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Ly H

2 years ago

Dr. B and Shane were thorough and kind to my dog and cat. They did their best keeping them calm and comfortable. I've been looking for a new vet clinic and I think I've found it.

Debra Nadeau

2 years ago

This is the best place to bring your pet's

Casey B

2 years ago

Highly recommend, I’ve been taking my older cat for a while to this vet and I have nothing but good things to say. Taking our baby soon and I know it’ll go well

Anne Clark

2 years ago

I LOVE Dr. Benson and his terrific staff. I am rescuing a nine year old dog. They were so supportive. I especially am glad they got his dental care up to speed along with all his screenings and vaccinations. I am very grateful.

Alex Tolzman

2 years ago

The staff here is beyond friendly!! Special thank yous to my Doc, Courtney and Adrienne. They went out of their way to make sure that I ran within my budget and ran future diagnostics for me on what other occurrences will have me back in in six months and what to look at as far as my said budget goes! Thank you for taking care of my Kaonoshi and myself! See y'all in six months!

Dunnan Miriam

2 years ago

Thorough, kind, professional. Dr. Benson spent lots of time with my pup. Answered all my questions. On top of that, rates are reasonable. I highly recommend Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital!

Kellie Ryan

2 years ago

As always exceptional care given. Very helpful kind courteous staff. Very clean facility.????????❤

Sara Lindholm

3 years ago

I highly recommend this place.

Colleen Keeven

3 years ago

I really enjoy this vet. There is never a long line, which is why I left my last vet. They just got way too big. And the exam I had for my dog was really long and thorough. They didn't try to push medicine onto my pup. They actually recommended natural supplements which I felt way more comfortable with. The vet was also concerned about my pups weight, which the last vet never commented on. I would totally come here if I were you!

Tim Schram

3 years ago

They say you get what you pay for. You assume you don't always get good service at the Big Box stores. When you go with a Mom and Pop business, you sometimes expect to pay more, but you also expect to get knock-your-socks-off customer service. Not so at Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital. Someone recommended this place, and it is convenient to where we live. The first "free" visit went well, but we were charged for a couple of things. That was fine. It took us some time to schedule our dog to be spayed, and we understand that things are wacky due to the pandemic. So we made the first appointment of the day over a month in advance. When we arrived, you had to call to be let in. No one answered the phone. Finally we were let in, and the office manager seemed frazzled. It was very chaotic, and she said something about being shorthanded. Someone with a cat walked in without calling and without a mask, and we were ushered into a waiting room. I could hear the office manager talking with the cat owner about both of them having lived in Florida. We wanted to talk to the vet about our dog's dew claws. He briefly looked at them and said he could remove them. He left because he had to see the emergency cat that came in, and we waited for him to come back to tell us options and pricing. Finally, the office manager came back and said the vet was busy with the cat and they would call us later. Turns out the dew claw removal cost more than the spay procedure! We told them in a firm, but professional way, that we thought this was way overpriced. When we picked up our dog, the office manager wouldn't talk to us and had another person tell us about the post-operation procedures. But she stood behind her to listen to the conversation. We were told to come back in 10 days. Only, they couldn't schedule anything until 14 days later. Per the instructions, we removed the bandages the next day. The bandages on the first leg came off more easily because they had padding by the stitches. However, it took us several attempts to remove the bandages on the second leg, because the vet didn't put padding on those stitches. Our poor dog was in pain as we tried to remove her bandages. I do better with a thread and needle than how they stitched up our dog. Today, (on the 10th day after the procedures), I called the vet because our dog had developed a rash on her face and it's bleeding. I was told they didn't have any openings today or tomorrow, but could squeeze me in late next week. I told them I already had an appointment on Tuesday and hung up. I don't know how that "emergency" cat case was able to get in and get ahead of our appointment last week. Now, we have an emergency and we can't get in. Like others have said in their Yelp reviews, we feel like we've been nickel-and-dimed, and the customer service is severely lacking. Once we get our dog's stitches removed next week, we're done. We'll be finding a new vet this weekend. You don't get what you pay for at Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital. Take your pet somewhere else where they will be treated more than just a pocketbook.

Amber Mizunaga

3 years ago

Just moved to littleton from aurora and needed a new vet I searched around and was joyful with the service and pricing i received over the phone so we went in the next day for our appointment and I was very pleased with them. They were very I friendly and made my kids and I and our fur baby feel welcome. They didn't do any unnessisary anything and very very satisfactory. We found our new vet and I'm very glad. Highly recommend#

Chelle Pepper

3 years ago

My dogs love it here! And I have faith and trust and respect for Dr B and his team. Thank you for always taking such great care of all of us!

Shari Shelafo

3 years ago

My Family & I Take All our Cats, Kittens, Dogs Puppies to Dr. Benson at Woodlawn Vet Great Doctor and Staff Who Truly Care !! Prices for Services Are Less expensive and they don't Charge for Unnecessary Services or Medications etc. Highly Recommend

Danika Hornick

3 years ago

I recently adopted a cat off craigslist and wasn’t too sure about her vaccinations or health so I brought her in for a check up and round of vaccinations and am so glad I chose Woodlawn!! I wasn’t sure what to expect but they made me and my cat feel so welcome and took such good care of her. I was also expecting my visit to be a little expensive due to what we were going in for, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out my visit was a really affordable price for me. I’m really happy I chose to go with Woodlawn and will be recommending them to friends in the area!

Emily Dykes

3 years ago

I love this place, the staff is incredible and kind and has spent so much time to make me feel better and feel safe. My cat and dog are well loved and staying healthy. I'm so grateful for this place and would highly recommend.

Hannah Courkamp

3 years ago

Dr. B is the most kind-hearted vet I’ve ever met. He truly understands animals and their needs, and goes above and beyond to help owners understand how to give the best care to their animals. Woodlawn is very reasonably priced, and visits are friendly and efficient! I doubt I will ever go to another vet.

jake stephens

3 years ago

On Tuesday 08/18/20 at 5:00pm, my family and I came to this vet because our 22 year old chihuahua had outstanding health issues and needed to be put down. Upon arriving to put our dog down, the vet techs had good bedside manner and gave my mom a hug because she was absolutely hysterical. Once my mother, 2 brothers and I were in the “euthanasia room” the vet tech came in, explained the process to us, and made comments about us needing to “not stay with our dog too long after he had been given the lethal dose”, because she “didn’t want to wait there for us until 10:00pm.” She then explained the process again and made this remark more than once. This not only was extremely unprofessional, but it left a horrible taste in our mouths the entire time we were putting our childhood dog down. I’m entirely uncertain why she assumed that we didn’t respect her time and felt the need to make this comment MORE THAN ONE TIME. I myself work in public safety, and know that this type of in-empathetic behavior is unacceptable especially in this setting. She then gave us the decision of using a catheter or just doing the lethal dose injection, of which she gave us about 10 minutes to decide on, and spend time with our dog in his final moments. After about 10 minutes she came back in, and had made the decision for us, and told us that she was going to administer the catheter. She took him to another room, where they had put it in, and brought him back to us to inject the lethal dose with the Veterinarian. My mother, brothers and I gathered around my dog, while the vet tech stood at the foot of the bed holding the entire bottom half of MY dog. I was barely able to hold on to him in his final moments because she was in the way. I understand that this might be their procedure, but I have had to put another dog down in the past and was given my space to say goodbye, and in this setting I felt that this was taken from me. I am extremely unhappy with my experience here, and will not be returning. The pricing $280 for Euthanization plus cremation was very pricey compared to other places (most are $150), if I’d had known more about this location before my mother decided to come here, I wouldn’t have. Please train your “professionals” to be more courteous, and empathetic towards people in this setting. It would be heartbreaking for a child to have to listen to a trained professional complain about being home on time when they are about to put their childhood pet down.

Joe Geneva

3 years ago

Absolutely amazing staff as they have taken care of my German Shepherd, I recommend them to anyone looking for a good vet.

John Betancourt

3 years ago

If you're looking for a quality facility that actually cares about your pet, this is the place to bring them. Dr. Benson and his staff are all about your pet. They genuinely want to see them healthy and happy and they offer affordable care and extensive services, that ensure those things happen for your fur baby. Everyone here is also as friendly as they come, and that adds a personal touch that really does matter. They really do offer an above and beyond experience and my senior beagle is in fine shape thanks to their intensive work.

Joshua Vickery

3 years ago

Amazing is the best way to explain the high level of service the staff was a absolutely impeccable and the vet was kind,knowledgeable professionals. Honestly 4.9 star's doesn't do them justice. They get 10 stars ???? from me


3 years ago

This was only my second visit here. Last week for a sick cat I had just adopted and the follow up this week. So far I've found the staff to be polite, caring people. The "Reception" staff have been very friendly and attentive and the humans assisting the felines have also been nice too. The Doctor so far has been good with treatment and outcome. So far I think that this will be our permanent Vet as long as they LISTEN to what I'm telling them. Give them a try. (Note only 4 stars for now and for no other reason besides my being not easily pacified!)

Attica Lundy Cooper

4 years ago

Woodlawn Vet is very caring and professional. They apparently also have very yummy treats.


4 years ago

They were great. My cat had a upper respitory infection. They were professional, helpful and the fee was reasonable. Will go again when cat needs shots or anything else. Nice staff.

Chris Lillie

4 years ago

Dr Benson is the best, he takes really good care of our cat. If you are looking for a vet in the Littleton area I would recommend Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital.


4 years ago

I started going to Dr Bradley because my other VET couldn't help me with on going issues with my Beagle. My 1st visit with Dr. Bradley, he did a lot of blood work, thoroughly examined Myley (Beagle). After he received the results form the blood test, he came up with a plan to get Myley healthly. In a month, Myley was down 12 pounds and you could tell she felt so much better. Not once did Dr Bradley make me feel like a loser because my dog was overweight. When it was time to say goodbye to my Chocolate lab due to major health issues, Dr Bradley never left my side. He gave me as much time as I needed. He was just as upset with the loss of my dog as I was. Love this place and will never take my dogs and now cat anywhere else.

Jen Short

4 years ago

A bit pricier than some, but you definitely get what you pay for here. The staff recognizes me on sight and asks after my dog by name even when I'm just dropping my roommate and his dog off. They really care and it's wonderful.

Joann Wolter

4 years ago

Dr. Benson is a very caring and knowledgable vet.

Kaitlin Schnell

4 years ago

The staff is wonderful but the doctor only seems to be interested in getting paid. I don’t feel that he had the best interest of my dog. He doesn’t seem to wash his hands after rectal exams and openly scratches his own rear end in front of others (gross). Also, he is rude. #freesquirtyvalentine #don’tshakethisguyshand #givethosegirlsaraise

keith demers

4 years ago

This place does an amazing job with my dog tank


5 years ago

I am beyond dissatisfied with Woodlawn Vet. I was looking for a vet closer to my house because the one I usually go to is a bit of a drive. I was hoping to find a local vet that I could keep bringing my cat back to. I called Woodlawn at the last minute and they were able to get me in that same day. That is where the positive review for Woodlawn ends. I got to my appointment and waited for the vet. While waiting for the vet, the vet assistant pulled two kittens out of a box under her desk. A box. Under her desk. That struck me as odd, but I pushed the bad feelings aside. The vet assistant/receptionist put me and my cat in a small room. The examination table was covered with a dirty blanket. It was more than clear that the office did not change the blanket with each feline visit. I waited for the vet and feared my cat was going to contract some kind of sickness from just being in the room. The vet came in and did some questioning. It seemed fine. Then, he told me he was going to “run some numbers” and be back in. He sent the vet tech back in with a list of $550 charges. On that list, there were, among many other things, a shot for fluids, a shot for nausea, an antibiotic shot, take-home pills for nausea, blood work for feline lukemia, a worm test, and “general blood work,” and, of course, canned food the vet recommended. I had the vet assistant go over the list multiple times to explain to me what each one of the list items was for. She finally told me, “Look, give us a number ($) and we can make it work.” That was another huge red flag for me. I am not opposed to paying whatever I need to for my cat. The money doesn’t matter. What does matter to me is a vet who scares its patients and owners into thinking they need to do every possible test and put their pet through extreme stress, just to profit the vet. My cat hated the vet. Every time the vet came in the room, my cat was shaking and had even tried to bite the vet once. This has never happened with any prior vet. Ever. The vet did not even give me a diagnosis. He just pushed all of the tests he could think of and did not make an educated guess as to what was going on with my cat. He even told me my cat was dehydrated and needed subcutaneous fluids. A few months ago, I went to a different vet that showed me how to tell if my cat was dehydrated or getting close to dehydration. My cat was not at all dehydrated when I went to Woodlawn. I finally agreed to an antibiotic shot (since I felt like my cat might have an infection and, again, the vet did nothing but rattle off possibilities as opposed to actually consider a plan of action). The vet was clearly irritated that I wasn’t going to spend $550. He was rough in giving my cat a shot and then left the room right after. After the antibiotic shot, I googled info regarding the shot. Obviously, I realize everything that comes up on google is going to have some sort of bias. When I asked the vet tech to get the vet, instead of reassuring me, he scolded me and demanded to see what I had Googled. I didn’t come to the vet for him to argue with Google or reprimand me for Googling answers when he was too incompetent to give me any straight answers. The vet was uninformative, unkind, and seemed unknowledgeable and the facility was dirty. And, to top it all off, they had a sign claiming to be BBB accredited and… thanks to Google, I saw that they ARE NOT BBB ACCREDITED. Another dishonest claim from Woodland Vet. Taking my cat to Woodland Vet was an awful experience and I will never return.

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