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James Tussey

2 years ago

I have boarded with Pinehurst many times and my experience has been wonderful. The staff is very caring and I was able to enjoy my vacation knowing my best friend was safe and loved with the Staff. I have also used the grooming services and was very pleased with the service! If you need a home away from home for your pet I recommend Pinehurst Animal Center! Thanks everyone for your dedication to all animals!

Pamela Peterson

2 years ago

I got my standard poodle groomed here... Very happy with how she looked! See you guys again in 6 weeks

Will Bender

2 years ago

Affordable option to watch your pets while you're away. Have always had a great experience.

Luis Alvarado

2 years ago

They take care of your pets very good

Carole Ray

3 years ago

Holly is awesome. I have an EnglishBull terrier that loves her. He is a handful and only a select few can trim his nails. Good Covid practices, masks, social distance.

Bejay D

4 years ago

They let rescue organizations meet their prospective adopters there. They also board some of the pets.

Paula Lieberman

4 years ago

Have had my dogs groomed there for years. The staff really loves the animals.

Linda Montoya

4 years ago

Best place to bring your baby (pet). The owner and her staff are great with grooming and kenneling your pet. I have had my two girls there. And it is very clean and up kept. I will return often as needed.

Harrison Filas

4 years ago

they take care of dogs from 5 different shelters and offer great prices to the public. I volunteer walk a dog staying there looking for a home and the Pinehurst staff is very sympathetic, appreciative, and helpful!

David Clark

4 years ago

Friendly staff. Great place to take your animals.

benny thompson

4 years ago

Such a great experience while browsing all the furbabies waiting on their forever home. They sell products at the desk and are so helpful with a lot of questions I had regarding dog care and training.

Anna Alcorn

5 years ago

Love this place! My family has been coming here for years! This was the first time I took my dog and they took such great care of him! I can vacation in peace knowing that my dog is in great hands!

Clare Barela

5 years ago

Been going to Holly for 20 years. I have never boarded but she is an incredible groomer. My dogs are my family and she treats them like her own!!

kareena large

5 years ago

We used to bring our dogs here. To start with they wouldnt listen how we wanted our dogs groomed so everytike we had groom their faces ourselves. It started getting bad this last year. One dogs nails was not trimmed at all even though they said they did. Another dog was cut pretty badly and he is really good at not moving when getting groomed. My dog peed himself because they didnt take him outside and they let him sit in his own pee. Another time they didnt groom either of my dogs nails. The last straw was that i went to wash my dog they didnt wash the soup out of his fur there was so much soap innhis fur it literally took me 30 minutes to rinse him out. Both of my dogs love baths now they are terrified of baths after i brought them home. Don't ever take your dogs here.


5 years ago

We picked up our rescue dogs from there. The boarding area was clean but the reception area was dirty and smelled awful. The people who worked there were very helpful. We got two dogs at the same time. They have been together since they were 8 weeks old. They were 1 year old when we adopted them on May 2017. One of the best decisions of my life.

connie martin

6 years ago

Love and hate this place. They take good care of dogs. But once they arrive and are put in pen that is where they stay. No yard to run in nothing unless of course you pay for it. I can't afford other places so grateful for them in a pinch. Sorry for my dogs.

Kristina Knight

7 years ago

I dropped off on a Saturday after a heavy snow. I say this because the parking lot is on an incline and I could NOT get my car up. No one had shoveled it. I ended up parked half way down the driveway because that is as far as my little car could make it, fearing it would slip down the driveway into traffic at any moment. Frustrated, I left my dogs inside the car and went into the office. Once inside, I was hit by the heavy smell of bleach and cleaning solution. It was frighteningly strong and gave me a slight headache. I told them when I dropped off that my dogs require the food I brought because I am allergic to wheat as well as one of my dogs. I had already pre-portioned each dogs food by the day, so it should have been easy enough to open the ziploc with the dogs name and drop the food in. She acknowledged this and said it wasn't a problem. We then walked in to put the dogs in the kennel. The moment the kennel door was opened I was hit with the stench of dog urine and feces. It was awful. They lady stated it didn't always smell that bad, but because of the weather everyone had been inside. I took her word for it. We were put in kennel number ten, last kennel on the right. I placed two beds and two blankets in the kennel, kissed my pups goodbye and walked out. Worried, again, about the stench, I asked the lady if the door to the outside would be opened and she said absolutely in good weather we always keep it open. Fast forward to six days later when I arrive to pick up. Here is where things just get bizarre and disturbing. My husband and I walk in to the office and I state we are there to pick up our three pups. It is around 11:00 am and almost 50 degrees outside. A different lady is there to help us today, and as she checks us out she attempts to cover a handwritten note that says "WE HAVE KENNEL COUGH." When reach the kennel door and open it, I am, again, hit with the disgusting stench of urine and feces. NONE of the doors to the runs are open. Everyone is inside, standing in their own urine. I start to walk towards kennel number 10, last one on the right, when I look to my left and see my three pups. Not in the kennel I left them in. Not with ANY of the beds or blankets I dropped them off with. They were staring at me, with one tiny little fleece blanket on the floor that wasn't ours. I take my dogs out and they are all covered in their own urine. They smell worse than any time I have ever dropped them off in my life. I start to ask where MY stuff is. The lady seems really confused by the question and starts to walk up and down the aisle. She asks what my stuff looks like and I start to say that I dropped off two beds and two blankets. She looks at me and says "do you see your stuff in any of the other kennels"? Shocked, I start to look in other kennels and sure enough, there is one of my blankets in another kennel. One of my dog beds is sitting by the washer, wet and covered in feces, another blanket is sitting on top of dog food, also wet and reeking of urine. I ask where my final bed is and they cannot find it. Eventually, it surfaces. Cold, frozen, bunched up to one side, a thick layer of fur and something red all over it. I asked where my bag for the dog food I dropped off was, but it fell on deaf ears. I left without the bag, because I could not even believe this was happening. I soon find out, when I get home, that they were not fed my provided dog food. One of my dogs spent the night throwing up chunks of kibble and bile. Another has had diarrhea since we picked her up, and the another is chewing his foot apart because he is so allergic to wheat. My 6 lb dog also came home not able to walk. She hasn't been herself, and we believe it is because she was dropped by the staff (the front office lady said, "oh the min pin, my daughter loved her holding her) , or because she wasn't provided her bed the entire time we were gone. We now have to go to the vet and get x-rays. Also, legally, they are not allowed to house shelter animals with boarding animals. These people should not be in business.

Pamela Meadows

7 years ago

I FEEL SOMEWHAT OBLIGATED TO REPORT THEM TO THE ASPCA. I wish Google would let me post a longer review, but here is a synopsis of our experience: My boyfriend and I were going away for Christmas and most places were already booked up and didn't have room for our 2 dogs. We were desperate to find a place that would take our dogs over the holiday, Pinehurst Animal Center was recommended to us and we booked their stay with no problems whatsoever. That is the only positive thing I have to say. When we went to drop the dogs off, we provided our dogs with blankets from home. When we dropped our dogs off, they let us bring our dogs back to the boarding area. The kennel certainly smelt like dogs, but nothing out of the ordinary. There were plenty of other dogs in the other enclosures, the woman working told us most of the dogs they board are awaiting foster homes and to be adopted, having no idea how long they had been there, all the other dogs seemed happy and clean. (their website states that: "All Kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily. We believe sanitation is the key to a healthy happy environment." their website also says: "See the difference our hot water heat through the floors" the enclosures are: "60 spacious indoor/outdoor runs. The total run size is 3' by 26'. Inside the runs are 3' by 6' and 3' by 20' in the outside covered area." and that our dogs will never be in the same enclosure as others.) *** We were gone 5 DAYS **** We arrived home today and drove from the airport to the kennel. This is where it gets really bad: Upon opening the boarding room door I was hit with such a foul stench of feces and urine. Most of the dogs that had been there when we dropped our dogs off were still there, they still had their blankets and clean water in their kennels. It looked just as it had when we dropped the dogs off. We walked down the corridor of enclosures towards our dogs, the smell got worse and worse. Upon getting to our dogs kennel we saw the source of the stench: OUR TWO DOGS WERE COVERED IN THEIR OWN FECES AND URINE, IT WAS CAKED ALL OVER THEIR PAWS, LEGS AND BELLYS. THEIR BLANKET WAS GONE SO ALL THEY HAD WAS A POOP AN PEE COVERED CONCRETE SLAB TO LAY ON. I bent down to look closer and actually almost vomited. OUR DOGS HAD CHUNKS OF POOP HANGING FROM THEIR FUR AND MATTED ON THEM IN OTHER PLACES, LOOKING PAST THE DOGS TO THE OUTDOOR PORTION OF THE KENNEL RUN I SAW ABOUT A WEEKS WORTH OF FECES AND URINE THAT HAD NEVER BEEN PICKED UP. THE FLOOR WAS SOAKED AND BROWN. NO WONDER THEY WERE COVERED IN IT! (NOTE MY PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH, THERE WAS CLEARLY PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT GOING ON HERE SINCE THE DOGS THAT HAD BEEN THERE LONG TERM, STILL HAD RELATIVELY CLEAN ENCLOSURES.) I was so stunned I didn't even know what to say or do. AS I GAGGED THROUGH THE PROCESS OF PUTTING LEASHES ON OUR TWO DOGS, THE WOMAN CAME BACK WITH NOT A CLEAN BLANKET, BUT A POOP COVERED AND PEE DRENCHED BLANKET (Yes it was still wet with urine). HER RESPONSE WAS "THIS IS DISGUSTING" AND THAT OUR BLANKET HADEN'T BEEN WASHED YET (after 5 days). THE LADY COULD NOT TELL US HOW LONG OUR DOGS HAD GONE WITHOUT THE BLANKET TO SLEEP ON. Judging by the looks of it, the dogs had been without their blanket for days. THE DOGS ELBOWS WERE CRACKED AND RED FROM LAYING ON THE POOP COVERED CONCRETE FLOOR. ONE DOGS EVEN HAD SOME CUTS AND SORES ON HIS FEET AND LEGS. I was so taken aback and appalled that my only mindset at the time was getting the hell out of their with our dogs. In hindsight I should've marched back into the office and spoken my mind about what we had just seen, but like i said earlier in the review, I was shell shocked. I also should've taken pictures for evidence. I really don't know what we paid for other the roof over their head and the dogs being fed, and its only an assumption that they were actually fed due to all the poop and pee they had produced. 3 Baths later and they still smell awful. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRID PLACE, THE ASPCA SHOULD GO IN AND SHUT IT DOWN!

Hayley Buschang

8 years ago

I will never board my pets anywhere else! AMAZING staff who genuinely care about your pets.

Jenny Agellon

9 years ago

I brought my dogs in to get boarded and groomed recently and was referred to them by a close friend that uses Pinehurst faithfully. I was very happy with the all around business and Patrick and Holly were very professional. They answered all my questions and most importantly, I left feeling very comfortable and confident leaving my loved ones there. Their prices are the best around and the facility is very clean and secure for my pets. I would recommend them to anyone and will always board/groom my dogs there. I have read some of the other reviews, and let me tell you that I had no problems, nor has my close friends. Granted some businesses have there flaws, but with the new people they have working there now and them being in business for such a long time, all their positives outweigh a few negative comments by people that seemed to have a bad day and took it out on Pinehurst.

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