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Alice Robinson

2 years ago

DO NOT GO SEE DR. ADAMS!!!!I brought my kitten in for a simple bite that could been easily fixed. Instead, Dr. Adams forced and tossed him around in order to take a closer look at him. It ended up making the wound worse and he ended up needing to be sedated to fix the problem that Dr. Adams made worse. At one point when I tried to grab my kitten he yelled at me and told me not to come near him as if that was the problem. The only problem was the way he handled my kitten. I’ve worked at a vet clinic before and Dr. Adams was unnecessarily rough and mean towards me and my cat. The techs were wonderful and compassionate, if the dr was half as compassionate as the techs that would of never of happened. Because of Dr. Adams mistreatment I was charged a ridiculous amount for something that could of been easily fixed at a different vet. Dr. Ferry and Dr. Pierce are wonderful veterinarians, don’t risk your animals wellbeing with Dr. Adams. I want to give you a zero, but that’s not possible… I give you a one……

anna seabreeze

2 years ago

My looney cats were so stressed. Instead of forcing them to get treated and freak out because the cats were so mean. The ladies were compassionate, and gave me a sedative for the cats so they could come back and try again another time under sedation. Many would have treated me like I was a bad mom with rotten cats. Very nice people

Sharon Walker

2 years ago

2 months ago one of my dogs was very sick.Couurtney pearcs diagnosed him with a neurological disorder and treated was on meds for a dog is back to his normal self again. Thank you

Gte Ellis

2 years ago

I took my dog jada here as she was very sick for the first time. When we walked in we were greeted with a friendly smile and a cheery voice. Dr. Pierce and Karen were unbelievable! They're care for jada exceeded any expectation I had by far! I am beyond grateful for the amazing staff that took care of jada and I highly recommend this place for everyone with a pet!

Goldy Goldstein

2 years ago

Goldy has ears infection. The first visit the nurse clean her ear and vet started her on ear drops. The follow up visit I got different Vet, they took Goldy in the back to clean her ears again, the different Vet changed the treatment. I called the office after the visit to voice my concerns about getting a different vet, it was like starting over with a different vet. The reception I talk to said that my next visit I will get the original vet. Today I showed up and got a Dr Adams. This vet was more concern about giving Goldy a full exam and didn't bother to look at her ears till I mentioned that reason I was here today for a followup. He look quickly at her ears and said look pink inside. This Dr Adams only cares about running up the billing. This happen last year with him. I came in for a allergy shot and he tried to do $300 test on her respiratory. This time he was more concern bringing up other things that maybe wrong with Goldy instead of treating this visit as a followup for her ear infections. If I brought Goldy in for a full exam or If this Dr Adams did the followup exam for her ears and then recommended I come back to look at these possible other concerns. Dr Adams follow up for Goldy ear infection " her ears look pink inside" " When I showed up today and reception told me that the original vet was not there today and if I want to reschedule for Monday" It was followup visit, so I decide to stay to make sure Goldy was responding to the current treatment. "her ears look pink" Dr Adams This Vet didn't even bother to look at Goldy chart till I said i was there for a followup.


3 years ago

I’ve brought my dog here several times and they have always been sweet and accommodating! Dr. Pierce is great and I feel comfortable bringing my dog here when we need to come in.

Thomas Notarianni

3 years ago

I took my cat Willow here because it was close to home and the vet I was using just didn't seem to genuinely care. I read some of the negative reviews here but my intuition was to go here. I met Dr. Vego and I asked her about some of the negative reviews. She told me that she's seen them and is disappointed that they are there. She said that it's true that there were some vets working at this location before she got here and they were upsetting people. Those people have moved on some time ago. I can tell you that my intuition was correct. Dr. Vego is one of the most caring vets I've worked with. I could feel that she had a genuine concern for Willow, me and my budget. She gave me lots of ideas and presented the alternatives and I was able to get Willow the care he needed and stay with reason financially. If you want a vet that cares about you and your pet, and will not try to sell you on a bunch services, foods etc. this is the person. She was truly genuine and wonderful.

Mikki Notman

3 years ago

I think they are awesome and have always given excellent service. They have given me options to fit my budget and I don’t feel they are there just to make money but because they actually care about their clients!!!

Lisa Schultz

3 years ago

I needed to get my two Chihuahuas vaccinated and they were able to see my fur babies the next day, despite all the craziness going on with Covid 19. Thank you to the amazing staff to help me out during this time!

Katherine Delgado

3 years ago

I brought my dog in for an ear infection. This was in midst of pandemic. Where people were losing jobs and money. As a family member loved I immediately took her in for a consult. She was treated a few months prior diagnosed with ear mites. Dr Vigo came to the car and after the examination was insistent that emergency surgery was the best solution for her severe ear infection. We scheduled for that following morning 9am. The anesthesiologists was a bit abrasive and unprofessional with the disruption of the conversation. Dr Vigo insisted that the surgery was the best method of treatment to resolve any reoccurring issues. There was no consultation of post operative outcomes such as a defaced cosmetic appearance of her ear nor was I advised that her ear would never be erect again. One week post op visit Dr Vigo kept asking me if I was providing all the post op meds, I responded yes all given. Dr goes into office returns to inform me she forgot to give me the anti inflammatory meds Tells me she’ll give me 10%off due to her error. I kept her cone on did all as instructed. Only to have the condition be reoccurrent. I called in and questioned her ear’s appearance and the doctor said it may or may not correct itself. And proceeded to state that she informed me. I told her that was not correct. I had to inquire so she immediately stated that it was necessary. Long story short I took her to another vet and they advised that not even dermatologist plastic surgeons make that surgical recommendation. The first treatment is aggressive steroid and antibiotic treatment. That they do not do that surgery and my poor girl will never have her ear straight again. I would refrain from this service provider. I feel that I was taken advantage of 650.00 down the drain. My new doctor did allergy tests and we know now what the root cause is and the appropriate treatment method. For less than what I was robbed for from Dr Vigo I feel awful for my girl. Although she’s beautiful Dr Vigo has left my dogs ear completely deformed. If you are a single parent sole house provider and love your baby.Do Not seek treatment here. Get a second opinion because you may make a decision that will hurt your loved one. For someone’s financial gain. O- KD

Bernadette Marrone

4 years ago

I’m very pleased with the vet and staff. I was able to get my kitten seen quickly. They were very kind, helpful and gentle. I’m grateful to them all.

Danny Weissing

4 years ago

I called to find out about a product and the woman hung up the phone on me. Very rude.

Eric McDonald

4 years ago

Just dropped off our two Airedale’s and can’t say enough about the room and cleanliness of this place. Large suit is big enough for both dogs and the staff was extremely friendly. Highly recommend

Judi Nadeau

4 years ago

Had the kindest people working there. Was very traumatized & the staff was so helpful & took the time to explain everything to me & so gentle with my pet. Had little hard time finding it, am so glad I did.

Peter Madera

4 years ago

I Bring my American bully here for all my veterinary needs, he had his first physical here and they weigh him every time I come in, he also have received all his shots and his microchip as well they have the best most courteous …

Rosie Torres

4 years ago

Apollo says thank you to the staff for being patient and understanding with him

Danielle Calvert

5 years ago

I am so angry with this vet. I took my cat in because he kept doing this weird hacking noise and I also was finding little black flecks in his fur. They made me do several tests that costs hundreds of dollars to check for heart worms. After …

Robin Anderson

5 years ago

I've read these reviews and by far they are wrong about Dr Martin and the staff. See my fur baby was recently diagnosed with CANCER of his jaw, just like humans do. When the results came in, the newest member of the team there Dr Paul , had to make that dreadful call to me. I can't Express my gratitude fir everyone there at the office. ABSOLUTELY GREAT..... also Dr Martin referred me to the oncologist in Broward ( Dr Moore). Who by far is outstanding. Between both places my fur baby is doing awesome. And would and refer them to everyone


5 years ago

I wrote this letter to them and they chose to ignore it!. Now I have to bring a civil suit against them. Don't bring your animal here if you love your dog or cat. They are all about the money and don't care for your pet! …

Ashleigh Zelaya

5 years ago

I will never take another cat to Dr. Zapata. Dr. Martin and I discussed a conservative approach to dealing with an injured tail on my kitten. I went in for her check up and Dr. Zapata said the tail needed to be amputated and wanted to do it …

Danny Divito

5 years ago

Place is a fraud. Doctors are horrible just want your money. Place should be closed. Don’t take animal here!!

Don Johnson

5 years ago

Half these reviews clearly are by ex-employees. Dr Martin is extremely honest & humble. I live in Hobe Sound & commute to Boynton just due to the extra care I feel I get. Or the fact I get “care” at all. Smiles go a long way when you’re …

Fran Auerbach

5 years ago

One of the best vets in the area. Caring and professional and knows vet medicine. Been coming here for 10 years with one dog, and recently added a second dog. Wouldn’t think oh going anywhere else.

Robert Newall

5 years ago

Words cannot describe how happy I am with this place. Dr. Martin is the best vet I have ever known and in the past he not only saved the life of my little dog Judy when she was run over but since then has taken care of my rescue Barley and …

Jillian Revels

5 years ago

I've never written a google review before but after reading some of these I felt like I had to... …

Olson Cannon

5 years ago

I cannot attest to the quality of the animal services provided at this hospital; however, I can say that any young person interested in looking for an internship here should WALK AWAY RIGHT NOW. This place is a joke. I have been jerked …

Priscilla Anaya (P)

6 years ago

I feel this place is ok, I was taking my dog there and I know my dog ( minicher pincher terrier ) they put him to sleep then had to give him medication to wake him up to trim his nails and exam they said he has a heart mermer, when it was …


6 years ago

I made an appointment yet I had to wait 1 hour on the Vet. Then, he wanted to put my pet cat under anesthesia just to take quick $300 X-ray of his arm... Super to risky to put cats/dogs under. I still don't know the source of the medical …

William E. Lewis, Jr.

6 years ago

Dr. Rob Martin and his staff at Colonial Animal Hospital are kind, caring and considerate. Rather than trying to prolong the inevitable - while racking up a veterinarian bill - they finally talked some sense into me that it was "okay to …

Nina Rubio

6 years ago

Groomer did an amazing job!!! She's very well trained Groomer!!!

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