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Maria DeCarlo

2 years ago

Dr Ocean Cohen is awesome! Quick identification of issue and recommendation saved my GSD life

Jenna Leduc

2 years ago

Taking care of pets isn't always easy or cheap...one of our dogs had a random health scare a couple of months ago. After contacting the emergency vet in our area, they recommended setting up something with our usual vet (Ranch Animal Hospital), as an ER visit would be extremely costly and at the time unnecessary. The following morning, I called Ranch Animal Hospital and they squeezed us in as quickly as they could and did a fantastic job with our dog. Not only did they squeeze us in, they still took the time to go through our diagnostic options and costs (I know this isn't always the case, as I've been on the other side of this: waiting on an appointment with the same clinic because a different patient appointment or surgery went over). I have been frustrated in the past with wait times, but they truly care about the pets they're taking care of. I am so thankful they took care of our dog, she was quickly back to her goofball self. We will continue to visit Ranch Animal Hospital, Dr. N, Dr. O, and their staff. No place is perfect, but this experience was well taken care of.

Jane Potts

2 years ago

Thank you for caring for our lil Pomeranian.

chester kimball

2 years ago

From our limited exposure, we have never experienced a more caring group of people. We and our dog were treated with patience, kindness, and respect at a very difficult time for us.

David Shanahan

2 years ago

Dr Cohen was great! I appreciate his straight forward style and terrific attitude. Thanks so much!

Files Aviation

2 years ago

Took excellent care of my GSD puppy!

Jacqui Kelly

2 years ago

I feel confident taking our Doberman puppy here. The staff is friendly and prompt. I highly recommend this animal care facility.

Rebecca Gaylord

2 years ago

Dr Ocean listens and is patient enough to answer all of my questions. She works with me to determine the best treatment plans. She personally calls me to check up on our dogs.

Alexis Marquess

2 years ago

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU VISIT RANCH ANIMAL HOSPITAL: I went in on September 11th for a grooming at Ranch Animal Hospital for my dog. He was completely fine prior to visit, but that evening and the following day he was starting to act a little strange with constant head shaking and walking sideways. September 13th I noticed he had a ton of discharge from both his ears but was unable to get an appointment until the following day (September 14th). Dr. Ocean at Ranch Animal Hospital diagnosed him with a horrible double ear infection. I mentioned that my dog has no history of ear infections, nor did anything change in his day to day besides that grooming on September 11th. I mentioned that the groomer at their location plucked the hair out of my dog’s ears. This was on the groomers own will, not upon my request. Dr. Ocean said that they cannot be sure that the ear infection could be from the grooming since they did not examine the ear prior to the grooming. Who gets a random examination of their dogs ears prior to a grooming – especially when the groomer is provided from an veterinary hospital? Dr. Ocean told me that she was unable to do anything for compensation, but she would talk to the manager. I got the manager’s email from the front receptionist and informed the manger, Nancy, of the situation. When Nancy responded and called back, she informed me that they will not do anything to compensate me for the medical bill or grooming but can offer a discount on the follow-up visit. We had to go back to forth over the course of days with Nancy having an attitude and acting like it was not even possible for a double ear infection to have happened because of them. Her claims were outlandish, “If there was any issue with your dog’s ear prior to the ear plucking, the groomer would have said something to the doctor”, (Then doesn’t that mean he was healthy prior to the visit and the infection occurred after?!) and then she used her analogy “If I had an exam done by a doctor, and afterwards I got a UTI, then I cannot blame the doctor” (Umm, yes you can, as the doctor would take your medical issue seriously, and do a proper work-up). I had a final phone call on September 28th (over 2 weeks since first visit) where Nancy stated that Dr. Ocean refuses to talk to me unless I pay for a consolation and she laughed when I said I am not trying to scam them money, I just wanted some kind of compensation for the fact that on top of the $70 grooming, I had to pay $230 for medical treatment for something completely avoidable. Instead, I was told the conversation was over and they will not speak with me again unless I pay for them for the consolation. She also told me not to return to their Hospital with my dog. The whole ordeal was handled very unprofessionally and condescending as Nancy tried to act like I was an idiot, and that I should understand that there is no way that their groomer could have done this. Even though her own words disproved that. They refuse to acknowledge that my dog had no issue prior to the grooming (if there was, apparently their groomer is so well trained that she would report it right away), and that my dog magically got an infection from somewhere else when, in reality, nothing in his day-to-day routine had changed since the grooming. I would highly avoid going to Ranch Animal Hospital. They take no responsibility for their mistakes and treat their loyal customers horribly. I have been coming to Ranch Animal Hospital, and their sister hospital also located in Lakewood Ranch, since 2018. I have spent a lot of money here, and to be treated like this is just a slap in the face. Seriously reconsider before you bring your pet here.

Cheri Lindgren

2 years ago

Dr. Ocean and her team give excellent care! If you want the best for your pet, take them to Ranch Animal Hospital!

Marge Kubala

2 years ago

Needed to establish a Vet Clinic since I moved to the area; Dr. Noblett a very personable and patient vet.; was very kind about my Senior Doxie. The front office is quite busy; bit they did take care of me nicely.

Sarah Fussell

2 years ago

I love this place! When our puppy started having seizures, our previous vet turned us away cause they only had one vet in the building. We were solice in our decision to choose a new vet and we found Ranch Animal Hospital. They took us right away and did everything they could to help our baby. He is gone now, but I know that this is our vet no matter what new puppies or big boys we get. Because we know, they will help us and take care of our loved ones. I highly recommend them to anyone that are looking for a new vet or wanting something better for their pets.

Natasha Fernandez

2 years ago

Amazing service, I loved the experience in this place, the staff is amazing, they are very organized. The Hospital is always clean, it complies with the Covid-19 regulations. Happy to have brought my cat to this place, Dr. James was great.

Pope of Nope Smith

2 years ago

Called and was able to get an appointment almost immediately on a Sunday. Staff were great, service was also. All in all, I believe my dog Hagrid has a new vet.

david kunert

2 years ago

We were in town on vacation and our German Shepard was having some issues. I was told by the dog sitter we used that Ranch animal hospital was good and very affordable. Upon arrival and telling them what was wrong with Niko I asked for an estimate of the cost and was given one for 182$ when I went to check out my bill was 469$ I was in total shock. I will never use them again. They just assumed I could a 500$ vet bill didn’t bother asking me before performing all of these other so called test. Very disappointed.

Cicely Pflieger

2 years ago

Dr Ocean Cohen and Dr Noblett are amazing! So very caring, as if it was their own animal! Dr. Ocean saw both of our guinea pigs at different times for different issues and both times she fixed them up very well! She is very knowledgeable and super caring! Love her!!

Dawn Bock

2 years ago

Our place we used to board our dog doesn't do boarding anymore so we just tried Ranch Animal Hospital for the first time and really like them. Our dog was well taken care of (boarded for a week) and came back healthy and happy. We already have a reservation for another trip soon since he did so well on this one.

B Robair (Ben)

2 years ago

Clean and very nice employees there

Jenny Woodall

2 years ago

Amazing place. The staff are super nice and helpful. And the doc was very kind and gentle with my tiny puppy. I'm so glad I found this place

larry levy

2 years ago

Dirty place and staff is extremely rude. After waiting with a empty waiting room for over 30 minutes past my schedule appointment. So sorry I put my dog through that disgusting place. All this to pay $65.00 for a consultation for Acupuncture. Best move I did was leave.

Mike E

2 years ago

I have been taking my mini pin there since I moved here from another state. They take good care of her when I need to board her and keeping up with her shots. And it’s great to have them close by.

Matt Marek

3 years ago

They got my dog in quickly on a Sunday morning and after some x-rays they determined she broke a bone in her tail. Common issue with my dog breed. Got her some meds, 3 year rabies shot, and out the door we went. Very nice Vet, staff, and reasonable prices. Thank you for everything

Jill Mullins

3 years ago

My older pup spent her last moments at Ranch Animal. She and we were treated so kindly at this heartbreaking time. I don't have the words to express how appreciative I am.

Arvind deBraganca

3 years ago

We have moved her from Gainesville, FL and it tooks a bit to find a new vet. We LOVE the staff and veterinarians. The facility is always clean, the staff is friendly and efficient, and the prices are reasonable. The veterinarians take the time to listen and use information with diagnosis and treatment. They are also open 7 DAYS A WEEK!! I have recommended them not only for medical services but their boarding facility.

Madeline Scott

3 years ago

Dr Ocean and staff take care of our furry family as if they were their own. They accommodate the individual personalities of our pets and always make the experience as comfortable as possible!

judith martincic

3 years ago

Wonderful experience..nice, helpful staff..had to have some stitches remove from pups belly...in and out in no time at all.

Joyce Gust

3 years ago

The doctor was great with our bearded dragon!!! Easy earlier then our appointment was done by the time our appointment was scheduled. Great staff highly recommended

Jenny Fitzpatrick

3 years ago

Very thorough, compassionate care for my Cane Corso puppy... she came in extremely anemic and in need of emergency care. Unfortunately, they could not handle my dogs blood transfusion however they VERY QUICKLY arranged for us to get her to an emergency hospital that could get her care and got her stable enough to be moved there in a matter of minutes... the staff also made sure they had her records quickly sent to the emergency vet and that they were waiting for our puppy's arrival. Despite this not being my puppy's primary care Vet they still called 2 days later and checked on her progress. This is a great facility. We actually transferred care to their location that is closer to my home. The people here are stand up and I have no complaints.

Karen C.

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my two dogs to Ranch Animal Hospital since moving to Florida five years ago. Over the years, I kept seeing their prices increase to a point that I was considering looking for a more affordable vet. Today, put the icing the cake for me. I stopped by to pick up three month supply of hearthgard and flea & tick medicine (they wouldn’t provide me with a six month supply because my two dogs are due for their heart worm test in June). The total for six individual heartgard treatments and six individual flea & tick treatments was $258.00. Understand, six months prior, I bought two (one for each dog) six months worth of heartgard and flea & tick medicine and the cost was just over $300.00. Meaning, I got half as much medicine today and the difference in price was only $42.00. I question why it was so expensive and the receptionist said it was because they were individual doses. What a bunch of BS...price gouging your longtime customers to that extent!! Just makes you wonder how many other services they are gouging their customers on. They have priced themselves out of the market and I’m sure other customers are feeling the same way. Ranch Animal Hospital lost a good customers today.

Angie Flaim

3 years ago

Exceptional care for our beloved pet (dog) that needed immediate medical attention. True professionals.

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