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Ruth Leppek

2 years ago

Wonderful staff...made my pet feel very comfortable...would definitely reccomend. Bub

Makayla Episcop

2 years ago

Terrible experience! Dr. Skov is just there for a pay check and could care less about your animal unless it needs a basic check up! Told me to come in knowing that he had no knowledge about my situation and still charged me..and took 2 days to read me blood results when my cat was highlighter yellow from jaundice which means he should of been sent to the emergency hospital that day..then after surgery he wouldn’t even look at my cats incision to clean it because he wasn’t comfortable doing so… after being a vet for 20 years….. and still charged me… wouldn’t recommend him to anyone.

Colton Cason

2 years ago

I do not leave bad reviews often but I have an experience that I think needs shared. Back in June of 2021 I brought my 3 year old dog, Oakley in for limping and not waiting to put any weight on his paws. It came out of no where and it was very concerning. The vet felt around and felt as though it was a strained muscle. At that time the vet felt as though no X-ray was necessary. We were given some medication and were told we would be followed up with in a week. Dunning this week Oakley's activity was greatly reduced and he just relaxed all day. When the follow up came around he was still limping but not as bad, a second prescription was filled. I was told I would get another call the following week to see what progress we had made. I never got a follow up call, however he quit limping and life returned to normal. Fast forward to October 2021 the limp comes back and it is worse than ever. We make an appointment and at this appointment we explain everything that has happened and his activity levels the last couple months etc. The vet does a VERY QUICK half down check up on Oakley and his leg and gives him a steroid shot and some to take home. AGAIN at that time the vet felt as though no X-ray was necessary. He told us Oakley would be walking normally in a couple days. The next day Oakley rapidly declined, we called the vet Friday morning. We were told that there is no vet in on Fridays but the receptionist would take a note and let them know Saturday. This is unacceptable, Oakley was seen by them the day before and he declined over night. The vet should've been called and made aware of the decline and advise us as to what to do. I was able to get Oakley into a different vet where they did blood work, took X-rays and did a full thorough examination of his whole body. When the X-rays came back it showed that Oakley has osteosarcoma. If San Carlos would've taken the time to actually do a thorough examination they could've properly taken care of Oakley. In my option you failed my dog and the Oath you take as a veterinarian. I also think think this a great case of malpractice. I received no apologies or condenses from San Carlos- not that I am due one. In short, there are better veterinarians in the area. Make a better choice for you and your pet.

Helena Uber-Wamble

2 years ago

Wonderful service...wonderful staff and vet. Thank you for taking care of my Search and Rescue pup

Lana Nguyen

2 years ago

They’re so kind and friendly here. The staff are so sweet and patient with us. I love it here :)

Jessica Interlandi

2 years ago

Great prices and friendly caring staff

Carola H.

2 years ago

Super friendly and caring staff. Very knowledgeable vet who is willing to take the time to answer all questions. Very fair prices. Modern diagnostics, treatment and payment. Can't recommended enough. Best in the neighborhood.

therissa landis

2 years ago

my animals have been going here for years very good and kind people my only issue is they do not always have a doctor on call or on hand my second time in an emergency situation doctor was not there or coming in later I personally did not like the grooming but that's my personal View

Pam Walling

2 years ago

We are always pleased with them. Very caring staff.

Kyla Burnette

3 years ago

Excellent staff. Very friendly and attentive

Barry Paul

3 years ago

Well established veterinarian open 6 days a week. Dr Skov has been in practice for over 40 years in SW Florida now. Full service, nice staff!

Matt Zhao

3 years ago

We scheduled our first appointment and were very happy. The doctor took his time to explain everything and we never felt rushed. We are so pleased we found this place.????????????????

Jose Barrozo

3 years ago

Great Pet Care for my Dog for Years.

Eileen Joyce

3 years ago

Great Vet - Dr Scov. Spent so muc timr with me and my sick doggie. Fabulous staff that are so smart and kind.

Carol Crosbie

3 years ago

My dog always feels welcome. The staff and Dr treats the whole family with respect. They will be our forever vet hospital.

Jeff Wyrich

3 years ago

Most helpful and caring. Took a stray there, they read the chip, called the owner, and we're instrumental in reuniting puppy with owner, all with great attitude and dedication. These guys rock!!!

Theresa Jobe

3 years ago

Wonderful office of helpful people!!

Brad Ackerman

3 years ago

Dr. Skov is trustworthy. He has a very pleasant staff as well

Patricia Bykowski

3 years ago

We are here from northwestern Illinois for an extended stay. Our 15 yr old dachshund's health issues were getting worse. The doctors and staff were so caring and helpful when it was time to say goodbye to our beloved pet. And technician Cat was wonderful to us. Highly recommend this clinic.

Brandon Paci

3 years ago

Very experienced and family oriented staffing

candie Rose

3 years ago

They are so sweet here and really want the best for your pet! My cat needed two teeth pulled and they explained it to me in a way that helped me understand the procedure and the cost. The only vet I go to! ????

Cory Williams

3 years ago

Friendly, compassionate, helpful staff. Their prices are reasonable and comparable to other vets in the area.

Dawn Dobbertin

3 years ago

Very carring Vet office. Ive been going for years.

J Kitzinger

3 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this clinic! Dr. Skov is the best! The staff always remembers my dogs names and makes me feel so comfortable walking in the door. Feels more family style vs hospital setting. Not one of my 3 dogs hesitate to walk happily in the door - the last vet we went to was a drag fest! That alone tells me my babies are happy there. Happy dogs = happy mom!

James rotz

3 years ago

Great staff, great Dr's.. highly recommended.

Julia Long

3 years ago

I recently relocated from Illinois to Florida and took our 8 year old dog to this practice. This was the worst experience I have ever had a a vet short of having to say goodbye to a furry family member. I was uncomfortable from first stepping into the practice. I was greeted with are you Mrs. so-in-so? I said yes and the person that was vacuuming said we have been waiting for you for a long time. I asked how so as my appointment was at 5:00 pm and she replied that we were expecting you at 4:30. I apologized if there was a miscommunication about the appointment time (which I was certain there was not) and asked if it would be necessary to reschedule our appointment. I was advised that she would check with the vet and was advised that the vet would see us. We were put into a room where a very sweet elderly vet tech greeted us. She tried to reach out to our dog who was very scared and nervous. The vet came in and requested that she was placed on the exam table and I lifted her up, and was then chastised for not exercising social distancing. The elderly vet tech attempted to restrain my distressed dog while I was told by the vet to social distance. (At my vet in Illinois I was always allowed to hold my girl’s head and talk to her while she was being examined which kept her calm. After a few seconds of struggling she almost fell off the table and the vet asked the vet tech if she could handle her because she didn’t want that to happen again. The vet called in a young woman and instructed her to hold my dog’s front end while the elderly vet tech held her back end. The young woman stood there like a deer in the headlights while my dog wriggled out of her muzzle and allegedly bit the vet. She had never bitten anyone in her 8 years of existence. Everyone left the room and left me open mouthed with my dog. The vet came in an accused me of not being current on her rabies vaccination which was soon dispelled by our vet in Illinois. Then I was advised that they would accept her as a patient but would need to anesthetize her for further care. We will not be returning to this practice who bemusingly has signs posted in their exam room that they will handle the animals because they are experienced! And they charged me $65 for terrorizing my dog who expelled her anal glands in the car in the way home!

Justin Henkel

3 years ago

I took my dog to this vet for over 7 years. When I first started going there I was very pleased. The staff was friendly and helpful. The veterinarians were hit or miss. Skov seemed like a good vet, although not the most personable person. They used to have a Dr. Huff who I absolutely loved, but unfortunately he's been gone a few years. Wish I knew where he went. Fast forward to 2020. I brought my dog in for a vet visit in April. He had developed a spot on his chest that was very concerning to me. I did the classic Google search and found it most likely to be a mast cell tumor. He also had several other lumps that had sprung up in the 4 months since his last visit. The vets office was very standoffish towards me coming inside personally for my visit(presumably because of the horrifying covid virus that you have a 99% chance of surviving). My dog is a bit of a psycho and doesn't do well at the vet, especially without me. After spending an hour after my appointment time waiting in an exam room, Dr.Skov came in, looked at the spot for a few secs and suggested we remove it just to be safe. Fine, im game. Youre the vet.'s the thing. I was then told they arent staffed well enough due to staff being afraid of covid and not working at the moment to do surgery right now, and that I would receive a phone call when they were able to get that going. Come December I still had not heard from them. My girlfriend called to see if they were going to be doing surgery any time soon because he was due for his yearly soon, and surprise surprise, they were already doing surgery again. I dont know how long, but that means my dog was simply forgotten about. After 7 years of my business, thats simply unacceptable. I was also told id have to pay for another vet visit to have him examined again before a surgery can be scheduled. So now I'm paying for 2 appointments to look at the same lump. I found a new vet. I brought him in and immediately the vet recognized it as a mast cell tumor. They didn't charge me the appointment to just look at it and immediately scheduled a surgery time. My dog has had a cancerous lump for 8 months longer than necessary because this place simply didn't care. I'm only hopeful that waiting an extra 8 months doesn't mean my dogs life span will be cut short because of this place, or have more health issues from it. If so I will do everything possible to make sure everyone hears this story. Edit 1: My dogs biopsy results came back. Grade 2 MCT. Had this been taken care of properly by Dr.Skov, my dog would have a lot better chance of this not spreading.

Kai Zeyher

3 years ago

A+ experience clearly a group of people who love their jobs, and love your pet. Honestly it had been years since my dog saw a vet (he just never got sick or anything). As a result there was a lot of things that had to be taken care of. I was feeling guilty and was expecting a talking to about keeping up with the normal vet visits. None of that, which was nice.

liz foster

3 years ago

Got my little dog's diabetes under control.

Nick FL

3 years ago

First time dog owner but I have absolutely zero complaints about the service here. The staff is SO amazingly helpful and understanding! The doctor is a great guy and they just know how to work with animals very well. I highly recommend them to anyone!

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