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edward wuchek

3 years ago

This is first hand experience. I bring both our dogs for day care, boarding, and grooming. Absolutely professional and friendly. I highly recommend

Josh Norris

3 years ago

I've used Black Birch Farm for 3 years, and I only have positive experiences. My dog absolutely loves it there and is exhausted after leaving. It's truly his favorite place, and the staff have been so kind.

Richard Davis

3 years ago

I've been taking my dog delilah there for2 years and love it. Great staff that really care about your dogs. Wouldn't even consider going somewhere else.

Emilio Ruiz

3 years ago

BLACK BIRCH IS GREAT PLACE TO LEAVE YOUR PETS. Dalton has been going rthere for over 3 years. Seems there are many poor review written for the same dog. Not fair to have friends write in for one person. REMEMBER YOU ARE AFFECTING THE LIVES AND LIVELYHOOD OF PEOPLE.

Angel Fernandez

3 years ago

Don’t bring your dog here! Terrible environment (Former employee)

Ashley Coelho

3 years ago

My friend brought her VERY HEALTHY puppy in for a few hours while she went to run errands and when she came back to pickup her 1 1/2 year old pup, the staff informed her he had passed. They explained they tried to do CPR but will not release footage of the kennel to show how this happened, or if they even intervened like they claim. Poor customer service, and clearly a 0 in the compassion department.

Caroline Ruocco (cdruocco19)

3 years ago

Just please don't bring your pet here. (Former employee)

Coleby LaFleur

3 years ago

Anything to say for Platinum? He just died of "natural causes"? A healthy 1 1/2 year old bull terrier?

Colleen Chrzanowski

3 years ago

My boy got his last bath of his life here, and after trying many grooming services, this was by far our favorite. Staff as well as the owner were so welcoming, my dog looked and smelled good after, and he left a happy boy. Pricing is average, better than Petco.

Hannah Wieder

3 years ago

my friends dog died after leaving her here for the day. they will not show her the camera footage. PLEASE !! do not bring your pets here

jay Cardone

3 years ago

God killer we want answers

Jorie Cogguillo

3 years ago

We have been going to Black Birch Farm for boarding, daycare, and obedience classes for almost 20 years and have had nothing but positive experiences. George is extremely knowledgeable and the staff is friendly and professional. My dogs love their playtime there and get beyond excited when we pull into the parking lot! I love this place!

Jovan Polanco

3 years ago

A friend of mine kept her dog here for a couple hours to do some erains. She came back to find out her dog had died. They said they tried to give cpr but the dog was unresponsive. She took the dog to the vet immediately and they told her there was nothing they could do. That the dog was dead for some time already. They won't release the footage of that day to her but she's currently waiting for the results of the autopsy. For anyone interested in leaving youre close ones here please do not. This is just horrible and I'm disgusted

Mia Centore

3 years ago

Before even letting my 10 month old puppy come to this kennel, I had what I believed was a great conversation with the owner George of my expectations and protocols while Jenny were to come for day care. She has never been there beforehand. She had just healed from an injury at Wag Central. I explained this to George in great detail, who made me feel I was making the right decision to entrust his business with my puppy. He said if anything should happen, he takes all of his clients to the vet. That was comforting. Considering how Wag Central did not take my puppy to see a vet after they boast of onsite veterinary care, George sold me on the trial of his kennel. "Day Care": let that term settle-in. I decided to drop Jenny off for only half day at 1pm. I went less than 5 mins away down the road to Starbucks to work. George called me and said that she tore her dew claws nail, that it was nothing serious, and she's fine. After our previous phone conversation about level of care, I trusted him. Over a week later, I take her to the vet and she had an infection and needed the entire nail cut off which required sedation. I never seen a dog, let alone a puppy cry actual tears. Jenny did and it broke my heart. Through many sleepless nights, disturbed work schedules, and trips to the vet for a subsequent infection from the injury, this was over $600 in vet bills. I finally met with George about helping me with the initial bill ($313) and his whole tone changed. As he walked me on a tour of his boarding area, I took in how run-down and not very clean it all looked. He went on and on about his troubles: a worker's comp complaint from an employee, how much his maintenance costs to run the kennel, how he needs to increase his prices, how he wants to just close up and retire, etc. After all his belly-aching, to make ME feel at fault, he told me that my 10 month old puppy was "high maintenance", and needed someone with her at all times when she's there. I told him here snagging her nail in their metal gate fencing after they neglected to properly introduce her to her new surroundings, does not mean my dog is high maintenance. He said that when I want to bring her, to call him to make sure that he has someone there for her. Last time I checked, that's what kennels and doggy day cares are supposed to do. I wanted to laugh. He is in the wrong business. He begrudgingly offered to pay half of the initial vet bill, which I felt was insulting, asked for a copy of the bill, and that he would mail me a check. He never so much as called me, let alone mail me the check. I had to open a dispute with my credit card company to recover the bulk day care booklet I had purchased from him to put towards the unexpected vet bills. I would never recommend to my worst enemy to have their pet stay there. I don't understand all of the positive reviews; some people must have very low standards. I never was given and contracts to sign, which is standard across the board with kennels. Good luck.

Myra Anzo

3 years ago

Platinum the Dog died under their supervision and they refuse to give any answers as to what happened to poor Platinum who was only left there just a few hours!!! DO NOT AT ANY COST LEAVE YOUR DOG HERE!!!! Stay away from this place!

Samantha Ellis

3 years ago

No responsibility taken for the death of Platinum and based off other reviews from the past, this isn't their first offense....

Anthony C

4 years ago

My dog loves it at Black Birch Farm

Elizabeth Territo

4 years ago

Wow ! I can’t say enough great things about this place. George is absolutely amazing with my Great Pyr Bekkah and I would recommend this place to everyone. She seems to have had a great vacation at the kennel and really loved playing with all the other dogs there. Thanks George to taking such good care of my puppy! It gave me such peace of mind knowing she was safe and cared for while we were away.

Darin Keyes

4 years ago

Love this place, George, and his entire staff. Have been bringing my dog for years and they always take great care of my pup.

Dave Cameron

4 years ago

Owner is a male shovanistic pig. My wife worked very hard and punctual for him. Sprained her ankle and he said she walled off the job after the next in charge in his absence said it was okay to leave for the day.

Louis Vlasic, Jr.

4 years ago

Very Impressed with the facility and owner . Will train my doggie there for sure.

Louise Cameron (Punkins)

4 years ago

Manager is a male shovanistic pig

Samantha Hermann

4 years ago

Owner is super rude, inflexible, and intolerant of customer’s questions and inquiries. I had not yet dropped my dog off after making a reservation, and I had a question about potentially picking my dog up on a Sunday night - for which I would have been willing to pay triple a one nights stay, but he didn’t want to even discuss it, he suggested I put my enormous dog in a smaller kennel to save 5$ a night - which is ridiculous and inhumane. The price was not a problem, I explained, I have an old dog and want him home with me as much as possible. My concern is my dog’s well being. The owner’s sweet, and obviously fake, tone changed to an nasty growl and he angrily said “I’m just going to cancel the reservation then” , and I was quite offended. This is how a child responds, with a tantrum and a pout and a stomp of the foot. This is no way to treat people and communicate. It makes me wonder what kind of temper this guy has if no one is looking and he’s not getting his way or being challenged in any way. Otherwise, my dog has kenneled there over two nights and was fine, but quite stressed, in the past. He has enjoyed the doggie daycare for a short time, but the area is too small for the number of dogs cared for. It’s no wonder there have been problems and injuries. (see other’s reviews) I will not be taking my dog to any place that does not have cameras to monitor what’s going on. They say they have them, but they never basically they don’t have them. It’s a cheap fix, what are they hiding? I will be looking for better places now to take my boy. I miss the plethora of great options in Boston, having just moved here. I would suggest you keep looking too.

Patricia Thomas

5 years ago

I dropped off my yorkie at 11:45 am. I was told by Emily I would be charged half day, drop off is 1 pm. I paid half day, I had no choice. A week later, I dropped him off at 4 pm Friday, I picked him up at 2 pm Sunday, less than 48 hours. I was charged an extra half day. I was told I needed to pick him up by 11 am. I spoke with George, he said he keeps hotel policies. If that's the case, the kennel should be open 24 hours a day. I have never experienced a hotel charging me for checking in early or checking out late. I googled hotel policies, if they charge you early or late fees, they charge a 5% fee!

Barbara Butler

5 years ago

Caring, wonderful place to take your pet for a quick weekend.

Jacqueline Scalia

5 years ago

George and his staff always take the best care of our boy. We always feel comfortable leaving our boy at Black birch farm Kennel!

James Atkinson

5 years ago

A great place where the dogs get lots of love

Kerry Geffert

5 years ago

Our dogs love going there.

Gary Jackson

6 years ago

Blackbirch Farm in Milford is the very best place for your dog either boarding or daycare. The kennel is kept immaculate with professional staff and outside runs for dog play. The owner George Hermes takes a personal interest in every pet and pet owner. He is a mastermind when it comes to taking care of your pet and he really LOVES your pet like you do. Take advantage of a terrific local business. I do!

John Worth

6 years ago

We had recently moved to Meriden, and we were looking for a new kennel to watch our dog. We found this place after my mom saw an ad. Several times we left him, we were left with good impressions. WRONG. Twice now, our dog has come back with kennel cough. The first time we told George and he said "All right." We got the antibiotics and everything was fine. We went on vacation for one week, and when our dog came back he had a bad cough. A week later and he still has the cough, he's on two sets of antibiotics, and he often sounds like he's going to throw up. UPDATE: we actually discovered that our dog has PNEUMONIA, and it'll be roughly two weeks--and almost $1600 later--that he'll be better, we hope. I do not recommend ANYONE take their dog to this kennel. They will come back sick. It is obvious the owner and the workers do not have the animals' health in their best interest.

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