs to Animal Hospital of Hallandale for over 10 years. Top notch staff there makes all the difference in the world. You may find lots of vets, but from reception to vet and everyone in between, you will not find a better team. They work well together and are so good to the animals. I no longer live close, but make the drive to get the very best service. Thank you Drs and thank you Shannon for fitting my baby in today!!

Helen Larsson

2 years ago

It took Dr. Barbosa one minute to find out what was wrong with my Emelie. She had a bad tooth that prevented her from closing her mouth. She had her tongue out and was drooling. He pulled out her bad tooth and she could close her mouth again. Dr. Barbosa has many, many years of experience and he is one of the best vets I've been to. If you need a vet that cares and knows what he is doing, make the appointment with Dr. Barbosa.

Leonard Worman

2 years ago

I used to have 23 cats many years ago- I found Dr Joe Barbosa thru a friend that highly recommended the animal hospital of Hallandale . Because of his friendly manners and friendly staff Now years. Later I am down to 10 cats - and still very happy with their services. . I would give this place 10 stars if I could This is my favorite vet in Hallandale

lucyy & tainaa

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the excellent service provided. Didn’t have an appointment and they still took me in, very informative. Dr Cepeda was the veterinarian that saw my dog but I was also able to meet dr Barbosa. Both very Linda and explained everything to me. I finally found a veterinarian that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Thank you all very much again, Sadie is doing great.

Susana Ricaurte

2 years ago

I’m not one to use google much but the service this hospital offers is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Came in with an emergency and they instantly took my dog to the back. Great affordable services! Highly recommend if you are looking for a new veterinarian. Very kind and patient doctors. Emily says thanks as well!

Andrea Salas

2 years ago

I had to take my 11 years old dog, Benito to the animal hospital where there I found the best quality hospital for him. The hospital is very good quality as well as very caring and loving attention given from all the staff. My dog needed a teeth cleaning since that was causing him stomach pains but we were worried about the sedation since he is a senior dog and has a heart condition, but the work was done beautifully and very carefully by Dr. Cepeda, he's always excited to go for his checkups and has been having so much more energy since.

David G

2 years ago

I came here many years ago for the treatment of my dog, she was a bassett hound. They were great back then, and they’re still great now! I brought over my 12-year-old schnauzer mix to do a dental cleaning, and they took very good care of him! They made sure that he was taken care of and they did all the bloodwork before they started the deep cleaning. They are very friendly in the office and they always put a smile on your face! I also appreciated a follow-up call the next day to make sure that my dog has been feeling better. The waiting area is also very clean. My dog and myself came in and I didn’t realize he peed on the floor and within a couple minutes a gentleman came and told me not to worry about it that they were clean it up. If you need a good vet this is the place to come!

Kiara Gonzalez

2 years ago

I have been to many (m a n y) vets which always end in disappointment. I drive over an hour to visit Dr. Cepeda. He explains things in a way that I can trust his diagnosis and he takes his time with my doggies. I trust Dr. Cepeda more than my own brother.

J Dee Miller

2 years ago

Dr Joe Barbosa is the best vet I’ve ever had! I’ve had dogs my entire life but Barbosa and his staff are the absolute best! From the minute in the front door you’re greeted by a friendly, caring voice ready to help. The staff works well together and obviously respect one another as well as Dr Barbosa. Having a good vet is vital as a dig owner. Having an awesome team behind the vet is a blessing! Thanks to the team at Hallandale Animal Hospital for treating my dogs now for over a decade!

Valentina Sidorenko

2 years ago

Animal Hospital of Hallandale do not pamper your pets, they ignore them, ignore they pain and suffering , that clinic is NOT your family vet! It is your nightmare! All they care is about the money, not your cats or dogs! They do NOT have The best doctors in the world like they advertise! After just less than 1 hour in the clinic under Dr. Javier Cepeda DVM care and $763 paid , my dog was released back to me and dyed in less than 2 hours! Dr. Javier Cepeda DVM never disclosed to me the truth about my dog terminal condition! Just cared about the payment, i am a senior citizen with very low income, they demanded the payment in full even I asked for installments, they advertise $15 dollars off from your firs visit!!! Forget it! It is a fraudulent advertising! The worst vet EVER ! DO NOT GO THERE! They do not care about your dogs and cats, they ignore them, they financially abuse senior citizens, they are definitely not the best doctors , they are dishonest doctors !

Jennifer Torres

2 years ago

I brought my little chihuahua here because he was having issues with walking and before I got there I was very worried about my dogs health but after coming to this clinic I left with no worry or doubt in my mind.The staff is so professional and sweet you can honestly tell they love every pet that comes through that door. All of my questions were answered and the care my dog received was quick and efficient. They had my dog in and out the same day. Not only did they consider my dogs feelings but mine as well and that’s not something you see in most clinics so I can confidently say this one is exceptional.Thank you doctor and staff you truly are appreciated!

Armando Galvez

2 years ago

Bad informed , they seem not to know the difference in county laws or they don’t inform you so they can get your money ( after Seen your address they should know ) this clinic is super expensive just for walk in they charge you the outrageous amount of 64 dollars. Price is a discrepancy but tell people before you take the dogs in. Most expensive vet visit I have seen 0 starts if you ask me.

Capt Rob

3 years ago

Most of us love our pets like children. I, of course plead guilty. My dogs Simba the Bichon and Precious the Chihuahua have been patients of Dr. Barbosa for most of the 18 years that I have lived here. Simba at 15 is a testament to the high quality of care and with the high tech tools he uses in his practice. Even Precious the feisty member of our family benefitted . Unfortunately we lost her a few months ago at 18 . She went to sleep in The arms of Dr. Barbosa. I cannot give a better review Robert K

Cindy Lopera

3 years ago

Let my start off my saying that my dog, Athena, is a handful. Almost every clinic that I have taken her to has had difficulty with treating her, BUT this is the one and only clinic where they’ve been able to do everything that is needed without a problem, they are professional and patient, the customer service is over the top, better than a Marriott, the vets are outstanding, honestly love this place, I appreciate how well they take care of my pup.

Cbr Brand

3 years ago

Very welcoming and attentive. They were able to see my baby without an appointment and with very short notice. Thank you!

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