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Betty Rose

a year ago

My dog ate some toxic berries. My dog has been under their care so I called them plus they are a hospital. They referred me to the ASPCA hotline ($75 fee). The receptionist took a few minutes to find the hotline number and I when I told her I was disappointed that they were referring me and didn't even have the phone number handy she told me I was rude and needed to be more patient. I will be looking for another vet.

rosie suarez

a year ago

I always thought the best of Dr Metzler Veterinary Hospital, my Mia had mouth work 6 days ago, suddenly she started do decline for the worst. I call who I thought was her Dr for the last 7 years I explained the symptoms: Mia is no eating, drinking , unstoppable vomiting, no walking and a change in her body movements and their answer was the Metzler is off and The Dr here advised to take her to emergency clinic. They have 2 staff sick and due to COVID some Dr’s are not taken appointments. Any way s/s are after 7 days of the dental work, that answer was zero sympathetic. Even I know what Clindamycin antibiotic can due to a dog I believe their answer was inhumane and uncaring , this is second time I had issues when Dr Metzler is not around. If something bad happens to my Mia is up to them.

Jack Smith

a year ago

Doctors top notch everyone is so nice.

Raul Fernandez

2 years ago

We've been taking our two dogs to Dr. Metzler's office for about two years. A tumor was examined in her bladder two years ago by a vet at the practice, who has since left Metzler's practice for unknown reasons. Six months ago, we took her to see Metzler for a follow up and UTI. Dr. Metzler was totally unaware of her tumor despite having her records with him. When he was told of the tumor he blamed the departed vet for writing the notes in the wrong place. Not good but forgivable, mistakes happen and he has plenty of other clients. On September 27th, we called Dr Metzler's office to schedule an appointment for our dog with the tumor. The practice phone was not answered and the message said they're closed and if needed call a 24 hr emergency hospital, otherwise leave a message. No date nor time frame was indicated on the recording. Their website stated their hours and that they were open. I kept calling with no success, leaving messages. Needless to say I still have not heard back from their office, five days and counting. We switched to another vet to treat our dog. The new vet has been calling to get her records since as well with no success, same vague recording. My dog died a couple of days later, Thursday. Not going to blame Dr Metzler for her death necessarily, but he sure didn't make her last couple of days any better. We try to be reasonable and understanding, but there is no excuse for not updating the recording with when the doctor will return. And the bigger sin is not returning a phone call. To us that truly shows the lack of professionalism and caring for his clients.

Christina Martinez

2 years ago

In the past I had a rabbit that I was holding onto because a guy that I did not know came to me and asked me if I would watch his rabbit because he had bleeding on the brain and he didn't know if he was going to live or not so we took the rabbit in. Then We took Bodie to this animal Hospital out here in Countryside and they were very polite we were seeing right away and his rabbit got shot which were cheap I thought that it was going to be expensive but no. we also found out that Bodie is a girl we didn't want to change her name so we just kept it the way it was. 5 years later after not knowing what had happened I found out that the guy had lived. He didn't know if I still had the rabbit he thought that I gave her away I told him that I kept onto the rabbit and he asked is he can have Bodie back. Of course I gave Bodie back. Because that's the rabbit Daddy. We were just holding on to the rabbit waiting for the day for them to be reunited. But this veterinarian is a really great place to go to and now we have our own pet that we have adopted and there is no other veterinarian I would want to go to other than this one.

Chrissy Goodrich

2 years ago

Very compassionate and knowledgeable. Update: we are now seeing Dr Bliss, he is a cat expert and has been wonderful helping me with my two elderly cats. Since covid, understandably, they don't do house calls anymore.


2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. They got our cat feeling good again and trimmed his nails!

Gale Simons

2 years ago

Top notch...friendly employees. Dr. Metzler and his other Dr's there spend time talking with me and addressing all my concerns.

Jerry Zarr

2 years ago

The best place to take your pet They very good and kind to your pets starr

Grass Man

2 years ago

A doctor and the staff that really care about pets

Heather Rose

2 years ago

Dr. Bliss was wonderful and very caring!! Best part not only could I go in with her but we got put in a clean, closed room, right away. Everyone had masks on and Kiya, our dog, left feeling comfortable and not like I abandoned her when she needed me the most.

Angel Sullivan

2 years ago

Staff & docs (most especially Dr Doll!) are incredible. They sincerely care. The facility (both the medical side and the boarding side) are clean and well kept. They responded quickly to my request for a filled out form so that I could file it with my insurance provider. The boarding folks have taken excellent care of my pup. I mean, I could go on and on, but you get the point, right? We drive almost an hour to get to them rather than choosing a new vet. That says it all, yes?


2 years ago

Coming back to write a detailed review. This place is great, bottom line. We have previously taken our pug to the banfield at pet smart and just weren’t impressed. The staff at Metzler’s are always nice and helpful. They boarded our pug in fall of 2020 for 2 nights and now ever since that she gets excited and runs in willingly with them. If she approves, I approve ☺️

Dave Nagle

3 years ago

The staff treated us like family. When our Maggy crossed the rainbow bridge, they reached out to us, because they actually cared for our welfare. I would definitely reccomend Metzler Vet Hospital for your pet needs. We will be coming back to them when we acquire another furbaby.

Annie Morgan

3 years ago

I had a wonderful experience with Metzler Vet Clinic. I used them last year for my older Pomeranian and they were so kind and focused on my pet. The Vet got on the floor to examine him! They made the whole process easier for both of us. Now I have a puppy and they have been great with him as well. I highly recommend this clinic.

Brian Bufalini

3 years ago

Been here twice for two of our three cats. They do a really great job of explaining what’s going on a take a minimalist approach.

Daniel Marcum

3 years ago

Excellent customer service and great vet!

Susan Miller

3 years ago

I have visited Metzler Vet Clinic 3 times and I have to say I have never been to an animal clinic that feels so right to me. Everyone we have come in contact with is pleasant, accommodating and professional. I feel very secure in making decisions with my Bichon's health, under their supervision. Just so happy we switched to Metzler Veterinary Hospital.

David Moore

3 years ago

They are quite helpful. Taking precautions and coming out to your vehicle to get the pets. The doctors have even come out to discuss if there were questions or concerns. Love them!

David seis

3 years ago

Our cat's affinity with rubber has made us frequents of this hospital. We also use this as for our annual check ups. The doctors work well with the owners and really well with the animals. intentionally reducing the amount of interactions with a disgruntled cat as to not infuriate, and getting on the floor with our nervous dog to soothe it - highly recommended.

Jennifer Cardinali Hochman

3 years ago

My senior dog was having issues that nobody could seem to diagnose. One trip to Metzler and we had a diagnosis and a solution. She’s been back to 100% ever since! Now we won’t take out dogs anywhere else! We recently got a goldendoodle puppy and his favorite place to go is to the vet! That’s saying so much about how amazing the staff and service is!

Joanne Conte-Reed

3 years ago

Dr Metzler and staff are great. They have handled our regular visits plus emergencies. When I found some newborn squirrels, the staff helped me out by taking them to where they would get the right help. Everyone is always helpful.

Kyle Klement

3 years ago

I brought my vizsla to Dr Metzler. He is a fantastic veterinarian and my dog loved the staff. Great vet clinic located in clearwater!

Louise Hanna

3 years ago

I've been going to them for at least 10 years with all my huskies and Dr Metzler is wonderful. He takes the time and listens to your concerns and discuss options. His staff is always friendly and very good with our dogs.

Maia Murphy

3 years ago

They are fair and great with my pups


3 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Metzler for years. He has treated my large dogs and in my opinion the best vet in Pinellas and Pasco Counties.

Mimi Crichton Hollar

3 years ago

Excellent, caring service and staff!

Naomi Teare

3 years ago

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. They take the time to explain everything to you and always call to follow up after your visit to make sure your pet is doing well and you have no additional questions.


3 years ago

I brought my dog to this vet twice. The vets were ok but the support staff was absolutely horrible. I had an urgent issue and needed to bring both of my dogs in and despite one having been here previously, they lost her paperwork. Then they stated they could not validate either dogs shot records. I proceeded to go to my old vet and realized it wasn’t as bad I had thought. I decided to give them another shot this past week. My old vet is DTSP so I was really hoping for a vet closer to my home. Well it’s been a week and they never pickup or call back for messages. Thankfully the old vet was able to get us in while I sat waiting for this one to actually answer a phone. I have no idea how this place is so highly rated. Maybe people have low standards? Idk.

Kimberly D

4 years ago

We love our pets sometimes more than people, and when a vet is able to help you through the toughest time when your pet is living their final days, that to me is just as important as helping your pet live a long healthy life. Dr. Metzler and his staff have been a blessing for me two times now. While death is not often talked about in reviews, it is inevitable and worth considering how your vet handles this transition for you and your pet. I can't thank them enough for the compassion they showed my family during those difficult times.

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