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Danijela Jankovic

2 years ago

I love the service here and prices too!

Aryel Skokan

2 years ago

Good prices and good service! I enjoyed being able to wander their animal pens and see all the livestock they have available, it was really fun for the kids! We got 2 leghorn chicks in the summer from here and they are doing quite well, fully grown and healthy and pretty! They have a ton of supplies here and we always enjoy coming to the store!

Katie Roberts (Colorado Native Broker)

2 years ago

Stopped by Wardle Feed and Pet Supply today and Steven answered some questions for me and gave fantastic customer service. I really like the Wild Delight Deck, Porch and Patio bird feed and am excited to try Excello Brand Wild Nut Frenzy Bird Food. They carry several brands and different items for both wild and domesticated birds. They also carry food for cats, chickens, dogs, and have bee making supplies as well as local honey. Wardle”s also carries a verity of dog food brands including Manna Pro, Diamond, Blue Wilderness, Taste of the Wild, Antler dog chews, and more. I like to support local whenever I can.

Rubella Mortem

2 years ago

Honestly the best customer service I've received in my life. They helped me find everything I needed, and I was clueless before I walked in. They assisted me to my car. Really fantastic people here.

gene manor

2 years ago

great place no mask no problem this IS USA NOT CHINA WE ARE FREE will return

Juan Camacho Rodriguez

2 years ago

Its sorta with the website by any chance can you add more pictures of the products.

Rebecca Nickel

2 years ago

The staff is always helpful and quick to check you out. They carry everything to your car. Purchased 4 pullets last year and they were in excellent condition and have been great egg layers for us. If I need anything for the hens I head off to Wardle Feed. Thank you for your help

William Lumpp

2 years ago

Great price and product breadth of all products for animal care and feed. We’ve purchased all our chicks and food from there, and the staff is great. Happy to support this local business

Zoë Williams

2 years ago

Employees and guests don’t wear masks. I was told “the owners don’t really believe in that”. The store is hard to find anything in and no one would help.


3 years ago

Tried calling several times, rarely get through. When I do, I am told my product is in stock and I swing on down to find out.... nope it sure wasn't in stock. This has transpired multiple times and as they say fool me twice shame on me. I will shop anywhere else going forward.

Jay Colingham

3 years ago

I reached out by email regarding the cost of using the certified scale on a passenger vehicle and they got back to me immediately! They are also the lowest price I found, at $10!

Amber Olszen

3 years ago

Staff extremely helpful and friendly and willing to work with you! We were able to get 5 chicks to add to our flock when everywhere else was sold out already. I also like the mom and pop shop atmosphere. And their products are a good price.

Bella BOW

3 years ago

Do you guys have baby ducks in stock at the moment?? I’m interested in buying some!

Dawn Dalrymple

3 years ago

Helpful, knowledgeable employees and quality products.

Deb Schmidt

3 years ago

This is a wonderful place. It makes you feel like Wheat Ridge is a small town again - as if the 3.5 million people on the Front Range almost disappear. The staff is always friendly and efficient. Pay no attention to the wretched review about the employee not wearing a mask while loading heavy bags for a customer. That snitch is like a STASI (you know the East German Communists).

William Klsey

3 years ago

3 weeks ago bought a layer, it is now dead along with my other chickens, foul mites...they may have not come with the new chicken. My other chickens were also purchased from there last year. I’m just putting this here just in case. Mites could have come from any bird flying into coup area. Could have been mites in the batch though they were just arrived that day and there were a lot of birds and they were flying out the door. I will be waiting to get birds until I finish treatment and cleaning and hope I can get more this year, but a sad weekend.

Julia Ziobro

3 years ago

Friendly, knowledgeable staff bring big bags of feed right to your car so you don't have to lug it. Their birds are healthy and well cared for. Their prices are decent and it's just amazing to get such good service in the middle of town.

KJ Fozel

3 years ago

Well, like most said. Wonderful staff! Sad, sick pullets. Cooped up in hoards, no ventilation, nasty looking. We decided to "rescue" a porcelain leghorn. The "healthiest looking one" 3 days later we saw vent problems, 200.00 vet bill. Waddles is a chicken mill.DO NOT BUY birds from here.

Lorrie Michael

3 years ago

I Love this store!!!! It is the only place to go for hens & chicks! The people are the best ever in the world. So kind & friendly, even the ladies are super strong&healthy . I am Glade I can go to a place that feels great to be there, & get such great deals on everything. Being a single mom , I am glade I can go to place I can afford & get smart good advice about so many animals & more. I am glade the owner is smart & knows about the largest social experiment in the world, sadly so many are weak minded and brain washed by the media, like this poor lady's comment, below mine.. It's a pathetic world when people are so easy to control with false media that is paid by authorities to brain wash them. With fear & IGNORANCE, The surgeon general said , please people, stop buying masks, it does not prevent anything, QUOTE YOUR U.S. SURGEON GOVERNMENT GENERAL.

Mariela 'Aleemah' Trujillo

3 years ago

Staff is knowledgeable, helpful and the store is kept nice.

Matt Semcken

3 years ago

Love this place. Very knowledge and friendly staff. Thank you so much!

Meg Smit

3 years ago

Love Wardle Feed! We purchase our pet bunny's hay from them rather than the chain pet stores for four reasons - #greatcustomerservice, #shoplocal, better bulk pricing and the hay is available in a hay bail not wrapped in plastic!


3 years ago

Been coming here for years. Sometimes the birds are a bit sickly. Be sure to only buy The chicks that are active and alert, not sleepy and dopey. The selection of organic and gmo free grain has grown significantly, but service is not what it used to be. I'm still glad this place is still around in the heart of wheat ridge.

Not Dead Yet

3 years ago

Wish I could give them ZERO stars to match the ZERO eggs we have gotten from the 6 heritage brand chickens they sold us. They claimed the chickens were of egg laying age (less than a year old) and had been producing eggs for a month or so. We have gotten ZERO eggs in over two months. We have they pastured on our farm (free range) and give them organic feed from Nebraska (no soy, no corn). We are frustrated when we called them and disgusted with them when they offered NO HELP whatsoever. They would not take thm back.

Rick Sharf

3 years ago

Come here for all my chicken supplies. Was saddened to see no employees wearing masks. When asked, one worker said “well my boss doesn’t really believe in it” Won’t be coming back to this place

Trish Draege

3 years ago

We bought a house and inherited four chickens with the purchase! Wardle has provided us with excellent service and products each and every time we’ve went in. They are more than willing to answer any and all questions you have in order to take care of your animals. Their prices are absolutely comparable to any other place and you get to support a local business as well!

Rocky Mountain Prepper

4 years ago

I used to like this place. However, three times in the last month, I called to see if they had a certain product in. Three times they told me yes. Three times I drove down to pick it up. Three times they did not have it. I suggest if you call them to see if a product is in, that you ask them to actually go physically look.

Martin Black

4 years ago

You really should try Wardle's. They have a great stock selection and fair pricing and always anxious to help!. Nice community feed store, homey feel like when I was a kid.

Peter Borten

4 years ago

We had lost a few of our chickens when our dog got into the coop, and we didn't want to start with chicks again, so I was glad to find a place that sells grown chickens. I bought 4. However, within a couple days of taking them home, I noticed that two of them (the Buff Orpingtons) were sick. They had rattly breathing, mucus coming out of their beaks, and each had one swollen eye. I quickly quarantined them from the rest of our flock, but it was too late. All the birds got whatever I brought home. They're all better now, but they stopped laying when they got sick and they haven't started again. As a result, we've lost a few hundred eggs and who knows how much longer it will be until they start laying again. :(

Cassidy Strode

4 years ago

I really like this place. Friendly very helpful staff, I come here for dog food. Prices are quite reasonable and they carry only high quality dog foods. Glad these folks are here.

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