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Nataly lala

2 years ago

I took my dog in and he came back out scared and extremely ready to get out of there I’m not sure what they did to him since all they were supposed to do was an x-ray, and some other simple things the point is they couldn’t rule out what was wrong with him and all that money basically went down the drain. And my dog is still extremely sick we are going to another vet since these can’t do their job! If you don’t have money you don’t matter people!!!! Please take your pet else where!!!

Kalisha Salazar

2 years ago

I went to drop off my dog for surgery and I had concerns about anesthesia and him being so old. Note I was not informed till I asked. I expressed my feelings I was told to go with the high end of things in order to do blood work it would cost 500 extra dollars I had informed them I was on a budget. So instead of telling me the ins and outs before hand I was told right before surgery. They made me feel some what comfortable and so I leave not quite sure then receive a call after I leave that his bandages are going to cost 80dollars a piece and that it was their bad they for got to add that in the quote also blood work is really advised and note once more this was all stressed to me at 730 am they have absolutely no confidence in the procedure and it seemed like they were trying to talk me out of surgery but pressuring me to pay more and I might be able to get the answers I'm looking for and I'm sorry to be a Karen right now but I would have paid whatever it took but the lack of confidence was too much for I give one star because a simple thing turned into a life or death situa.tion that's not okay when it comes to your pets

Elissa Carbajal

2 years ago

Amigo is a very caring vet clinic! Dr carrica is our fave Doctor, but have dealt w/ other doctors at times due to our own schedule conflicts :( . They’ve all been so kind & thorough w/ each one of our pets (we currently have 4). Dr. Carrica remembers each one of our pets & their allergies & quirks lol. I couldn’t ask for a better vet clinic. Thank you all!

Gr82bme 4sur

2 years ago

I’m super disappointed in the price gouging of this clinic. My regular vet couldn’t get my dog in for two weeks, So I went to Amigo. I really liked the dr. But I was charged over $300 to tell me my dog needed a tooth pulled. Then they quoted me $1300-2000 to have it pulled. Seemed very high to me. So called around to other clinics to see if that’s normal. Needless to say I took him elsewhere and it cost me $500.

Mike Miller

2 years ago

Wonderful pet care and people care

Tiffany Bermudez

2 years ago

Great experience with their staff and especially their neuro-surgeon, they diagnosed our pup with a herniated disk after weeks of us not knowing why he was in so much pain and so sensitive. Dr. Maguire performed surgery on him and he was almost immediately relieved of his pain and he could start walking again within a few days, even though he was not supposed to ;) . I recommend them and I our little Kovu is doing great now with a full recovery. Thank you guys.

Krista Kennedy

2 years ago

We had a kitty we had to have put down and the whole staff was very kind and showed a lot of consideration. Price was fair.

William Shockley

2 years ago

So, I will start by saying that I have a Malinois, who has never liked vet visits. Brought him in, muzzled him for his protection and that of the staff. He is not aggressive towards people, dogs, anyone… I spoke of his previous vet visit and informed them it was not a pleasant experience. My dog was not a fan of the dr., and I could tell she was nervous which did not make for a good environment. To make a long story short, he lunged at her (had a muzzle on) and she kicked him. Needless to say, I left and was infuriated. I called to speak with practice manager, who obviously was going to side with his staff, was extremely rude to me and then, “said I’m over this conversation “ and hung up on me. I have reported them to the proper authorities to make sure this is at least on record. If I could give less than 1 star, I would. But in order to leave a review, I had to. Looking forward to a snarky response from staff, since reading other reviews, that is their Modus operandi.


2 years ago

Buyer Beware Couldn’t handle basic puppy shot records and almost gave my dog unnecessary shots that they already have given him. I raised this issue to management and was called a liar and offered no solution. My account was canceled and my card was charged more in order to cancel the puppy health plan. This review is based on my personal experiences. This review is intended to protect customers and not hurt any individual.

Dan Kelly

2 years ago

Caring staff and great customer service.

Christina Schmidt

2 years ago

Amazing staff who consistently go out of their way to make sure that all of our animals (large or small) get the best care.

Christina Kelly

2 years ago

They take excellent care of my fur babies!!!

Chris Egbert

2 years ago

Since some one else covered my dogs expenses.. they have no record of me or my little dog.. this is because, only the person with the money, matters to them.. I will never use them again !

Christy Corner

2 years ago

I had to unexpectedly take my cat into Amigo Animal Clinic while travelling on the western slope. After some diagnostics they determined that she needed surgery to remove a foreign obstruction in her intestines. It was a really stressful time for our family, but Amigo was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. Surgeries for kitties are expensive, but I felt like overall they provided quality care at a reasonable price. They helped us navigate through everything which was a little harder for us since we were visiting from out of town. I happy to say our kitty is fully recovered. Thank you to Dr Carrica, Dr Johnson, Alicia, Sophia, Madi, and the rest of the Amigo team.

Elena Frazier (ThatOneHorseGirl)

2 years ago

Had a great experience here! They squeezed me in between appts last minute and everyone was very nice. Devyn was the tech that worked with me, and she was very professional, kind and caring. She was so gentle with my dog and took her time if needed. The vet, Dr. Johnson was great as well! She explained everything very well and was very kind. Will be taking my dog back to them!

Emily Furphy

2 years ago

Not only did they devastate my dog trying to get her nails clipped, which not one was clipped. They also charged me and told me to shove 8 trazadone at 50 mg down her throat. Also falsified records. DON'T GO TO THIS FACILITY!!!!! WARNING!!!!! Whoever is the "owner" replying is a LAIR!!!! BE VERY AWARE!!!!!

Malo Family

2 years ago

I strongly recommend doing your research before taking your family pet/animal to Amigo Animal Clinic. We trusted Amigo with our pets in the past. However, their staff communication, organization, care, and overall performance have significantly declined, seemingly exponentially since COVID. Amigo Animal Clinic neglected reported concerns, failed to provide thorough checkups, and overlooked a surgical error performed by their team. Unfortunately, their negligence during a routine surgery resulted in additional surgery for our puppy and nearly $2000 additional cost to us for a procedure that was supposed to be "covered" by their wellness plan, not to mention the several weeks of pain with a large open wound. Sadly, our dogs only received an accurate diagnosis after numerous visits and pressuring their staff to look further into our reported concerns. When our dog died, we asked to cancel our wellness plan with Amigo Animal Clinic. Amigo Animal Clinic explained that we needed to continue to pay for the remainder of the current wellness plan, but the wellness plan is canceled and would not renew moving forward. We end up getting charged for a renewed wellness plan anyway. Upon contacting Amigo Animal Clinic to cancel the wellness plan again, they refused to refund the charge for the renewal and distanced themselves from all responsibility related to the error. In summation, research plenty before making this your long-term vet (we're happier elsewhere). When it comes to their wellness plan, save your money! Learn from us, pay it to yourself and put that money in a separate account instead; it will go much further when your furry friend requires care, emergency or not. Double-check their work, take notes, and don't hesitate to speak up when you think something is not right - it saved our dog!

Mark Miller

2 years ago

Poor quality. Amigo Animal clinic has gone down hill fast. Not the same pet hospital as in the past. To big and too uncaring. Most vets are qualified. The front desk, is not. Bad communication skills and poor knowledge base of customers and their pets. I agree with many reviews that say, go else where, where they know your name and care about the customer and their pets. If I were a vet , I wouldn’t work here… I bet it is a stressed out place…

Ron Glass

2 years ago

Dr.Garret is a great vet. He really listened and treated me and my pet with respect. He was able to access the problem quickly and took great care of my kitten.

sherry long

2 years ago

Very helpful, caring and proficient.

Tonette Marshall

2 years ago

They were fast and efficient in taking care of my Chihuahua.

B. Emerson

2 years ago

I recently adopted my first cat in my adult life. Choosing a vet was a source of some anxiety, but I really lucked out when I landed on Amigo and Dr. Garrett. When we came for our first appointment, the front desk staff were friendly and made sure we were comfortable, despite being VERY busy. Dr. Garrett and his assistant were also professional, kind, and patient. The doctor answered all of my questions and also provided additional information and resources to make sure that I know how to make my cat healthy and happy in my home. My cat requires a special diet and I have found the prices of the prescription food to be comparable when purchased from Amigo versus Chewy or Amazon. It seems that this clinic is always busy (with good reason), but I have always gotten first-rate service. I plan to take my cat to Dr. Garrett at Amigo for the rest of her life!

Stephanie Mills

2 years ago

Dr. Maguire and the team at Amigo Animal Clinic are the best!!! Dr. Maguire’s years of expertise and the team’s professional loving care provided 5 star quality care for my cherished 13 yr old dog’s delicate cervical spine surgery. We traveled from Salt Lake City for this expert care and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Cowboy Z

2 years ago

Amigo, shows friendship that has helped us through many pet situations including a Sunday put to sleep. There are two buildings side by side each with its own address. Large animals, horses, moose and giraffes go to 588 25 Road ::: K9 and felines go to 586 next door to the south. They do a lot of work. Some reviewers don't realize the logistics of love and complain about staff being natural rather than gooey-sweet while carrying heavy burdens and enduring multiple difficult emotion scenarios. The experience from inside a busy and caring veterinary practice involves much nitty-gritty. When Amigo Animal Clinic staff humans let it show that the wheels are grinding under heavy load, remember that they are higher in the pecking order for respect than your fur baby Shnookums Pookie Dookie.

Davienne Jacobson

2 years ago

We have gotten our cat care at Amigo Animal Hospital. As the years have passed, our cats have finished their long lives. When each life came to its end, Amigo Animal Hospital has been kind and sympathetic. As our last cat came to the end of her life this spring, we were especially thankful for Dr. Garrett Carrica. He was kind during the cat examination and kind in explaining possibilities for the remainder of her life. We appreciated his help and assistance as well as everyone else at Amigo Animal Hospital. I can recommend them for your pets and their health.

Rey Leon

2 years ago

I used to come to this clinic, but after my kitty passed away and one c wt telling me to amputate my cat legs and remove his entire teeth because he think he is pain, I won't come here anymore. My cat was alive when arrive, suddenly she died. They xharge for cremation and everything si fast and her body still on the refrigerator... never again here

Tara Anderson

2 years ago

They told me i could do a drop of because my dog was not up to herself. They told me i would be charged $75 for the visit because no Vets had any openings. .. i told them not to run any tests on her unless they called me first. End of the day i was charged $580 to find out she has a bladder infection. They never asked me to run any tests ! Will not use these people again! After writing this review i recieved a phone call. More or less to argue that i was wrong and they wete in the right to run my bill up to almost $600 to find out it was a UTI. Needless to say no refund was made or even small adjustment. Note to clinic it should not cost almost $600 to find out she had a UTI. You should of called me before all these charges!

Sara Cardwell

2 years ago

I was really worried about my mare who is a little on the older spectrum. I was assured that she was basically in good health, needed exercise and continue with our nutritional plan. Blood work has been done; when the results come back, we’ll develop a medical plan. I was pleased with the information and plans for now and the future.

Alexandra Bender

2 years ago

Wouldn’t trust our furbaby with anyone else!

Kiessa Legacie

2 years ago

I’ve always had great experiences with Amigo Animal clinic, up until my last urgent appointment for my cat. Their lack of empathy towards people and their life situations is astounding. Good luck with treating people poorly. I would not recommend this office.

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