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2 years ago

We were first-timers to using a kennel. Our dog of 12 years never had one overnight stay away from one of us. (God rest his soul). We were leery about sending our newly adopted puppy (Tia) to the kennel, but we wanted to teach her early on that she can stay somewhere away from us and still have a good time. All Paws was recommended by Tia's vet, and in a last-minute call to them, they accommodated her for Christmas weekend! WOW! Phil and staff were fantastic. VERY KIND. This is very high up on my list of what matters. Tia appeared to have a good time, and she came home in the exact frame of mind she went there with. We will be back for sure! I highly recommend All Paws Kennel!

Sheryl Buchanan

2 years ago

Totally love this kennel and so does my dog! Won't go anywhere else! She doesn't even look back when I take her. They are so personal and loving!

Kendra Gallaugher Gordon

2 years ago

We’ve had our pups stayed here many times now and always happy with the service. Family feel, friendly and our guys are well taken care of. Will continue to use when we are traveling places that the dogs cannot join. Thank you for taking such great care of our pack!

Darren Johnson

2 years ago

We love All Paws! Our Duke has been going there since he was a puppy. He is always excited to go and comes back happy and healthy. Phil and his staff really care and it shows in how happy our dog always is when he goes to All Paws… thank you, Phil and staff!

Colin Smith

2 years ago

We've been going to All Paws since we moved to Gainesville nearly a decade ago. Our dogs have always been really comfortable there - even our newest dog who is on the nervous side. It's a bit of a drive from our current house in NW Gainesville, but getting a little outside of town is especially nice for longer stays - a bit quieter and more space.

Aron Rascan

2 years ago

We've been going to All Paws for over 10 years, and our pets love it. Our dog is always so excited to go!

Savannah Behrens

2 years ago

Always a pleasure taking our dogs there. They enjoy going to their puppy hotel as we call it. Staff is always friendly and I always know my dogs are in the best care. I recommend anyone who needs to board their puppers to go to all paws

Mayra Santiago

2 years ago

Just an amazing place to leave your loved pet! We have been going there for years. Staff is very caring and take great care of your pet. We have had many dogs board there from our loved Lab to our precious little Yorkie we have Peanut. You can call them anytime an get an update on your pet. This is only place I would trust with my precious Peanut.

Ashley McReynolds

2 years ago

Our beloved German Shepherd Jasper has been raised out in the country with his three human brothers. He’s 4 and not very socialized. He’s not used to people outside his pack. We hardly have visitors, and can’t see our closet neighbors. He’s anxious but does okay at the vet, but still skeptical. We had him boarded once when he was a year old at our local vet (who we love), and he did well. Tried again with our vet last year, and they called within 30 minutes that we needed to come back and get him because he was growling and snarling and wouldn’t come in. I read the reviews about All Paws, and felt excited to possibly vacation again. I appreciated their honest balanced reviews and responses. I called and talked to the staff who were amazing at reassuring me. We boarded him for a week while on vacation. They took pictures to send us and cared for him well. They didn’t know I saw a sweet note on the desk regarding our boy. The note read that he was shy, but so sweet, said he liked peanut butter and took some patience, and did better with women( I knew he would- Momma is the alpha :) that little note melted my heart. They took the time to work with him and find out how to support him, and knew the importance of communicating this to their team. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


2 years ago

The staff were very nice, that being said the reason I gave it 2 stars and will most likely not take our dogs back is because we returned early from our trip and went to pick up our dogs and they smelt of pee and bowel so incredibly bad along with their bed. (not sure if they only clean them before a customer returns) BUT... It was horrible. I know I did not request a bath for them but this was unsanitary. first thing that popped in my head was, did they even go outside?! I know when its worm they close the doors to keep them cool in an ac building, I appreciate that, but if they pee all over their beds and themselves I would think they would clean them so they are not sitting in their own filth!!

Faith Lambert

2 years ago

My German Shepherd Blitz has been staying at the All Paws Pet Kennel for the past six years, and we love it! Not only is this the best value in-town - but All-Paws is a genuinely great business. The owners have gone out of their way to squeeze us in on short notice, have taken care of Blitz with a little extra love as he's gotten older, and been all-around amazing to work with. Blitz' is generally a nervous guy (hates going to the vet, is over new places within 10 minutes), but is ALWAYS happy to arrive at All Paws. He knows the routine and just makes a b-line right to the back door and his run! One of my favorite things is that these guys don't charge for the "a la carte" love that other kennels do -- there is no extra charge for walks, treats, pets, or attention. They are genuinely interested in treating your pet like they'd want their own treated. Our family is moving from Gainesville now and one of the major down-sides is not being able to utilize the All Paws Kennel once we're in our new town. I HIGHLY recommend these folks - you won't find a better service.


3 years ago

All paws is super affordable and I would not be able to board my sweet but Napoleonic little dog anywhere else because he absolutely hates other male dogs! The kennels are interactive and large and he always comes home happy!

Hannah Kim

3 years ago

I initially had concerns over boarding my reactive German shepherd however a call with one of staff helped reassure many of my worries! I love the idea that she had an AC indoor area and outdoor so she could go as she pleases and doesn’t share rooms with other dogs. The staff were so nice especially when I first walked in with my dog at their building. They were so patient and even insisted to let her roam without a leash to get used to the new place which I appreciated a lot. Whenever I wanted to call with questions or an update, they always picked up. She actually did really well there especially with the staff despite her being anxious. The staff are well experienced and understanding with her. She was pretty clean without the bath option when we came to pick her up and actually ate her food compared to boarding her somewhere else where she didn’t eat at all. (It’s normal that they don’t especially if they have separation anxiety however I brought this to their attention when I called and one of the staff advised me to bring wet food as well to entice her to eat her kibbles which I never thought of!) I came all the way from Jacksonville and couldn’t have made a better decision! Will definitely come back again :) thank you! Update: Have came multiple times and even used their bath option. My dog came all clean and no complaints!

Theresa Sanjurjo

3 years ago

My two furbabies love coming to the farm.

Spencer Basinger

3 years ago

Always the friendliest of faces there, great and reasonable prices for the professional care they give.


3 years ago

I've been bringing my dog here for 5-6 years and they always take great care of him! He isn't the most friendly guy to new people, but he has made friends here.


3 years ago

Very nice place with a friendly and caring staff.

Brittney Johnson

4 years ago

It's hard leaving your fur babies behind but this place is amazing! I have left my pups here several times with no complaints. Great experience.

Angela Spring

4 years ago

Lack of concern and empathy towards a serious illness that occurred after a stay at this kennel for my friends dog. Shameful that a dog almost died because of the lack of cleanliness and neglect during their stay, which was confirmed by a vet. Trust is a huge factor here, and it was obviously betrayed.

Jay Watkins

4 years ago

One star is too generous. Incredibly disappointed in the lack of care that my three dogs received while at All Paws. Notice that all the good reviews are in the distant past. My three dogs were kenneled together (not what I requested), were not given their new toys that were left for them at drop-off (they were still untouched), were not fed according to my instructions ( based on how much extra food was left over in the container I delivered their food in) AND the fact that they did not receive the baths and nail trimmings that I booked for them. They are filthy, and smell of feces and urine. So, after having to pay extra for picking them up after 3pm, because they were supposed to be getting baths, etc. this afternoon, I get to spend New Years Eve bathing my dogs and clipping their nails and cleaning the floors from all the dirt on them. They may be inexpensive and friendly, but not worth the drive and they don’t take care of your pets!!

Jenny Philips

4 years ago

I have boarded my 11 1/2 year old boxer and 2 year old Rottweiler a couple of times at our local vet but knew our trip was going to be for a whole week (our daughter was getting married in Cancun) so I wanted more personalized and one on one care than the basic care that our vet could provide. On a referral, I toured the All Paws facility several weeks prior to boarding our dogs and met with one of the workers. I was satisfied with the facility. Our dogs were at the vet 8/31 for their annual check ups and were both in good health. Between 8/31 and when we left them in the care of All Paws on 9/3, nothing in that regard had changed. I called All Paws on 9/6 to check on the dogs and was assured everything was fine, both dogs were eating, etc. We picked our dogs up on 9/12. The young girl checking us out went and got the food we provided and there was more than a full container of food left (over 24 pieces). I questioned why this was the case and was told that the dogs didn’t eat well while we were gone. She then retrieved my boxers bed that had 2 very large stains and another small stain on it that was a rusty red color. I asked her if it was blood? She said no. I said then what is it? She said she didn’t know but it wasn’t blood. I said if you don’t know what it is, then how do you know it’s not blood? She just shrugged. She brought our dogs to us and they were happy to see us. We loaded up and left. We were driving for a few minutes and both dogs seemed out of it. We got home and things got worse. At first I thought they are just exhausted from not sleeping well. Both dogs were completely lethargic, neither would eat and my boxer was drinking water like crazy. The only time he got up was to drink or go outside to pee. The next day was more of the same behavior by them both only my boxer starting throwing up and my Rottweiler started coughing. I called my vet and told them their symptoms and they asked me to bring them in and leave them for an evaluation because it sounded like they had kennel cough. Upon arriving at the vet, I was astounded to learn that my boxer went from 90 pounds on 8/31 to 79 pounds on 9/14 of which he was at All Paws for 9 of those 14 days!! Because I read how contagious kennel cough was, I called All Paws and told them my dogs were at the vet for an evaluation and also told them what symptoms they were displaying. The woman who answered the phone told me that my boxer ate everything that was put in front of him. I said, that’s not what was told to us when we picked him up. She replied, oh he did when I fed him. She referred me to the Manager who immediately became defensive saying all pets boarded are required to prove vaccinations. I said I know but my dogs stay in a fenced yard, aren’t around other dogs and have never been sick. The call was going nowhere because she just wanted to argue. I was just trying to do the responsible thing by letting them know. My Rottweiler was in fact diagnosed with kennel cough and had an infection on his front paws. My boxer is still very sick. He spent Tuesday-Friday at the vet hospital with IV antibiotics and received IV fluids because he was so dehydrated. He has had several blood tests, X-rays, an ultrasound, and is on 4 different kinds of antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Even though I left a print out with both mine and my husbands phone numbers and email, I also left them my vets number. They called no one to disclaimer a problem. My boxer lost over 10% of his body weight and was dehydrated, he clearly wasn’t eating or drinking, they did nothing. NO ONE from All Paws has called us to check on our dogs. Not to see if they were diagnosed with anything that could potentially be passed on to other people’s pets that are boarded there. Not to see if my dogs were ok. Not to see if my dogs lived or died. Not only is this hurtful, it’s unacceptable and truly just inhumane. Do not trust this place with any living thing you care about because they do not care about your pet.

Kristal Pons

4 years ago

The only place I trust to leave my pets

music Ellis

4 years ago

They always have an opening and they are always friendly!!!

Nancey Jones

4 years ago

Edited: Our dogs love it here and you can't beat their prices!

robin myers

4 years ago

This is a awesome facility. It's located close to where I live. I don't worry when I leave my dogs here. I know they get structured walks 3 times a day. They have a kennel run. Knowing the staff makes me feel so much more comfortable. I get what clients go through when they have to leave their dogs.

Taylor Layne-Grzybowski

4 years ago

I am very pleased that I came across a boarding facility like All Paws Pet Kennel. I have never had to board my dogs while I’ve been away on vacation before. However, I am newer to the Gainesville area and had no one close enough that I trust to look after them. I own two BIG rescue dogs; a 2.5 year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bo, and a 1.5 year old female Great Dane/Shepard mix, Lola; Both whom have not been away from me for more than a day since I’ve adopted them. I had no idea how they would react to being left at an unfamiliar place and to say I was extremely nervous to drop them off would be an understatement... The staff at the front desk were extremely understanding and reassured me that they would be in great hands and even let me walk in the back to say goodbye before I left. Throughout my 6-day vacation, I called All Paws Kennel at least 3 separate times to check in and each time I received a full update on how they were adapting and their daily routines/behaviors. When I picked them up this afternoon, the owner, Phil, greeted me at the door and personally went back and brought Bo and Lola out to me. He took the time to tell me how each of them did and seemed to really care about all the dogs in his facility. I am VERY happy that my pups where taken such good care of! I love supporting small family owned business’ like All Paws Pet Kennel and will definitely be bringing them back for future stays! Thanks again!!


4 years ago

Do not trust this place. They take no responsibility for their actions. Your fur babies will be Lethargic and dehydrated when they come back to you.????

David Cooper

5 years ago

Loved it, pets loved it. Will be back!!!

Caralyn Jelen

5 years ago

Brought my cat here when I went out of town for a few days and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They also have great prices!

Jimmy Yang

5 years ago

Excellent service and facilities for a great price. My dog stayed for 12 days and came out happy. Will definitely come again.

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