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Ashley Weikle

2 years ago

Drove from the Sarasota area to see the vet there and was worth the drive. He talked to me multiple times to answer all my questions. The staff there was nothing but professional and kind. They stayed in touch with me the entire time while I was waiting for my pet, great communication which I appreciated.

Mary Riether

2 years ago

Our experience with everyone was exceptional…the entire staff was knowledgeable and compassionate. Our cat Torre had severe periodontal disease. He needed to have his remaining teeth extracted. When they placed him under anesthesia, the called and let us know…30 minutes later the doctor called and discussed his findings and discussed recommendations…the next phone call was to let us know he was in recovery and doing well! We didn’t have to wait and wonder how things were going. When we picked him up the doctor spent time with us showing pictures of his diseased teeth and reviewed the entire procedure. We got a complete written report with before and after pictures from the surgery. This was better communication than from my own doctors! We highly recommend this group…and a special “shout out” to Summer…exceptional customer service…she’s an asset to the practice!

Yanet Valdes

2 years ago

Excellent specialized care. My pet is very small with a wide range of medical history and problems. Dr. Gingerich did phenomenal dental work and Dr.Boruta customized her anesthetic plan based on her needs.

Jackie W.

2 years ago

About 2 months ago we took our 15 year old yorkie to have dental work done which involved pulling some teeth. We waited until our dog had fully recovered to rate our experience. If I could give more than 5 stars I would because the staff and doctor were so wonderful! They were professional, courteous, thorough, and caring. They were very gentle with our dog and he recovered quite quickly. The Pet Dental Center is our third vet dentist that we have been to and in my opinion have been the absolute best.

Ducky Duckster

2 years ago

I brought my cat to Dr. Gingerich a couple of months ago for a complete extraction of every single one of his teeth. At the time I was struggling financially, and I was terrified that Pet Dental Center was going to be a rip-off and leave me in horrendous debt. This was, ultimately, a misplaced fear. I was given an estimate between ~2.5k and ~4k dollars for his appointment, and I was entirely prepared to come in after his surgery and find that it had gone terribly and they were charging me way more than estimated, but Dr. Gingerich is a miracle worker. He charges by how long it takes to remove whatever teeth he needs to remove, so I can only assume that he just had to tickle my cat's teeth out of his mouth because my bill after the fact was right on the 2.5k mark, if not somehow lower. Moreover, the surgery was a wild success and my cat has healed completely. He's much, much happier than he was before--it's like having a kitten again. I'm very grateful to Dr. Gingerich, as well as his staff, and I can't recommend them enough. My cat's consultation and surgery all happened within the span of a day, since I live across Florida, so it's extremely convenient as well as affordable. I can't recommend them enough.

David Dishauzi

2 years ago

We have been utilizing Dr. Gingerich for our dog's oral health with complete confidence in his services. He and his staff are professional, friendly, and answer all the questions that one may have. I highly recommend Pet Dental Center for your all your pet's dental needs.

John Fatigati

2 years ago

An amazing experience from consultation all the way though my dog's surgery. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Amy Modglin

2 years ago

Where do I even start? Pet Dental Center (specifically Summer) saved my son’s life. He came in with some tooth pain and she felt something was off and ran a blood test which ultimately led us to his diagnosis of lymphoma. He battled for 9 months and finally got his teeth out today. Summer went over above and beyond to make sure Scupper was ready to go have his surgery. She even came in early to see him on his day of surgery. Everyone in the office is so sweet, so loving and unbelievably professional! Dr. G is a consummate professional. He had my son under anesthesia for less than an hour! I got several calls during the procedure keeping me updated. Thank you Carly for providing outstanding anesthesia care. Thank you Ashton for your beautiful personality and the empathy you show to patients. Thank you Dr. G for taking such good care of Scupper. Thank you Summer for saving Scupper’s life. There’s nowhere else I would trust for dental care than Pet Dental Center. If I could give a trillion stars I would. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


2 years ago

Dr. Gingerich recently extracted several teeth from our cat Bradley. The procedure and post surgical recovery went very smoothly from start to finish. Dr. Gingerich is awesome. He and his staff are top notch. They work well as a team and their care and support was very comforting to us. Dr. G. is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and very personable and easy to talk to. He thorougly explains things so that one understands what the procedure will be like before and after. We can't thank him and his staff enough for everything they have done. They were alway there for us when we had questions. Love to all of you -- Danielle, Ashton, Summer, Lily, Amber, Jessica, Carlee and anyone we may have missed. Your dedicatoon to care of our pets is admirable.

Matt Cleveland

2 years ago

Pet dental center is the best they love the clients and treat the pets as their own

Pamela Hasselbarth

2 years ago

My poor westie had terrible teeth. I was referred to the pet dental center by my current veterinarian. After having a consultation with Dr. Gingrich we decided th em best course of action was complete extraction of all of his rotten teeth. Professional, courteous, and caring. Could not be more pleased with the outcome. Our dog is so much happier now. Would rate 10 stars if I could!!! Thank you to everyone at The Pet Dental Center!!!

Glen Chriss

2 years ago

The staff and vet was very friendly and helpful and informational.

Leslie Taylor

2 years ago

Dr. Gingerich and his team are incredible! Your pets are in loving and qualified care!

Robert Elmers

2 years ago

They know what they are doing! The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor I dealt with also extremely knowledgeable and took the time to talk with me, explain everything, made recommendations and then followed my decision. I also liked the fact that at every turn in the surgery and recovery, they called and explained what was happening and what to expect next. The prices are costly but it's to be expected as they are a speciality service.

Laura C

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with canine oral surgery for our pet. Dr. Gingerich and his staff are very professional and tech current, providing amazing personal attention as well as access to digital imaging records and surgical reports. Dr. Gingerich has excellent bedside manner and we felt very confident leaving our pet in his hands. The response time from his staff is excellent and their scheduled calls throughout the procedure day are timely and informative; we always knew what was happening during that time. We were very happy with our pre-surgical and day-of visits to this beautiful, clean and happy place. The staff is always attentive and expecting the clients as they arrive. We highly recommend Pet Dental Center and Dr. Gingerich.

James Merrick

2 years ago

Great care for our two dachshunds, although I've sent enough money to put them through MIT.

Fehnryr Novak

2 years ago

I've had several pet health emergencies this month (comes with having 5 cats and a special needs dog) so I have been in and out of several vet places and juggling appointments for weeks. Pet Dental Center was hands down the absolute easiest and best to work with, and I was genuinely blown away by how amazing and kind everyone was. These people love animals and it really shows. They are also incredibly thorough and professional about explaining everything in detail and answering all of my questions, which was a huge relief after weeks of fighting for basic communication with other vets. Thank you all so much <3 and thank you from Misha, who is enjoying all of the crunchy things pain free now <3

Nicole Santiago

3 years ago

$145 for consultation. This seems inhumane.

Alina Lina

3 years ago

My 13 years old girl received top notch care from Pet Dental Center team. Everything went really well and she is recovering beautifully. Manzana has had quite few anaesthetic procedures in her life but this one was definitely one of the best ones. The recovery went smoothly and painless. She slept through the night like a baby, no crying, shaking or whinging. I am beyond grateful to the team for taking care of her, she is an old grumpy lady with personality. Shout out to Dr. Gingerich , Carlee and Summer.


3 years ago

Wonderful people. Had no idea how pricey pet dentistry is.

Kimberly Batley

3 years ago

The staff in Pet Dental Center in Estero FL is the most cold hearted, self absorbed and greedy staff that they don't even deserve one star.  My dog needed a special surgical procceedure that only this center is able to perform in my area and wow...they totally take advantage of this situation. They are the one of the three all in FL to do this special proceedure on dogs. On the first consulation appointment they gave us the final price of the entire procedure on my dog. It was expensive as much of a couple grands but our dog had to get it done. That didn't upset me. I felt taking advantage of but understood.  My husband and I saved on the higher end and within a few short months we were ready to go ahead with our dog's surgery.  On the next appointment, covid happened and I had to stay out in my car while a staff took my dog into the medical office.  I understood, covid safety and un needed crowds. In that appointment , the staff thew me a bill that they added another  extensive  grands to the initial price.  They also wanted  me to pay the amont of 150.00 of me sitting out in the car for this appointment.  Right there, I learned any interaction that you will have with this center  staff they will charge you an extensive amount of money, even  a phone call.  I was heartbroken and devastated  that they wanted this astonishing amount of money and they continue to keep adding up my bill but my dog needed this proceedure  done so we still went ahead.  This is when I got the most upset... On the day of the procedure, my husband took our dog because I had to start work really early.  A staff literally verbally informed my husband that in the last appointment, I was so upset with the outcome of the visit and the staff needed counseling.  What professional company would actually say that to the customer to make the customer feel worse, that because of the customer, they need to talk to a counselor because of the companies bad customer service and their greediness.  Why would a company make there  customers feel worse about the situation and themselves because they are insensitive, cold hearted  and greedy.  My husband dropped our dog around 8-9 am for the surgery and my husbsnd heard nothing.  He had to actually call the center in the mid afternoon for a update on our dog.  This company does the actual job well but it  shows very well that it is just a job for them .  If you are looking for a caring professionals that have love and warmth to provide to there community, this is definetly not the place. Fyi: I am just reading the negative  reviews on this place and it is funny how the owner  replys making the reviewers look like we are lying.  There is a reason we are taking some time in our busy schedule to write a review on how heartless your complany is.  Instead of yourself look worse by arguing, why don't the owners just apologize and strieve to be better.  What classy complany argues with the customers? I think we all can agree that a bad review is because it is well deserved. STAY AWAY!

Alexandra DiCicco

3 years ago

I can’t say enough nice things about the experience I had at this practice. I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the entire team from receptionist to doctor. Extremely thorough diagnosis and plan of action for my young cat with severe stomatitis. Even during contactless times with COVID-19 I felt comfortable through the entire process of this major surgery. Everything was broken down step by step (all costs and procedures). Best of the best!

Deb Lamberti

3 years ago

My dog has health issues and I would not trust anyone else to treat her dental needs

Jacqueline Davila

3 years ago

I initially went for a consult on April of 2020 for my 3 year old dog. They gave me an estimate between 800-1700. I never moved forward with the cleaning as COVID got worse. I called to set him up for the cleaning in November and the lady on the phone said he needed another appointment to draw blood and check him to make sure he’s ok for surgery. I went on that appointment and they gave me the same estimate. Scheduling was a nightmare, they would schedule me for a day and when I showed up they said I wasn’t scheduled. The office staff was nice over the phone but not very competent. I decided to overlook all this as this place has such great reviews. On the date of the procedure the lady, Danielle, was going over what to expect etc. Then she gets to the part of “I will be reducing the bill as our technician will be doing the anesthesia and not Dr Boruta. Your range will be 1100-2200”. Long story short the lady came outside and said they made a mistake on the estimate, as we were going over it. She said prices went up from March to November. I told her, their mistake shouldn’t be mine. They were also trying to charge me for a 3D X-ray (which is typically used for severe cases. My dog has periodontal stage 1 disease (minimal). The lady went to meet with the head practitioner and when she came back, she said I can either drop him off or take him, she cannot correct anything, that I won’t get refunded for my deposit as it wasn’t done in 48 hours. At time of pick up they said were extremely rude. I know this place is highly recommended by others but I would say their service has declined significantly, they condescending and rude. I feel they increased their prices due to COVID, it wasn’t even from one year to the next. I would strongly recommend to take your dog somewhere else. Since I am not able to reply to the business reply, I edited the review. What I stated is the truth. My dog was seen 7 months after the first appointment. My dog’s periodontal disease was Stage 1. No loss of teeth, very little loss bone on two back teeth, which is normal. Again, it was a very disappointing experience. I can understand why the practice doesn’t like my review, I wouldn’t either. Reviews are to help customers and make businesses accountable and should be taken as constructive criticism. Regardless, I believe my situation won’t be the only one, there will be more reviews.

Kathy Acker

3 years ago

Very efficient and friendly staff. Some of the nicest people who truly love animals. Not inexpensive but well worth the money.

kathy friday

3 years ago

I adore the staff at Pet Dental Center. Dr Gingerich and his associates are top notch. They were terrific with my small Maltese Zachary. Thanks to all!

Lisa Reddish

3 years ago

The staff at Pet Dental Center is incredibly kind, efficient, knowledgeable and SO caring! Our yorkie, Beckett, has had a couple visits with Dr. Gingerich and I couldn’t be more impressed and grateful for their care. Thank You! ????????????

Stephanie K

3 years ago

I had already spoken to the manager(who was very nice and understanding) about my experience a few months back and I will never recommend this place to anyone. You can't request a doctor (who you were referred to see in the first place) and you won't find out about that until after the procedure is done. We had requested a board certified surgeon and even confirmed that's who I was going to get, come to find out that's not what happened at all and that's just the shortened version of our experience. I'll make the drive to Tampa or Sarasota to find a board certified dentist for my other cats if they need one.


4 years ago

Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. They thoroughly explain everything and all the options you have to moving forward with any procedures. You can tell the doctors and every employee genuinely cares about all the animals that come in. Thank you

Susan Heron-Brown

4 years ago

I had my little dog Dory scheduled for a dental at my vets office. She was supposed to have her two front k-nine teeth out. When I arrived for my appointment my vet told me that for just a little more $$ Dr.Gingrich could help her by saving …

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