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How To Dance Country

2 years ago

They said because of my state I had to have owned large breeds before, I gave them 3 examples of previous large breeds I owned, I even owned the exact breed I was trying to adopt, and they disqualified me anyway because I didn't live in one of their approved states! So they are liars, they said I had to have owned large breeds before, I told them I did, and they turned me down anyway. Plus, their adoption fees are very high, so I think given these two factors this company is a scam, I would not feel comfortable giving my money to these people.

Amy Fryar

2 years ago

They put us on a waiting list and i havent heard a word from them. The dogs are always under evaluation. They are a horrible so called rescue.

Dina kocher

2 years ago

I am a foster parent for big dogs huge paws they are great organization that saves only the gentle giants. This company is very well organized and has been around for years. If you are looking for a giant breed dog this is your place. In response to some of the negative reviews on this page, people need to understand that this organization takes very good care of the dogs in this rescue. Some of these dogs come in from very bad situations and have to be fostered to aid in their medical conditions/ and or behavioral issues. The rescue itself makes certain that the dog is healthy before you receive them. I agree that having experienced with giant breeds is a must Giant breeds are much different than the normal dog they require a lot of care feeding and knowledge of the breed in order to be placed with the correct person. The rescue wants to set the dog up for success. So to all the negative people out there writing reviews about this rescue please note that this organization is one of the best in the country for treating and taking care of giant breeds. They have the best medical team I have personally ever seen.

Leni Sauer

2 years ago

Highly recommend! Wonderful rescue, the people really care about the dogs.

Jennifer Schendel

2 years ago

We just adopted our third dog from Big Dogs Huge Paws and just as with our first 2 mastiffs, that we adopted back in 2015, our newest family member a cane corso is amazing. He had a rough start in life and BDHP supplied us with all of his information and once we started the adoption process I was able to talk to his foster mom every day until we brought him home, so we could make sure our home was ready for an easy transition. We had already gone through the background checks required with our first pair (a bonded pair of mastiffs), so this adoption moved swiftly, and we understand the reason for the tough protocols (interview, references checked, and home visit) because these dogs deserve to be set up for success. Will always go to BDHP for my dogs, as long as I can give a home to a giant dog.

Chris La

2 years ago

I have tried numerous times to find a contact email or phone number for this organization and there isn't one. Have emailed them through other rescue sites, And got no response. If their own website will not provide any contact information? I say scam

Erin Woodman

2 years ago

My husband and I were looking into another addition to our family and love having large dogs. We found a ton of dogs here that would've fit our lifestyle but this rescue specifically requires that you have experience with XL breeds and don't have room for anything else. So that was a bummer.


2 years ago

My 18 year old shep/border collie past away. Looking for great dane. They seem to care about the dogs they have listed.

Terra Gordon

2 years ago

Amazing rescue for large breeds!!!

Shanon Clowers

3 years ago

I love this organization and everything they do! I had many years of experience with BDHPs and sincerely miss that I cannot, for now, work with the extraordinary folks and dogs. I hope my circumstances change that will allow me to be considered as an adoptive mom soon!! Love them!

Kevin Schrenk

3 years ago

Big Dogs Hugh Paws is a wonderful organization that clearly cares about the animals and wants to ensure they get placed in a final home that is loving and safe. Understand that almost all of these dogs when puppies were taken by a family that thought they were wonderful and would give it a perfect home. Unfortunately, people without prior experience and training are sometimes a poor match especially for giant breed dogs. This is true even in some homes that have had giant breed dogs. BDHP is a group of volunteers who try as hard as they can to balance this act. These are people who have jobs and families and in their spare time put many hours in. They do not know you so have to do the best they can to be sure what they decide is in the best interest of the dog. Keep in mind that they are good people, trying their best to get it right. If they have an error, they want it to be in favor of the dog. It might be a long process. There are several areas of the application that must be reviewed and often are done by different people. It may take a day or several days for each review area, so it may be a couple of weeks or several weeks for the review to be completed. I found it frustrating to continually be handed off to a new person, never knowing if they would accept me or not. Even after being accepted and started visiting available dogs we needed to be approved by the foster family. I went along with the process because I think they are doing their best to help these animals. It can be a long process, and a bit frustrating at times but well worth it. This organization has set what they believe is the best standard for dogs to be raised and cared for. If you do not agree with all those rules you have two choices: You may accept and follow their rules or you can look for another avenue to get a pet. I have put applications in for other rescue leagues and this one was the easiest to work with. I do not totally agree with every rule they have, but I understand why they have them in place and will follow them with any dog I adopt from their organization. Before you complain about them or give a bad review understand that in most cases these animals have had a very rough start in life by people that thought they knew what they were doing. Big Dogs Hugh Paws has made it their mission to insure that stops now. They do their best, and frankly I think they do a good job. I would highly recommend them hope they continue to ensure happiness and safety for their adoptions.

Laura Kuykendall

3 years ago

My mother rescued a Great Pyrenees from a bad situation. She knew the dog needed more experience and care then she could give her, so we reached out to Big Dogs Huge Paws. They were responsive and so helpful they took this sweet girl in so quickly and are going to give her the best care. They are a fantastic rescue that truly puts their dogs first. These people really care about these dogs and they only want the best for them. 5 stars all the way! Thank you for helping us save this dog and all the others!

Aaron Osterholm

3 years ago

The best haircut I've ever had

Tim Hughes

3 years ago

This rescue has no desire to place their pups in proven established known. experienced homes if you have a child. The fact you have a child is will outweigh all consideration and be an exception. Note that their postings mentions “fostered with kids”, it’s their personal exception. Clearly a foster can have kids but not a prospective owner:

Adriana Reza

3 years ago

Super disappointed!!! My parents have wanted a dog so bad for some time. They're great with animals, have a huge beautiful background. They both work from home and have so much to offer. So shameful! They were never given a definitive answer as to why it wasn't going to work out. Very misleading. ????

Amanda Fischer

3 years ago

Nice view, great stream for the pups to play. Separate area for senior and small pups, and lots of areas with shade.

Candace Lynn

3 years ago

Such a great rescue! They are friendly and go above & beyond for these dogs! The adoption process was organized and fast!

Hanna Zamrzla

3 years ago

Same song and dance as the other bad reviews. I've spent literal years doing research preparing to care for a giant breed dog when I finally had the space and money to do it responsibly. We filled out the application and it was denied within 5 hours. The rejection email came with a list of 20+ possible reasons we COULD have been denied, all of which we were aware of beforehand and had planned for. We sent another polite email asking for clarification so we could improve our situation to give a dog the best home possible. Never received an answer.

Jesse Quick

3 years ago

Adopted my sweet dog from this organization and everyone was really kind and caring throughout the process.

Jessica C

3 years ago

It took a bit to get a dog but she is PERFECT! Definitely worth the wait!

Lana Kellams

3 years ago

We adopted Charlie a few years ago and he is the best doggie ever. Process was easy, but I had had a large breed before. They did a home visit and everything checked out. Charlie arrived in a mini Cooper from the foster family and was bigger than the car itself. Best decision ever.

M 11

3 years ago

I rescued a St Bernard from here. They do a thorough home check and application to make sure their rescues get forever homes. Great organization.

Mary Johnson

3 years ago

How can we give 0 stars because that's what they deserve. If you question them (which I did quite politely) you instead get ignored and then blocked from their Facebook page. Stay away. Plenty of other rescues who treat their adopters and …

nicholas Brian

3 years ago

This whole organization needs to be corrected. The website is currently down and when I tried to contact them I got no good response other than “our website is down”. The process is very complicated and you’re probably not going to be the …

sean hannan

3 years ago

So, like many others here, we went through the very long application and even did a phone interview. We have dealt with g"breed" dogs before (currently we have a dog over 100 pounds) when we fostered, and have the space and finances to properly care for a giant breed. After a forty five minute interview, we were told that since we haven't "owned" a giant breed (note, the breeds they specifically "rescue") we might not be allowed to rescue anything under three years old. Fine, I don't agree with that, but at least she was kind enough to lay that warning up front. Instead we got an email the next morning saying we were denied, listed 20 or so reasons why it 'might' have been denied (of which I don't think any are applicable) and when I reached out to ask if they could expand on the actual reason why, they refused to respond. I will try social media next, but doubt that will work based on the other reviews. My concern isn't the denial, it's that they refuse to say why. So now we will adopt somewhere else, or but a puppy, and go in without knowing the "reason" this "rescue" doesn't feel we are capable of taking care of such a dog. They should work with those interested in rescue instead of ignorantly turning away and just ignoring those they mysteriously deemed "not good enough to rescue their homeless dogs". Overall, of all the shelters we have worked with in the past, this one feels like it's the most unprofessional and least caring of them all. And we worked with, and rescued from, a country kill pound.

Julie M

4 years ago

The approval process was well organized & accomplished quickly. After I was approved I wasn't contacted to be matched with a dog. I contacted BDHP. They responded that someone would be in contact with me. I wasn't contacted. I contacted them 5X to request a particular dog. With the first request they contacted me to ensure they had up to date info. Never heard from them. I really wanted to give a home to a rescue

Kristin R

4 years ago

We adopted an amazing Dane from a breeder and after a month with us, he developed significant medical issues that could be corrected via surgery. Unfortunately, we didn't have the $11,000 for the surgery. After calling and emailing many different rescues, this organization was the only one who responded to us and seemed genuinely interested in helping our little guy. They came to the house, talked to us, ensured that the pup was comfortable and brought him to his new home. They didn't judge nor ridicule us. Highly recommend this organization.

Kambria Te Winkle

4 years ago

WORST RESCUE I'VE EVER WORKED WITH! Not through on evaluations, told lies, and broken words. They are about money, not about a good home for their pets. Never get a pet from this organization and do not bribe what you're told. GO TO A SHELTER! They've ruined a life for one pet, how many more will they ruin?!

Laura Bullock

4 years ago

We love this rescue and have two Cane Corsos from them!

Rikki Callan Driscoll

4 years ago

This is the best dog rescue I know.

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