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Gia Zarrella-Brown

2 years ago

Exceptional care. Treats my puppy like it was their own furbaby loving and attentive.

Debra Eastman

2 years ago

They were so understanding and professional about the way they did things I so appreciate them

Brandy Minter

2 years ago

We found Advanced Veterinary Care when our rabbit was in a health crisis our regular vet couldn't diagnose or treat. Dr Chase was able to get is in immediately, provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. The illness was terminal, but throughout the experience, Dr Chase and his staff were incredibly responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. It was utterly heartbreaking to go through all that with our bunny, which made me all the more grateful for the veterinary team at this office. Shout out to Christine - her words of support held me together in the weeks after our sweet boy was put to sleep. I'll be forever grateful for her kindness and understanding talking me through that awful day.

anthony palmisano

2 years ago

Dr.Chase took time to talk to and explain things to me about my dog.

katie delf

2 years ago

Highly recommend for exotic pets! Awesome staff!! Our veterinary tech, Casey was so kind and explained everything to us! They take good care of my sweet rabbit, thanks guys!

stephen schilling

2 years ago

First time I ever was to this veterinarian. I have a little chihuahua, after getting shots and a checkup along with 6 months of flea and tick control it was $480. Then I had to go back in 2 weeks for follow-up shots which cost me another $37. I was told to go there by a good friend, he told me they were good veterinarians and good priced. First off I have had many dogs in my life, 100 lb Shepherd, 60 lb Pomeranian mix, another 100 lb Shepherd, and more. I have never ever paid so much for any one animal in my whole life for a vet visit. And to make matters worse with covid I could not even go in with my little Chihuahua which was scared as heck to go with somebody else that he never met before into a building that he's never been in before without me, which he has never done that before either. Never leaves my side. Only time he has ever had to go through something without me was when he was neutered ..... As far as being a good veterinarian , this I cannot tell you either , I've never met the person so I don't even really know who was taken care of my animal when I was not with him. As far as price is concerned over $500 for regular shots and a regular visit with 6 months of heartgard and 6 months of flea and tick control ,for a 6 lb , Chihuahua is unbelievable. Completely and utterly ridiculous!! To sum it up I will never go back there even in an emergency situation........ I feel as if I was completely taken advantage of because of the situation with covid and the way everybody is just lazy and not wanting to do their job the way it used to be. Kind considerate introductions, and being able to be with our pet while these normal appointments occur, after all our animals are part of our families, I like to be reassured and see the person that's going to be dealing with my dog and be with my dog while these procedures are happening after all it was just a visit with no emergency or no troubles, my chihuahua, named (littleman) is a very happy and very healthy Chihuahua. I get asked where I take my animals to be treated, but I will suggest against this place for anybody to bring their animal for any reason whether it be an emergency or normal visit. I brought my littleman to Hope clinic in southington which is now closed unfortunately, it cost me $220 to have him neutered and all the shots that were needed !!!!!!! HOW THE HELL DID I PAY OVER $500 TO HAVE JUST A REGULAR VISIT WITH ONLY 6 MONTHS HEARTWORM, AND FLEA AND TICK PREVENTION !!!!! When I told the friend that told me to go there, how much I had to pay and that I could not even go in with my littleman, he was blown away, he stood and looked dazed for a minute before looking at me and said (oh my God that is just insane). I said I know right !!! that's almost half of my whole mortgage payment !!! By the way , I saved him from an abusive family. And only ended up paying $100 for him!!! Can you believe it ?? Only 100 bucks !! For this cute and very happy little dog. Hence the name (Littleman) !!!! Good luck to all reading this. I'm interested to see what comments come from this post. Thx for reading !! I forgot they cut littleman's nails. They were all jagged and sharp. I didn't ask for them to cut his nails, They didn't ask if I wanted them to cut his nails. I know they needed to be trimmed. But I use a rotary grinder it makes his nails nice and smooth and rounded. If they asked if I wanted the nails cut I would have said no. If I wanted them to cut the nails I would have told them to do that but I did not.

Alexsandra Quinones

2 years ago

Advance vet care is great! they’ve been amazing during covid, caring for our dogs during their check ups, especially Avery who takes great care and makes us feel comfortable since our dogs are our babies and both us and them have separation anxiety! Thank you Avery and Advanced Vet Care!

Howard Rosenfield

2 years ago

used to be good, no just after your money don't care about your pet stay away!!!

Lucy Lamothe

3 years ago

The best vet experience my bunny can get. Great customer service and they truly care for your pets.

Nicole Ouellette

3 years ago

Been bringing my dog here for years. Always a great experience.

Rebecca Lynn

3 years ago

Super kind and aware of my dogs needs. Techs were patient with him and he warmed up surprisingly quickly for an anxious pup.

Tony Lane

3 years ago

This is a great veterinarian he really takes the time to get to know your animals before suggesting treatment


3 years ago

Best vet I’ve had hands down. The dr. Daley Went out of her way to communicate to another vet. In a different state to confirm my dog was not going to be injured with the treatment when we rescued him. And ensured we took the correct measures to fully rid his heart worms. My childhood dog had also went there. And no complaints then either Katie the vet tech is ALWAYS smiling and willing to help. She deserves a raise. I’ve never once got an attitude and can always tell when it’s her on the phone e Dr. Lauren Daly had taken the time and effort to even email me and keep me updated between the old vet in Texas. And previous treatment course. As well as best course of action moving forward. And dr. Chase handled my mice and was very caring

John Goodwin

3 years ago

The veterinarians are very attentive to my girls.

Lor Ree

3 years ago

They killed my cat! Stay away from this vet! I brought my sick cat to them as he stopped eating or drinking and obvious lethargic for a day. i knew my cat needed a rabies update shot but reminded them he was sick so not give him shot that visit. The vet told me he was a perfect healthy cat and gave him a rabies shot regardless of what. i was home with my beloved cat and my 7 year old kid said it was so obvious out cat was sick and how a professional doctor couldn't tell. my cat could barely breathe right outside of the vet (and still i was told he was a HEALTHY cat). Early next day my cat passed away after his second visit to this vet, who told me he was in urgent situation. My cat passed away right after he was transferred to ER hosipital diagnosed as heart failure. I understand heart failure comes quick but how can a professional vet can not identify a sick cat while it's such a easy tell for a 7 year old. We lost our cat only the next day after that Vet told us he was healthy cat, and on top of that he didn't have to suffer the shot. it's such painful experience and i wish you all stay away from them who only charge charge charge money out from you and make money out of it. such a shame.

Lindsay Strong

3 years ago

I took a guinea pig there because she had a lump in her neck I wanted to get checked out. It was good at first, got a quick appointment. When we got there people were nice but it was misdiagnosed as a mass that could just be drained. Turned out to be a tumor and they figured that out after they had cut into it already to drain it. That was understandable as she is a small young animal, and they didn't charge any extra for it. However, after talking about surgery as a possible option they said they were going to call me with an estimate within the week. After 3 weeks and me calling twice with no answer now it's much too late to save her. There are probably better places to go to.

Linda Dalena

3 years ago

Staff and the Veterarian were very friendly and kind especially during this pandemic. The visit and what was done was very, very reasonable and it includes two different medications. if I had stayed with my other Vet it would have been almost twice as much. Thank you staff and keep up the good work ????. Sandy says "thank you" ????

Lauren Lee

3 years ago

AMAZING! They took my dog in the same day I called. Awesome service, they made me feel at ease.

Katarina S

3 years ago

When I was visiting family and needed a health certificate to fly back home I took a chance and went to Advanced Vet. My dog was my baby, my heart, my world because she was my constant companion and my service dog. Dr. Chace immediately won over both myself and, more importantly, my dog. I have never felt rushed during an appointment and Dr. Chace always takes whatever time is needed to answer my questions. During her yearly physicals he always took the time to make sure she was showing no signs of arthritis, especially in her hips and legs. I appreciate that.. Over the years I switched my dogs primary vet to Dr. Chace and he would do her yearly checks when I was visiting family and issue all her shots and her health certificates so I could fly back home. I was fortunate because when my girl got sick, we were in CT. Dr. Chace and his staff were thoughtful, caring and compassionate past the time when I lost my angel. They had to refer me to another vet for an emergency ultrasound for her and they called the next day to find out how she was doing. My father has taken his dogs to see Dr. Chace, my sister takes her dogs to see him and he has been and continues to see my new service dog. I have no issues recommending Dr. Chace. He and his staff have always been wonderful!

Ellen Carrier

3 years ago

Kind, attentive and professional staff. Well kept building inside & out. My pet's comfort, healing and health were top priority!

Ericka Alschuler

3 years ago

Fast friendly service with a bit of extra care given to my pet. The folks who worked with us seem to love their job.

Francisca Aranda

3 years ago

Loved this place...they have a great system down with the covid going on, they got me in the next day unlike everyone else I've called! They also have a program u can join and pay for their services in monthly payments. The girls were very polite and helpful and most of all took great care of my baby gypsy! One satisfied customer here

Mallorie LeBrun

3 years ago

Best vet hands down! Changed over to Advanced veterinary care a few years back and couldn't ask for better care for my fur baby!

Nicole Paquette

3 years ago

I've been bringing my pets here for years. Always great care and great communication with the doctors and staff.

Richard Rozanski

3 years ago

Great place they've been taking care of my 2 dogs for years.good costumer service and they always take the time to talk to you

Sarah Barkley

3 years ago

Dr. Chase and Katie are amazing! I've been there with my bearded dragon a couple of times and had great experiences. I've been to a few exotic vets in CT and I have to say that I'm all-around most impressed with AVC. Great staff, very reasonable prices, and excellent social distancing system!

Shelley-Ann Miller

3 years ago

Same day emergency appointments, fast service, caring staff and doctors. Would highly recommend.

Sheri N

3 years ago

Had to take my boy Max, a cavy, to a vet who treated them for an abscess. My vet in Prospect, CT retired in November 2020 & my backup vet, Kensington, couldn't get him in until late January. Very nice staff & caring people. Keeping their number for the future because not many vets treat cavies in CT.

Stephen Davis

3 years ago

Advanced Veterinary Care — particularly Dr. Chace, but also Dr. Daly and the whole staff — cared for my beloved companion for over 14 years. I moved around the state during this time, but continued to make the drive to AVC due to the quality of service they provide. From routine visits to dental surgeries to diagnosing and managing a severe heart condition, they did a fantastic job. I felt like they really cared about my sweet angel and I think she was able to live her best life in no small part due to the care she received. I highly recommend AVC.


3 years ago

Love them. Great practice with compassionate people all around. We have been clients for 7 years and my pups are always treated with respect and care ...they honestly love going to the vet bc of the attention and treats they receive. I am a worrier and never feel silly asking questions- I always feel at ease after our visits. Excellent routine care and excellent care when we had an eye injury and minor sprains as well. Visits are quick and their system for COVID procedures was excellent and well organized.

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