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Andrew Davidson

2 years ago

Great place for your pet needs.


2 years ago

Low cost animal clinic. Everyone was nice and dealt well with the doggo.

Sonie Loco

2 years ago

I came in Sunday and was helped by Diana with a very aggressive attitude over a miscommunication in cost and she rolled her eyes and looked at the other lady for help. I have supported this business for 10 years with my 2 dogs and every time I come in for a appointment they have and new veterinarian. They only care about making money and pushing you out the door . If you love your animals as much as I do go somewhere else. Very unprofessional Shame on you Downtown animal care center !

Karen McDowell

2 years ago

DACC cares about our cats. DACC is conveniently located. The examining vet told me both of my cats were in the proper weight range, though I thought they were overweight, especially Spotzilla.

Elaine Valdez

2 years ago

Really like the office visit Dr Check my ???? every thing did blood work and call back as soon as they came back responds quickly I went there to get his yearly shots at first and that day I ask questions and they answer my questions without saying make appointment which made me want to have them as my ???? vet thank you guys

Brenda Schaffer

2 years ago

They have always treated my dog wonderful and have always been very good at letting me know what his test results are. I have been taking him to them since he was 6 weeks old. I highly recommend them.

Fatima Smith

2 years ago

6 years and counting they always take great care of my animals ❤

Magdelena R.

2 years ago

I was able to make an appoint and get right in a week later. Quick appoint nice and clean facility.

Natty Wellone

2 years ago

We arrived before our 10 appointment and was quickly given a room and out by 10:07. Reasonably priced. We were quoted roughly double elsewhere.

Steven Knight

2 years ago

Professional office and was seen right away after getting into the office.

Jennifer Griffiths

2 years ago

Very detailed and went to them after going twice to a diff vet paying lots of money. One visit and my cat is healthy

Donna Parker

2 years ago

Must be new owners. I went there with my sweet dog over 8 years ago and they say they have been open 7 years. I loved them then. Now I take my new adopted fur baby whi is 8 years old and left with a $179.00 charge. That was a well dog ck. I am 75 and can't afford to be hoodwinked. Not going back. I am on SS.

Alex S

2 years ago

Took my pup here and everything was alright until they were so understaffed that they asked me to hold my own dog down for his shots. Asking is one thing but making me hold my own dog down was not something I’ve ever had to do before. The reason I’m rating this establishment so poorly is because I’ve called half a dozen times and left messages. Their prompt is very specific that you will receive a call back within 24 hours. Every single time I’ve left a message, they’ve never called back. I’ve tried to call to ask about concerns I’ve had and actual emergencies. The 3rd-6th time I’ve left messages was because I was not happy that I never got a call back and wanted to request my dogs records to go to another clinic. Still. Nothing. I literally just called FIFTEEN TIMES because I’m not leaving anymore messages to be ignored before the receptionist (clearly annoyed that I had called 14 times before she chose to answer) answered and sent me my records. Staff more people or change your voicemail prompts to say “We wont ever return your voicemails” because this is downright embarrassing for your establishment.

Amy Mann

2 years ago

Having to say goodbye to a family member is always devastating. The staff (ESPECIALLY CHRISTINA) were compassionate and supportive and help lessen the pain of this life-altering event.

Colton Young

2 years ago

I have been coming here for many years, I took my family dogs here growing up and when I got older and adopted a dog of my own, I took her here for everything! This used to be the best vet clinic in Denver, awesome staff, best prices in Denver and convenient location with adequate parking. The reason I am leaving a one star review is because I tried to get my dog in for her routine checkup/vaccine boosters and never heard back. Over the course of one month I called and left a message on 7 different occasions and I emailed them twice a week for a month and never heard ANYTHING. Not even an email or callback/voicemail explaining they are busy due to Covid which would be completely understandable. Unfortunately when I requested my records to get Roxy seen at another vet they still never got back to me. I had to walk into their clinic and request her records and they got upset that I didn't call before I came in... My dog Roxy and I are very sad we had to switch vets because I have been going here almost my whole life. If anyone has had a similar experience I highly recommend Maxwell Fund. That is the vet I switched to after DACC wouldn't return my calls/emails. They are walking distance from DACC and their prices are actually slightly better there than DACC and they return your calls and emails promptly.

Genifer Murray

2 years ago

The BEST vet I have ever been to hands down! Thank you! The entire staff is wonderful.

Helen Licon

2 years ago

They are very nice workers they help your animals needs I would recommend for others to go

William Corliss

2 years ago

They took great care of out doggies.

Perseus Ackerman

2 years ago

I went in today with my cat Rajah. I went in to a different vet closer to home a couple days ago and they couldn’t seem to find what was wrong and charged me crazy for it. When I came here, the staff were so incredibly nice and genuinely cared for my little one. They were able to diagnose him very quickly and get him the medicine he needs. The pricing was also way more affordable. This place is well worth a drive!! I highly recommend it. Will be coming back in the future for any vet visit needed. Shout out specifically to Isabel/Isabella (I’m so sorry I forgot if your name had an a at the end or not and I also do not know your pronouns!) They were so amazing and kind and patient with my cat!

Hiko Fritzkrockow

2 years ago

I have 9 months old puppy who had to be spayed. My local vet gave me an estimate which was $500-600. My daughter mentioned about “low cost spay/neuter in Denver “ and I searched on web and found Downtown Animal care center and read reviews and I decided to take her there. It’s 1.5 hr drive. I was very much impressed to experience how much they care, and how friendly and supportive they are. From the start when I decided to make an appointment, I got such friendly and personal responses by email and sometimes with phone calls. My puppy is doing well today, one day after surgery, with e collar bumping here and there. I appreciate all what they did for my puppy and how they treated me.


2 years ago

Very nice people and my appointment was right on time took very good care of my dog

joseph Valencia

2 years ago

I like this place sooooo far?

Moises Gomes

2 years ago

They are super professional Nice and sweet thanks for everything

Kristi Sevier

2 years ago

We took our puppy here to get spayed and we were very pleased with the entire experience. The cost was less than 1/3 of all the other vets we called. The process was easy and the staff was professional and very attentive.

Zaineb Hassoon

2 years ago

This place is horrible. I was threatened with collection for an amount I was never billed and told it was for a medication which I never received. When I tried multiple times to get an explanation from someone in authority they were totally unresponsive. Edit: In response to the owner who says they “promptly” corrected the error. They didn’t fix the error or communicated anything to me UNTIL a *man* who is *without an accent* talked to them AFTER A WEEK because I gave up on calling them in which all the lady said to me “I don’t know”, I sent emails full of questions, and left two voicemails to the manger and no one got back to me.

Priscilla “Cilla” Howland

2 years ago

The front desk girls were far more helpful & attentive than the doctor. He comes in to exam room listens to my cats breathing, touches his stomach, pokes around, looks in his ears. Says ear infection, needs rabies shot and feline leukemia vaccine. Goes out, his sidekick comes back with an estimate of $400+. As it was my cat got rabies vaccine, and antibiotic drops for ears to the tune of $175.00 out the door. I was not impressed by this Vet. This is supposed to be low cost Animal Care.

Charlotte Myrtle

2 years ago

They provide consistently good adorable vet care for my 4 legged family members. Highly recommend

HappyTrails 1

2 years ago

Got to say you get what you pay for. There phone network operations is garbage, and their promise of returning phone calls in 24hrs is a joke. I have yet to receive a call or a voicemail for 4 days now. Previous month, I was calling in to make a checkup, and still have yet to receive that return call as well. When I had my pup spayed there, the shaving done before hand was extremely rushed and looked like it was done by a kindergartener. Then post spay, a few weeks passed and my dog began to have inflammation around her sutures. I am extremely disappointed and even more frustrated I have to leave a review like this.

Marshall Degani

2 years ago

I would NOT recommend this vet clinic despite the 700+ reviews with an average of (4.3). I'll provide objective reasoning as to why. (former practice operations director) TLDR: This practice is run very poorly with how they fill "patient" slots/sessions. They choose profit over quality and access to care. For starters, the staff here are VERY friendly (not the vets). Every time I come here they greet my girl (Wirehaired pointer) with open arms and are very friendly. However, this review is specifically regarding how the practice operates (I used to be a system wide practice director for one of NYC's largest hospitals). A well run healthcare (human or animal) practice should have different appointment slots within their arsenal of availability depending on the level of emergent care needed; from routine care all the way up to an emergent case. I realize this practice may not have the capacity to admit the equivalent of a level 5 trauma (for animals), that's where the emergency clinic's all around town come into play. For starters, if you want to get your loved one seen here, be prepared for a 3-6 week wait time (no joke). I realize this isn't isolated just to this clinic due to the mass influx of new residents into the metro area, along with the covid pets that were adopted/purchased during the pandemic. However, (2) times now, I have called with concerning cases regarding my girl, both needing (almost) immediate care by the vets there, and both times I was instructed to go to another practice because they could not fit me into their schedule for 3 weeks out, but based off of what I described over the phone, I was told she needed antibiotics (upper respiratory bacterial infection) and time was of the essence for treatment. It's also really inconvenient because I have insurance (Lemonade) for my girl, and I can only choose one praimary care facility per year to have her seen by that practice; they then reimburse according to their policies (like your typical human insurance but even easier ). When they're constantly redirecting me to other practices, then what was the point of getting the insurance and choosing them as my girls' primary care when I have to end up paying out of pocket for a 10min visit, only to confirm that my suspicions of an upper respiratory infection was true? A 10min visit for antibiotics cost me $150 because the practice I was referred to was not the designated primary care provider I chose when selecting my primary care with Lemonade. Again, practices should have different slots available based on level of care needed and this place clearly does not. They've simply filled all of their capacity with whatever appointments they could fill. If you care for your pet, I would seek care elsewhere. Also, the vet that saw my girl did not address many of my issues and was very indifferent to my concerns. And finally, due to the staff being inundated with appointments (pandemic staff shortage) be prepared to never have the phone answered, to leave a voicemail, and maybe get a return call in 24-36 hours. Again, this is not the fault of the staff whatsoever, but whomever owns and operates the practice.

Babs Oliver

2 years ago

We were very concerned about removing a digital cyst from our Bernese Mtn dogs paw. We found the best vet surgeon we could ever imagine here at this center. She had to remove a toe, so there was enough skin to close the wound area. Great job Dr Asuka! And we can't say enough about the techs & front desk, so kind & responsive. Thank you for making our pets experience a success!

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