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Dana Tindall

2 years ago

I have been a patient since they opened. They TRULY care about each animal! I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. They are all so caring, professional, and personable. I found the best vet clinic in manatee county!

Chris Jenkins

2 years ago

Don’t bother contacting them. They told me they wouldn’t see my sick and suffering animal for over two weeks out and the place they recommended to me has 3 stars out of 5, for overall review score. The reviews were beyond scary for the suggested clinic they had mentioned. Such a disappointment after reading so many positive reviews that they were unwilling to even make an appointment for my sick animal, even after I begged and pleaded with them. Not sure what positive reviews are going to do when the business is unwilling to even make an appointment for you :( ———————————————————— UPDATE TO YOUR RESPONSE: I felt the need to respond to your review just to clarify why I felt the extremely low, 1 star review was accurate. I can assure you that I do take leaving a review that low serious and would only do it if I 100% felt it was necessary. I didn’t just leave a one star review because I was refused service when I was in desperate need of service for my animal. There were other contributing factors as well. I should’ve mentioned in my initial review, I had shared with the receptionist, my wife and myself are recently new to this area. Unfortunately, we did not have an established vet for our sick family member. If we did, we would’ve taken him there. I did share that we had existing documents from our previous vet from the state we had moved from recently. That was part of the reason I was calling, was to get my cat some help and hopefully have a place to bring him in the future. I know some people would’ve just brought in there sick pet right away and I’m sure they would be seen and not refused service. I thought the respectable thing to do was at least call in advance but unfortunately that did not work in my favor. I was polite, calm and composed when I called. Even after I was refused service and after I begged and very kindly/desperately asked to please reconsider and allow me to bring in my cat. When I was still met with resistance and an unwillingness to help, I was shocked and felt defeated. After I hung up the phone, I immediately looked into your “recommendation”. The one star review is because of the overall experience, including your recommendation. The facility that you “recommended” has an overall review score of 3.2 on Google reviews, which is one of the lowest scores I’ve even seen in Manatee county for veterinarian office reviews. I’ve attached screenshots of the undesirable reviews I was met with as soon as I looked them up. You can tell by the timeframe of which these reviews were left that I did not “cherry pick” just the negative reviews. These are the most recent reviews. I was in awe to see the majority of the recent reviews were consistently negative reviews. Due to all of these factors, I felt a one star review was appropriate and I do apologize that you feel differently. If I hadn’t taken the time to look up the facility you suggested, I can’t even imagine what kind of experience I would’ve had just going there. I sincerely hope your office is able to provide services for the next individual that contacts you and is in desperate need of help. If your business is established to the point that you are unable to take on any new clients, perhaps you could post that information so people are aware. Also, I would suggest reconsidering who you recommend, if your business is unable to accommodate others in the future.

Courtney Cruz

2 years ago

Before I discovered Manatee Veterinary Clinic, I went through multiple vet offices and always left feeling completely discouraged. Time after time I would walk into offices where it was obvious the staff showed up to work on a daily basis to make a paycheck and collect the vet bill. I truly never felt like my time or my precious fur babies mattered. I researched vets offices extensively before deciding on this office. The moment I stepped into this office, I was greeted with such a wonderful, warm staff. It was very clear to me that everyone in this office loved working with animals and has a passion for it! Before Manatee Vet Clinic, my dog Sam was terrified to walk into any vets office. I believe what they say when they say animals can sense when people aren’t genuine. As soon as we walked in the door on his first visit, the receptionist greeted him with a huge smile on her face saying, “You must be Sam!” Not only did that make me feel at ease but Sam smiled and wagged his tail. I was brought into an exam room and introduced to Dr. Doyens and his lovely wife. After explaining all of Sam’s health concerns and background I was assured by Dr. Doyens we would start with the least invasive option and surgery would be a last resort. Words cannot express how refreshing it was to have such honesty and candor coming from Dr. Doyens! Every other Vet insisted on surgery immediately. Dr. Doyens and his staff worked with Sam for years and helped give him the best life before his passing at a very late age in his life. When he took the trip over the rainbow bridge, the entire staff was there in the room and there were tears all around. Genuine people in this world are hard to find. They are few and far between. This place is and always will be my family. Since the passing of Sam, I have brought in my other two fur babies and they have been treated just the same. Now I’m not usually one to write reviews but I couldn’t pass up writing this one. I know I am not the only one out there that has struggled to find a place like this that feels like home. Stepping into this office the first time changed my life and every day thereafter continues to. Thank you Dr. Doyens and his staff!

Emily _

2 years ago

Had to take my senior cat in for rabies vaccine. Since I am new to Florida I had to take a chance on a new vet. Once there it was discovered she had fleas. An absolutely terrible thing to learn. I hadn't had to give her any flea meds since she was indoor only and lived in a state that never required she be on any meds.(only been in Florida a month) Luckily there seemed to be no infestation. While I didn't like the treatment of my cat and the extreme judgment that was given to me I purchased the flea meds and went home. My cat responded quite poorly so I decided to do some more research on a better brand. It was only tonight that I found the box I got from the Vet that I realized I was given topical flea meds for an 8 to 19lbs cat. My cat is very small and probably weighs no more than 5lbs. It's very upsetting. This is not mentioning when the family dog needed to be brought in, but long story short they can't deal with german shepherds. Immediately judged him, and made no attempt to gain his trust and decided he was aggressive and "not food motivated" mind you vet trips are incredibly easy with him. This is a place with many high reviews that do not accurately reflect appropriately

Gary & Kathy Ritsema

2 years ago

Dr. Doyens and staff are very professional and yet able o explain lab results and illnesses in laymen's terminology. Dr. Doyens himself is knowledgeable and willing to avoid any unnecessary surgeries as much as possible. His staff is proficient and always willing to help by handling each animal as if it were their own. When meds are needed, they are ready when prescribed as well as when a refill is needed. Shea, the receptionist is also willing to work around schedules for appointments as well as being helpful when reward points for meds are applied for with receipts. I have lived in Manatee county for over 30 years. My 4 dogs have been with Dr. May and now Dr. Doyens and I wouldn't have it any other way! It's an awesome clinic!

jamie ross

2 years ago

I credit Dr Doyens and staff with keeping my large dog in amazing health and comfort at the fine old age of 15. He performed surgery on him at 14, one which we were convinced (but went forward with it because he is our baby) that he would not come back from. The surgery was complicated yet Boomer rebounded and has been in fantastic shape ever since. The entire staff is compassionate, kind and competent. We moved and travel 30 minutes to get to them, passing at least 4 other veterinary offices on the way.

Sue Betz

2 years ago

Dr. Doyan and his staff are the most caring, professional, and dedicated group of people that I have ever had the good fortune to entrust the care of one of my dogs to. My girl is a rescue that I have had almost 8 years... she's almost 14 years old. With his guidance, she has become and stays a happy and healthy dog. She LOVES going to see the Doc.

sarah driscoll

2 years ago

Thank you for being so patient and kind with my anxious dog. I was in the process of switching vets and I’m glad I found this one.

Lisa Allen

3 years ago

I'm not usually one to write a negative review but I was so disappointed in this place. I was looking for a new vet and they were recommended to me. Since my dog was due for his vaccines, I made an appointment. I brought records from my old clinic that had pertinent information on them and when I showed them to the receptionist, I pointed out the record showing some medicine he's gotten in the past and that I would like to have it filled there. She went into the back to let them know I was wanting that filled, came back out and didn't say a word about that. I went into the exam room for my appointment and, again, explained what medicine he's gotten, what it was for and that I requested it to be filled. They continued with the exam, vaccines etc and then sent me to check out. When I was waiting to get the total I asked if they were going to fill the medicine I requested and she went back to ask the vet. When she came back out she said the vet doesn't prescribe that type of medication and said the medicine he prefers to prescribe. I told her that my dog had been prescribed that type of medicine and he almost bloated on it, a fact I told the vet techs too. To which the receptionist replied that I hadn't brought thorough enough records and they'd need to contact my previous vet to get more records. I said I was fine with that and paid my bill ($244!) The receptionist told me they would call me when they checked with my previous vet, literally the last thing she said to me "we'll give you a call". Today marks one week and I have not heard anything. Obviously they knew from the time I checked in that they had no intention on filling my request and just wanted to get as much money as they could from me Everything that anyone needs to know about your business is in your attack on me rather than trying to remedy the situation. Correct, I declined bordatella. My 10 year old dog has never received it and never gotten sick even coming to work with me at my groom shop every day. In fact, the client who referred me to you also does not believe in that vaccine and they play together every single time he comes. Yes I informed every staff member of wanting (not demanding) because every single staff member asked me what he was there for and if there was anything else they needed to know. If at any point one of them said I'm sorry we can't prescribe that medication without blood work being done, I would have ceased to ask. My previous vet told you they hadn't seen me or my dog since 2018? You might want to have them check again as my other dog and I were there at the end of September of last year. And your staff called while I was still there?? Then your receptionist LIED to me when she said she still needed to call for more thorough records and that she would call me when she got them. Another red flag. The 'pertinent records' I brought were papers showing when he got vaccines last, that's what I brought him to you for. The other record showed that he in fact received tramadol + rimadyl in the past. Had you told me you needed more proof of the injury, I would have gladly shown you pictures as well as my previous vet should have told you about him being attacked and required surgery

Jenna Hillman

3 years ago

I’ve been bringing my pup here for years and they’ve always been amazing! Everyone that works here is very sweet, professional, and you can tell they all really care about the animals and what’s best for them. Since I started coming here I’ve never gone anywhere else!

Ashley Minguez

3 years ago

I took my bunny to get his nails trimmed. Never been there before. Appt was at 10:45, they took him (my bunny) and was done within 10 mins. Had to fill out paper Ofcourse. Def recommend this place!

Jasen Milenkovski

3 years ago

I am so glad to have chosen Manatee Veterinary Clinic for my pets needs. We recently lost one of our pets and the compassion and love this place shows is amazing. I am so lucky to have a wonderful Veterinarian to go to. Dr. Doyens, Victoria Doyens and staff are wonderful to deal with. I wanted thank you all for everything you tried to do for my little girl. All your kind words and compassion helped me tremendously and I couldn't ask for a better place go. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Joanne Wood-Ellison

3 years ago

Best vet I’ve ever had. Great supporting staff. I completely trust the folks here, and appreciate how helpful they have been in the healthcare of my dogs. Dr. Doyens is very dedicated to his work.

Marrianne M

3 years ago

As always it’s like the dogs are family! They are so compassionate with all four of our dogs . We have complete trust in the entire staff! We really appreciate the time spent answering all our questions at each visit. We NEVER feel rushed or like we are just another client. The entire group is warm and welcoming! Thank you ALL once again for the loving care!

Mike Adams

3 years ago

Excellent clinic, staff does a great job

shelly westhoff

3 years ago

Been our vet for at least 10 years. Great people feels like family..

Ally Henderson

3 years ago

Best vet in town! Dr is nice, respectful and doesn’t recommend things just for money. You can tell he is in this profession because he truly loves animals. The vet techs are amazing too, especially Megan! And Shay is always so welcoming! Our dogs love going here and we truly trust the staff to make the best decisions for our dogs!

Darrell Whitfield

4 years ago

From the greeting you receive through the attentiveness from the staff to the comfort and assurance you get from the Dr. Everytime I have needed their service, I have left feeling confident that my little Mowgli has received the best care one could expect.

Jessica Heath

4 years ago

They made us feel right at home!!!! Everyone is so personal with my Great Dane! Thanks guys!!!

Brandy Kwasniewski

4 years ago

Very kind and caring staff! I'm glad that I chose them!

Angie Williams

4 years ago

The entire staff is very professional and compassionate. They really care a out your pet! Dr Doyans is the best and their follow up after the appointment was persistent and very much appreciated. After moving to the area 4 years ago, we have FINALLY found the vet we trust our fur babies with! Can't say enough good things about them!


4 years ago

Love the staff! Very helpful, my guys love it.

Jorge Ruibal

4 years ago

Always good attention from all the team, they love animals

Kate Moss

4 years ago

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our old gal Lily. She was 14 and had a good long life. We started going to Dr. Doyens when we had our other dog Scooter who Dr. Doyens treated as well. He lived to be almost 16 years old. In all the …

Marie Whalen

4 years ago

Great place to bring your pets. All staff is attentive and friendly with my dogs needs. Manatee Veterinarian Clinic is spotless and prompt with their appointments.

radical wizard

4 years ago

Been going for years with our dog and cats, always friendly and informative. Love this place.

Richard Rheaume

4 years ago

They have taken care of our 3 dogs for awhile now. We recommend this clinic to our family and friends.

Robin Cox-Burnett

4 years ago

Excellent care of our dog Ruby, and great care to her momma as well! Dr. David is the best vet, his staff terrific and the best I have ever had. Never have I had a vet explain the recommended care so well. Thanks much!

Sandy Thomas

4 years ago

Wonderful clinic, they take great care of your pets and it is well worth the cost

Shaelyn Summer

4 years ago

Great staff who really care about your animals.

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