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Lindley Paul

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, skilled and caring vets and staff! I've used them for years.

Sheila B

2 years ago

They are a very caring group who definitely love animals.

Anna Mcpike

2 years ago

Went here for my dog they are amazing I would definitely recommend them to friends and family

Marsha Morrison

2 years ago

The Gulfport Veterinarian is a group of very caring & compassionate Doctors & nurses. They were always available for any emergency I had with my pets.

Sue Fetsch

2 years ago

It takes forever to get in on your appointment day I've sat for an hour plus sometimes but the price is worth it, I think the veterinarian is one of those people that rather have a well animal than money in his pocket. That's the only place I take my animals to!

Carli Durkin

2 years ago

My partner and I are new to this side of town with a new puppy. After reading all the raving reviews I decided to give this vet hospital a try. My first 2 visits were pretty straight forward with booster shots and super affordable pricing. While the hospital itself is not the cleanest, the staff was kind and I had barely any wait time upon arrival. However this recent visit unfortunately will have been my last. We arrived at our appointment on time and signed in. It was much more busier than I have ever seen it. After an hour wait (with a 4 month old excitable puppy), we were finally taken back into 1 of their 2 exam rooms. The older female tech seemed grouchy and hardly communicated with us. I asked for a nail trim, the male tech with tattoos (who was friendly) and the grouchy tech got started. Immediately I had to step in and comfort our puppy because the male tech did seem to know how to restrain properly and the female tech was rushing through our puppy’s nails. She was incredibly rough, grabbing and twisting his paws which obviously made him behave worse. She ended up quicking one of his nails but didn’t bother to thoroughly check which one or apply any quickstop. Then the much older doctor came in and did an incredibly brief exam and started giving vaccines. Not once did he tell us which vaccine he was giving or ask any questions, I had to just read each label on the vaccine myself as they were being given. The grouchy female tech was roughly scruffing our puppy and telling him to “behave”. I noticed the doctor giving both the DHPP and Rabies vaccines in the same shoulder which I know is not standard practice. Then without any follow up they both left the room and we saw ourselves out. Once I got to the front desk to check out, my partner took our now incredibly overwhelmed puppy (who previously didn’t mind coming the vet and now will most likely hate it) outside and I again stood there for what seemed like 20 minutes while everyone went about their business until a tech finally asked if I needed help and checked me out. Our puppy’s chart had just been tossed to the side (I question why this hospital is still fumbling with paper charts when there are much easier and more organized computer programs designed specifically for vet hospitals). When I received my paperwork I noticed I had been given the license tag but I didn’t see a rabies tag. I asked about getting a rabies tag but was told they are the same tag?? The tag I received says nothing about rabies vaccine on it, just Pinellas County license. I could have been wrong about it but I felt like my question was just glossed over. I also had to inquire about the fecal sample I brought with me which no one seemed to know the results for. I completely understand there are busy days with unexpected wait times but I don’t understand a poor standard of care. I would never trust this hospital staff or doctor to properly care for our puppy during a procedure like a neuter. I would rather pay more money at a nicer vet hospital to know our puppy will be safe and in a clean environment during surgery. I am aware there are folks who have been bringing their pets here for years and are super happy but for a new client I would NOT recommend bringing any of your pets here.

nicole banks

2 years ago

Very sweet and nice people to be around very reasonable. They really love what they do and they love your animal

Alicia Dawson St Pete Realtor

2 years ago

Thank you for taking great care of my Nadia! Friendly staff and quick service.

Andrew “ANTEX Pest Control Man” McCafferty

2 years ago

They say they had to cancel because they don't have enough information on my pet. I spent roughly 20 to 30 minutes on the phone with their Tech who I'm not going to mention the technician seem very nice. The biggest thing they canceled 25 to 30 minutes before our arrival which we were already en- route. My animal has had blood in her stool for roughly two to two and a half weeks when the appointment was made beside other things. Very very unprofessional to cancel in such short notice. They were finding notes left and right that were left by others when they would call me and I would return their phone calls they couldn't find everything at once when they called me and I return their call but wait it's probably all covid related like everything else. It would be great to know blood to me is dangerous and here I'm trying to have that taken care of also by the vet but they want to cancel my appointment for a later date roughly 2 to 4 weeks out my dog could be dead by then. Hopefully they don't need a major operation and it's canceled and something happens in the meantime for anyone else because they don't have enough information at the last minute. There's an update from 3 hours ago Noah's Animal House 62nd Avenue in St Pete was the only one out of six other vets who had a cancellation and was able to see her today I have an appointment later this afternoon. Thanks again Noah's

shawn clair

2 years ago

A kind, honest & knowledgeable staff. Easy to find, and prices were very reasonable!

wendy m

2 years ago

They are great with my fur baby. They take time with you. However that does make them run a bit late with there appointments.its worth it!

Big O

2 years ago

Been going here for years. Great staff and fair prices. Some of these vets have really gotten crazy with pricing.

Dan Buckley

2 years ago

Excellent service and pet care!

Lorraine “Rain” Vanderhoef

2 years ago

With this office for over 30 years. Office staff is great, but the new woman vet is very strange. She doesn’t like seeing the owner of the patient. So everything is relayed to the owner of the pet through the office staff. She continued to misdiagnosis my cat (who almost needed to be put down) until I decided that I need a new vet…completely!! Not worth the savings. I miss Dr Tallon

Margie A. Garcia-Mathier

2 years ago

Very pleasant experience the staff are very upbeat, engaging, compassionate and pleasant. I was there with some family members.

Stephen Hill

2 years ago

Nothing but postive experiences here. I like to say they have a more "old school" approach and do a great job of keeping cost fair. No thrills and put animals, not $$$, first. My kind of people! Thank you for keeping our boy happy, healthy and for giving owners a peace of mind.

Sharon Snow

2 years ago

Popular place where many take their pets. Good service and reasonable prices.

Marti Meadows

2 years ago

Took my dog he was coughing real bad the doctor refused to see him she said I was late she was leaving at noon.everyone there where picking up their pets.. I know it was five minutes till she left it wouldn't have hurt her to see my baby I wouldn't take any of your pets period

howard bush

2 years ago

Small by big in service and professional treatment for your pet. Grayhound savy. Their a special needs breed . Friendly

Gloria McNeal

2 years ago

Best care and affordable. The staff are all amazing and caring. I have been a customer here for over 15 years and will not change.

Cynthia Allen

2 years ago

After being raked through the coals by other veterinarians, I brought all of my animals to Gulfport veterinarian. From the very first day the staff here has shown so much love, compassion, and good care to my fur babies. Today I lost a precious member of my family, Caliber Lee Allen was taken today as he died in my arms this morning. The staff at Gulfport Veterinarian have cared for him him throughout his last days and have been so loving and gentle throughout this entire time with him and my family, that I could never forget the comfort they so freely gave. To the Gulfport Veterinarian staff, even more be given to you all. As I have said so many times, you are all angels up there. Thank you all for being a part of my family, as you will continue to be through the years to come.

joe cantwell

2 years ago

Always a great experience with a great staff.

Lisa Ash

2 years ago

Love it. Best staff and vets. They truly care.

Sabrina England

2 years ago

They have always been an awesome place and I feel very comfortable with my Chloe who is now almost a 15 year old English Bull Dog :)

David Malone

2 years ago

Great people! Karen at the front desk and the vet were so nice. Stanley our dog felt at home. Really appreciate their service!

Anthony Peters

2 years ago

The new girl is very professional and kind she makes you feel welcome and thats awesome we have been coming here for years and everybody in the office are wonderful people thank you.

Robert Green

2 years ago

They care for Stella very well & are very informative & friendly ????

Ray Snail

2 years ago

Awesome people and very reasonable prices

Jaime Obstaculo

2 years ago

They put the animals first and foremost

Mary T Naughton

2 years ago

Gave me an appointment for my dog's ear infection in an hour and 45 minutes, without notice. As always they were kind treated really gently :)

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