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Augustin On Demand

2 years ago

Worst vet that I’ve ever been to and the dr that was supposed to give my cat a check up quite literally was so rude and was not helpful at all , my cat was having an anxiety attack from all the sounds and cars while we were leaving so I asked him if we could wait for my ride and he said no even when my cat was making sounds and jumped and him he literally pushed her off him and said no we have to leave .

andre harper

3 years ago

Gentlemen was very rude and nasty I do not recommend anyone going to this office. There a better litteraly down the street in publix plaza the prices maybe good but the cheap experience was a full changer to me. No recommended at all


3 years ago

Dr. Malernee cared for my Chihuahua Charlie Brown for numerous years. Doc has a lot of experience in his field and always recommend what was needed when Charlie was sick. Prices are very affordable especially because he runs the office with just himself. I recommend Dr. Malernee to anyone and will return when I adopt another fury baby.

Mara Bloom

3 years ago

I brought my dogs Buster and Luigi in for their shots Because I just moved into a new apartment and had to have proof of vaccinations. This is often very difficult as Buster is skittish and Luigi can be aggressive towards other dogs so whenever we go to the vet it’s an absolute nightmare. In addition I have found in the past when I go for a simple rabies vaccination somehow they forced me into lots of vaccinations and it’s hundreds of dollars for each dog. Seeing Dr. M was the most pleasurable experience I’ve had at a vet. He met us right in the front room and got down on the floor with my dogs instead of dragging them into a strange room and throwing them up on the table which causes them all kinds of stress. He didn’t push any extra shots on me. He didn’t insist on doing a $60 worm test. He didn’t charge me $75 just to walk in the door He didn’t try to sell me very expensive flea medicine and in fact advised Walmart is the best place to get it cheaply. I found him to be highly intelligent and very kind and most importantly my dogs were totally comfortable with him. I really appreciate having a Doctor Who does not compromise the care of my animals for a couple of hundred dollars. Thank you Doc.

Jeremy Johnson

3 years ago

Brought my two dogs in to Dr. Malernee for dental services. He did a thorough inspection on both of them on a Saturday to help accommodate my coming from out of town. He was friendly and courteous and charged a fair price for services. All of his prices are listed on his website and are very good. He also talked to me directly about the best approaches to my pups’ health. If I lived in the area he would definitely be my regular vet.

Yvette White

4 years ago

I absolutely love the Dr. He has seen my dog from the age of 4weeks old until she died at 14 years old. The puppy Venus is my new doggie. Added picture of Serena who he saw from 4 weeks to 14 years old

Gail Seymour

4 years ago

I was happy from the moment we met! Doc, as he likes to be called, is a friendly, honest, caring and well-read vet, who won't prescribe services or meds unless he feels they're necessary. What that means is less trauma for my dog and less stress on my pocketbook. Doc sits down on the floor with my dog for exams. He makes eye contact, gives lots of rubs, and builds trust. And best of all, he always has time for a good story.

Jorge Acosta

4 years ago

Our pet used to visit Dr. Arthur Malernee, nevertheless today we asked for an emergency appointment and the office is closed. It’s disappointing not to rely on a veterinarian for your pet. I will switch to another practice.

kathleen Zuber

4 years ago

Wonderful and caring. Will definitely continue to take my cats to Dr. Malernee.

Lucy Lyons

4 years ago

My friend's dog was sick last Thursday, vomiting foam & diarrhea. She had to leave for Mexico at 8am so I drove from WPB to Delray to bring her dog to the vet. She made the appointment at 8:00 & stayed in contact with the vet while I was driving there. I get there at 8:15, the vet informs that he operates on a schedule & has rescheduled me for 9:30. Mind you- I'm standing outside with the sick dog in my arms & he says I cannot wait inside, I can wait in my car then shuts & locks the door. I was shocked! Such terrible customer service. I would never bring my pet here based on this experience.

Zachary Mazer

4 years ago

enjoyed the experience very much as the staff was friendly and informative!

Essential Respect

5 years ago

Unprofessional & not caring, does not care about the animal only about the money

Brittany Solensky

5 years ago

They are listed as a 24 hour emergency vet but when I called in an emergency I got an answering service that referred me to West Palm Beach.

Deniz Usta

5 years ago

I have never been here, but I definitely will NOT be going here after the poor customer service I received last night. My 12 year old dog was having breathing problems last night and coughing/hacking to the point where I needed to make an appointment ASAP. Knowing that this hospital is open 24/7 and it is very close to where I live, I called them, hoping they can give me an appointment for the same night. The phone rang 2-3 times and then went to an answering machine where I had to leave a message for someone to CALL me back. Instead, I got a text message from who I'm assuming is the doctor, telling me that his next open appointment is tomorrow morning at 9am. I told him I'll take it, but then I realized by dog was getting worse and worse, so I texted him back asking him his emergency visit rates and he proceeded to tell me to call the emergency phone line of the office (not sure why he couldn't just call me instead of texting me back and forth as if I'm one of his pals). I called the emergency line, no answer- for 15 minutes! I then texted him back and let him know that his "emergency" line wasn't answering and asked if someone could call me instead of texting me. He then gave me ANOTHER emergency line to call. I called, no answer. He texts me the next morning to ask if I am still coming to his 9am appointment. This is not how customer service for a vet's office should be, let alone for EMERGENCIES. If I am calling you, I expect to speak to a human, not receive text messages especially when I just told you that it is now an emergency. Horrible customer service.

Mayra Lara

5 years ago

This might be a one man band vet practice, but Dr Malernee is personable, honest and compassionate. He won't try suction as much money as possible from you. Other vets I've seen just try to find anything to keep adding to the charges. He will honestly offer and do what's best for your pet. Nothing unnecessary.

Robin Barkes

5 years ago

Dr Malernee has been our vet for over 30 years and he is amazing! Completely honest, never over charging or suggesting unnecessary procedures and completely available whenever we need him. I can call him with a question and he returns my call within the hour. I completely trust him and highly recommend him. The best!!!


6 years ago

Don't go here. Has no compassion for people or pets. He is a rude and crude person. I genuinely dislike this so called Vet !!!!!!!!!!

Yohan Playe

6 years ago

Dr Mann. That's all I'm going to say about that. Jessica. That's the only other thing I'm going to say.

Matthew “Kiwi” Gardner

6 years ago

Knows his stuff and one on one consultation. If you don't want your pet put on a bunch of expensive meds that they probably don't need then this place is real!

mary miguel

6 years ago

Amazing vet , very nice gentlemen very nice to my Pomeranian made me feel at home, great experience !! Affordable

Govinda Gonzalez

6 years ago

He's basically the reason my cat died. Don't go here if you are trying to get your pet veterinary help. He's equipment is antiquated and his manner is poor.

Jennifer Urbanek

6 years ago

Best vet I have ever went to. I wish I still lived in Florida. There are no good vets in Louisiana. Irreplaceable. I miss bringing my pets to him. I also wanted to comment about the examination on the floor. The floor is clean and dogs and cats get upset being lifted on a stainless steel table. The vet often examined the animals on his or my lap. Also you must only have little find dogs. Where do you think big dogs are examined? The table is easier in the vet not the pet. Malernee did a delicate surgery on my old 17 year old cat. He saw her cancer was inoperable (in every lobe of liver and in stomach lining). He stayed with her all night. He took biopsies and have them to me in case I wanted to see another vet. But, there was nothing, but palliative care for her. He took care of all palliative care at no cost to me. He kissed the cat the last time he saw her and counseled me after she died. He is a wonderful man. He doesn't even eat meat -that is how much he loves animals. He is sometimes unconventional because not ALL of conventional veterinary medicine is best for the animals. He is a brilliant doctor.

jim franklin

6 years ago

They're liars No 24 hour service

Matt Carroll

6 years ago

I have never met a more grounded and sensible vet. Dr. Marlene has been in business for years. His advice and treatment is evidence based and grounded in research. Prices are reasonable.

Maria Jose Noriega Pedroza

6 years ago

Dont love animals, love money. Charged 100$ upfront and then did nothing. He should be closed. DONT GO.

Melissa Mcginley

7 years ago

I called just now with a dying dog now body picks up.... NOBODY ON A FRIDAY AT 11am no customer service... Leave a vc Mail if you need help..... Going to tell everyone I know!!!!! Work at Peggy Adams... Thanks idiots... Cheeeeapos

Carolyn Newson

7 years ago

I think Dr. Manerlee is a great vet. Easy to talk to. Loves animals and always very pleasant as he goes about taking care of our precious Luna.


7 years ago

Called this guy and asked the prices for the vaccine and checkup. However, when I told him that I need a health certificate because I am visiting Canada, he told me to go elsewhere because my dog is not a patient. I replied that I would like to establish my dog as a patient. He said ok that'll be additional (no problem!) but then he said the health certificate would cost extra depending on his health. I had no problem with this either. I asked what is a price estimate for the certificate for a healthy 1 year old small dog? He then kept rudely repeating "sorry I can't help you with that". Wait, so you can't give me an estimation of your own services(is it $15 or $100)??. Weird. Ok, buddy if you are forcing me to take my business elsewhere I will. Also, I only let friendly (and competent) vets take care of my precious dog's health.

Sue Murrayfield

7 years ago

We take Roxie and Rocket (yorkie mixes) to Dr Malarnee for all their care. He is an extraordinary veterinarian - my dogs (who used to have a fear of going to any vets) run right to him as he gets down on their level, instead of being …

Rosmer Renzo Piña

7 years ago

charge twice what he said he would. Didn't even take my dog into room just the crappy lobby.

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