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Ray Diaz

2 years ago

Fair Prices & Great Vet's who take great care of my pet

Patrick Nugent

2 years ago

Dr. Martell and Assistant Manager Yesenia are after your money and not yours pets care at heart! I went into the office today November 16th, 2021 because my dog had an ear infection. On November 15th, Banfield charge me for two medication $174 dollars. I have the Banfield insurance plan in which I get charged 54 dollars every month. Dr. Martell told me that he wanted to check inside my dogs ear to see if his ear drum was perforated and to clean his ear. They would have to sedate him so that would be an extra charge plus the medication that come with it. I got a rough estimate by Dr. Martell around the price of $150 dollars. I went this morning (November 16th, 2021 at 8:52am) and spoke with Yesenia that the procedure and antibiotics would come out to be $290 dollars (VERY BIG DIFFERENCE). I ask why and she explained the different "extra charges" then, Yesenia explained to me that if I upgraded my insurance to the next level which included dental was only $10 dollars more and would waive the fee of sedation for my dog that runs $164.94. I accepted the change of plans and even decided to renew it for next year. When I got there after the procedure, she made an entire story about how she was telling me the insurance was for next year and not for now. THEY CHARGED ME 500 DOLLARS FOR AN EAR INFECTION AND WITH INSURANCE*** INSURANCE*** The reason why I'm writing all of this is so that whoever wants to take their dog or cats to them realizes the major mistake of taking them here!! These people careless about your pets and will RUN WITH YOUR MONEY! I am disgusted, honest truth!

Augusto Rodri

2 years ago

I changed from Pembroke to Doral thinking that I would receive better treatment and attention but today I received the opposite with my pet, they told me that they would not treat my dog ​​because the doctors were very busy so I went to another place to pay $ 300 , for something they could do in 15 minutes. insurance is paid to help you at certain times and this is what you receive in return. they could do better. Like checking her vitals, doing a blood test or something. But I just ended up somewhere else with my little dog. I have begun to look for something better and receive 8 years of constant payment with better care and treatment.

Erika Lopez

2 years ago

im on vacation in Doral from Chicago and unfortunately had to bring my dog here due to illness and this vet was closest to my cousins house. Honestly I had low expectations due to not having had the best experience with a banfield back home but everything was great! Melany the front receptionist was super amazing, very friendly and really tried to help us with our bill. Johnathan, the nurse who was in charge of my dog was awesome at explaining everything and was very kind. Dr Martin was also really great at explaining labs and findings. I really wish we had these people working in Chicago bc I would go simply for them! What a great team, I felt great having them overlook my pup’s care.

Emily Villamil

2 years ago

The line is short and gives equal quality of service if not more than Pet Smart.

Sorangel Gonzalez

2 years ago

very good, the attention was excellent

LUIS BORN (Consulta con Luis)

2 years ago

Maybe could work for some basic stuff, BUT NEVER TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUS HERE! they're not prepared to do advance checking and real good clinical examination, I just ended in another place with my dog under observation.... Thanks✌????.... Now we are checking for a rental failure...

Luz Alfonso

3 years ago

During pandemic I decided to sign my to cats for and plan! Big mistake. NEVER sign for a useless plan. One of my cats passed away and even in pandemic stressful and the sad moments for loosing my 13 year old cat I was told I have to continue paying the plan. The Doctor mentioned everything was fine with my cat and he passed away few days after the visit. He obviously was not fine. My youngest cat developed skin infection that didn’t improve with the formulated shampoo and when asked for the strongest treatment since I noticed his eyelid has the problem, I was asked to wait TWO days until the doctor who saw him comes back. I guess you need to educate your pets what days they can and cannot be sick because they might or might not have a doctor. They recommended me to go to an other hospital or vet to get help? Seriously? They are supposed to be the vets and I have a plan for the cat. NEVER SIGN FOR ANY PLAN! You will have to pay ALL services outside the “plan” They said they give you a discount but if you ask other places prices are the same. It is NOT WORTHY!! and you HAVE TO PAY EVEN IF YOUR PET PASSED AWAY!! Please DO NOT BOTHER answering. I see all apologies for other reviewers. They don’t make sense to me.

carolina rodriguez

3 years ago

This is the absolute worst veterinary you cant every tale your pets. If you want your pet to live dont take them here lol :(

Steff H

3 years ago

Please I beg you DO NOT bring your pets here. My dog was misdiagnosed and discharged home even though her blood work was critically abnormal and we were disregarded and ignored. We were discharged home on antibiotics with a diagnosis of an "infection" but no known source of infection (who does that?). Only to find out 1 week later we needed to put her down because she was in critical condition.... how is that missed by ANYBODY with a "real" veterinarian license. Blows my mind how incompetent people can be. just wow.

Mauricio Portillo

3 years ago

This place lost my pets paperwork including rabies vaccine which I need to travel with. They were suppose to make copies but lost the paperwork and never followed up.

Victoria Marcano

3 years ago

Terrible service, they told me my appointment wasn't made when I was outside and its because they got 2 emergencies and decided to cancel my appointment, and also didn't let me get vitamins my dog has been taking for 3 years and it's in our account history Go to mirramar banfield better, the best service

stephany cutino

3 years ago

Worst place to take your dog

Stavros Stilos

3 years ago

First time visiting and the staff was super friendly, very bubbly, and highly knowledgeable!!

Sarai Morales

3 years ago

Amazing service and care for my pets! I have 3. I was so happy that this location has opened in Doral and want to let you know that all the staff is amazing. Feeling so happy ???? to have their service and I appreciate how they take care of my pets. Doctor ????‍⚕️ take the time to learn what is happening with my pets.

Raul Barrera

3 years ago

My puppy spent two hours inside a crate on her first vet visit today. I dropped her off and after 2 hours they had not done anything on her. When I demanded to have her back they claimed they could not understand her health record and did not know what shots to give her. No phone call. no “we are sorry”. No nothing. They have no idea what they are doing. Awful experience.

Raquel Britto

3 years ago

I just went to check a small bleeding that I already knew the procedure and they tried to overcharge me with a lot of other unnecessary stuff. Fortunately, I am not naive!

Milena Pacheco

3 years ago

The best Veterinarian Hospital and in Doral the only one that have Certified Vets by APHIS. Fast. The personnel GREAT. Thank you

Gabriel Morales

3 years ago

I had a surgery scheduled for my dog and my parents dropped him this morning at 7:30 am and almost at 5pm the Dr. called me to said that surgery was not done. At 5pm. What a unprofessional that they called me without a real solution. The excuse was that they were trying to call to Hialeah location to schedule a surgery there (without my authorization btw) and nobody answer. First: what kind of hospital do not answer the phone (It could be an emergency)? Second: You can not try to schedule a surgery or another process in another location if you don’t ask first for my opinion to see for example that location works for me. But the doctor was at the phone saying: I don’t know what to say. Really? The rest of the staff very nice. But what a dissapoitnment experience. Why the surgery was not possible? Because nobody at the whole hospital was able to set up the catheter. Of course that I’m going to find another place after this.

Francisco Ernesto Minaya

3 years ago

Excellent service and very friendly staff

david a

3 years ago

STEVEN attended me. this place is warmth for your pet . reasonable prices

Carolina Zaccardi Canela

3 years ago

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND READ THIS FOR YOUR PET’S SAKE. I BEG YOU. My experience at this place was terrible. The attention is horrible and the diagnosis was even worse. I went with my nine month dog for swollen mammary glands and without exploring any other possible diagnosis, I was told my dog wouldn’t make it pass the night. Obviously, I was very alarmed and agreed to do everything we could to figure out what was wrong with her. They did a bunch of tests on her, which all came back negative or inconclusive since the vet wasn’t able to properly understand a radiography. I was told to go to an ER because my dog needed more serious medical care that couldn’t be provided at a vet office. Even though they “care about your dog”, they kept me in the room for 3 hours instead of sending me straight to the ER for a recommended possible emergency surgery. I had to finally step out of the room to get someone to discharge us. When I was paying, I had to ask for famous referral for the ER and after I had already left, they called me and I had to come back to pick up some medicines they had forgotten to give me. The way they handled the situation was so out of touch. As a pet owner, hearing a diagnosis like that is devastating on its own. But the staff made it even worse by being so insensitive. The way they were talking about it was so careless and indifferent. If this weren’t enough, the medical examination provided was so vague. As I mentioned, they ordered a bunch of tests and the results were so inconclusive and they didn’t even tried to give me an actual diagnosis. Yet, they sent me to an ER and didn’t hesitate for a second to tell me that she was going to die. Again, without a proper diagnosis or even a close one. I spent over 600 dollars at the vet and went to a different doctor. At the other office, the doctor told me my dog was fine and was having a false pregnancy. In 30 minutes, without any tests or any medicines, West Flagger provided me with the same diagnostic. It took Doral 3 days to give me a final diagnosis, along with blood work, radiography, eco and a possible emergency surgery.

Arver A

3 years ago

This place was quick and efficient as well as friendly. We walked in and were greeted by this bubbly woman who was a breath of fresh air. Our cat will be coming here every time we need a vet. Thank you!

Anddreyna Pena

3 years ago

I called to make an appointment because my dog was not feeling well. They gave an appointment and I arrived on time (1:45 pm). After about an hour I called because I had to dropped him off to see what was going on with him. My dog was in a cage and hadn’t been seen because they were in lunch. Exactly! Why do you give me an appointment ? After that about another hour I called back again and after 20 minutes later a doctor comes and asks me to explain what was wrong with my dog( I had already done). She couldn’t figure it out therefore her best advice was to do a zillion tests, Xrays and so many things that were non sense. She put me on phone with a nurse to approve charge of over $. 1000 I simply said no I am picking up my dog. When I arrived there they wanted me to pay for a “ physical” and I asked them what did the physical included because I didn’t approve any charges, they didn’t do any physical or anything to my dog, they just wanted my money. A lady came out offering a plan and coupon and I told her first and last visit to this place. Please do not leave your pet there THEY DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR PET Look for a place that threat you and your pet with respect.

Allison Castillo

3 years ago

Staff is great. They really love your furr babies

Attilio TV

4 years ago

The employees are super nice the place is new and well organized and clean.The vet was amazing and so was the nurse.not expensive and they treat your dog like angel me and my dog loved the place. 100% recommended by me

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