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Rami Shahmram

2 years ago

At first this place was ok but unfortunately my experience is that they don’t care about your pet but just about money. Just do yourself and your pet a fet a favor and stay away

Maria Lopez

2 years ago

***If you love your fur babies, please keep them away from this place.. we had 2 dogs die on us different times after visiting this clinic. All they gave us was medication for their infection, was told that it wasnt serious & to give it a week, the dogs died before that. They think everything is fixable with medication. I wish i couldve seen another vet that actually cared about their health so they couldve realized how serious it actually was, my doggies wouldve probably still been alive ???? i will never recommend this place to any animal owner and i will let more people know so they wont go through the same loss & grieving my family is going through..

cheyenne villar

2 years ago

I was looking for a new vet to take my two fur babies because I’m new to the area so I call and they have me come in I fill out paper work and they put me in a room well about a hour goes by and the dr comes in and throws a muzzle on the table and tells me to put it on my dog meanwhile doesn’t greet us doesn’t say hi to my dog and I’m 9 months pregnant how am I supposed to get down there and muzzle a 100 pound dog she was so rude and horrible then told me have a great day because I asked them to help me and not to mention my dog is the sweetest ever but can tell not friendly people please I repeat do NOT BRING UR ANIMALS I WILL DEFINITELY BE POSTING THIS EVERYWHERE BLOWING IT UP DONT YOU WORRY THEY WERE THE MOST Nastiest staff I’ve ever experienced


2 years ago

I came to this clinic recommended by another clinic in the area, unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews before hand. I took my kitten of only 10 months to this place because of what seems to be an UTI. When I arrived at the clinic, I explained the reason of our visit to “Dr. Javier Borrero” he picked up my cat and said his bladder was empty so therefore couldn’t run any necessary urine tests. For This 1-2 minute face to face I was charged $50.00 When I told this “Doctor of veterinary medicine” how unfair his treatment was, he proceeded to yell across reception in a threatening manner. I will contact BBB and I will dispute my charges. The embarrassment, the unfairness and the little regard for animals at this clinic is beyond me and anyone I talked to who have animals. Mr. Javier Borrero is unprofessional, condescending and rude. Unfortunately I went back home with my kitten with the same issue, no help or solution whatsoever. I suggest you reconsider taking your loved pet to this clinic.

Victor Campos

3 years ago

I went to this “Doctor” (Vet) because my female cat was not feeling or doing good at all. She did not look good at all!!!! He only look at her and said I don’t know what can it be But let’s do lab work ..!!!! I ask how much was for the lab work and he said I will be back let me check. His helper came in after a few minutes not the (“Vet”) to show me a paper that said it was going to be almost $400 dollars!!!! I did not have the money and so I explained in wish no one sim to care that I was leaving with my Cat the same way I came in but even more worried.. That been said I know is my problem not having enough money but what I will never forget and the reason why I m taking the time to right this is because they still went and charge me for the 5min he spend asking me questions in which he did absolutely nothing he had no clue what was wrong!!!!!!! Thanks for Nothing..!!!!!

dannah m

3 years ago

Dr. Borrero neutered my puppy. The next evening I had to take him to the emergency room because he was in so much pain and had not been given adequate pain medicine. The following day he was still not doing well and I took him back to Dr. Borrero Who told me that he was fine and did not have an infection I told him he had not eaten or drank anything and that he at least needed fluids after I pressured him he gave him fluids and an antibiotic shot and told me to come back in 10 days. The next day I went to Another vet who said that he had a severe infection and had to remove the stitches to relieve the pressure as the area was necrotic and dying. He patiently removed all the dead tissue and cut away at a little at a time and said we should avoid at all cost giving him any more anesthesia. Then we had to keep him completely still to try to keep the incision from opening up even though it had only been a few days since the surgery. My new vet came in on a Saturday to check on him and has called me often. I rarely write reviews but I thought it was important because Dr. Borrero refused to listen to me or give any weight to what I was saying. If you want to be a partner with your vet this is not your vet. One other thing the new attentive professional vet is less expensive.

Steeve Exalant

3 years ago

I took my puppy to this clinic for 3 months and within those 3 months she ended up having an ear infection next to her hear drums which they missed and we pushed them to keep checking but the vet we have now found within the first 10 minutes, they told my wife and I that she was okay and that the dog was healthy but that was false because the dog wasn’t and if we didn’t change vet we would have to put her down because of how severe the infection was about to get if we didn’t react on time. I don’t recommend this place if you care for your pet and actually want good quality services. If you don’t care go right ahead your pet will be gone within a few months.

Louis Ruiz

3 years ago

Paid $400 to tell me my dog had indigestion . Went back to buy flea medicine and there is a new policy the vet must see the dog before they can sell you the same thing You can buy at pet co. Tbeyare hungry for money stay away.thanks

ilan alya

3 years ago

Michelle hung up the phone on me twice, my dog is bleeding , very rude behavior

Emily Sullivan

3 years ago

Our dog gets nervous at the vet, and with recent COVID restrictions its been really difficult for us to get his vet appointments in (since most places take your dog inside and make you wait in the car). The staff here did a great job helping our dog feel at ease during his appointment. The only thing that was a little odd is they don't have the influenza shot for dogs, which is required for our dogs daycare and boarding. We have to find somewhere else to go now to get that shot. Overall, good experience.

Donna Galkin

3 years ago

Very expensive. No warmth spoke only when I asked him a question. Showed no warmth or compassion towards my sick cat. Only went to him because he would let me in with my pet during the pandemic and my regular vet would not. Does not give discount for multiple pets. By Florida law a senior pet and with a health condition does not have to get a rabies vaccine. He refused to write the waiver saying my pet was healthy. It's all about money and not the welfare of my pet who is also in early stage kidney disease which the recent lab work I gave him showed.

Debra Hamilton

4 years ago

Very good Doctor, Everyone was exceptionally professional.

Gabriela Kilianski

4 years ago

I had a wonderful experience. Staff and Doctor B. are very compassionate and knowledgeable. I found a kitten on the street and took him there for a check up because the kitten had a big belly. I though it could be worms or something more serious. The could have tell me and sell me anything. It happens that the swollen belly was because the kitten was eating too much! In my experience this is a practice with honest, knowledgeable and animal loving people. I quote reviewer Joe Selli “From the many glowing reviews on Google, it's obvious that women are charmed by him. Tall, good looking, sweet talking and young. That did not work on me.” Well, I would say that in addition to being an honest and knowledgeable professional, Dr. B. is all that. Also, the clinic is impeccably clean and Boo (the office cat) is adorable. Strongly recommend this place.

Gloria Grey

4 years ago

Love this doctor compassionate practices common sense I went there Christmas Eve emargency He took care of my dogs leg told me to come back if the leg wasn't better gave me meds for the dog Truth is i could not handle any bad news that day What a cool Guy Followed up after Christmas

Milan De Vito

4 years ago

Despite the fact that we now live 40 miles away, we continue to take our pets to Aycock because of their excellent and trustworthy service. Dr. Borrero and his staff are honest, humble, hard-working folks who've been treating our two dogs and cat with genuine care and affection for the last decade. And after having tried two other clinics closer to home, those experiences have only reinforced how valuable it is when you find companies you can trust to provide quality services in a fair and responsible manner.

Peggy Smith

4 years ago

Been coming here for over 20+ years even before Dr. Borrero took over. Dr. B has been very good to my pets and fair with prices. If he doesn't know something, he will refer me to Specialists. He does not pretend to know everything which is what a good vet should do. He is good at what he does and does not fake it. His staff have always been helpful. Thanks guys.


4 years ago

He didn’t even examine my dogs eyes or legs, i don’t know what kind of doctor does this, and all he said was to do a blood work for my dog.

Elisabeth Herard

5 years ago

They said they close at 7 drove all the way from coconut creek. Got there 25 mins before 7 and they were closed

Alexandra Guillermo

5 years ago

So Far so Good! Made my first appointment for my furbaby, and the lady who picked up the phone was so courteous and easy to speak with for new clients.

FLWebPro Media Production Services South Florida

5 years ago

Dr Javier was good in beginning, but recently I have had issues with Aycock Veterinary Clinic. I feel he was too surgery happy and it felt like he minimized risk of complications on 10 year old dog with fat lipoma on leg, which doesn't impair dog, at all. In fact this old dog still chases everything that moves, like a puppy, as fast as she ever was. The risk that lipoma will come back bigger and in new places seemed way to high. From my research online, most vets and docs say better to leave them alone, if animal or human can live with it. The dog is so active, I was concerned that such a big incision scar on leg would be hard to heal and never be as flexible as the perfect skin she has now. Could tear open even after it heals. Also, the quote seemed low, for such a big procedure, as lipoma feels rooted deep in leg muscle. I have a feeling he may be a little "scalpel happy", for my good. From the many glowing reviews on Google, it's obvious that women are charmed by him. Tall, good looking, sweet talking and young. That did not work on me. UPDATE Dr. Marilyn Nowicki, is my vet now. She is great. Took care of my Schnauzer going blind, told me cataracts were worst she ever saw felt bad didn't want to charge me. My wife started going to Aycock, was cheaper. You get what you pay for.

Gwyn Quiros

5 years ago

I really love this veterinary clinic. They treat my cat very lovingly and my cat is no lover. Though my cat is old and grumpy, they have no problem handling him. The staff is very knowledgeable and has seen my cat through several rough times. I would recommend this vet to anyone.

Jo Simmons

5 years ago

I can't recommend Dr. Borrero and his team enough. I just picked up my 14 year old furkid from major surgery - 4th procedure in his lifetime performed by Dr. Borrero. The attention, care, and heart that this vet and staff put into their fur-patients is everything. I have 2 dogs and a cat & wouldn't trust them to anyone else.

Eddie Quintero

6 years ago

I highly recommend this vet to anybody I am very proud for what they have done for me and my dog and they are very nice employees

Andres Barroeta

6 years ago

good they take care my 1 dog and 2 cats

Brittany Rogers

6 years ago

I absolutely love this doctor and my six fur babies do to!! The staff is so friendly and caring. I have seen them vet 4 times in the last month with 2 out of 6 of the dogs that I have my 8 year old toy yorkie had a mass in her breast and I was super scared and worried plus she wasn't cut and he took her under his wing and eased every worry I could have had and 10 days later kourts cancer free and happy after surgery. And my other baby had a cut that got infected same thing we trusted him and they bother and happy cured pups. Unlike Many vets he sees your pet as a member of the family his prices are great I have not one complaint. P.s the office cat is adorable ????????


6 years ago

Wonderful service and great care. My fur babies and I are satisfied and happy!

Dawn schlette

6 years ago

We brought are Tiffany here , very sick,,, They cleaned her teeth and oral surgery, ,, she is doing wonderful! Highly recommend, great staff, loving care


7 years ago

Staff is very friendly and welcoming, great vet also!

Victoria Llanes

7 years ago

This veterinary office is just wonderful. They treat your pet and owner with a lot of compassion and expertise. The staff and Doctor take their time to explain and help you with any issues, Their charges are very reasonable and the products they prescribe are not that expensive compared to other vets and pet stores. I highly recommend this clinic.

C Elizabeth

7 years ago

Great office. The only vet I trust with my babies.

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