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Braden Silverman

a year ago

They do a great job consistently. Drop off and pick up are a breeze and prices are fair.

Mallory Lynch

a year ago

My dog, Dottie, has been going here for over a year. She has done over night boarding for a few days and day care. I've never had any issues since she has been there. Dottie is always excited to go there and hasn't shown any restraint when going. When it comes to the sanitation, there are a lot of dogs altogether playing so I expect her to come back a little dirty - they are dogs. She has come back with some bumps and scratches but again, they are dogs and they play and rough house. I haven't seen anything of concern. The staff is always accommodating for me and not ever girl I speak with is rainbows and sunshine. Some of the girls could be nicer and more friendly but again, it's not a big deal to me. Nancy is always super nice and helpful. I spoke with the owner once and I had a completely different experience than the others. She was very nice and friendly. I felt she really loved her job. She was very accommodating to Dottie as well. It's just like taking your kid to day care. They're going to get dirty sometimes. They're going to come home with colds. Same concept with doggie day care but amplified bc they are dogs!

Michael Smith

a year ago

My dog loves it there. Daycare and boarding. Very good price friendly staff.

Beverly Pizzano

2 years ago

My 2 dogs didn't want to come home with us after staying there!

Ashley Caraballo

2 years ago

Staff is great, you can tell they truly love dogs and my pup always comes home happy. They have a huge yard and my dog loves to be outside running around. I appreciate the way they separate the dogs by size since my small doggie is very shy around the bigger pups

Alicia Gray

2 years ago

never never use this business if you care about your dog(s) 1. several dogs are put in a small room with no human supervision 2. dogs are all fed in close proximity to each other which is a fight waiting to happen 3. they overbook and take aggressive dogs 4. dogs have escaped the outdoor potty yard and reached busy Belcher rd. 5. dogs have been attacked so bad they were hanging on to their life and the owner refused to pay any medical bills 6. one dog drank out of the mop bucket and was poisoned by fabuloso 7. i worked there for 2 days!!!!! I've seen what happens here first handedly what made me decide to quit was the second day 2 large daycare dogs got into a fight and the shepherd had a puncture wounds and the manager said "I hope the owner doesn't notice" NOT OKAY

Sarah Foley

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly and welcoming!! The building is so cute and all the dogs seems very happy and comfortable inside! I would definitely recommend this place to board a dog! ????????

Abbie Cartier

2 years ago

We sent our very skittish big dog and elderly small dog to precious pets while we went on a trip. I felt very comfortable knowing that they were in a well maintained facility and that they were very well taken care of, we got daily updates and cute pictures of them while we were away. When we picked them up we got a neat little report card. BEST SLEEPOVER EVER!

Brittany Dominguez

2 years ago

My dog has been to several daycares and never left a place looking like this. He’s FILTHY and reeks of urine like he was laying in it for hours. I am genuinely concerned for the sanitary conditions of this establishment and the health and safety of the dogs. He’s also full of energy when he normally sleeps after a couple hours at the park so I don’t know what he was doing all day. I brought him to precious pets because of all the great reviews and I don’t EVER write negative ones but I couldn’t let this go. I was truly appalled.

Christina Creamer

2 years ago

To the owner I saw your response to Katie about her not getting a job & being the disrespectful one. That was really rude of you as an owner you don’t stoop that low. I hope you go out of business.

Tom P

2 years ago

Connie and I have been using this business and facility exclusively since 2014. Our dogs love it and “go crazy” when they get here! “Aren’t you gone yet, Mom and Dad?!” We have a 55# male and a 4# female and wouldn’t trust any other business with our “kids”. The staff, on duty 24/7/365, are the best available anywhere...their demeanor and professionalism are “tops”....a true testament to the dedicated owner and her husband who are always there and always available. Once you use them will never want to go anywhere else! (And, “no” they are not relatives or business associates!)

Robert Rygiel

2 years ago

Excellent place for your let, no worries

Robert Barker

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dogs to Precious Pets for over 10 years and have always been very happy with the care they have received. The owner and staff have always been friendly and helpful and seemed to really like the dogs. But, most importantly, the dogs loved it there. Prior to the pandemic, I traveled frequently, often for periods of a week or more, and my dog always seemed comfortable and happy in my absence. After my old dog died earlier this year, I was adopted by a pit bull mix who was people-friendly but not very dog-friendly. I was afraid that daycare and/or boarding were going to be a problem, but the folks at Precious Pets carefully introduced her to appropriate dogs and she developed a play relationship with many. She is now a regular there a couple times a week and is happy and excited every time she goes. The people there really seem to understand different dogs and are willing and able to accommodate the differences.

Kelli Cohen

2 years ago

Thankfully, my trip was cut short and I picked up my puppy early today. When I brought her home she had scratches all over her belly. It’s not one scratch it’s several. Do NOT trust your baby with this daycare.


2 years ago

Save your dog and money. The owner is the most DISREPECTFUL and RUDE women I have ever met!!! Here's a WARNING if you ever have a conversation with her prepare to be talked down.

dj mulesky

2 years ago

I am writing this review to tell you how amazing Precious Pets Luxury Dog Resort & Doggie Daycare is. First the staff and owner makes you feel like a family member will be taking care of your dog. I have two dogs one young and one old and they care for them both the same. Second they have a huge backyard for dogs to run and run and run, my younger dog loves to just run and play. But there is still room for my old dog to just lay down and sun themselves. Third they actual have separate rooms for the dogs to sleep in grouped by size, age and temperament. It is all really thought out. Four the staff and owner is wonderful. I know I mentioned this as number 1 but they are all really amazing. I have been using this resort for years now. I live in Port Richey and travel the 21 miles to Dunedin because I want family to watch over my “precious pets”!


2 years ago

Post this review not so much about the daycare, just my awful experience with the owner when I was interview there. The owner, she go through every detail about me, however, lots of them are not even legal. For example, “ Are you married? Do you need take care a baby? What time is your husband go work? You don’t have driver license how do you get here? many personal questions made me very uncomfortable, however back then I truly need some working experience, not even for money, and I answered her all the questions. She asked: “Do you have working experience? (I was an international student so I don’t have working experience in the us before, but I worked as paid-intern in college, she is definitely putting a hard time on me).” I said no. She keep asking me: “Are you an US citizen? Do you have Green card?” Which is illegal and made me very uncomfortable, I finally showed her my work permit. She told me “you don’t have any working experience, so I need to pay people to train you. If you don’t work, and I lost money.” She just used couple sentences to make me feel I am a terrible person, in order to kill my self confidence and gladly accept her low payment. I think I could use a term to describe her behavior: pick up artist. She is definitely a great Job PUA, just let other people to look their weakness and ignore what they are good with. Kill other peoples self confidence and work for her for low payments...don’t send your dog to her place, she has a awful heart.

Mary Vaughn

2 years ago

I left my catahoula here for three days while I was on a trip, I was nervous because he had never stayed overnight before. The people were awesome, they made sure he stayed with dogs his own size and gave me a report when I called to ask how he was doing. My pup loved it so much he didn't want to leave! He was so worn out from playing he slept most of the day he came home. Everyone was nice and the prices are affordable, I'll definitely be visiting again.

Elizabeth Allison

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog Zoey here since I’m on vacation for the week. They have been the most sweetest, kind and caring people to watch after your dogs! My dog comes home every night just to lay down. She’s a blue healer/red bone coonhound mix so she NEVER gets tired. Here she runs all day with the dogs and she’s ready for bed when we get home. These people are amazing and take great care of your pets! Only place I would trust in Florida!

Damaris Foss

3 years ago

Amazing staff super clean and my boy loves them!

Herb Lewin

3 years ago

King has been a couple of times, and I can tell he really likes it. He’s tired when he gets home, so I know he had fun playing all day..,

Richard Ziegler

3 years ago

Douggie loves coming here every day! He plays all day and is ready for couch time when I get him home. The staff is wonderful, always prompt and attentive. I am so happy they are here. Never a problem, never disappointed.

Todd Neuman

3 years ago

The Staff At Precious Pets aways takes excellent care of my dog Yankee . They are cage free. We Feel Very Comfortable Leaving Yankee There Because He Gets The Best Care, He Loves To Hang Out With His Other Friends. Zoe ,the staff do a excellent job .Thank You For The Great Services .From Todd, Marcella Neuman.

Linda Marchionni

4 years ago

The best place for your dog.

Jla La

4 years ago

Everyone was pleasant and doggy seemed to like it. Open space with toys for doggies to play. Only thing I didn't like is that when you come in the doggies are kept upstairs and out of sight so you don't know how it looks. Other than that it was good and doggy seemed happy!

Kim Dobruck

4 years ago

I was very anxious about leaving my dog but they took really good care of her and sent pictures to ease my mind

Linda Laguna

4 years ago

I tried to delete these stars and couldn’t. This has become z very dangerous place. In the past it wasn’t. However the manager was fired and replaced by a girl with no experience, in addition the owner is never there. The dogs are not watched. My dog was put into a back room with 4 other dogs. They forgot he was back there the owner admitted she was at fault however refused to pay any of my vet bill which was $900.00. He was sutured and had a drain. He is 50 pounds and strong, they couldn’t tell me what happened because they put dogs in rooms and leave them unattended. Insist on seeing the way back rooms that they don’t show you on a tour. It’s just a matter of time before a dog is fatally injured. If you love your dog DO NOT SEND THEM here. There are several reputable daycares in the area this is not one of them.

arielle ricotta

4 years ago

Great hours. But my dog got kennel cough and oral warts (which need to be surgically removed) from here. Also, one day had diarrhea and no one told me until the next day that was happening.

Maram Biumy

4 years ago

Best pet hotel ever, love taking my dogs there like it’s their second home. Just noticed that they put up a picture of my Lab Retriever *Marley* and he looks so happy. Definitely recommend this place, it’s very safe to keep your pets there and they will have the best time ever!!

Rosemarie Curcio

4 years ago

I love this place... they don't crate the dogs. They stay in small groups in each suite. My 6 pound Chihuahua who can't be boarded anywhere had a wonderful time here! We also have a 45 lb mixed breed and he had a great time also. The staff really gets to know your dogs! they both came home happy and exhausted after 5 days of fun with their friends. We will always bring our babies here!

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