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Laura Helen Hawkins

2 years ago

Great people. So much knowledge about pets and co existence. You need to experience the joy here.

Keeli smith

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here for a while waiting for the right dog… I love these dogs but I was in disbelief this evening when I went to see them. A puppy escaped and made it out of the pen, because well you know….. it’s a puppy what else would they be trying to do. And the woman working literally picked the dog up BY ITS HAIR ON ITS BACK. In the air. And threw him in his pen. And not only that, basically threw down another dog violently into his pen and when she noticed we had been watching her since the first incident she said in a disturbing tone “oops my bad”. Like… come on. If you don’t like animals, or don’t know how to treat them, do not get a job with them. This was a bigger older lady I have seen a few times. But also like I said I have been coming here for a while and I’ve always been greeted by a nice younger girl who is kind to me and the animals. And I understand this may not be the business’ fault, if they don’t know how this woman is treating them. But please correct this behavior, I’m seriously so upset.

Kevin Harrison

2 years ago

Excellent service and knowledge shown by staff. Helpful in every way.Great experience. Store clean and roomy.

Savannah Drew

2 years ago

I hardly leave reviews but the experience we had was very welcoming and informative. All puppies were kept in clean pens and seemed as happy as puppies are. The whole process was smooth and we couldn’t be happier to start 2022 with our new family addition. Our sweet Havenese Milo! Thank you!

Melissa Marie

2 years ago

Great customer service!!! Lovely and well taken care of pets! Im so Happy with my puppy

Troy Childs

2 years ago

Nice selection of dogs. Was clean and the puppies seemed happy. Staff was friendly, didn't seem super knowledgeable about breeds. Wanted me to fill out an application for credit. Prices seemed high but I haven't purchased a dog in a long time. Monkeys were fun to watch.

Pamela Tanke

2 years ago

I went there to pick my my WISH order...very nice people..

Boy Mom

2 years ago

I have bought two puppies from Puppy Boutique and have had great (for the most part) experiences. The first one was a black mouth cur, Bailey. When I got her home, she wouldn’t eat or drink. I called the store and they had the owner, John call me. He was extremely nice and caring and had me bring her back and took great care of her. They got her eating, drinking and called me to come get her. My son just picked out a basset hound, Willow. Courtney helped us and I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. There was a tiny hiccup but between John and Courtney, they got it all straightened out. The only relatively negative thing I have to say is the older gentleman that works there seems like he could use a hug and a smile (he’s just not a friendly guy). Thank you Courtney and John for our perfect fur babies!!

shenika Bankston

2 years ago

I searched for a month for lower prices, Puppy Boutique had the lowest prices and beautiful quality puppies. I will definitely be buying from them again.

Tiauna Rogers

2 years ago

Was kinda pushy on a dog that I didn’t want. And while playing with a dog that I wasn’t even interested in, the play pen is so small that my niece backed up into the bench that was in there and scratched her back. Then I was looking at a puppy in the play pen ( the Akita )and was so in love. While I was looking at another dog because my niece wanted me to look, the dog that I was playing with started nibbling on the bottom of my shoe, the owner and I both caught it at the same time. While I stopped the dog from doing so, I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then suddenly the owner just took the puppy out of the play pen and put it back. Totally broke my heart. As I was leaving I couldn’t believe how bad he hurt my feelings by doing that. Loved that dog so much now I will search to buy it elsewhere rather than giving him my business.

Sir beachy Bumsalot

2 years ago

Girls in there were very friendly and approchable. So e of the animal habitats we're alittle messy but still a nice place to get supplies and see cool puppies

Sara R

2 years ago

Not a fan of the 3k puppies for sale when we have a major homeless pets issue in our county. But, I buy bugs and supplies here and the staff is very nice. Slow, but nice. Checkout always takes 10 minutes even without a line. The parrot seens miserable and probably needs a vet.

Dustin Sago

2 years ago

Love this place and everyone who works here I have purchased 3 dogs from here so far.

Lil Sunshine

2 years ago

We bought a beautiful puppy here that came with a double registration, vaccines and microchip with a follow up vet visit no extra charge. The vet that they set us up with is very reputable.

Matt G

2 years ago

Their store is nice and they have a good selection of affordable puppies. We purchased two puppies there earlier this year; a female, Pepper, on 03/24 and her littermate, a male, Rocky, a month later on 04/28. Sadly, our female Pepper passed away on 06/19. She was with us for less than 3 months. When we brought her home at 11 weeks she was tiny and adorable weighing only 1.9lbs. After having her for several weeks, we noticed she didn’t seem to be gaining much weight. Out of concern we stopped in to the store to ask a few questions. Her male littermate was noticeably larger, weighing over 7 lbs (3x as much) We inquired about the significant difference in size, asking the father of owner to please confirm that they were in fact litter mates. After looking at papers they confirmed that they were for sure both from the same litter. Puppy Boutiques staff assured us that the size difference was perfectly normal, and that our Pepper was just going to be a very small dog. Satisfied with their reassurances wanting so bad to believe this was the case, we went on our way. We had not planned on purchasing a second dog, but about a week later we stopped by the store again and the male was still there. We left our phone number asking the manager to let us know if they decide to drop the price on the remaining male. We were excited when they called to tell us that they were, and on 04/28/21 we brought him home. In the late evening on 06/18 Pepper threw up. Assuming she simply had an upset tummy we gave her plenty of cuddles before taking her to bed with us as we normally do. Around 3am she woke us up to go outside, and my wife noticed she was drooling. This was not a normal behavior for her. We rushed to a 24 hr vet and they tested her for parvo virus, which came back negative and attempted to administer fluids. At around 4am our little girl passed away and they were unable to revive her. The vet met with us afterwards and unfortunately without spending thousands of dollars and waiting months there was no way of knowing for certain what caused her death. Due her small size and little weight gain they guessed that she may have had a congenital defect with her organs. Needless to say we are heartbroken. While reviewing her vet records after she died we noticed in small print in the other information/comments section on her vaccination records Puppy Boutique’s Vet noted an open fontanel which we now know is a small hole in the skull that has not grown shut properly. We are very careful, but Pepper loved to play with her brother and we can’t help but wonder if it’s possible she perhaps sustained a brain injury while playing. Cleary Puppy Boutique knew about it. We do not know that this caused her death, but we could have taken precautions. Granted it was in paperwork, but we feel this should have been disclosed to us. My understanding is that this can be very serious. I do not believe that Puppy Boutique was aware that something was wrong with our dog that might eventually lead to her death, but we looked at Pepper twice prior to making the purchase and never was this brought to our attention or discussed with us. We spent $2600 on our puppy and another $562 at the emergency vet, and are now left heartbroken and without our puppy. We had good interactions with them each time we were in the store, and genuinely liked doing business there, even returning to buy food. Though we do not know for certain what caused Pepper’s death, my suggestion to anyone else considering getting a puppy would be to ask lots of questions, and not ignore warning signs, such as a puppy being significantly underweight compared to their littermates, or not gaining much weight. My wife and I visited the store about a week after Pepper’s died hoping to talk to the owner, but he was not in. We told the lady there, that we had purchased the two puppies and that one of them had now died. She took my name and number, but I have not received a phone call.

billy dehart

2 years ago

Not gonna speak bad, but I'll never be back

felicia burns

2 years ago

it was my first time visiting today, puppies were extremely cute and lovely but the puppies were sitting in their own urine, the fish tanks were not cleaned or taken care of, and the blue/green bird in the back of the store looked very, very sickly and was drooped over the entire time i was there. it seems like this place has a lot to offer in one tiny store, but not enough people to take care of all the animals. please improve the conditions that these animals are living in, they atleast deserve that.

Kelly Rust

2 years ago

So happy with my new baby girl Boxer! What a great experience. Thanks!

Mary clare S

2 years ago

This place was awful. The dogs and cats were cute but not kept in proper areas and the cages smelled awful. They kept reptiles on the wrong beding and kittens in a cage made for rats. The staff was no better and very rude to me and my sisters. Would not recommend going there ever.

Bill Barlow

2 years ago

Beware of rapid cuteness. Walking inside causes love to happen.

Villa Dean Governor

2 years ago

Beautiful puppies, unfortunately I can't afford those prices. I've wanted a tiny puppy for myself, I just didn't realize they're so expensive. Shop was nice as well as the people.

Nancy Frohnapfel

2 years ago

Great people! Great store!!

Malva Bee

2 years ago

I got my Dachshund here, customer services is not good, the attendants show no much interest in help. After I paid and they secure their money the manager was extremely rude when I asked for help with the cage. By the way is not nice to have an attendant with no teeth. My puppy come home with skin issues that I resolved with a private vet as when I call and asked they suggested to give it a bath with oatmeal shampoo.But this patches on the skin needs more than a bath with oatmeal.

Lisa Spielman-Dayton

2 years ago

Seems like a puppy mill and way over priced

Kimberly Hammock

2 years ago

Love my Boston Terrier I got. Staff is great.

Kaitlynn Phi

2 years ago

This is a great place,I love it

Jessica Rivera

2 years ago

This is the best puppy place ever!!!! From their selection to the friendly staff to being able to answer literally any questions you might have about your new fur baby. If you are thinking about a new addition to your family this is the place to go!! Oh and on top of all of that the prices are amazing ???? way more affordable then some of the big pet store names!!

Gene Sutton

2 years ago

Friendly staff and knowledgeable... owner is always attentive to his pups and staff

Campbell Bee

2 years ago

Adorable, happy, and healthy puppies! Totally getting my next puppy from here.

Alesia Mcmillan

2 years ago

Love our pup from here. He is 3 now and such a big part of our family! If you are looking for something special they will try and find whatever it is you need!

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