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Kristina Gilday

2 years ago

Our first visit was fine, it was only for some basics and the vet and staff were nice. We took our dog back for a standard vaccination that she’s had yearly without issue for her last 9 years and she was so incredibly sore she couldn’t lay down and yelped if you came close to touching her. It was awful! The real kicker on top of that was we got a text follow up from the vet asking how she was doing and I responded that she was sore and possibly having a reaction and they never responded. We’ll be going elsewhere from now on.

Kirsten D

2 years ago

This place is a joke. Piled charges on top of charges I have worked as a vet tech we never charged an exam fee for a recheck. . They have attitude until you give attitude back then all the sudden they are a tad nicer. Vet clinic is not welcoming and try to the advantage of people.

Grace Norblom

2 years ago

We booked an appointment for both of our cats to get vaccines. It snowed today and our car got stuck in it, causing us to run about 10 minutes late to the appointment. I called to tell them what was going on and they gave no indication that there would be a problem with that delay. When we got there they told us we would have to choose just one cat to be vaccinated because they wouldn't have time to see both. I'm not sure why they didn't tell me when I called that only one cat could be seen. Car rides are pretty anxiety-inducing for our cats and if I had known that one of them wouldn't even receive care, I would have spared her the stress. In any case, we decided to have them see our kitten since she needed to finish her FVRCP series. They took her to the treatment area and brought her back to the room within 5 minutes. I assumed they had just done the vaccines and the doctor would come to the room to do the exam. Nope, when the doctor came to the room it turned out she had already done her whole exam in those 5 minutes. Given that, it's hard for me to believe that they actually didn't have time to see my other cat. I assume that the individual doctors and technicians at this chain of clinics do actually care about animals but the business model is not conducive to good care.

Jason Dry

2 years ago

THIS PLACE HURT MY ANIMAL MORE THAN ONCE The people here are truly terrible, from the office manager to everyone else on the staff. They are rude and dismissive. They treat customers with disdain, as if we are in the way, and complain that they are not treated well. They post signs all over their clinics stating that their employees are overworked and burning out, and request that customers “think before speaking.” However, their own employees, including their office manager at the Denver, CO 20th Ave. location, do not practice this advice. This chain of “vet clinics” is a corporate entity, and absolutely not a place that cares about your pet. If you love your animal, do not take them here. Since I have gone here, they have done the following to one or more of my animals: 1. administered an antibiotic that caused severe nausea and diarrhea. When I called the clinic back, they refused to see my cat, even though they caused the problem. They told me to go to an emergency vet. (This was the Lakewood location.) 2. They gave my cat a tumor when they gave him an injection. It is called an injection sight sarcoma. Then, they refused to operate on him to help him, even though I was going to pay for it. Not only that, the office manager at the Denver location on 20th Avenue was very rude when she told me that they would refuse to operate on him. Please see the following information on injection site sarcoma, taken from “Today, among the spectrum of vaccine adverse events reported in dogs and cats, feline injection-site sarcoma (FISS) ranks as the most serious. Although it occurs infrequently, the consequences of a malignant tumor developing at a vaccination site are devastating to the patient and owner.” Now I am stuck with no help from them, and with huge bills to repair the terrible damage they have done to my cat. Nothing will repair the psychological damage they have done him, nor the anguish they have caused me. I have been trying without avail to get ahold of the corporate office. It is impossible. All the numbers listed on the internet are incorrect (they are for local Austin, TX locations, and they do not give access to corporate office). I would be happy to give further information to anyone who would like to know more about this horrible place. Also, if you are gathering information for a lawsuit against them, I would be happy to offer testimony. What they have done and continue to do is seriously dangerous to animals. By the way, they have a rating of D- at the Better Business Bureau, and they are not accredited (see screenshot). They also offer their customers rewards for leaving positive reviews for them, which further illustrates their corruption. UPDATE: I called today to request that the release to me the medical records for all four of my animals so I could get them proper vet care. They refused to release their records, including pre-op lab work that I paid for yesterday. UPDATE: Their response to my review below (supposedly from the "owner"), states that I should reach out to them via the email address they provided in their response. I already reached out to that email address before I wrote the initial review, and no one responded. This is their typical canned response to negative reviews, probably sent by a robot. This is truly a horrible place.

Alexa Brown

2 years ago

We love Thrive! Professional, efficient, and kind. Thrive always makes sure my lab gets the best care. They're very accommodating, answer any and all questions you may have, and are so nice to my pet. They're also insanely affordable compared to overpriced vets in Denver. I chose Thrive to neuter my dog and they quoted me a great price and the operation and healing process was so smooth. I highly recommend going to Thrive if you are looking for a new vet.

ally swecker

2 years ago

hi:) first review ever my experience was just too terrible:) my cat has had teeth problems for years and gets his teeth cleaned yearly. we just moved to CO and started going here because it was advertised as cheap. it is, but so is the service. today was my third appt trying to get his teeth cleaned (first time- wouldnt let me in and claimed the website allowed incorrect scheduling to be done, second time- said they needed to assess his teeth before the procedure and it COULD NOT be at the same time as the teeth cleaning. we have to walk a mile and a half to even GET HERE). we missed our appt (totally our fault) and so we called in to see if we could reschedule. since it was only 20 min after our appt time, they said we could still come in. at 6 PM they call and admit they never saw him and deemed he didnt need his teeth cleaned at all EVEN THOUGH HES A SIAMESE AND HAS ADVANCED GINGEVITIS. i was so frustrated i asked the tech “do i need to see another vet???” and he literally canceled my replacement appt for next week and did not tell me. for a fourth time they were going to make us walk there and not give my cat the service he needs. these people put the needs of your pet absolutely last i could not reccomend less unless you really need it to be cheap because yeah i mean it’s cheap

Chela Ramirez

2 years ago

My first visit here was lovely, very nice staff. However I had an appointment for yesterday at 4:30 and I was cancelled on… I was definitely relying on that appointment and was never told that being 5-7 mins late would mean I bo longer have an appointment with my vet…I work 8-5 and I got off early just to try and make this appointment. I was surprised with tickets to fly home for Houston 25-29 and had to rush and find appointments to board my dogs and get vaccines, I felt so thankful I could get an appointment with them before thanksgiving. I am no longer feeling thankful as I had to make extensive plans around this . I wish someone would’ve just told me prior to booking how Strict they are about being late. I am def not trying to go back to thrive unfortunately..

Tamara Brady

2 years ago

My new vet! Thr doctor if knowledgeable and friendly, the staff if super efficient. They are hyper-focused on affordable care.


2 years ago

Incredible staff! They are so attentive and I can tell they really care about all their patients. They communicate so well and they took amazing care of my cat! Front desk, vet techs and the doctors are all wonderful I'm so happy I found this clinic

Marlean Hurd

2 years ago

My experience was very, very setfining

Hannah Louise

2 years ago

I can’t reach them, I get an error message when I call.

greg szots

2 years ago

I had a nice experience with Thrive! Kind employees, the Vet answered all of my questions, and took good care of my pup, without charging hundreds of dollars!

Sarah Vente

2 years ago

This is the second time in a row that this vet has called last minute to reschedule my appointment due to an "emergency". Of course when I called with an emergency, they told me to go to an emergency vet. And every time, the next availability is like a week later! So now my dog's vaccines and heartgard prescription are two weeks delayed. Thanks a lot.

Damia Betsabe Mendoza

2 years ago

I was impressed with how lovely the people at THRIVE are, how affordable and organized everything is. I rescued my dog, Saidy, from the streets of Ecuador and brought her back into the USA. I was afraid at how expensive it would be to keep up with health for her here in the states, but going to thrive, I felt really good for these reasons: they tell you in advance everything they recommend (they don’t pressure you to say yes), then they tell you the price upfront for every procedure (no surprise bills), and at the end, it’s still more affordable than I had thought based on my research of clinics in Denver. The assistants and the doctors are so lovely, patient with my tons of questions and careful with the doggies. Saidy is usually very scared of the vets, but she even was kissing the vet here, which gave me peace. I am sooo happy that I was able to find a place for my doggy where I feel she’s well taken care of, where it’s affordable and where I hope to take my doggy for yearssss to come.

Paige Michael

2 years ago

EXTREMELY unfortunate visit to this vet today 7/22/21 and I will never return. I have 2 beautiful sphynx babies and the vet tech today, with multiple comments & in multiple situations throughout my visit SHAMED me for buying a purebred cat instead of rescuing one. She made me feel unbelievably uncomfortable and even made the comment “rescue next time”. Then proceeded to tell me that my kitten was due for a vaccine, I agreed if it was necessary. She came back into the room with an “oops” telling us that was a mistake and my kitten is NOT able to get vaccines today as she was just vaccinated a week ago. Just unbelievably unprofessional, especially shaming me for getting a kitten from a breeder. Never will return.


2 years ago

The vet tech was kind and professional. The actual vet, Kelly Staples, was rude, didn't give me any options when I told her my concerns with my dogs dental past, made me feel bad for ordering my dogs meds online instead of buying from the clinic. The vets over all disposition seemed miserable and tense which isn't exactly great for someone who is dealing with pets and their parents. I would not go back to this vet due to her lack of professionalism. She should take a note from her vet tech.

Sherri Lorenzo

2 years ago

My new puppy contracted Parvo and I was fortunate to get a referral. Unfortunately money was sparse and these generous people were able to assist me. Not only with the finances but also my puppy. Dr. Gordon and the lead technician Lara were amazing. I will be back!

The Kriner Scoop

2 years ago

I think I just prefer an old fashioned vet or animal hospital

Elizabeth Wilhour

2 years ago

Great vet,they really care about the pets they take care of.

Lindsey Coker

2 years ago

Super friendly staff, very helpful with any questions, very considerate of your time and lovable with your pets! Very glad I found this vet for my baby.

Allysia McClure

2 years ago

I love this vet clinic! No only is it centrally located and close to my house but it is full of caring, qualified people running it. Any questions, comments, concerns were met with urgency and compassion. Plus it's affordable! Very highly recommended!

Janice Coons

2 years ago

Left message that it was urgent, received a call asap by a knowledgeable, caring female that had refered emergency care for my 12 yr old wee poo.

Selena Rios

2 years ago

If you just need to schedule an appointment to get vaccines or just a wellness checkup this is a nice place to go to. But if your animal has an unknown bump on their leg and you need to schedule a surgery for them GOOD LUCK getting them to answer the phone. Also if you need their paperwork or copies of your dogs visit they make it impossible to get a response.

Chanda Franklin

2 years ago

Quoted me 2600 $ dollars for teeth cleaning how is that affordable ???????

Chelsie Bolender

3 years ago

THRIVE takes such great care of our pets. I feel safe leaving my cat there for vet visits because I know how much they care about the animals. They also made the experience of having our senior kitty put down less horrible. They were so kind throughout the whole process, and really made us want to use this vet for all of our animals for years to come. We love having such a great vet in our neighborhood.

Katie Swoboda

3 years ago

High quality vet care at a fraction of the price as other vets in town. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Kaitlin Schell

3 years ago

I brought my dog here because my regular vet couldn’t get me in soon enough. I was nervous at first that the appointment was no contact so I couldn’t go in with my dog but all the staff here was super amazing. You talk to them over the phone while your pet is being seen and they took so much time to answer all of my questions over the phone and were very knowledgeable. I was extremely impressed how much time they took talking to me and felt very at ease leaving my dog with them.

D Lujan

3 years ago

I love this place. I don't think I wanna take my pup anywhere else.

Cassandra Hayes

3 years ago

Poor customer service. I think it’s a ridiculous and unfair sales tactic to not give people quotes for services.

Carbon deCeti

3 years ago

Everyone was so nice! They helped out my dog when she really needed it. They were kind and gentle with my pet, and treated me with respect as well.

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