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Jasmine Hallmark

2 years ago

My dogs stomach flipped and I understand not being able to waive on the fees but they were trying to charge me $200 extra to be with my dog while they euthanized her. That is absolutely disgusting. I will never be taking another animal …

Lex Burke

2 years ago

Legitimately told my friend "good cat owners would pay the full amount" when given a HUGE bill. When does any random person in this economy have $700+ to pay out immediately?! Train your vet techs to be more professional and compassionate for someone or tell them to find another job. Very disappointing as I've been in animal care and would never speak to a pet parent like this.

Jonathan F.

2 years ago

I'll tell my story for the review: "My hamster, Sonic, had been acting very lethargic and sleeping out in the open (very unlike Hamsters). So I knew something was wrong. I had an appointment at my vet, but it was a week away. He took a turn for the worst, and my vet recommended this emergency hospital. When I arrived they came to my vehicle and told me they do not normally see small animals, such as hamsters, but they would do their best. It took many hours, but they finally returned him and said he had seeds impacted in his cheek pouch, they had to remove. Also prescribed him antibiotics. He was pretty traumatized from the experience, but after 2 days of recuperating he is completely back to his normal self. I know this vet saved his life, even though they stated they could not do much for small animals. I am very very thankful for this emergency hospital. I will definitely recommend it to anyone in the future."

Daniela Kilgore

2 years ago

Never ever again I will comeback in this place. I had to wait for 9 h. in the parking lot for my dog with little to none communication.

Bev Skillicorn

2 years ago

Horrible experience. Front desk staff rude and disrespectful. Absolutely no compassion for people who are experiencing anxiety and fear because of an ill or injured family pet. Only concerned with payment. If you dare to ask to see your hospitalized pet, after paying thousands of dollars, they may just take the pet off of the emergency treatment and release them to the parking lot! Thank God there are other emergency veterinary clinics in the area. I wish I had used one of them.

Desirae Stephens

2 years ago

Expensive cery ruse people and very slow was there for 5 hrs

Iris Gonzales

2 years ago

My Yorkie was attacked by a pitbull this morning. It was the most horrific scene I have ever witnessed. I filed a police report and then immediately went to this clinic. Filled out the paper as instructed. 20 minutes pass and no one calls me to acknowledge my paperwork. Another 90 minutes go by, and my dog is still in my car bleeding and whining in pain and I have to use the bathroom. I had no choice but to leave. I called them and told them I had to leave to use the bathroom and ask if I lost my spot in line, they told me no. They call me 30 minutes after I had spoken to them and I told them I had to turn back to use the bathroom again but could be there in 15 minutes (Unfortunately I am going through treatment for cancer right now so I have to use the bathroom frequently.) When I arrived and called them I asked if they would be bringing her back, they said they didn’t know and couldn’t even tell me an approximate wait time. This place use to have a waiting area open to the public prior to COVID. Now everything is done by phone. For Gods sake I can’t help that I had to drive home to use the bathroom 2x because you can’t go inside (which leaving is a big no no). The whole set up screams paranoia and is ridiculous. I ended up leaving a 3rd time for good and decided to go to the ER vet in South Daytona. They took one look at my dog and brought her back immediately which was appropriate. Diagnosed with 3 severe lacerations on her neck/throat, her chest, and right leg. She needed surgery and received it right away after she was stabilized. You cannot triage appropriately with a form submitted online.Common sense 101: The patient needs to be physically assessed at least by a tech (not a receptionist) to be triaged appropriately. My recommendation is Don’t go here unless it’s last resort!

jennifer russell

2 years ago

This was the worst experience I have ever had at a vet. They charged me 900 dollars for x-rays and blood work. They then said that my dog has a tumor and pancreatis and that she needs a 250 dollar ultrasound and then a 2200 dollar surgery. When I said I didn't have that money right now and would have to come up with it, they became rude and waited to another hour to give my dog back (after I had already been there for 3 hours). Then it took them 5 days to send me the report so I could take her somewhere else. I was so upset throughout this whole process and these people had absolutely no compassion whatsoever. I feel like I just paid 900 dollars for my dog and I to be treated horribly. We did find an amazing vet today that worked with us and gave our dog an emergency surgery to get her well. Ravenwood in Port Orange ...they are what you guys should aspire to being. They are amazing.

Joanie hakes

2 years ago

This ER clinic should know a holiday would be busy. They had one vet and frustrating techs except Adriana. I was told I’d get a call between 8pm-10pm since they kept my kitty overnight. At 12:30 am no one has called to give me a diagnosis or plan so I call again. On top of that the front desk individual was snippy and condescending . So far I have paid $2700 with no plan or diagnosis. The initial estimate was $3600 which i refused to accept as anything reasonable. They come back out with the $2700. $800 for 4 injections of antibiotic, anti nausea, and two others - really!! Generic drugs most likely My cat probably has a urinary track infection which I had asked for them to check. This clinic needs some serious review of pricing and adequate personnel. Poor management for sure I wonder if this review makes it to website and management??

Julie Drake

2 years ago

The outside parking lot employee Dawn was amazing & kept everyone calm & as comfortable as possible while we wait . . drink & snacks as well as just checking on us . . . since very busy taking all the emergencies since a holiday weekend & many vets closed Thank you Dawn!!

Dawn Duger

2 years ago

Thank you for taking such good care of our Tater Boy. Crystal did an amazing job keeping us informed and very caring & professional .

Amanda Harris

2 years ago

Amazing professional place. We are from out of town and my dog needed emergency care on Thanksgiving. The staff kept me informed of how my fur baby was doing and the fees involved. They were very informative and attentive. They brought us water and pumpkin pie to the vehicle while we waited. Thank you very much for taking care of my fur baby and being so kind.

Anjelika Teynor

2 years ago

Our “MotherCat” (a community cat) was severely injured by a car backing out of the garage. Her hind leg was probably fractured and she was in excruciating pain on the way to the emergency vet. After a 2-hour wait and no medical care during that time, Vet Johnson suggested anaesthesia so that she could examine her. Her assistant came out and got my credit card info. Shortly thereafter, we were shocked by the so-called Dr. Johnson’s misjudgment and mischaracterization of the situation. She called me and declined to examine our cat or provide any care to the animal at all, based on some unknown remarks of her assistant. I guess she wanted to prolong the cat’s misery and directed us to find another clinic. She put her staffer’s remarks above her primary duty of helping animals. If you are reading this, we don’t regret leaving your facility. We don’t recommend it to anyone. In fact, it needs to be reported to the police as far as I am concerned for animal cruelty. Denying medical care for frivolous reasons in an emergency situation is animal cruelty. Regarding your response: Our cat was the victim, not your assistant! I signed your paperwork without any hesitation. Your assistant took my credit card and told me she would be back with it. You must be confusing me with some other person. I certainly didn't throw any paperwork at anyone. But, what your so-called vet (Johnson) had done was unethical and strange. Our cat wasn't given any examination; no attempt was made to talk about her care. You didn’t take her out of the pet carrier. I think Vet Johnson might have been scared of an injured cat. We needed to know the extent of her injury and she desperately needed pain relief. The bottom line is you don't care about animals - only your pockets! Wow, the fees! Just read the abundance of the negative reviews about your facility!

Christina Ratliff

2 years ago

I waited over 3 hours and my dog wasn’t even seen. They didn’t communicate in a timely manner or much at all. They don’t even let you in the building and if you have to use the facilities you have to go in a porter potty. Disgusting. This place either needs a sister facility that’s open 24 hours a day or additional staffing. It’s unacceptable this type of care The gentleman next to me waited over 5 hours!

Josue “Lumbo” Villa

2 years ago

Special shout out to Adrianna for being so caring and helpful with the financing part of my visit. She helped me apply for CareCredit when I was not in the state of mind to do anything because I was so emotional about my fur baby. I know this place gets negative reviews because of pricing, but that's just how it is with 24hr hospitals. We get overcharged when we visit the ER, so I expected the same here. Adrianna was a blessing. I'm happy she was working at the time this happened. As for my baby girl, she's a 17 year old chihuahua mix named Princess. I found her collapsed next to vomit when coming home from lunch and was advised by my vet to take her here since it was an emergency and they did not have the equipment to care for her the way she needed. I'm glad I did. 48 hours later my baby is now home, trying to recover. Praying she can eventually walk again. Hoping for the best.

Justin Benevides

2 years ago

AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!!!. My whole experience with this hospital is a major dissapointment. They Price gouge you on everything and try to UPSELL you on Unnecessary services. And to top it off they have you sit in a car in a numbered parking spot waiting for a phone call. I should have known better and should have left when they took my dog and told me if i left and came back they would keep my dog. Then after waiting a few hours outside be given a way inflated quote verbally over the phone and when paperwork comes out its less after you question it? BY THE WAY IF YOU QUESTION ANYTHING THEY ARE CHARGING YOU FOR THEY GET VERY DEFENSIVE Immediately vs taking the time to explain it to you. I was given an estimate of just under 3k to 5 k on the high end for my dog to be there in the hospital for 3 days. After being at the hospital for only one day and not 3 surprise its on the high end of it. Moral of the story they prey on your love for your animal and take advantage of people. Absolutely disgusting.

Karen Tomko

2 years ago

When the time came to make that dreadful decision for my dog who was sick with cancer, the entire staff was extremely helpful and very caring, from the Dr. who helped her cross over and her assistant to the receptionist that was very sweet and caring. They also gave me all the time I needed with her to say goodbye.

Lindsay Stevens

2 years ago

I just want to say I am very pleased with the services I received from my recent visit with 24 hour ER Animal Hospital. From the moment I called and spoke to the receptionist to the Physician apon my departure I received very professional treatment. I also want to add the concierge service her name is Lisa who apon my arrival came outside to personally speak to me & check on my pet to assess the situation. She brought both my dog & myself a bottle of water. Lisa checked on me numerous times while I was waiting ; making sure I felt comforted in my time of my Pets crisis. I was very pleased with the Physician Dr Kari Lemanski Who was very professional & very caring to my pets needs. It was a extremely busy day with more severe emergency’s than mine so I did have to stay calm & wait my turn but again Lisa was right there to offer some kind words of encouragement ( I thanked God for the Angel he sent , as she is an Angel ) Even though I could tell the Dr was quite busy she still took her time with me explaining my pets diagnosis & treatment plan. If I ever have a problem again I will definitely return to this facility as I know my pet will be very cared for & all needs WILL be met. Keep up the great work you guys do ; you have a superb professional team !! I thank God for ALL the Staff !! Sincerely ~ Lindsay Stevens

Michael Shumaker

2 years ago

I would like to thank the lady Dr that observed Cozy today. Although I never saw her in person when I talked to her she was very compassionate and thorough. Good night Cozy we will always love you.

Melissa Sedlaczek

2 years ago

We were from out of town when our dog had a medical emergency. We took her to Emergency Animal Hospital Volusia. They took her in and evaluated her quickly. She was very sick and it was a very stressful situation. They took great care of her and provided us with many updates. I can’t imagine what could have happened if they had not given her such great medical care.

Anne Vanderlaan

2 years ago

This is the best Animal ER in the Ormond, Daytona, & Port Orange area hands down. The staff and doctors are knowledgeable and quick to ensure your pet is pain free and safe before having to wait. They have cared for both of my dogs and were compassionate and patient. We just had to euthanize our Bruce ❤️ Although covid is causing limitations they were still great. Took the time to explain a plan . We were able to take Bruce home another night , so my children could get home as to say goodbye. Thanks again The Vanderlaans

Basil Iuliano

2 years ago

Friendly, concerning & honesty. Very helpful and informative

Donald Kleis

2 years ago

I had an emergency for my 18 year old cat. I called to confirm that I can walk in. They told me that I need to go online and complete a form. Really ?? Then I should drive there, park in a numbered spot on side of bldg, and then call them. Oh lord...They would then come to my car, discuss issue, and take my cat, while I wait in my car. What ??? In an emergency I am certainly not in a position to complete forms online, nor be separated from my cat. Also, this would not only cause my cat additional stress, but me as well. That's crazy !! That's certainly not the definition of emergency help. Are they still operating under 2020 covid policies or just paranoid ? This is not right.

Grace Campano

2 years ago

I brought my cat, Little Man, in because he looked like he was straining to defecate and appeared lethargic and glassy-eyed. Within 10 minutes of arrival, a tech came right out and collected him. After another 5 minutes or so, I received a call from Dr Kari Lemanski informing me of the results of Little Man's medical exam and what she recommended, moving forward. Turned out my cat needed emergency surgery that night itself, but she left the decision up to me and also ensured that I would know of the full cost upfront before making my decision. While waiting in my car for the bill, another tech came out with bottled water and snacks, to my surprise. Better service than some airlines, just sayin'. During the entire duration that my cat was warded in the hospital (total of 4 nights), Dr Lemanski called me at the times she said that she would and kept me updated of my cats progress, which greatly helped my anxiety, despite the fact that she had so much to do. I wish I can recall all the names of the other techs that called in-between to keep me informed of the various costs and other matters - Shelby was one of them. On the day of Little Man's discharge, Crystal helped me with it and she was lovely to interact with; very pleasant disposition! This was my first time visiting this hospital and I am very impressed by their professionalism and courtesy. I wish more vets were this way. If they weren't so far from home, I would come here for my pets' needs. Indeed, costs are slightly higher than those of my regular vet's, but that's to be expected for an emergency hospital. Thank you all so much for what you did for Little Man. He appears to be recovering slowly, but surely. You are all doing exactly what you were meant to be doing, and I cannot be more appreciative.

Iva McGuire

2 years ago

READ PAST REVIEWS! Does not do well with cats. Let me start by stating that I Know this is an ER. I understand that worse cases come in BUT labored breathing is one. Office needs to present patient family members plans and options in explain such in person. In emergencies things are lost in communication and via phone calls is not enough. Ask Specific questions! Ask prices upfront! Let them know your limits. 7 hours later and multiple conversations we are at our limits.

J. Feudale

2 years ago

Gratitude to Dawn, client services for her attention to comforting pet owner during this time of stress.

Jessica Riegert

2 years ago

The level of communication from the vet of what diagnostic tests were being done and why and her professional opinion of how to move forward was incredibly kind and knowledgeable and really helped put my nerves at ease. They listened to my concerns and provided my sweet girl awesome care. They even had the receptionist come out to check on us and bring snacks and water which made the world of difference to how hard the process could have been. Professional and great at what they do.

Jodi Underhill

2 years ago

The staff and veterinarian were very professional, kind and supportive in dealing with my sick dog over night and thanks to them I was able to bring her home this morning with follow up medication and instructions. Their attitudes were incredible and service was fantastic. I can’t thank them enough that my Schnauzer is home with me today.

Somer Lemoine

2 years ago

PLEASE AVOID IF POSSIBLE.I fully understood that I would be paying more for an emergency vet, as my cats primary vet was booked 2 weeks out and she had a UTI. The visit alone is $80, that’s fine. The prices are gouged insanely and this hospital preys on the desperation you have to heal your pet.These people did everything they could to upsell unnecessary procedures such as X-rays and bloodwork, even after repeatedly stating that she just had blood work within the last month and has a primary vet. In the end, we paid $58 for an amoxicillin prescription (that would have cost $15-20 from our vet.) This is after we declined the one time pain injection that was over $100. After $268 and over 3 hours sitting in a parking lot that we were not permitted to leave without begging for permission (they threatened to stop or withhold treatment), we take our cat home with no immediate resolution. PRICES WILL CHANGE DRASTICALLY, please read the horror stories on BBB.

Joanne Coach

2 years ago

Extremely long wait of 4 1/2 hours in the car, even before my cat was seen, then another 2 1/2 hour wait before we got our cat back. There were extreme emergencies that arrived after we got there, and I understand they are the priorities, but 7 hours is a long time to wait. I would suggest bringing your pet to their regular vet, unless it is an extreme emergency and you feel your pet must receive immediate attention.

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