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Corey Macias

2 years ago

My dog, Charlie, had been acting a little off starting around lunch. I knew my vet took walk ins and is usually an er so I decided to give it some time before rushing there. After a couple more signs that he just wasn’t right I decided to …

Davida Rubin Baker

2 years ago

Excellent care. I had Summer as my tech. Both Summer and the doctor I saw were a wealth of information. Its so nice to find an emergency vet that does a great job!

Isabella Rose

2 years ago

I have a 3 month old puppy that got very sick at 12pm rushed her here and we were greeted by Cindy and Kimberly. who is absolutely amazing they made us feel very welcome & comfortable, I have been to other places that make you feel bad for bringing your dog in so that was a huge relief, Cindy was very outgoing and somehow made us laugh even when we were very upset/worried. I highly recommend animal ER of SW Florida thank you guys for taking very good care of my fur baby please keep it up not many vets or ER make customers feel Comfortable or welcome let alone make you laugh!!

Catherine Callan

2 years ago

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Got to office with my ill pet. Around 7pm. Was met by the receptionist outside the front door. She asked what was wrong with my pet.Said she’d ask if the vet if he would see him. She returned one minute later and said no he’s tired!! Go go somewhere else!! I drove to an emergency vet clinic with and Emergency and was turned away.. absolutely shameful. Do yourself a favor.. never go here. Blue Pearl is a longer drive but it will be open when you get there!!

Gamer Mom

2 years ago

Would just like to let the residents of Cape Coral know what I went through with a facility called Animal ER of SW Florida on Pine Island rd. Our dog was vomiting, shaking, drooling and appeared very ill. I searched this group and saw the name of this facility and took him there. They did blood work, x-rays and started an IV and gave him fluids and medications to help the vomiting. He blood work was ok. X-rays showed an enlarged prostate. They told us to go out for lunch and they would call us when the results were in. 3 hours later I called since I didn’t hear anything and was told the above results. At that point we were told that because they wouldn’t have a doctor on staff overnight we needed to take our dog to another facility. We ended up taking our dog home for the night. The next day he was listless and would not drink but hadn’t vomited which was a good sign. We decided to take him to another facility to get another opinion. We went to Colonial Animal hospital and what a difference! Talk about great compassionate care! They found our dog not only had prostatitis, but a very enlarged testicle and was more than likely cancerous. They recommended a neuter ASAP which would obviously take care of testicular cancer but would also help with the prostate. They also performed an ultrasound. He had the surgery, had an ultrasound,stayed overnight, had an IV and meds. Colonial charged us $483 Animal ER of SW Florida charged us $1700.!!!! Please, please, please do not go to Animal ER! They care far more about profit. Also, Animal ER never diagnosed his enlarged testicle. Very poor care there as compared to Colonial.

Tammy Wright

2 years ago

Stay away from this place! They not only missed a problem my dog had but they charged triple that other facilities do. The office manager doesn’t know the difference between a testicle and a prostate. I called to inquire about their price they charged and she ended up hanging up on me. Horrible place, rude manager. After leaving this place with no improvement of my dog despite being charged nearly $1700, I took our dog to another facility who kept our dog longer, did an ultrasound, surgical procedure, IV and meds for under $500. Animal ER of SW Florida only cares about $$$$$$!

Florida Critic

2 years ago

Had to bring my dog in last minute and the staff was awesome and did their thing to get me and my fatboy in as quick as possible. A bit pricey but they were able to work with my budget and were really good with Julius! They even trimmed his nails!

Stephany “ZombieKittyHell”

2 years ago

Hours posted are wrong. They are not open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday! Google and the sign on their door says open 24 hours but no they don’t open until 9pm. I should have called before I drove there so that’s my fault. There is a small sign on the door under the 24 hour sign that says they will be open at 5pm but when I called, the person who answered said they wouldn’t be open until 9pm citing no available vets on staff. I drove all the way over to Blue Pearl and they were able to help my dog.

Analia Hernandez

2 years ago

They just care about money ..dont care about the dog We took our dog to this hospital a week ago because he had vomited 3 times and looked to be in pain in his the ER they said he had high fever and need to be check with x-ray and blood work urgently..they estimated our bill in $1400. We accepted to do everything necessary..later they called.saying that according to the xray our dog had a blockage in his intestines and need a exploratory surgery but they need to transfer him to another hospital because they didn't have a doctor that night. We asked if there was any other thing to try before surgery since we couldn't afford another bill..the dr veja tillman without any feelings says no just take him to a regular vet that will be less money. When we got to the other hospital they didnt see any blockage looking the same.xrays..and short long story send us back home and my dog never need surgery at please dont go to animal Er of Sw florida..or at least ask for a second opinion i recommend Colonial animal hospital..worth the drive.

christina rhodes

2 years ago

Our little beagle was having a tough time not feeling well and Saturday night we took him to the emergency vet. We called ahead and when we arrived our baby was taken right in. He was evaluated and x-rays were taken and a surgical procedure was performed for something he ate ( and of course it wasn't his food). The care he received was wonderful, the staff was excellent. They came outside multiple times to let us know how he was doing. Dr. VanOrsdell even came out when the procedure was done to let us know it was over and all went well! We were so happy and she even stayed and talked for a while. If an emergency arises again we would definitely go to the Animal ER. The cost was comparable to our current vet. We even got a refund because the estimated cost was higher than the actual! Kate and her whole crew have the highest praise from us all. Our Beagle is happy and healthy again! Thank you

Jennifer whitaker

2 years ago

The vet and staff are wonderful caring people.

John Eloff

2 years ago

This place is a butcher shop , sedated a 6 lb cat before euthinasia, said he was biting and clawing , just had his nails trimmed and blood drawn from pet vet south of Hancock bridge parkway, , no problems there , when I saw him he was bleeding from his mouth and his tongue was hanging out, didn't know me the vet was totally incompetent and charged me 400.00 , total skumbags , DON'T GO THERE worst experience of my life . talked to the manager, just excuses, and I pay what I pay , DON'T EVER GO THERE. I WOULD GIVE IT A NEGATIVE 5 STARS IF I COULD., Worst vet I've ever been to, I wish I would have gone through the reviews first.i think they are takingThe pet meds ,400.00 for a6 lb cat , they need to be investigated doped up people there's no way that so called service cost 400 .00 I believe they'might be paying for their drug habits Not accusing but it's possible I get drug tested and they should too

Kimberly Barber

2 years ago

Way to over priced. It's great how vets charge these ridiculous amounts knowing people will pay that outrageous amount to help their pet. That's sickening.

Patty Pokorny

2 years ago

Thank you, everyone. Your compassion and kindness was much appreciated. Our decision for our beloved Roxy was made easier by your professionalism and honesty. The Pokorny Family ❤

Ruth Azcarate

2 years ago

Best hospital for your love my pets. They are so humanitarian. They really make you feel like family

Sara Joray-Blevins

2 years ago

My furbaby had passed away unexpectedly, and everyone at this office handled things amazingly, and with the most caring and gentle hearts. Customer service exceeded my expectations during a very difficult time. Very sweet office staff and vet. Cannot be any more pleased. Thank you for caring for us!

Crystian Gslvez Pino

2 years ago

I got to this place with my dog having problem walking and one leg on the air and just to beign they charge u 95 dollars to check temperature, ears and weight, and did nothing about the leg, supposedly cus they dont let u and didnt even tell me the weight of my dog. Then they gave me en estimate of 600 dollars more to put a sedative and do an x-ray, UNBELIEVABLE!!! Im new in the are but this the worse veterinary clinic I ve been in!!!

Trudy Olson

2 years ago

Vet and Assistant very compassionate and made us feel at ease during this stressful visit Did not "push' unnecessary tests Facility very clean. Reasonable fee

Chelsea Carlson

2 years ago

My dog was hit by a car and died before we arrived at this vet, so I was understandably devastated. However, the vets/technicians were very compassionate and did what they could to make us as comfortable as possible during our final good-byes. Tragedy, shock and grief are never easy to face but they were all very supportive and respectful, allowing me as much time as I needed with my baby boy. If I require an after hours emergency vet in Southwest Florida again I will come here.

Ruth MacPhail

2 years ago

I had to take my dog to the ER last night. She was suffering with a bladder infection and needed to get on medicine right away. I was very pleased with the care she received. From the minute we arrived, we were taken care of right away, even though there was a more serious emergency situation occurring at the same time. My girl was evaluated, given an antibiotic injection and we were checked out within a reasonable amount of time. Staff continued to check on us throughout the process and apologized for any delays. The cost was very reasonable also. As mentioned in previous reviews, higher costs are expected at emergency rooms. The costs were actually comparable to some recent regular veterinary visits I've had. I have no complaints about my visit there and I recommend it to others.

Melissa Kline

2 years ago

Our Zeus had an ear hematoma. Regular vet couldn't get us in like a week so they referred us to another vet who wouldn't drain his ear. He is a pitbull and has small ears. After my poor boys ear being huge for 3 weeks under this other vets treatment we called the Animal ER of SW Florida. They took Zeus in right away. Performed the ear surgery and we picked him up a few hours later. My old boy is still healing but doing very well. I would recommend with 5 stars. They are caring and compassionate and took perfect care of my Zeus. Thank you all.

marc joseph

2 years ago

Not sure why this place has low stars. The vet/staff was professional, thorough and compassionate. They made sure the exam room was cleaned before were seen and followed COVID guidelines. I took my 6 month old puppy in who was having on and off vomiting/ diarrhea since he was 12 wks old. He had been in and out of our regular vet, they did multiple fecal parasite tests, a parvo test which all were negative so they would put him on antibiotics, probiotics and give injection for vomiting but as soon as the antibiotics were finished the problem would come right back. I tried multiple dog foods, we were on the 6th brand and I even added purée pumpkin to his diet because I read that it helps with loose stools. Each time the problem would go away for a week or two after switching foods but would come right back. I was losing a lot of sleep and losing my mind trying to figure out what could be causing it. He started having issues again on a Thursday and was scheduled to go our vet the next day but we couldn’t wait. I remembered my co-worker mentioning Animal ER and how great they were with diagnosing her dog’s problem (pancreatitis) so I gave them a call and I’m glad that I did. They were upfront about what testing they wanted to do and the costs. It was expensive but I expected that since it is an ER. I just wanted an answer to what could be causing the problems. X-ray and blood work was done that showed nothing significant so he was given some medications. Before leaving dr. Orsdell sat with me at length giving me suggestions, she really took the time to try to help me. One of her suggestions was trying a less premium dog food so I did and voila… the problem stopped. It’s now been close to a month since our visit and he’s doing great!! I’ve never seen his stools this solid in all the time I’ve had him. Thank you dr. Orsdell and thank you to the staff!! Also, if you can afford it I suggest getting pet insurance!! I got 90% back of what I spent that night.

David Hurrelbrink

2 years ago

Recently on a Fri evening, we had to take our kitty to Animal ER. They immediately took her back and diagnosed her problem. They were gentle, empathetic, and very sweet to us and our kitty. Our first experience at an animal ER and it definitely wasn't a horrible experience.

Zachary Lange

2 years ago

They are not open 24 hours as they open at 5 PM on Fridays! Hopefully you don’t have an emergency on Fridays, cause they aren’t helping! Emergency room for animals, by the way. ????

Teresa Iglesias

2 years ago

This clinic is for pets who need émergency care after hours. Since it is an after hours clinic it is pricey, but definitely worth it if you want your pet to have the best care. The vet who treated my cat was excellent. You can tell they really care for the well being of your pet. Thank you so much for helping my baby. I will never take my pets anywhere else for emergency care.

Denver Newcomer

2 years ago

Very bad attitude on phone after we drove 45 minutes to get there we call head of time they say dr call off today but there would be one there at 8 she say bring your we can get you in when we got there the one women had a attitude.

Ana Satorre

2 years ago

I do not recommend this place at all. The attention is terrible. Don't leave your pets there. The way to proceed with animals is rude and violent. And I do not need your answer since I see that they deny all the negative experiences that they put their clients through. They are a shame.

Drew McClellan

2 years ago

Last night my wife and I had to do the hardest thing we have had to do... put our 12 year-old boy Apollo to sleep. We have had him since a puppy when we first got married and is both of ours first time having to do this. What a relief to find Animal ER! It was very late and every vet was closed as I tried to find a place to help Apollo! They answered the phone (what a relief) and after telling them what was going on they informed me they could help! Thank God for these people! Very compassionate and comforting. They made the whole process much easier then we thought it would be. Very very hard but they made it bearable. Apollo will be deeply missed and I'm thankful for them to help end his pain! Now he could move on to the big dog park in the sky! Thank you to the Dr. and staff I belive it was Tracy and Cindy!!!! You helped so much! We still have our boy Rocket and if there is ever an emergency agin we would without a doubt be coming back here!

Kym Hudson

2 years ago

I really don't understand the negative reviews on this page. 1) It's an emergency vet - you know going into the situation that it will be more expensive. 2) Not every animal can be saved, for a number of reasons, especially in an emergent situation. With that being said, on the evening of 6/8, they were wonderful to us. They were up front about costs and kept us informed the whole time. We had to sit in the car for a couple hours but we were willing to sit all night if we had to. They were good to our dog. They were thorough and sent everything to our normal vet first thing in the morning so that our dog could have seamless treatment. I wish I could remember the name of the vet tech, she was fantastic. I would definitely recommend them.

Selena Cruz

3 years ago

I took my baby boy to the vet to get him checked out, I told them he was drooling all over, he wasn’t eating & he was going into hiding.. then over night, He passed. I paid the overpriced exam.. all to get told “he looks fine” but passed the same night. 100$.. to walk out.. and nothing about my boy. He’s gone. When all I did was go for help.

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