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anya worsham

2 years ago

Dr Cahill is an incredibly caring and compassionate veterinarian and person and our animals love when he visits, our elusive cats will even make an appearance when he arrives. He’s kind and compassionate and honest with his health assessments. I wish be could be a primary care physician for humans too!

Brandi Bishop

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill was a very kind, knowledgeable doctor. We had to make the tough decision to put our 17 year old dog down and Dr. Cahill was very helpful with making us feel we made the best decision. It was very peaceful and we were so grateful for him to come to our home and allow us to have the last special moments with our dog in our home.

Tama Darrow

2 years ago

I was very blessed to

Amy Jernigan

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill is a caring, responsive, and quality vet. My husband and I had him come to our house to treat our two cats since moving to Denver, CO 2 years ago. He answers the phone when you need him and if you catch his voicemail, he will call you back quickly. He has always been available when I have needed to pick up medications from his office and can usually see our animals within a week, if it is not an emergency. He takes the time to get to know your pet and what is causing them an issue. I would recommend him to anyone, especially if your animal gets nervous at vet visits. He really has helped our cat recover from his health issues.

Kayla Hammett

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill is simply amazing. I am somewhat speechless as to how caring and devoted he is to his clients. We called him to help with our 10month old German Shepherd who was suffering from constant itchy ears. She was miserable. We’ve taken her to VCA multiple times just to be told to clean her ears more frequently. That obviously wasn’t working, so that’s when we found Dr Cahill. Pup is no longer itchy and comfortable after figuring out she was allergic to her food. VCA, which we’ve never been a fan of, not once mentioned it could be a food allergy. Although we called Dr to come see our puppy... our elderly cat made an appearance while he was here. She usually never comes out when strangers are in the house. Our cat is around 18 years old and suffering from horrible gum disease. After taking her to VCA throughout the years for expensive cleanings etc., eventually they said there is nothing more they can do. Due to her age, anesthesia is definitely worrisome; which is totally understandable. Other than gum disease, she is remarkably healthy for her age. They sent us home with nothing. No antibiotics, or even the slightest pain med to help her through her journey of losing her teeth naturally. Dr. Cahill didn’t hesitate to help her. We thought there was nothing more we could do for her until we found this true gem of a human! Our kitty is comfortable and her spunk is back....running around at 18. She isn’t in pain everyday; which makes us unbelievably happy. I see other reviews about Dr Cahill being late. Well folks, I can tell you this is because he truly takes his time at each home. Like I said, we called for our puppy...but as soon as he saw our kitty that needed help, he did just that. He is an extremely hard working man and deserves more recognition for the work he does. His prices are definitely affordable, and 100% compete with big business. Our door will always be open for Dr Cahill regardless of the time he can get here. We are so fortunate to have found him.

Dan Agresti

2 years ago

We called Dr Cahill 2 days ago, fearful that it was our pups time to go but also reluctant because she showed lots of life, even at 11 year old. He came by tonight at 9pm, was very helpful, informative and came up with a treatment plan to see where we stand as he also didn't believe it was time for Buddy to be put down. He spent nearly 2 hours listening, giving us info, advice. Creating a realistic plan to determine what we can/can't do. I can't say enough good things about him after our 1st visit. Attentive, compassionate, caring. Didn't matter that he probably worked 12+ hours, he acted like it was his first call of the day. He seems to truly love animals. I see most of the reviews that are negative have to do with lack of response, being late, too busy. That to me, tells me this one man show is highly desirable. That his skills are wanted to more people than he can handle. He was later than expected, but called twice to keep me in the loop. I will absolutely use him again, and will recommend him to others. On top of all the above, he was very affordable. Thank you, Dr. Cahill!

Krystle Garth

2 years ago

I can't express how grateful I am to Dr. Cahill. He came to our home in short notice, was extremely kind, gentle and soft spoken. He let our kitty wander about until he found a place on his own to lay down. He even took time to comfort our dog. Our cat was released without fear or pain or confusion, and all I can say Dr. Cahill is truly a treasure.

Kara Kiriakos

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill did a great job of being quick and compassionate. My kitty felt no pain when she went to sleep, and I'm grateful for that. He was late getting to our apartment, and he didn't call ahead to let us know, so we worried about her having to wait even longer. Other than that, no complaints.

Jonathan Heckmann

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill came to our house and released our kitty from his pain. He was so nice and gentle with our Gimli. The world is a better place for him being in it.

Crystal Smith

2 years ago

We LOVE Dr. Cahill. He has taken care of several of my kitties and provides kind, compassionate care. Surprisingly affordable for the fact that he comes out to your home. For my kitties that can't go to the vet due to stress or other issues, he has been a life-saver!

TankYuhLotzz GT

2 years ago

Literally got turned down over the phone when asked to help my pregnant cat. "I don't have time to do it" His Exact Words

Becky Smith

2 years ago

Dr Cahill is the most amazing veterinarian. He tried everything possible for our old kitty who had a bad tumor on his head. He was always there when I needed him and so very kind. He always made time for our dear Eddie!

Wendy Wyckoff

3 years ago

We called Dr. Cahill because it was time to put down our 13 year old collie. He was so kind and gentle with him, and he was compassionate toward our other dog and cat. The cat normally hides whenever a stranger comes into the house, but strangely he never left the room when Dr. Cahill came in, and he even approached him for a scratch behind the ears. He gave us time to say goodbye and was very professional. We will use him again for routine checkups for our other dog.

Cindy Gallagher

3 years ago

We were in need of a mobile vet to help us care for our aging/ailing dog that we were no longer able to transport. Doc Cahill was always super accommodating and met our every need for many months. The time came last week when we had to put our dog to rest. Doc Cahill was patient, kind and professional throughout. Her passing was so peaceful which has greatly helped us thru the grieving process. Thank you Doc!


3 years ago

My German Shepherd of 13 years was suffering and needed to be sent home. I am so glad that Dr. Cahill was able to come to our home on short notice to help. She was able to be with our family and in the comfort of her bed. As hard as it was to say goodbye we are very happy we were able to make it peacefull and comfortable, I made her a nice late night breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham and toast, laid her on my lap and got her comfy. She grew up with my son and was able to be sent home with him there. Thank you Doc.

Amy Heilig

3 years ago

Our sweet little 18 year kitty had suffered from kidney failure and really went downhill over a two week period. After trying everything at the animal hospital over the course of this time, we made the most difficult decision of our lives to euthanize him. We wanted to do this at home as he’s never been comfortable at the vet and appeared very stressed out when we were able to visit him during his hospital stay. We knew he would be at peace on his blanket with his toys at home. The vet recommended that he be put to sleep within 12-24 hours due to his deteriorating condition after we picked him up. We frantically called around to find a vet for this house call on such short notice. Dr. Cahill responded and agreed to make the trip to our house the next day at 1pm for the at-home euthanasia. The next day, as you can imagine, was so incredibly emotional knowing that part of our family was leaving us. We were counting down the minutes in agony. Then comes 1pm. Then comes 1:30pm. Then comes 2pm. Still no Dr. Cahill. We called twice within this hour leaving messages that went unanswered. Our kitty was in such rough shape we were distraught on what we should do. Of course the only thing that could be done is to take him back to the hospital to put him to sleep which was the very thing we were trying desperately to avoid. Finally, at 2:30pm, 90 MINUTES LATER, the Dr. calls and says his truck is in the shop and that he could maybe make it by 7pm that night. What?! If this excuse was even true then why didn’t you call us earlier?! Why didn’t you answer our calls? Our kitty didn’t have until 7pm. It was infuriating on one of the worst days of our lives. Miraculously, after calling 10 more places just like we had done the day before, we found another doctor last minute to meet us by 4pm to send our kitty off to heaven. I only want to write this review to hopefully save others from experiencing the same terrible experience on a day that is already filled with grief, anxiety, and sadness when your vet just doesn’t show up and leaves your calls unanswered. Find someone more reliable.

Jeff Sternisha

3 years ago

I see reviews that Dr. Cahill takes a while to get back to you. That may be true, but he is thorough and reliable in his follow up and has such a great and calming demeanor for stressful situations. He helped my partner's wonderful cat, O'Malley, have another couple good months. Then he came out when the time had come for O'Malley to pass on at 9pm on a Friday night. While his profession demands a lot, we are so grateful for him and his services. Thank you, Dr. Cahill.

Jeremiah Fyler

3 years ago

I had to put my cat down and Dr. Cahill was awesome! Very responsive and came over that night. He was extremely professional and caring during the whole thing. Highly recommend!

L. Holt

3 years ago

Let me start by saying this man is incredibly overworked and underpaid. I called him and he came to help my old kitty THE SAME DAY and stayed for nearly two hours, just trying to figure out how to help. He was kind but straightforward. His help allowed my very sick old man to live happily in his last few months. Was he late? Yep. Did I care? NO. He came to my house, loved my kitty with me, and helped me when I needed it the most. When it was time for my kitty to go, Dr. C came at 9pm to help me say goodbye to my sweet kitty. He stated he's been doing house calls since the 80's, and he knows what he's doing. He may not be on time, but that means he's dedicating time to people who need it, and he'll dedicate his time to you, too. I understand people are very worried about their pets, and the negative reviews are allowed their opinions. This man helped me and my kitty when no one else would. He took an immense amount of time and energy for my cat, and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you so much, Dr. C.

maggie Hunt

3 years ago

Dr Cahill was so compassionate when he came to help our old girl cross the Rainbow Bridge. He gave us a two hour window of his arrival and a call when he was on his way. He didn’t rush the procedure making for a calm atmosphere for our little kitty girl.

Naomi Grunditz

3 years ago

Dr. Cahill is a delight and puts both animals and humans instantly at ease. He provided fantastic care to our kitty late in the evening. We will be recommending him to everyone we know.

Nicole Morris

3 years ago

Called with an emergency for my puppy and they never even returned my call.

Nina Smith

3 years ago

I used them to come out and put my dog down and they were very good. Very friendly and gave very good advice. I wish I had known about them sooner then later. They were very quick with everything. Thank you so much for coming out and helping us get Alize to a better place.

Stacey Dufrane

3 years ago

Dr. Cahill recommended that my cat be given lemon balm extract for Feline Herpes. I followed the dosing instructions he gave me and after it wasn't working, he kept telling me to up the dosage. I was growing increasingly frustrating due to the fact that I was spending more money on it without seeing good results in my cat. Finally I decided it was time to consult with another vet who told me she needs to go on antibiotics and an antiviral medication ASAP. Keep your pets away from Dr. Cahill or any vet that practices alternative medicine.

Kim Masitti

4 years ago

Dr. Cahill is great! I saw a few bad reviews, but our experience was outstanding. We have 3 cats and 3 dogs. They all needed vaccinations and the dogs needed nail cuts. …

Brooke Galardi

4 years ago

Doc has been extremely helpful caring for our mastiffs, cat, and rabbit. He is responsive, flexible with time, and very competitively priced. I have recommended him to at least a dozen friends with pets.

Christy Hess

4 years ago

Doctor Cahill is the most knowledgeable and compassionate vet I have ever worked with. I will always recommend him!

Elaine Bonnell

4 years ago

Dr. Cahill is wonderful and part of a dying breed. He actually cares for the animals he takes care of.

Jeffrey Thormodsgaard

4 years ago

Dr Cahill has been my bet for over a decade. He is wonderful. Not much else to say but I trust him. That’s all you need to know.

Karina Silman

4 years ago

Doc.Cahill has been my vet for the last 4 years for all 14 of my dogs. I have 1lab. 1 spr. Spaniel, and 1pit bull who happened to have 13, yes 13 puppy's 2 of them passed away at birth. But rest were very healthy and he helped …

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