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A Moore

2 years ago

I found VCA in December. My newborn puppy was having a hard time. It was the holidays no one had openings and Terry made it happen. The visit saved my pups life. They did for him in an hour what no other place seemed to be able to do in a week of trying to get him care. I took my two other puppies here today. The Veterinarians and the staff are very friendly, and super great with care and handling. They take the ouchy out for me every time. I'm grateful for VCA Rock Creek. It's easy to find, and the pricing is fair. A thank you to every staff member that I have encountered.

Heather Ortiz

2 years ago

They were very friendly and took care of us very quickly. I was concerned about how my cat would react, but they told me he fid very well (they treated him in another room to maintain social dustsncing).

Veronica P

2 years ago

Dr Longo has always been extra special with my chihuahua daughter (I'm sure he's like that with all his patients ????). He takes the time to speak with me about my concerns, and gives the best recommendations. I've been coming here for 10 yrs and have brought my mom's 2 dogs and my dad's dog here as well. I wouldnt have it any other way. The receptionists are also very nice, and the doctor's assistants are also super attentive and caring.

Jose Nieves (HorrorFanJoe1967)

2 years ago

Both my pet babies are taken care of by the wonderful Dr. K

Linda Gray-Napper (Naturallymature22)

2 years ago

Great place. We have been taking our dogs there since they were puppies


2 years ago

Never seen a doctor nope out of a room that quickly... I asked wether the rabies shot would be covered by my cats insurance and within 15 seconds doctor was out of the room and an assistant was in explaining to me how pet insurance works differently than human insurance. When I asked if they could tell me what insurance the cat had i was told "No. That's on you" Normally this would have just been an odd experience aside from the fact that the assistant came in with a bad attitude. I was informed that this shot would be 450+ dollars. I have been elsewhere with another one of my cats, that at the time this other animal didn't have any insurance and rabies shot was 1/5 the cost. I don't know what the deal was maybe I cought them on a bad day I've been in their a couple other times but they hadn't been this unprofessional before, but I will be going elsewhere for vet services.

Eric Saxon

3 years ago

Dr. Kim and the staff go above and beyond to make you feel like family.

victoria fiallos

3 years ago

Has always treated me and my pet very well great prices for medicine and services. Has handled COVID regulations with the upmost importance.

Tonya Perry

3 years ago

The whole staff here has been wonderful. They love and care for my pet just as I would at home. They definitely give 5 star service and for a great price.

A. Eduardo Mizrahi

3 years ago

My best friend of more than 11 years was seen by Dr. Arcia, during all these time she always treat him and me in a very respectful and professional way. She was very kind with my Dog, always gave me good advise. To any pet owner to really cares I will recommend Dr. Arcia. In my case she was the best until the end.

Aaron Paz

3 years ago

They charged me a consultation fee after they said they wouldn’t charge over the phone. Customer service was horrendous and took long to look at my dog. They charge a 70$ consultancy fee while every other VCA in the area charges 50-60$. Go somewhere else. I got here 20 minutes earlier than my appointment and the place looked empty, yet the staff was late to the appointment

Andrea Wolfe

3 years ago

Very nice and spent time with me.

Andrew May

3 years ago

Very nice, and in bad times very accommodating. His staff is great also. Prices are too. Been coming here for literally almost 15 years with all pets combined. I always recommend him to my friends.

Chris M

3 years ago

Very professional and caring. Always enjoy my visits and trust them with boarding as well.

Claudia medina

3 years ago

We have been taking our Golden Retriever here for a while. However, recently we had a horrible experience. After picking him up, we realized they had trimmed his nails without or consent. Not only did they not ask us, but one of them as trimmed so low he was bleeding and whimpering from pain. There is no way that whomever trimmed his nails did not notice injuring him immediately. He was bleeding and when we called the center, they advised a manager would get back to us. It's been a few days and we have yet to hear back.

Cory Indigorue

3 years ago

1st time emergency visit for my newborn pup who aspirated milk while nursing. He was half the size of the other 2 shih tzu pups...basically the runt of the litter. But he had a fighting spirit. I visited this vet office dor 1st time and I felt he would be in good hands. The lady vet (lost her card) was very nice and seemed knowledgeable and caring. She said he wasn't in any type of distress but recommended he have a chest x-ray tonsils out pneumoniawhich is life threatening. The results were positive...all clear. He has been growing well and is full of energy. He will see the Dr again in a month at 4 mos.

David Moscoso

3 years ago

Great friendly staff, curbside or office with mask service

Dennis McCormick

3 years ago

Always take good care of our Kitty cats when we take them there

Elizabeth Monzon

3 years ago

Amazing staff! Friendly and courteous. Very helpful.

Ellie Palacios

3 years ago

I love this vet because they care about my a animals, they dont take advantage of me when I am panicked about my bff. And the dr., I wish I could remember her name, but she is in charge and she did not charge me for my double digit follow up checks unless she did a procedure or my baby needed meds. And she saved me 1000$. All I did was follow the directions implicitly. my dogs butt glands drained and healed and she didnt need surgery. Thanks for the love and care rock creek. I am eternally grateful.

Jasmin S.

3 years ago

This is the best vet I’ve ever been to. They genuinely care about each and every animal that walks their doors. I love Dr. Martin!

Maria Roberts

3 years ago

Greatest stafffff everrrrrrr. My dog loves this place, strange but heart-warming haha

Luis Souchet

3 years ago

Excellent Covid precautions. Vet and assistants were efficient and attentive. Treated my cat very well.

Kyle Poole

3 years ago

BLUF: Professionalism all across the board. I have never had an issue with VCA and glad this one is close by. Any issues I always bring my dog in to get looked at and its always a positive experience. The doctors care about the patient, and the owner, and their not just looking to make money.


3 years ago

It's one of the best vet in town I would recommend it.

Joyce Kircher

3 years ago

Great place great Dr. K

Joyce Colon

3 years ago

Dr. Martin was sweet and thorough. Answered all my questions and gave suggestions. Nice first experience. Thanks!

Javier Diaz

3 years ago

Well, this is a heads up for prospective patients/pet owners: the reason that I give 1 star (because if I could, I would give it zero) is that 2 weeks ago they called me to confirm our dog's appointment (right before the vaccines expire) and I agreed. Then I received a confirmation email, which I followed up by calling them back to confirm the apointment, so that's 2 calls and 1 email confirming the appointment. Well, I moved some commitments that I had in order to make it to the clinic, and when I got there, the front desk/recepcionist told me that there was no appointment on record for our dog. I showed her the email that I received as well told her about the follow up phone calls confirming; yet, nothing on record and furthermore, told me that their schedule was full and there was nothing to be done about it. Next available date was more than 1 week away. So, visibly upset for the whole ordeal, I told her that they can forget us as clients, I called another clinic that I went before, which promptly found us an appointment within 2 days. So maybe, after all the issues, I can say this was a blessing in disguise, I will forget about this clinic and say hello to the new one. There's always a first time for everything, I don't know if this is routine or a one off, but certainly made me look for other alternatives (closer to home and less expensive I might add). I hope it doesn't happen to any of you.

Gaby Tortoledo

3 years ago

I went in for an appointment for my cat who has allergies. After waiting THREE hours in my car while they looked at my cat, they recommended a list of medications one for allergies one for an ear infection. I paid $280 for the consultation and medicine (which turns out only included the ear medication) and they said to check back in two weeks. My cat was not getting any better (since they hadn’t given me anything to treat the problem that led to my visit anyway), so I asked to get the allergy prescription. They took three days (of me calling to follow up each day) to have the prescription ready. I paid over the phone (another $128) and went to pick it up. As I’m driving home from picking up the medicine I notice they gave me pills instead of liquid as they had instructed. It turns out they gave me DOG medicine (the dosage being much higher, for this medicine that can have severe side effects). I went back and got the feline equivalent, and when they gave it to me the nurse said “oh but I just spoke to the Dr. and she wants to see your cat for a follow up visit BEFORE you give her (my cat is a he, that’s how uninformed they are) the medicine”. I decided to cancel my appointment and did not move forward with the medicine. And when I got home I realized the ear medication which I had been giving my cat for almost a week at that point was also for dogs. These people could have KILLED my cat with their negligence. I went to another vet and they gave me a simple, affordable treatment, and when asked about the allergy medicine VCA suggested, they said it was very potent, expensive, and had nasty side effects, and should only be used as a last resort. My cat is all better now. In short: VCA does not know how to take proper care of cats. Don’t go there. Your companions life depends on it.

Holly Henderson

3 years ago

Service was wonderful and everyone is very nice

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