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Dmp Pri

2 years ago

Do not recommend this place at all. If I could give it a zero I would. People are rude. Deffinetly not honest with their customers. They failed to tell us that our dog was a miniature Husky. We went in hopping to get a bigger dog. On no were in paperwork did it say miniature husky. Thanks to our Amazing vet is how we found out.

Icy Butterfly Blu

2 years ago

The Pet Ranch is honestly the best pet store I’ve ever been in and I recently bought my adorable poodle, Beastie, from here. She’s a riot, but I love her to pieces! If your looking for a happy and healthy puppy, Pet Ranch is the place to go. I’ve visited the Pet Ranch several times and I’m never disappointed. The staff is very friendly and everything is clean. The staff gave me some great pointers when I purchased my puppy and all of the puppies are very cute, clean, friendly, and happy. There’s also a variety of puppies to choose from, and if they don’t have the puppy you’re looking for they will put you on a wish list and call you when they have your preferred puppy.

Janessa Lopez

2 years ago

Employers were very rude not very helpful and very standoffish towards me I will not be recommending this place to anybody.

Paz Hernandez

2 years ago

Amazing place where too visit all puppies they have on sale worth the plan on buying a puppy

carol reese

2 years ago

Best place I’ve ever been that sells dogs! They take real good care of the animals they’re happy friendly and well socialized you can tell they’re from good breeders two of them I looked up while I was there and they have amazing reviews. I’ve shopped here since 2006 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s well worth a stop.

Brianna Eifler

2 years ago

They claim all puppies are papered and registered that's a lie. I have gotten a few dogs from there and now one is having major medical issues at 5 years old, I looked up the breeders that were in the paper work and it's all fake. I'm just trying to figure out what could be causing her seizures, you don't get what you pay for that's for sure.

M'Kendree Dick

2 years ago

Would rate this place 0 stars if I could, the customer service is ridiculous!

Cynthia Lekas

2 years ago

Got our lil girl Shih Tzu here back in June 21, she is awesome. Great temperament, personality 2nd to none!!

Kimberly Brunner

2 years ago

Won’t support a business that wants you to wear a mask to come in.

Brittany C

2 years ago

The place can't be functioning legally. Way too many puppies that were barley active and some of them were laying in direhea. The staff didn't seem concerned by the smell but it was so bad we stopped out within 2 minutes. My grandma said they smelled like parvo and that it's a very distinct smell. We hope the puppies are okay.

Delilah Nethken

2 years ago

So many sweet little puppies. I wish I could buy all of them. All puppies are over $2k which is way over my budget????

Michael Eddington

2 years ago

I purchased my baby boy Chihuahua at Pet Ranch and had no problems at all. The employees there were very friendly, in a very genuine way.

jordan smith

2 years ago

They require face masks. Had over 3k to buy a dog and walked out because of their mask policy.

TraveLoverTv by Reda

2 years ago

They are the best pet store!!! we got our little guy here and couldn’t be happier he is so sweet and smart. We asked for discount cs we wasn’t expecting to be all the prices doubled from the last year and people in the shop give us a very generous discount. So blessed to have this little puppy at home ????????????????

Russell Gilbert

2 years ago

Neither a negative nor a positive experience. Just wanted to advise any potential customers that masking is mandatory at this business. Associate was very polite asking if I had a mask and, when I stated I did not, she politely advised that they were required. I did not ask if I could provie of vaccination in the mask's stead as I had no desire to create a signage. Again, neither positive nor negative. Just ensure you bring a mask if you plan on visiting! PS because I think this is funny: You'd think they'd want to spread a special disease that many who enter seem to get regardless of masks. Puppy fever! LOL okay that's all.

rosland starks

2 years ago

Lots of cute puppies! I didn't know pets could be so expensive though!????...$2200.00-$3300.00 depending on the breed.

Robbiel Miranda

2 years ago

They are more concerned about face covering than selling puppies.. Really bad costumer service

Liz Borja

2 years ago

We went to pet ranch and and finally got a puppy after months of looking and trying to decide and pick a puppy. We know the importance and the responsibilities of owning and caring for a dog. I noticed the puppy we got wasn't so playful, not wanting to eat, nor drink but thought maybe it was due to the new invirment and new family. This morning we used a surge to have him drink and hand fed the pup but he didn't want to eat. We took him first thing this morning to the vet he was very miserable and throwing up and had diarrhea. They did test and he came out positive for parvo. Vet said high probability he will not make it. Idk if it's just our litter or others. Plz keep a close eye on your pups. I will never go here again its been 3 years since we had a pup and were so excited to finally have a baby to spoil. My kids are going to be devastated with the news. Owner and staff not supportive in any way.

Mike Deharte

2 years ago

Puppy mill ,that treats customers terrible,even before they take two steps in the door. Please shop elsewhere and seek out top notch customer service. This place doesn't deserve a single dime. Just don't.

Dr. Cameron Hall

2 years ago

We have been patrons of this establish for nearly a decade. I will no longer support this establishment or their business practices due to their recent policies and business practices. I highly unrecommend the pet ranch in Thornton. I also recommend that if this review be flagged or suggested to be removed, that request be denied as we have been avid supports or this business for the last several years.

Angelica Acosta

2 years ago

If there was such thing as to rate this place zero stars I would, Me and my kids went today 8/3/21 to see and play with the puppies, once we walked in I felt a rude vibe from the woman with black hair that always has a hair bump on top of her head, while we were playing with the puppies she just stared us down the WHOLE time and kept asking if we had questions. I honestly feel that we were being racially profiled. They should probably just rehire people because we felt so uncomfortable playing with the puppies, and looking through these reviews seems like multiple people have had this same experience with the SAME woman. She's very JUDGE MENTAL. She thought we were up to something because my nephew said he heard her say "something isn't right here" we were literally just petting the puppies.. if you had a similar experience to mine ???????? Like this review!

Earl Earl

2 years ago

I emailed about a dog they had and got an aggressive rude response saying that the dog is 1000$ more now and I should “pay up.” What?

randy montano

2 years ago

The pet ranch should be shut down for excessive animal cruelty!! The pups are kept in dirty cramped pins and are filthy!! As for the "employees" are very ride disrespectful and not off any help whatsoever!!! They require a person to be 18 to get in to the store but most pups are being purchased for children under the age of 18 so how are they to know they will "like" the puppy and are compatible with the pup?! It is only obvious that the pups are being brought in from puppy mills and the "employees "are profiling people as they enter weather or not they can afford to pay for the way overpriced animals these inhumane people are selling for a huge profit?IDK where the positive reviews are coming from but they definitely are not true, just read the reviews of actual customers and you will also realize that they are getting people to pay the positive and not the real truth!!!! PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU EVEN CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING TO THESE INHUMANE PEOPLE'S BACK ACCOUNT!!!!

Corrine Exley

2 years ago

Shame on you for supporting irresponsible breeding and puppy mills.

Grant L

2 years ago

I don't understand the negative reviews of the Pet Ranch at all. We had a better experience here than we have had with several breeders. We had put our name in for a specific breed and they called us a few weeks later, the day before the puppies came in. They let us know what time to come and we were so excited! This is a rarer breed that we could not find anywhere else in Colorado! So we went, not knowing what to expect and having read all the reviews. We were happily surprised! The store is really clean and organized. The staff was very nice and had great knowledge of all the puppies and they have a great supply of products! All the puppies looked very happy. They have a great system of letting you see and spend time with the puppies in a safe environment. We got to spend a long time with the puppies before we made our decision. When we did, we were given thorough details on the puppy and all the staff were really great and accommodating. They have it setup really well. I was truly impressed. You get all the papers and all of the animals are chipped and vaccinated (if they are old enough.) Also, you get some guarantees as well (parvo, genetics, etc.) which I found to be more than I got with any breeders I bought directly from in the past. As for cost...I found it very competitive and cheaper than what other unknown online sources were charging. All puppy prices are up right now due to COVID etc., but I did not find Pet Ranch to be above those posted online. I was happy to pay their prices given the current market and to be able to spend time with the puppies first, buy locally, pay with a credit card, get advice and supplies at the same time, and have some kind of guarantee. So much more comforting than trying to do some online deal. I know how this works. Pet Ranch has a lot of connections with breeders where they source these puppies. I cannot speak to the conditions at each of the breeders (anymore than you can when you buy from anyone,) but I can say that the store is very well managed and the puppies are well cared for. But have you been to many breeders? Most buyers don't know what it takes. It's breeding and birthing puppies. It's a messy business by nature. I agree there is a line that crosses into "deplorable" but all the breeders I know and have seen are typical "animal breeding" types of caregivers and environments. Not deplorable at all, but rural for sure and perhaps offensive to the sensibilities of some. That does not make them inhumane. So I'm cautious to throw around the words or terms associated with a truly inhumane situation and I see no evidence of that here admitting that the store is a step removed of course. I'm all for shelter adoption as well if you are so led. For us, we wanted a specific breed and this was a great experience. Oh, and I should note, there were specific instructions given to us as well as specific food regarding dehydration and a host of other things. I felt it was quite comprehensive and they answered all the question and more that we had. We can also call them if need be. So go. You won't be disappointed. You can even just go in and see and pet the puppies for FREE! Hard to resist. Update - 6 months in and out pup is great. No problems at all and perfectly healthy!

Kathy Bailey Simental

2 years ago

You have to wear masks even if you are vaccinated or have health issues.You definitely don't need my business.

Laina Scheopner

2 years ago

Required to wear a mask to enter their store. Only place I have been in Thornton that requires one. Puppies are on sale because people are leaving. I was asked to leave while another person entered without one and was allowed to shop.

Ruby Siegel Evans

2 years ago

It was a good place. When I got my puppy there it was sick. We still had to pay the 3,000 dollars for her and they refused to pay for the vet bill. It was a clean place and very friendly

Alison Docy

2 years ago

Very disrespectful staff the older lady that worked on June 13th at 2pm was very disrespectful and extremely judge mental she was extremely rude when she greeted us.

Angel Garcia

2 years ago

My family and I came to visit the pet ranch today and were greeted by two friendly and very respectful employees. Then we had the unfortunate encounter with two disrespectful teenagers giving the two employees attitude over masks. When these teenagers were told they became irate and started harassing the employees. They asked for personal information and said they are gonna call the police. The entire time this was going on the employees dealt with the situation professionally. The teenagers were making other customers in the store uncomfortable. Koodos to the employees working when this happened!

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