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Gerika Fukuoka

a year ago

We go a couple of budgies 3 months ago. My mom's birds are so good, happy and healthy birds. They help us with all the questions, food and we even got yummy cookies as a ????. Thanks again!

Gerardo Chavez

a year ago

Amazing! We got our Sun Conure today and we love him. Great people great birds.

Ed Dwiggins

a year ago

We love Bill and his wide selection of products. We've also bought quite a few birds from Bill's and they're always healthy. A one stop shop. Bill is trustworthy and helpful

heidi fogt

a year ago

Whenever I have to board my birds, I choose Bill's Birds. They are kind to assure this nervous bird momma that her babies will be cared for. Fairly priced and accommodating, I would recommend them to anyone.

Karla R

a year ago

I went there with my family and although the place is small, its packed with tons of stuff (bird cages , toys, treats annndd... BIRDS! ! They are a bit anti-social but it's fine, they answered my questions when I asked. I was also surprised to see them sell huge bird cages where other place sell only small cages. And one thing I really like was the variety of birds they had. Some of them was the first time I seen so I was excited.

Marlyn Sanchez-Medio

a year ago

Today I brought home the SWEETEST young lovebird in the world. Everyone at the store was awesome!!!! They helped me find exactly what I was looking for and took the time to go over instructions to care for my new bird. I was able to get millet and bird food here as well. 10/10!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and for the delicious treat! The store had many different types of birds so I would highly recommend coming here for anything you need.

destiny metani

2 years ago

The staff at this establishment really has the knowledge of what’s best for each species in their natural habitat. They are super friendly and are so helpful you can call them if your having any problems afterwards. 10/10 recommend this bird store to anyone looking for a new pet.

Katie Sallano

2 years ago

This place really needs to be shut down and the birds rescued. It has been stated in previous responses that the cages are cleaned every single day but as a parrot owner myself of more than 6 parrots sometimes more because I rescue; I can tell you that there is now way these are cleaned once a day. The quality of the food given is also garbage as it’s basically all fatty seeds and sunflower seeds. If you cannot maintain the cleanliness and proper diet of the animals you sell then you have no business selling them. Just because you’re spending time around them inside the store doesn’t automatically make you a great owner.

Kerrie Simons

2 years ago

Excellent customer service and great recommendations. I will definitely do all my shopping for my bird your store from this point moving forward.

Maddi Moore

2 years ago

Should not be selling baby birds that are not weaned to people that have never hand fed a bird. There food and air pipe are right next to each other one wrong move and that baby is aspirating. Just explaining it to them or just showing them once is not enough. Mostly when the baby is being difficult and refusing to eat. Also if they have never had a bird they probably shouldn’t start out with a macaw or cockatoo. Maybe a budgie or cockatiel. The fact that they can just “exchange” a bird is awful. Taking a bird home and then bringing it back? Could you imagine the stress of the bird if it exchanged multiple times by multiple people? That’s one cause birds pluck and get depressed. They are very intelligent animals. Don’t treat them like a pretty thing you can stick in a cage and just talk to.

Ruben Gongora

2 years ago

Helpful staff and GOOD prices compared to everyone else.

Lara Kath

2 years ago

Excellent selection of rare and typical parrots, conjures, macadamia, lovebirds, lorakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, Indian ringnecks, and parakeets, among others exotic fowl depending on their breeding seasons. Bill accommodates special requests to the extent possible. He also carries different varieties of finches including gouldians, and often has Norwich and other varieties of canaries. Unlike the poor miserable mite-infested birds common to "big pet store chains" that just happen to carry birds, birds are Bill's Birds' specialty (hence the name), and every bird I've purchased from him over the past 10 years has been young, healthy and vigorous, my favorites being a pair of pintail wydahs, cordon blues, gouldians and some fabulous Norwich canaries. As for supplies, if you need something he doesn't have in stock, he will happily order it for you.

Aileen Rosado

2 years ago

I bought my Sun Conure at Billy's and went back for a second one. They are very helpful and their birds are lovely. I always go to them for any bird issues I have and they help me with everything or guide me on what to do. Highly recommend them.

Eva Freedman

2 years ago

Hi! I'm deleting the previous review - it was not posted by me. My child got hold of my pc and posted a bad review. It turns out my kid thought this was another place where we had a bad experience. I found out about my child's review only because I got a notification in my mailbox today. We had a talk and the kid understood the potential outcome of doing such a thing. This was a first and last and promised no to do any reviews ever again on my account. If Bill's Bird Boutique wouldn't be so far I would personally apologize to the owner. When we visited Bill's place in the not so distant past, our interaction was short, but they were very welcoming and helpful, answered all my questions and gave me useful advise. I learned more about birds than in any other store I visited before. I have no reason to give them any less than 5 stars.


2 years ago

They have a great variety of birds and their prices are way better than chain pet stores. I just feel bad for some of the bigger birds stuck in cages without a whole lot of room to move around. There was this one bird thai looked like it was about to lose his mind in there. He kept pacing left and right on the perches. Walked all over the cage desperately like he was anxious to get out. The store itself is very crowded and the walking space is very limited but if you're going in knowing what you want then that makes it easier to just go in and out.

Alexander Rocha

2 years ago

My girlfriend and I just recently bought an African Grey named Alvin from this place. Staff was extremely friendly and the owner is such an awesome dude. Our new family member came with food and toys and he seems very well behaved for someone who just flew across the country!!! My girlfriend and I can't thank you enough for the making a dream come true after all hope was almost lost! After being scammed, I didn't think I'd trust buying a bird from put of state until I found out about Bills! Will be recommending him to anyone looking for an amazing selection of birds and people who know what they are talking about!

Joshua Colon

2 years ago

Very friendly and accommodating staff.


2 years ago

Great store, knowledgeable people. Will visit again. Thank you

Kimberly Grant

2 years ago

Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Large selection

Tylers Roy

2 years ago

Very very friendly people at the store. I was with a lady ( I forgot her name) I went to board my bird for 3 days and they already had a cage available. The lady even offered if we would like to buy a English parakeet. The store has most big birds based on what I saw. There service is a 5 star. I am bringing in my 5 bird to board there for 3-4 days on July 16th.

barbie Ice

2 years ago

I love this place I got a baby Quaker from them.and if I have any question I call them and they are always there.great people ????

Juan C Espinosa

2 years ago

Very dirty place small the birds look sick and smell very bad

Ren Ren

2 years ago

This guy has been here forever!!

Emilio Balart

2 years ago

The best store to get your pet.Bill really knows what his doing when it comes to birds and he has great prices

Michael Strauss

2 years ago

Not very helpful. But good price for parrokees.

Michele Smith

2 years ago

I went into the store, could not get the man or woman to even greet me, or acknowledge me. I tried asking a question or two, after standing at the counter and really just seemed to be bothering them.

Tailored Autohaus

2 years ago

Tammy was amazing. We are very happy with our bird!

Kristin Summers

2 years ago

I bought a bird from Bill a week ago and had a wonderful experience. I am very happy with my new feathered friend and Bill and the woman who was at the shop with him were very nice and took the time to discuss the bird and any questions I had. I drove about an hour and a 1/2 away and was well worth the drive. Thanks again Bill ????

Mramex Mramex

2 years ago

Don't believe their warranty it is a total scam. They tell you that you can exchange a bird after you buy it but when you try they say that the birds are sold or not available until you finally give up. Really shadey business practice.

Paola Rodriguez

2 years ago

Knowledgeable, friendly. They groomed our bird at no charge.

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