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Sandra Potak

2 years ago

Awesome shelter! Animals are very well cared for!

Floyd Ingram

2 years ago

They only take checks or cash. $395 but I was told it pays for microchip, spaying, vaccinations and such. I found all this out the day of adoption. Animals shipped from Texas appeared to be healthy. I didn't adopt but I recommend it for the animals sake.


2 years ago

I’d give 0 stars, a scam! Don’t waste your money on an application that most likely won’t get approved, go elsewhere where the application are free! Money hungry, don’t even bother.

Jonathan Fischer

2 years ago

Sue and the volunteers are doing amazing work saving these animals! We’ve had our dog Ray for 18 months and he has been such a joy in our lives! Will always be grateful to the SPCA for rescuing him.

Max Hunter

2 years ago

This place is nothing but a scam. Sent an application and paid the $20 fee just to be told “your application is not approved sorry” barely 24 hours later. Completely unprofessional and extremely rude. I highly suggest for everyone that you should not go to this place.

Tiffany Otero

2 years ago

The application fee was acceptable for anyone who is seriously considering adoption. The facility is run down and in poor condition which is just heartbreaking to think of for the animals. We were set to adopt a cat but when we arrived we felt we had been misled about the history and possible health of the cat. We believed the cat to be much older and to have been feral for some time based on our interaction (hissing and posture he took for a five month old was intense). After further inspection we saw there were feces on the wall in the room the cat was in and really started to question how honest the staff was being. Feeling like an organization is pawning off cats claiming they are young or passing off feral cats for a fee goes against everything they are supposed to leave the impression of. When I expressed my concern I got a response of “OK” so there goes that lol. Plenty of other honest rescues out there in my opinion - and your application is free. Update- so she changed her response from just “ok” to defensive and trying to judge my character for being lied to. The bad reviews speak for themselves. A review is exactly that - my opportunity to critique. I was being nice. Now I strongly don’t suggest anyone go to that stinky run down place. How’s that for not nice Susan ?! Next time just be professional instead of spending a day trying to defend your gross practices by responding to anyone who expressed they had a bad experience.

Debbie Deitz

3 years ago

Susan was great. My elderly mom took home a cat and she is happy. Thank you!

Douglas Whitman

3 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. I went through the whole process was told I was approved, and scheduled an appointment to meet with the puppy we wanted. Susan then called me to reschedule our meeting, she then called me again the day before our meeting to change the time again. Then the day we had our meeting she called me an hour before our scheduled time, telling me the puppies weren't being delivered today but they would come in tomorrow. I have 3 kids who were told we would be getting a puppy for 3 weeks and she has changed and moved everything. I told her that I wouldn't have my kids the day she wanted me to come in because they would be at their mothers ( we are separated) and Susan then told me if I don't bring the kids I will not be allowed to take the dog. The breaking point for me was when she said oh i have too many applicants so you can just come in 2 more weeks when you have your kids again and look at some new dogs I will have. This whole process was so un-organized, unprofessional, and now I have my children who were looking forward to going and meeting the puppies we have been looking at online for over a month only to be told "come see some other dogs I don't have pictures online of them". AVOID THIS PLACE!

LaJuan Hunt

3 years ago

We adopted a pitbull puppy 1 yr ago. Everyone was very helpful and I still call for advise.


3 years ago

11 years ago a volunteer named Sue said she had the perfect dog for my family. My children spent years imagining what our dog's life was like during his time without us, his forever family. That dog slept on a bed, never missed a meal, was pet, cuddled every day until he could no longer walk, and never forgot where he came from. Pound dog's KNOW. They just do. All these years later the volunteer that cried when we left the SPCA with our new dog Brewster is the person running the shelter. And wouldn't you know.....she said, "I think i have a dog you may like." And matched us with a dog that has managed to steal our hearts again. People who run animal shelters are special. There's a place for them in God's heart for the work they do. Sue and her staff of volunteers are amazing for the work they do. Day in and day out they see the best and worst of us through these abandoned dogs and manage to keep going. I applaud all of them.

Manny Nieves

3 years ago

We just adopted Owen and I am in love. It did take a little patience and my wife being persistent with phone calls, be patient it's about the animals. Please keep in mind this place is big, lots of dogs and cats, Susan Fernandez and another very pleasant lady, I forgot her name (so sorry) are doing this by themselves. Once we got the appointment very easy process. They love and care for these animals and take very good care of them. I'm glad we choose this place and they choose us to care for this beautiful pup. THANK YOU SUSAN!!!

Paula Bernhardt

3 years ago

Susan's heart for her animals is huge. She deserves to get more financial assistance.

Stephen Torres

3 years ago

I got my dog one year ago from here I think that they do a good job taking care of the dogs I give them 5stars P.S Nova said Hello and will always be thankful you helped her fine a new home

Bernie Mazaka

4 years ago

They deal in sick animals and don’t give refunds

Vincent Mandile

4 years ago

Excellent! Susan was such a great help and you can tell all the animals are loved there. Thank you for everything and helping us get Fonzie!

ralph crozier

4 years ago

Wonderful great workers clean loving honest and driven to protect dogs and cats!!!!

Natalie Discenza

4 years ago

I took home my Pitbull/American Bulldog from the SPCA of Connecticut yesterday. The volunteers and Susan are beyond amazing and I’m so lucky that Tank was so loved by everyone at this shelter. You do have to be patient because everyone is always busy but if you truly do want an animal, you will wait however long it takes. Cannot thank everyone enough and would recommend SPCA of Connecticut to anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

MaryEllen Scell

4 years ago

Wonderful staff and volunteers who work very hard 10 to 12 hours a day caring for all of the animals ..You can see the animals are so loved and cared for .. Very dedicated staff and volunteers. Many wonderful cats and dogs there that would love to find their forever home.

Charlotte Bouteiller

4 years ago

This place is really bad and I will never go there again, the owner yelled at us, the dogs are kept in cages outside with tarpes over them all night, when we went there it was raining and we could hear dogs howling in the back. The place was really run down and smelled really bad. Inside you could hear all the dogs barking and also was really bad condition. I would not recommend going there

Christina Cole

4 years ago

Wonderful people doing wonderful things for their animals! We love our rescue! Keep up the good work!

Daniel Fruchter

4 years ago

We got Georgia peach from here and she is such a sweet sweet girl. The staff was super helpful and picked a good fit for my home. She is getting along with our other animals immediately. Thanks Monroe SPCA.

Ella Freeto

4 years ago

This place was horrible there were tarps over rusty old cages in the back of the house that was unfit for any living thing to live in. There were these poor dog out in broken down cages in the back of the house when it was 30 degrees and raining in January. I do not recommend this place unless you want to report it to animal control which i'm planning on doing. They also denied my approval because I said something to the person who was filling out the form. Lastly they wanted just about $500 for a puppy and or dog in need of a home and the bathroom was disgusting and the house smelt so bad. By the way the dog I drove over a hour to see was already adopted which it did not say on the website. Over all I rate this place one star. Not impressed.

Emma Hutter

4 years ago

We adopted a German Shepard mix here 10-11 years ago. She recently passed and we got a beautiful mini pit

Gabe Torres

4 years ago

Very good tretment of dogs and amazing place

Jean Schlauch

4 years ago

Susan and everyone else was very helpful. Be patient with your visit, but I was able to do a meet and greet right away to see if my current dog would get along with Sadie. He did and I'm getting her tomorrow, 3/17. Other rescues wouldn't even do a meet and greet till an application was done.

Jessica Rendino

4 years ago

They were so nice and helpful picking a perfect fit for our home. We love our new addition to the family and thank you again !!!

Julia Giardina

4 years ago

Caring volunteers and animals are so loved that it is beyond believable. They eat better than I and have mores toys, blankets and treats than you could imagine! They get so much love there that it's heartwarming! If you don't believe come and see!

Kim Wilbur

4 years ago

I just adopted my beautiful Maine Coon cat from this shelter. He is absolutely gorgeous and makes me smile everyday. The process was very smooth and easy. Susan gave me detailed information about my cat. When we picked him up a volunteer helped us immediately. These dogs & cats are just waiting for a good home so please don’t hesitate about going here to get your forever friend.

Luciana Narine

4 years ago

I just adopt my poor baby dog from there, I pay $500.00 for adoption and 2 days after I took him to the veterinarian because he vomit have diarrhea and strange sound breathing, result the my poppy have pneumonia. I had to pay $600.00 more since his insurance doesn't cover all does text they did to him. I feel horrible for him at least I have him on treatment, I love my baby boy.

M. Berg

4 years ago

They work wonders with what little they have! Adopt from here, they're wonderful!

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