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Tamara Malm

2 years ago

Drop off process was rushed, and no notes were taken. My cat needs a daily medication, which i learned she didn't receive ANY of when I picked her up, and all of the tablets were still there. And they charged me for it! I got no "report card" of what happened each day, and both were full of anxiety when I picked them up. Too expensive for the lack of care being given.

Gary Kohler

2 years ago

Amazing place for my 4 dogs. I trust them 100%!

Al S (Homeuser)

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Reasonable prices. They take really good care of our Fur Baby!

Donna Belcinski

2 years ago

I left my lab there 2 years ago. She cut her foot, and it has never really healed despite going to the vet. 2 years later, I leave her for 9 nights. Again, the foot bleeds, profusely, spurting blood. Could it be because playtime is on stones? That they don't have enough sense to REST her when it starts? That they called neither me nor her veterinarian? The bleeding incidents should be in her records but they seemed quite ignorant of them. And I paid a LOT for this "care." Not happy st all.

Rogen Miller

2 years ago

Recent visit was less than pleasing. My 11month old pup was sent home with bed pillow and bag of food soaking wet with urine. The office staff was disorganized and it was clear that a few of them weren't getting along this day. Our collar was lost for 10mins. And the quality of the waiting area was poor...could use a few updates. We've had multiple pets attend Best Friends Bethany and this was by far the worst experience. May be looking to change locations.

Nina Burgess

2 years ago

Each year we go away our dog stays at Best Friends and he's well taken care of. The staff is friendly and attentive. I also like the fact that the same staff have been there for years which makes us more comfortable knowing they know him and they send us a picture and an update. I highly recommend Best Friends!!

Dave Caswell

2 years ago

If you have a mixed breed, don't even bother with this place. They turned my super mild mannered mixed breed rescue away because he "looked too much like a pitbull". The claim was that it's their insurance... but none of the other places I've boarded my dog have ever seemed to mind. I won't tolerate outdated prejudices and neither should any dog owner.

Shaylene Purple

3 years ago

Do not leave your fur babies with they monsters. They leave the animals with no to barely any food and come home extremely dehydrated

Erin Coviello

3 years ago

Love it here and so does my pup! She stayed for a week and everyday I was sent pictures and was able to log into the webcam to watch her play! Great value!

Elizabeth McKinley

3 years ago

This place came very highly recommended to us, and with good reason. When we picked up our dog Asparagus, he didn’t seem to want to leave! We also received an updated photo of him every night which definitely put my mind at ease. When we called to check up on Gus, the lady at reception knew exactly what had been going on and how he had been acting (which was all good). I absolutely loved this place. They have a customer for life!


3 years ago

Very happy with our groomer and grooming. friendly atmosphere.

Joe Vige

3 years ago

Very happy with the care and attention Best Friends paid our dog during her stay. At pick up she was all smiles and smelled great. That wasn't always the case at other pet hotels.

Brian DuBosar

3 years ago

Our dog Maverick loves day camp

Ann Marie Demicci

3 years ago

Over the last year the quality of service has definitely improved. I spoke with morgan on the phone couple a of times made quick and easy and pleasurable from booking to pet records. My family and I are at ease leaving our pet here

Mike Sosa

3 years ago

Best Friends has been great. My Labradoodle Cody loves going there. I've used them for years with 2 different dogs and they've been fantastic. My 1st dog was a rescued boxer. He was always apprehensive around people from being abused. He loved going to Best Friends and would happily run into the building.

Patricia Hermance

3 years ago

I boarded 2 cats for almost a week for my friend who was hospitalized. The staff was wonderful! My friend called several times to hear first hand that her cats were fine. Easy pick up, drop off and reasonable rates. Highly recommend.

Vince Pachiano

3 years ago

They take good care of the dog, but they need a better method to keep all of the pets belongings in one place. Too much confusion and searching when picking up the dog.

B AAces

4 years ago

I’ve never stayed - but my dog says it’s great

Daniel Padin

4 years ago

Staff are always friendly and they take great care of your pets. I highly recommend Best Friends to all of my friends and family members ????

Edward Baker

4 years ago

I would not recommend Best Friends for grooming or boarding services. This was her second stay here. Upon pick up I pulled into the yard and saw her with her " 1 :1" time the staff member was just sitting there having no interaction with my girl. I go inside to get her she comes out looking good all white so I bring her outside her back side is dirty so I bring her back in to show them and they do take her to wash her off. I called during my trip to see how she is doing and the girl says ok she's having breakfast and is a bit nervous. Mind you they ask about preferences for your loved one and I said dinner, so why ask if they are going to do what fits best for staff convenience. Brought her favorite treats and said 2 per day. Brought enough for at least two weeks so she had a variety, I asked for them and was told well we gave them to her because she was nervous. Again I told them at check In about her being a nervous girl after all she was a rescue. i dont know for sure but i dont think they took her out as frequent as they say plus the extra 1 to 1 i paid for. The reason I say that is the first night home she peed in the house and in the 7 years I have had her she never ever had an accident and she was crate trained. Management called to discuss taking off the grooming charge and 1 day from boarding. No thanks I have no faith in this place and will not recommend. Would have given a zero but unable.

Joe Medrek

4 years ago

They have the best groomers for your dog, and they’re reasonable.

susan knutie

4 years ago

We left our dog there to go to England at the last minute. She was well taken care of. Walked twice a day. We received photos while we were away and when we picked her up she had been bathed as we requested. They gave us a "report card" and told us about what a good girl she was. We would not have a problem leavinging her there again. This was in 2016, and we were going to leave her again in April. Unfortunately I was unable to go over seas this year, but I would definitely recommend this place to anyone

Wednesday Billups

4 years ago

A great facility for the fur babies, can leave your mind with ease

kim j

5 years ago

Best Friends in Bethany is very nice. The dogs have access to the outside in their kennels while the place is open. My dog is always super excited to go here. However it is pretty pricey. If you get a bath and dont want your dog covered in perfume just be sure to ask to exclude that. They are accommodating.

Kim H

5 years ago

My dog loves her Doggie Day Care. Caring people it's a right fit for her.

Kevin Banahan

5 years ago

Very nice for your dog

Daphne Burt

5 years ago

They take care of our dog with love and care. Grooming is EXCELLENT and she doesn’t come back smelling like perfume.

Cnfb Rod

5 years ago

The staff are all amazing! Thanks to all for caring for Chance as your own! I have tried other places and found myself right back to best friends Renee is super sweet and goes above and beyond for my dog who thinks he is still a puppy.. Thank you for letting me be at ease in a hard time in my life..

Alexandra Straub

5 years ago

My dog has Been to dog day camps before as well as goes to the dog park daily. He is very well socialized and loves running and wrestling as he is a husky with a lot of energy because he is still a puppy. When I first brought him to best friends they said he was wonderful. The next two times they said “he must be having an off day” and they crated him instead. I tried to get out work early to try and make sure he didn’t have to be in the crate because I’m against it. They said he was too aggressive and too rowdy. When I had asked the staff to tell me exactly what happened no one could. They claimed maybe he was having a bad day. My dog loves to play and run and has never once shown aggression. After I said I wouldn’t return they said fine. I wasn’t impressed with how they spoke to me Or the dogs for that matter they are always yelling at them. They keep the dogs in the smallest play area and expect them to stay calm. The day I picked up My husky from his “bad day” he was skiddish the entire night and everytime I went near him he ran in cage. I better not find out they were mean to my dog because I’ve seem them yell at others. Not professional at all.

Al M

5 years ago

I have a pit bull mix that I dropped off today for a grooming. He is not even a year old yet. As soon as we walked in the door of the office he was curious like most dogs are and was sniffing around. Mind you this is his first time here. Right away the lady behind the desk labeled him as “aggressive”and called someone in to come get him. Never even gave the dog a “chance”. That happens to be his name. He is a rescue. He is the most lovable, playful dog I’ve ever had. Him and my 3 year old are best friends and he has never shown any aggression towards anybody. Pretty sad these dogs still get a bad rap because of the name “pit bull”. Never having met my dog at all and after a brief 2 minute interaction he was already given the label “aggressive”. Pretty disappointing. I’ve brought other dogs here in the past for grooming as well. I think this will be the first and only time for this one. If he was any other breed his behavior would of been fine. He was on leash sniffing around being curious in a place he’s never been before. Girl behind the desk needs to look up the definition of labeling cause that’s exactly what she did to my dog.

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